Webcasts – Oct. 4-15

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Hello EdTechTalk’ers,

  A few notes about upcoming shows on EdTechTalk.com

 NHSTE 25th Anniversary Celebration Webcast

Wednesday, Oct. 4,  4pmEDT/ 8pmGMT
(global times)

Jeff will be giving a ‘real world’ presentation in Concord, NH, but couldn’t resist webcasting a demonstration of collaborative technologies, followed by a brief discussion on the future of learning technologies. We’ll be pulling out all the stops to display the wonders of webcasting, so expect something between chaos and coolness. 

 There will be no EdTechWeekly or EdTechTalk this week (Oct. 8), but other shows will be on at their regular times:

Teachers Teaching Teachers

Wednesday, Oct. 4,  9pmEDT/ 1amGMT (global times)


Thursday, Oct. 5,  9pmEDT/ 1amGMT (global times)

21st Century Learning

Tuesday, Oct. 10,  1:30pmEDT/ 5:30amGMT (global times)

We also have a new show debuting this week.

Open Source Live

Friday, Oct. 6, 2pmEDT/ 6pmGMT
(global times)

A biweekly webcast where educators will discuss how open source technologies can be used to help schools, administrators, and teachers, bring the power of the digital world to their students. Hosted by Steve Kossakoski.

 Finally, it’s Webcastathon Time again.

From Oct. 13, 1am GMT until Oct. 16, 2am GMT,  Worldbridges will be webcasting ‘virtually’ non-stop.  We’ll be sending out a newsletter next week with more info, but stay tuned to EdTechTalk.com for scheduling details, including an Educationbridges Assembly Meeting and the debut of another new show – The Women of Web 2.0


Thanks much,

The EdTechTalk Team


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