Ustream at ETT

Ustream Streaming with ETT

1. Mute the sound on any screen that may be playing on the ustream page, before you log in.

2. Log in to the ETT account.

3. Click on ‘Your Shows’.

4. Do NOT create a new show! If you do, it will not show on the You really don’t need to change the name of the show, but if you want, you may change the show name that is already there and it Save Changes. This is not necessary because you can change it in the archive. (From what I understand the ETT/live page is set to the one show. If you create a new show, it will not show on the ETT pages. )

5. Click on Broadcast Now.

6. It will take a while for ustream to connect with your mic and camera. Be patient. It will then ask for permission to connect.

7. Choose your audio and video sources.

8. Change quality settings if needed for audio and video on the slides bars on Ustream.

9.Check your screen resolution if you are using the video, ie change the window size if needed if using Camtwist, or similar application.

10. Click Broadcast when ready.

11. Click Record when ready. Notice there are 2 tabs above this window now (Info and Recording), so you can toggle between the two if needed.

12. When done, click on stop recording, then stop broadcast.

13. Click on the tab for Recording, and click on Save.

14. Enter the Title, Description, and enter at least 3 tags. Click on Save.

15. Close the window.

16. To find your video (and get the embed code), click on ‘Your Videos’. It should be the most recent one there.


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