TTT #289: Connected Learning: Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, Clifford Lee, Katie MacKay, Meenoo Rami, Lacy Manship, Antero Garcia 3.21.12

On this episode of +Teachers Teaching Teachers, we talk about Connected Learning/connecting-our-learning with Elyse Eidman-Aadahl and this amazing group of NWP teacher leaders listed here: Paul Allison, Chris SloanClifford Lee, Fred Mindlin, Katie MacKay, Chad Sansing, Meenoo Rami, Lacy Manship, and Antero Garcia

You can see some of what we discuss through the following links:

Connected Learning

Click Read more to see a copy of the chat that was happening during the webcast.

08:38 guest-3613: Hi there, welcome to tonight’s discussion

08:38 guest-3612: Glad to be here tonight!

08:38 guest-3613: who else is here? Please say hello and where you’re from?

08:41 guest-3618: Hello … Christina from Philly!

08:41 guest-3612: Hi Christina

08:41 Paul Allison:

08:43 Paul Allison: We will be with you in just a minute.

08:44 guest-3618: Hello Elyse … Hi Meenoo and Paul …

08:44 guest-3617: Hi everyone

08:44 guest-3618: Hi Antero!

08:45 guest-3618: Paul, just fyi I’m going to hang out in the back channel here … you have enough guests …

08:45 guest-3618: and I’ll be available to help folks get on who haven’t been here before too in case.

08:47 guest-3610: Hi everybody

08:47 guest-3618: If Katie has to call in she has a number, right?

08:47 guest-3618: Hi Aram!

08:48 guest-3610: Hi Paul and Paul and Christina and all

08:48 guest-3618: never mind … I see in her email she has your phone number … that’s fine.

08:48 guest-3612: Christina, there’s a new blog post at DI with some resource links. You might post it for folks.

08:49 guest-3613: HI Christina

08:49 guest-3518: Hi all

08:49 guest-3435: Howdy, All –

08:50 guest-3518: ending the third quarter at my school tomorrow

08:50 guest-3618: Cliff — yes

08:51 guest-3623: howdy

08:52 guest-3618: Hi Traci!

08:52 guest-3625: Hey everyone!

08:52 pgeorge: Hi everyone

08:52 guest-3625: Christina and everyone else, I’m in the hangout but willing to give up my space if one of you would like to join in.

08:53 guest-3433: dang. full house

08:53 guest-3625: monika, feel free to jump into the hangout

08:53 pgeorge: thanks Paul! it really helps when people say their names when they speak 🙂

08:54 guest-3625: i can drop out

08:54 guest-3433: you’re good

08:54 guest-3618:

08:54 guest-3433:

08:54 guest-3626: Hi all!

08:54 guest-3618: 🙂

08:55 guest-3618: Hi Monika … Hi Troy!

08:55 guest-3433: principals:

08:55 guest-3625: Hey Troy

08:55 guest-3610: Digital Media and Technology conference…

08:55 guest-3433: hi Christina

08:56 pgeorge: Mimi Ito was on Steve Hargadon’s interview last week. 🙂

08:56 guest-3433: changing up the convo/the questions..

08:56 guest-3618: here is the recording of Mimi Ito on the Hargadon show,

08:56 guest-3623: DMT = DML ?

08:56 guest-3626: Any other way to listen besides the livestream?

08:57 guest-3626: I am at a hotel… bad internet…

08:57 guest-3433: digital media and learning dml

08:57 guest-3625: Troy, I think the livestream is the only way to listen

08:57 guest-3618: are you here Troy? … oops, I suppose you are.

08:58 pgeorge: @hickstro-don’t think there is another audio source for this session

08:58 guest-3433: a definite watch: Mimi, Connie & Katie via the brilliant Nic Askew – the essence of connected learning..

08:58 guest-3625: I love that video, Monika

08:59 guest-3626: Bummer… slow, slow connection here at the hotel. No video streaming with “free” wifi.

08:59 guest-3433: yes.. watch it everyday.. : )

08:59 guest-3626: I’ll catch the podcast. Good luck all!

08:59 pgeorge: so sorry hickstro!

08:59 guest-3625: Thanks, Troy!

08:59 guest-3433: yes – excellent overview… summary

08:59 guest-3433: thank you

08:59 guest-3626: Me too! Enjoy the conversation!

08:59 guest-3623: hamago = hanging around, messing about, geeking out <– do i have that right?

08:59 pgeorge: I’m glad Paul will be able to merge the audio–that was a great intro!

08:59 guest-3618: HOMAGO

09:00 guest-3623: so hanging OUT

09:00 guest-3618: 🙂 Love it Katie!

09:00 guest-3618: @Traci yup!

09:00 guest-3623: thx

09:00 guest-3610: I just googled “hmago” and the images were mangos

09:00 guest-3433: someone could sing

09:00 guest-3610: not what you had in mind

09:00 guest-3433: while we’re waiting

09:00 guest-3435: HOMAGO sign goes up in the classroom tomorrow. By the skate shop sign and the helpful “Air Brush” sign next to the air brush.

09:00 guest-3617: theme song: Domo Arigato Mr. Homago…

09:01 guest-3433: sing antero..

09:01 guest-3610: thanks

09:01 guest-3433: connect

09:02 guest-3433: – again

09:02 pgeorge:

09:02 guest-3435: Digital Is shares out the Connected Learning infographic ( and principles (

09:03 guest-3618:

09:03 pgeorge: thanks for the links!

09:04 guest-3625: hey monika

09:04 guest-3433: ah shoot

09:04 guest-3625: i just got booted out of the hangout

09:04 guest-3433: froze

09:05 guest-3625: so you should free free to join

09:05 guest-3618: I can’t hear now

09:05 guest-3618: connection lost 🙁

09:05 guest-3433: hold on Paul.. looks like everyone might have

09:05 guest-3625: ah, got it

09:05 guest-3618: back!

09:06 guest-3618: learning principles: interest-powered, peer supported, academically oriented …

09:06 guest-3618: design principles: production-centered, openly networked, shared purpose

09:06 pgeorge: Paul, you’re the master of technology! great recovery!

09:08 guest-3433: so good to see you two lovelies..

09:10 guest-3625: not being in the hangout lets me eat a banana

09:11 guest-3625: just to say, Katie was a marvelous presenter at the DML conference

09:12 guest-3618: let me second that @paul oh

09:12 guest-3618: wonder what’s happening in google land tonight …

09:12 guest-3625: she made a great case for the use of digital tools for her English language learners as a social justice issue

09:13 guest-3623: unfortunately, I do not know your faces. who is this speaking?

09:13 guest-3625: This is Chad Sansing speaking now

09:13 guest-3623: thank you

09:13 guest-3625: Chad teaches at a middle school in Virginia

09:13 guest-3433: hey – i keep losing livestream.. i’m heading into hangout if there’s only nine. paul – tell me if you want back in..

09:14 guest-3625: Katie, who was the previous speaker, teaches at an elementary school in Austin

09:14 guest-3625: ok, cool, Monika

09:14 guest-3618: more from Chad,

09:14 guest-3625: You’re welcome, Traci

09:17 guest-3435: Paul Oh: I knew you would have my introductory back.

09:17 guest-3625: totally, Chad

09:18 guest-3625: consider me your intern

09:18 guest-3435: Paul, you have flipped the Top Gun ending on me. I am quipless.

09:18 guest-3433: where is cliff?

09:19 guest-3625: Cliff is in the doc program at UCLA, Monika

09:19 guest-3618: Cliff is in LA now — at UCLA

09:19 guest-3618: what paul said 🙂

09:19 guest-3625: I agree with Cliff

09:20 guest-3618: Fred is from Watsonville CA, Central Cal WP

09:20 guest-3435: Let me thank NWP, as Meenoo did, for supporting the DYN/NWP panel on digital composition at #DML2012, and for the continued opportunities to share and learn that NWP gives schools, teachers, and students.

09:20 guest-3625: We have to give a shoutout to Antero for organizing the public ed strand at DML

09:20 guest-3625: and really bringing more of a voice of k-12 educators into the conference this year

09:20 guest-3435: Antero!

09:21 guest-3618: Meenoo organizes a chat every Monday night at 7pm at #engchat

09:21 guest-3433: 7pm est?

09:21 guest-3625: yes, 7 pm EST

09:21 guest-3618: yes, sorry. 7pm ET

09:23 guest-3625: love that – public school as a public event

09:24 guest-3625: “trailing edge” technologies – hadn’t heard that term before

09:25 guest-3433: : )

09:26 pgeorge: thank you all for participating in this chat (outside of the hangout) Really helps me to stay connected. 🙂

09:26 guest-3433: what’s on antero’s arm?

09:26 guest-3435: Don’t know if my last two comments made it: love the idea of public school as public event; also, follow the librarians and maker spaces!

09:27 guest-3625: i’m pretty sure it’s a tat

09:27 guest-3623: I’m hoping its his notes for what he’s saying

09:27 guest-3433: yeah.. but what

09:27 guest-3433: find out paul

09:27 guest-3623: it’s*

09:27 guest-3625: my new mission

09:27 guest-3433: this is a multi player game… eclectic people… needs to be everyone

09:28 guest-3433: everywhere.. any which way

09:29 guest-3625: here’s a link to Antero’s blog post reflection on DML:

09:29 Paul Allison: Chris’s students at a Catholic HS were up in arms about how sex ed is taught?

09:30 guest-3433: they are when we free them up.. we just keep them so busy with standards..

09:30 guest-3617: gotta sign off for another meeting

09:30 guest-3617: enjoying this conversation though

09:30 guest-3625: see ya Antero!

09:30 guest-3612: By Antero!

09:30 guest-3433: thank you Antero

09:30 guest-3617: oh… just saw the question. my arm is a stanza from poem by this guy:

09:30 guest-3433: want to know what your tatoo is

09:31 guest-3433: thanks

09:31 guest-3433: : )

09:32 guest-3618: thank you Antero!

09:32 guest-3518:

09:32 pgeorge: those partnerships make a huge difference

09:33 guest-3618: and thanks for asking about that too monika!

09:33 guest-3518: I’m wondering about the partnerships that lead to civic engagement

09:34 guest-3518: examples?

09:34 guest-3433: city as school, country as school, colin ward

09:34 guest-3433: change the convo.. ask new questions

09:35 guest-3433: get away from thinking.. class.. for one

09:35 guest-3433: self – assessment

09:35 guest-3623: khan university model

09:35 guest-3625: Chris Sloan, i would argue that youth voices is a partnershiip that facilitates civic engagement

09:36 pgeorge: good point Paul

09:36 pgeorge: Paul Oh 🙂

09:36 guest-3625: a similar group: puget sound off

09:36 guest-3625: Th anks!

09:37 guest-3433: yes, 5 yr olds know curiosity…

09:38 guest-3518: Agreed, Paul. But still my students get overwhelmed sometimes and shut down. We’ve been talking about that a lot

09:38 guest-3433: that’s huge Chris

09:38 guest-3625: Lacy’s work is so great and interesting

09:38 guest-3625: and what has come up in the convos, Chris?

09:39 guest-3618: see some of Lacy’s work with her students here — Wanna See A Movie?

09:40 guest-3625: i love the “Wanna See the Movie” resource, Christina

09:41 guest-3518: some media literacy kinds of stuff. How to judge credibility. Daisey in China has been a topic today. What is truth? What happens when dramatic truth still serves a shared purpose (even in Kony), etc

09:41 guest-3433: we need to be offering up spaces of permission… where they don’t have our honey do list in hand

09:41 guest-3618: I think that it is fascinating too for the reasons that Lacy named … the experience of connected learning in the early childhood classrooms

09:42 guest-3435: Viva agency.

09:42 guest-3625: seems like the media literacy question is one we’re all dealing with, youth and adults alike

09:42 guest-3433: it’s and…

09:43 guest-3625: “offering up spaces of permission” – you sound like Chad Sansing, Monika 🙂

09:43 guest-3433: i’m a chad groupie

09:43 guest-3625: me too, me too!

09:43 pgeorge: I think good early childhood teachers really “get” this! following the student lead and capturing it through observation, video, documentation to extend their learning. I can tell Lacy is an awesome teacher!

09:43 guest-3435: I sound like Monika on my best-self days, Paul.

09:44 guest-3618: I agree pgeorge … that’s what I am thinking about too….

09:44 guest-3618: at least seems like a really rich source of learning and reflection

09:45 pgeorge: early childhood teachers don’t think in terms of subjects–they start from where the child is and help them grow

09:45 guest-3625: great point – yes, starting from where the child is critical

09:46 guest-3433: wow

09:46 guest-3618: I love the nail polish story!

09:46 guest-3433: who’s to say what silly is.. no?

09:48 pgeorge: yes great stories!

09:48 guest-3625: when i taught 2nd grade, we used to have reading buddies with a fifth grade class

09:48 pgeorge: I always loved those cross-grade connections and so did the students!

09:49 guest-3625: it was one of my kids’ favorite moments – connecting with others, sharing

09:49 guest-3435: A couple of projects come to mind: a blog/website for a class skateboard design shop; a student interested in opening a label for his brother and local punks connected with a high school friend of mine who runs a home-recording vinyl label; students sharing civics & criminal-justice process themed fan fic based on video game and cartoon characters; mosaic-making spreading between classes and students as self-directed work.

09:50 pgeorge: wow Chris! great ideas!

09:51 pgeorge: like the name of passion projects 🙂

09:51 pgeorge: they are probably their favorite days of the week

09:52 guest-3433: exactly

09:52 guest-3618: I love Meenoo enthusiasm about her own learning from her students — yes! A Digital Is is post is a GREAT idea 🙂

09:52 pgeorge: I agree Christina!

09:52 guest-3518: Recent example of connected learning on Youth Voices:

09:54 guest-3618: i-search is a foundation of Youth Voices — right Paul?

09:54 pgeorge: did she say iServed?

09:54 guest-3435: Go, go, awesome learners!

09:54 guest-3618: Paul and Chris, I mean?!

09:54 pgeorge: aha-i-search

09:54 guest-3618: i-Search

09:55 guest-3623: Ken Macrorie

09:55 guest-3518: I-Search has a lot in common with Youth Voices. Based on students authentic inquiry.

09:56 guest-3623: I was chastised the first time I assigned I-Search papers

09:56 guest-3518: more social than the I-Search though, I’d say

09:56 pgeorge: really Traci??? why?

09:56 guest-3623: they were considered “less formal” kinds of writing

09:57 guest-3623: Which I think was my advisor’s way of complaining about i-language versus the more objective formal language of the cardboard research paper

09:58 guest-3618: keep telling stories!

09:58 pgeorge: i-Search Paper book revised in 1988 🙂 Love it!! Still has some relevance

09:58 guest-3618: you all are powerful storytellers … and these are powerful important stories!

09:58 guest-3433:

09:59 guest-3435: If media literacies can’t be taught – in that direct-instruction sense of the word – at school, they can surely be learned given rich, trusting communities and choice.

09:59 pgeorge: I agree! the stories really help to understand the philosophical points

09:59 guest-3435: Team Paul Allison or Team Paul Oh?

09:59 guest-3435: We need tee shirts.

09:59 guest-3433: thanks guys…

10:00 guest-3625: tshirts for sure

10:00 pgeorge: yes Chad–focus on the learning rather than the teaching

10:00 guest-3623: Thanks everyone

10:00 guest-3625: yes, thanks everyone!

10:00 pgeorge: hahaha Monika!

10:00 guest-3435: Thanks, NWP & MacArthur!

10:00 pgeorge: tshirts and mugs 🙂

10:00 guest-3625: such a great conversation

10:00 pgeorge: thank you all!

10:00 guest-3618: Thank you everyone! You are awesome.

10:00 guest-3612: Thank you everyone.

10:00 guest-3625: night, all!

10:00 guest-3435: Word.

10:00 guest-3618: And thank you EdTechTalk … you guys are working on connected learning too 🙂

10:00 guest-3613: night everyone, Thanks again for invitation

10:00 guest-3625: you were terrific, Meenoo

10:01 guest-3613: Thanks Paul

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