Week of September 13-19, 2008

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Welcome to the this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk
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There have been some excellent shows this past week but
sometimes it takes up to a week for the shows to be uploaded and posted to
EdTechTalk. If you "can’t wait" for the next newsletter, you can
always check the home page of ETT to see the latest show postings (https://edtechtalk.net ). EdTechTalk Brainstorm
is starting a new series of webcasts for the next several weeks (Thursdays,

EDT) that will focus on using Drupal for education. If
you’re interested in exploring Drupal, have specific questions, or just want to
learn more, please join Doug Symington and his ETBS group each week. We have
created a wikispace to compile questions/answers and resources for Drupal. http://drupalfordummies.wikispaces.com/.
You’re invited to join the conversation and contribute!

EdTechTalk is a community of people interested in the use
of technology to improve teaching and learning at all levels of education
throughout the world.

As a Worldbridges community, it embraces the values of
collaboration and inclusiveness. The primary activity of the community is the
production of a number of live, interactive webcasts. These programs cover a
wide range of topics relating to educational technology. Shows are typically
streamed live, and listeners can interact with one another and the show hosts
through a text chat. Recordings of the shows are released as podcasts.
Participation in the community is encouraged for anyone who has an interest in
educational technology. Participation may take many forms, from simply
listening to shows produced by the community to more actively working to
produce and distribute content for the network.


A Week in Review of ETT Shows

* 21st Century Learning #76 – Goals/Projects
Arvind and I discussed our goals for this year, projects we are working on, and
where we see the webcast going. A 20
minute getting back to webcasting webcast!
Hopefully the cobwebs will be gone next week!

* Parents as Partners Episode #11 September 15, 2008 A
great round up of guests setting the stage for the fall season. Jennine St. Amand, Penny Linballe, Joanne McMahon, join Cindy
Zautcke, Matt Montagne and Lorna Costantini. Cindy Seibel joined the show by a
pre-recorded message. Cindy will join Parents as Partners as a new show
host(ess). Covered a lot of ground. Paperless meetings for school boards, Webcasting for
Parent meetings, Parent Ning Network, Kindergarten teacher blog , facebook

* Conversations – Show 8 – 2008-09-13
In this episode Lisa Parisi and Maria Knee are joined by
Joel Zehring and Chrissy Hellyer. We
discuss teacher stereotypes: What are they?
How did they get started? What
can we do to change them?

* EdTechWeekly#94 – A Video Welcome for Posey 2008-09-14

*Seedlings @ Edtechtalk, September 11, 2008This show
was so much fun to feature Gayle Berthiaume. We really wanted to learn more
about Panwapa and we did. The podcast came out great. The live show had some
buffering issues and lost connections but we persevered! Next week tune in to
hear Lisa Parisi!

*Connecting Educators as Learners – Efest 08 PresentationPresentation Dave and Jeff presented ‘Connecting Learners as Educators’ at Efest2008
in Auckland, NZ. They shared a bit about ETT’s evolution and how the community
helps participants develop as professionals and learners.

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