Teachers Teaching Teachers #48 – Hard Questions for Teachers Who Teach Blogging

After a few months of blogging with all of her classes at YouthVoices.net, Susan Ettenheim sent Paul Allison a few questions:

  1. What happens when you sit one-on-one with someone and you are able to catch his or her interest in an intensely personal way, they write one great blog post, then never do another…. 
  2. How can we better connect what we are trying to do in Youth Voices to the power to participate in an on-line world (job networking, finding internship possibilities, it’s who you know that counts but you can make who you know) 
  3. How do you get student posts to become more interesting and rich and still acknowledge that it is OK to write about the academic pressures of high school?… 
  4. How do we avoid getting to the point where the good students are doing good work and the bad students are doing bad work and everyone is getting bored?

Imagining that others who have their students blog had some questions too, we asked others to join us.

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