Teachers Teaching Teachers #269 Asking Frank Questions with Fred Mindlin, Cynthia Shidner, Valerie Burton, Gail Desler -10.26.11


We asked important questions about reading, censorship, teaching with prescribed curriculums, freedom, and more on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers

Chris Sloan

Gail Desler

Fred Mindlin

Monika Hardy
Barry Floyd,
and Christian)

Cynthia Shidner

Paul Allison

Valerie Burton


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20:55:08 JoseRodriguez: Hey Paul..

20:55:32 JoseRodriguez: Will check in a bit later.. just getting ready for dinner.

20:55:58 JoseRodriguez: I signed up for youthvoices this week..

20:56:03 Paul Allison: Love to have you in the hangout.

20:56:15 Paul Allison: Yes, I saw, I made you a teacher/administrator.

20:56:22 JoseRodriguez: very cool…

20:56:50 JoseRodriguez: I will be available after you guys start. In about 20min or so.

20:56:57 Paul Allison: Working with Bill Fitzgerald to re-activate mp3 RSS to enable podcasts. See you soon.

20:57:04 JoseRodriguez: great..

21:08:26 Paul Allison: Welcome!

21:08:36 PeggyG: Hi Paul

21:09:17 Paul Allison: Hey Peggy

21:09:25 Paul Allison: People are gathering slowly.

21:09:36 PeggyG: are those actual grade levels or ability levels?

21:10:38 Chris Sloan: Hi Peggy

21:11:02 PeggyG: Hi Chris

21:12:36 PeggyG: so the students are all in the same grade level but very different ability levels

21:12:54 Chris Sloan: different grade levels in the same room

21:16:37 PeggyG: all sophomores…

21:22:50 PeggyG: hearing everyone great

21:28:47 JoseRodriguez: Hey There..

21:29:05 PeggyG: Hi Jose! Welcome back to TTT

21:29:15 JoseRodriguez: πŸ™‚

21:29:55 Chris Sloan: Hi Jose

21:30:23 JoseRodriguez: Hi.. trying to load livestream..

21:30:24 PeggyG: sounds like fun!!

21:33:54 JoseRodriguez: Had to change browser..

21:34:14 JoseRodriguez: no coming in loud and clear..

21:34:20 JoseRodriguez: now…

21:34:53 JoseRodriguez: darn.. those furlough days..

21:37:41 Paul Allison: Jose, feel free to join us in the Hangout if you would like.

21:38:24 JoseRodriguez: sure.. in a bit. Also cool to hangout in chat πŸ˜‰

21:39:50 Chris: terrible hotel connect … sorry to miss you all! will catch the archive.

21:40:08 PeggyG: sorry Chris!!! bye

21:41:15 PeggyG: what a GREAT idea Paul!!

21:42:12 JoseRodriguez: We visited our school library today…. We had a discussion about the whole purpose of reading.

21:42:29 JoseRodriguez: Can’t force me Mr…

21:42:54 JoseRodriguez: Reading logs … as in forced reading is NOT cool

21:43:42 JoseRodriguez: more recreational.. I shared what I was reading.

21:44:18 JoseRodriguez: Get into the flow.. like it.

21:44:38 Chris Sloan: How did the discussion about the purpose of reading go?

21:45:15 JoseRodriguez: well.. we came to a consensus.. As long as it is interesting .. then you don’t feel like it’s work.

21:45:24 PeggyG: tried to add a link and got kicked out!

21:45:31 Chris Sloan: that’s a good rationale

21:46:25 JoseRodriguez: We are able to explore.. learn… and pursue our own interests.

21:47:18 JoseRodriguez: And sharing out with others would be cool.. The kids are willing to blog about it.

21:48:46 JoseRodriguez: It is funny how kids come and ask me.. if books are ok to check out.

21:48:59 JoseRodriguez: they want to know if they are interesting to me.. πŸ™‚

21:49:49 JoseRodriguez: a lot of series.. childrens books.. I challenge them to get into a book.. and try to finish them and read some more.

21:50:49 PeggyG: good advice Jose-they can really get hooked if they find a series they love!

21:55:01 JoseRodriguez: We do a lot more reading that we think..

21:55:16 JoseRodriguez: Text.. and our interaction is all around us

21:55:29 JoseRodriguez: NOT all reading is a nove..

21:55:32 JoseRodriguez: novel

21:55:41 PeggyG: doesn’t it depend on goal/objective for the reading?

21:55:47 JoseRodriguez: yep…

21:56:10 JoseRodriguez: We all have to pass English class, might as well enjoy

21:56:42 PeggyG: if it’s all about the content in the story it doesn’t matter who is doing the reading

21:56:47 JoseRodriguez: story sounds familiar.. πŸ˜€

21:57:10 PeggyG: very!!!

21:57:31 PeggyG: love that comment!!!

21:57:41 JoseRodriguez: A whole lot… My students are into comics…

21:58:09 JoseRodriguez: My daudghter in 11th grade is into tumblr…

21:58:23 PeggyG: what a telling example!!!

21:58:38 PeggyG: lots of reading going on there

21:58:40 JoseRodriguez: just getting into twitter.. and now part of the new media journalism in her school

21:59:21 PeggyG: those were great questions!!

21:59:23 JoseRodriguez: Her class is in a competition to get attention of traditional school newspaper..

21:59:31 JoseRodriguez: as in.. replace

21:59:53 PeggyG: oral surveys or written surveys?

22:00:19 JoseRodriguez: very… cool. AP.. that is open? interesting.

22:01:28 JoseRodriguez: My daughter shared a poem with me today… she found it online.. Legal Alien..

22:01:32 PeggyG: the goal isn’t really reading books–the goal is reading to acquire specific reading/literacy skills

22:01:54 JoseRodriguez: from Pat Mora on Chicano.. Mexican American Identity

22:02:22 JoseRodriguez: and not necessarily on a test.

22:02:59 JoseRodriguez: Well.. there is a lot to say to shared experiences.

22:03:07 JoseRodriguez: And books can do this for us.

22:03:29 JoseRodriguez: Whole Western Culture is built on this premis.

22:03:51 JoseRodriguez: being instructed in the classics.. etc.

22:06:06 PeggyG: thesse are really great points!

22:06:16 JoseRodriguez: true.

22:07:06 PeggyG: Paul are the people in Hangout seeing Jose’s points in the chat? They are really good! πŸ™‚

22:08:04 Chris Sloan: Jose’s comments are great, but unfortunately, I can’t copy them into the chat

22:08:04 JoseRodriguez: *)

22:08:10 Paul Allison: Not really… we’ll have to work on that.

22:08:43 JoseRodriguez: no worries here.. just enjoying the experience..

22:09:12 PeggyG: definitely!!

22:09:39 PeggyG: they need to log into the ETT chat

22:10:14 JoseRodriguez: there is a separate… google hangout chat? or is it on livestream?

22:10:39 PeggyG: yes

22:10:52 PeggyG: but it all needs to be here

22:10:59 JoseRodriguez: ah.. was thinking google hougout was video only

22:11:05 JoseRodriguez: yep…

22:11:39 PeggyG: at least so they can see comments from people who aren’t in Hangout

22:12:12 JoseRodriguez: totally missed that last week.. I didn’t see a chat in the hangout. πŸ˜€

22:12:19 PeggyG: Jeff always keeps reminding people in CoolCast to post in ETT chat

22:12:30 JoseRodriguez: yep.. he’s the man

22:13:37 PeggyG: for sure!!!

22:15:58 PeggyG: that is such a vibrant, authentic learning environment for Monika

22:16:17 PeggyG: shared reading is great for everyone!

22:16:45 JoseRodriguez: Well cool hanging out! Take care all.

22:17:15 PeggyG: you too Jose!!!

22:17:33 PeggyG: good night all

22:17:50 Paul Allison: Thanks!

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