Conversations #105 – Summer Plans

This week we were joined by Amanda Marrinan, who was in the same time zones as Lisa, Maria and Sheila! She was visiting Maria before heading to ISTE11. This week we discussed our professional and personal plans for the summer. Curriculum planning and having fun were at the top of the list!

This is our last show of the season. We will be taking time off for the summer, but will be back in the fall!

Teachers Teaching Teachers #243 – Donovan Hohn on Moby Duck & Alice Barr on what you are doing this summer – 4.13.11

Teachers are learners at heart. We’ve got full time jobs, rooms full of hormonally-driven teens, stacks of papers to grade – yet we still find time to write and to learn ourselves. On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, we hear from two inspirational teachers, Donovan Hohn and Alice Barr.

Donovan Hohn’s
writing has appeared in Harper’s Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Outside, and The Moby DuckMoby Duck Best Creative Nonfiction, Vol. 2. A former New York City English teacher, he is now the features editor of GQ. He lives in New York with his wife and sons. You may have heard his interview with Terry Gross on NPR on March 29, 2011, where he talked about his experiences writing his first book, Moby Duck.

Alice Barr, our colleague at Seedlings, is the Instructional Technology Coordinator at Yarmouth High School, Yarmouth, Maine, a Google Certified Teacher and Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern Maine. She mentors faculty and students on 1:1 laptop integration and is network administrator and webmaster. People ask her all the time what’s available this summer and she wanted to share her own upcoming courses so she launched and twittered a Summer 2011 PD Opportunities page that has already become an amazing shared resource as we begin to think about upcoming opportunities to learn something new or share what we have learned. Add your plans at

Enjoy this conversation!

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #106 – What’s new about creating projects in the digital age? 05.28.08

Except for our colleagues in the the Southern Hemisphere,
many of us are either already enjoying the summer holidays or we are
looking forward to them coming soon. Teachers often use this time to
relax and reflect on their work. We collaborate with other teachers in
summer workshops and catch up on professional reading. Summer
Invitational Institutes are the heart of the work for National Writing
Projects across the country. What a better time to stop and take a look
at a new book by Suzie Boss and Jane Krauss? Their book, Reinventing
Project Based Learning was published earlier this year, and many of us
will be using this book to guide our project planning processes.

To learn more about this "Field Guide to Real-World
Projects in the Digital Age," we asked Suzie Boss and Jane Krauss to
join us on this podcast. The magic of doing this live allowed us to
also include Chris Lehman, Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in
Philadelphia, PA and Gail Desler, Technology Integration Specialist for
Elk Grove Unified School District in Sacramento, CA. and Tech Liaison for the Area 3 Writing Project.

Enjoy the conversation! And
don’t forget to check out the chat and our FriendFeed room that has
many of the links that are mentioned in this podcast.

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