Teachers Teaching Teachers #232 – Skype in the Classroom with George Mayo and Brianna Reynaud – 1.19.11

Skype is trying something new, and we wanted to find out what it’s
all about. Do you use Skype in your classroom—or have considered it? Then you might enjoy this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers.

We were intrigued when we saw “Skype in the classroom: A free directory that connects teachers and helps them use Skype to enrich students’ educational experience.”

When we saw that George Mayo was involved, we asked him to come explain
what the project is trying to do.  As he explained:

I was one of many teachers Skype talked
with. They are basically trying to set up a network for teachers who are
using, or want to use Skype in their classrooms. The site is still in
Beta I believe. It’s a great idea. I can also talk about how we just
recently used Skype for our documentary project in my middle school
classroom. We were able to Skype in and record about 15 different
experts in different topics for our 18 different documentaries we are
currently making. It would be interesting to hear what other teachers
are doing with Skype. 

We were also joined on this podcast by Brianna Reynaud. As the Senior PR Manager for Skype
in the Americas, Ms. Reynaud works “with media, bloggers and other
organizations to spread the word about Skype across the region.” To get a
sense of Brianna, check out a few of her recent twitter posts:

And check this out: Elie Wiesel, David Axelrod, and special guests talk politics via Skype at the Conference of Nobel Laureates at 92Y.

Enjoy this conversation with old and new friends of Skype!

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K12 Online Conference 2010 Echo: Seeds to Success with Skype

The K12 Online Conference 2010 edition presents our first Webcast Echo. On this edition we had Paula Naugle and Jan Wells with their presentationSeeds to Success with Skype

They shared this experience and gave us more tips on how to use skype in our classrooms.  We learned about taking risks and understanding that using Skype and other tech tools is all about learning along the way.  Make sure to visit their presentation site: https://sites.google.com/site/seedstosuccesswithskype/home and follow them on twitter @plnaugle and @janwells

A big shoutout to the K12online live events committee for their wonderful work during the conference and their continued support in the Echoes at EdTechTalk.  Susan van Gelder, Kim Cofino, Peggy George. You can find more info about the K12 Online Conference by joining our Ning.

Be sure to join us Monday December 13th, as we have Tim Tyson The Classroom Teacher As a 21st Century Instructional Leader   9pm Eastern at https://edtechtalk.net/studio

Link to the text chat

Conversations #64

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today, we discussed skyping in the classroom and posting student work on blogs. We discussed ways we have used skype to connect with other classrooms; reading to others, sharing via video, and more. When posting student’s work to their own blog, do they post their best or show a work in progress? (This conversation stemmed from the Feb. 11, 2010 SEEDlings show.) Does all work get published? What about the varying abilities within the class? We missed Lisa this week as she was on vacation, but she will be back next week. 

EdTechBrainstorm — 14 September, 2006

Ed Tech Brainstorm — 14 September, 2006

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JL proposes an alternate date for the webcastathon, Cheryl tells us about her new job, Dave talks about hardware and software he’s shopping for; and Jen takes us on a tour with Vyew.

Thanks too to Paul and Bud and all those who joined us in the chat room.