Parents as Partners Episode 38 November 1, 2010 George Couros Planning Parent Involvement

George Couros,
a principal in Stoney Plain, Albert joined the Parents as Partners webcast to share his work with involving parents in developing school improvement plans. Through out the recording you will hear George talk about his approach to working with parents as well as how he involved parents in flushing out the issues that arise in the school.

Parents as Partners Episode #17 December 15, 2008

Parents as Partners Episode # 17 Dec 15, 2008 featured Madison Park Middle School with Principal Richard Ramos, Assistant Principal Priscilla Gossett, Classroom Teacher Pam Duty and Parent Angila Gallenstein describing all the great things that they are doing to promote parent engagement in their school.

Without writing a text book , it is impossible to capture all the good things that are happening at Madison Park Middle School in Phoenix Arizona. But here are a few highlights of the discussion in this show.

Parents as Partners Episode #13 October 20, 2008

Aurelio Montemayor from the Intercultural Development Research Association joined the show. Aurelio described a definition of a valued parent leadership, Interent for poor folks without computers and which social media to surf. The chat room was actively engaged in responding to Aurelio’s thought provoking approach to parent involvement.

Chat Log

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Parents as Partners Episode #9 June 2, 2008

Getting started. Parents as Partners in the Edtechtalk community welcomed newcomer parent/teacher team. Great ideas and solutions for working with schools and parents using web 2.0 tools. Matt Montagne and Lorna Costantini shared the air space with Penny Lindballe and Joanne McMahon from Alberta. Pleased to know that they are not alone in experiencing barriers to using these tools, Penny and Joanne went away charged and ready to take the baby steps to encouraging their community to participate.

Parents as Partners Webcast Episode #3 March 3, 2008

Show hosts Lorna Costantini, Matt Montagne, Rhoda Cipparone and resident parent Cindy Zautcke engage in lively discussion about how to encourage more parents to be involved in their children’s education. Dr. Joyce Epstein, Principal Research Scientist, and Research Professor of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University and Director of the National Network of Partnership Schools with Frank Iannatuono, Superintendent of Education for the Niagara Catholic District School Board