Teachers Teaching Teachers #172 – Troy Hicks and The Digital Writing Workshop, Part 3 of 3 – Helping Students Craft Writing

In this final episode of our three part series, our guest-host once again is Troy Hicks, author of The Digital Writing Workshop, and Director of the Chippewa River Writing Project at Central Michigan University. He continues an exploration of the principles and practices described in the book.

For this third episode, we welcomed three teachers to the conversation. They discuss how they teach students to craft their writing through conferring and response:

Melissa Pomerantz of Parkway North High School in St. Louis, Missouri, describes how she uses audio feedback to respond to students through virtual conferences.

Heather Lewis of Waverly Middle School in Lansing, Michigan, discusses how she guides students through the revision process with Google Docs.

Joe Belino, a teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages at Montgomery County Public Schools in Gaithersburg, Maryland, talks about the ways in which his students offer response to one another through the use of Google Docs.

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