21st Century Learning #110: H1N1 and School Communication


21st Century Learning #110
September 29, 2009 —
H1N1 Preparedness

H1N1After a recenty NYSAIS Professional Development seminar, NYCIST held a meeting discussing H1N1 preparedness.

Alex and arvind discuss what schools are doing to be prepared for closures and high absense rates. 

Resources to find information include Flu.gov, ISTE.

We also discussed the importance of connnectedness of the community.  The importance of creating an online space for students and faculty to continue to keep the community intact.  We asked if Facebook could be that space?

Plus some edtech news from our schools… 

Photo from CDC.Gov

21st Century Learning #89

21st Century Learning #89xbox 360
Holiday Shopping Guide and Plans for 2009
December 18, 2008

Two quick rounds of geeky holiday wishes and then some goal setting for 2009.

We wish you all a happy holiday season and look forward to getting back together in 2009.

Our next show will be January 8, 2009 at 1:00pm (NOTE NEW TIME).

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21st Century Learning #50: Webcaster Graduation, Preview of the Goals Show, and Conference Mania

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #50
Webcaster Graduation, Preview of the Goals Show, and Conference Mania
September 21, 2007

We’re back after a busy beginning of September. Today we did our Webcaster Graduation.

We also previewed next week’s goal show where we’re going to collect the goals of our community and have a discussion of what they are. So please post your goals for the year in the EdTechTalk Discussion Forums Here.

21st Century Learning #13

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #13 – September 08, 2006:

Arvind and I discussed our goals for 21st Century Learning Webcast and goals at our schools for the 2006-2007 school year.

Next week, we’ll be moving times to Tuesday afternoon’s at 1:30pm EST. Please join us at www.edtechtalk.com/chat.

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