EdTechTalk#62 – Welcome (back) to EdTechTalk


Welcome (back) to EdTechTalk 

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As a new school term begins for many, Dave and Jeff welcome everyone to

This season of EdTechTalk

We will atempt to provide the always evolving answer to the ever challenging question,

“What is EdTechTalk”

and discuss what’s ahead this season, including


Major Issue Coverage of DOPA & The Blackboard Patent

Projects EdTechTalkers are involved with

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EdTechTalk #59 – Finding a voice for our community

Finding a voice for Edublog/ EdTech community

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We discuss who we are as a ‘Educational Technology’ community and how we can get our community’s message spread to a wider audience. A quick look at a few different wikipedia entries for ed tech will show you how silent the community has been… With the recent discussions about DOPA and Blackboard, that community voice is more important than ever.

Some Wikipedia Links

Education Portal

Online Learning

E Learning

E Learning 2.0

Educational Technology

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EdTechTalk#57- An Interview with Elana Langer

EdTechTalk#57 – An Interview with Elana Langer

July 30th, 2006

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I ran into a very interesting person on Friday. She started talking about micro-education projects in Brazil, cutting edge education at MIT and how the television was the key technology in breaking down accessibility barriers. I said… “wow, you’ve gotta come on the show and tell us about it.” she said yes. 

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