Teachers Teaching Teachers #99 – From elgg to Drupal? – 04.09.08

For this webcast, we invited Bill
Fitzgerald, Dave Cormier and Gail Desler to talk about social
networking and what platforms make sense right now. Of course behind
all of this talk about Drupal and Edublogs were questions that we are
asking about about how we in the, ah… Teachers Teaching Teachers,
Youth Voices, Personal Learning Space, Youth Twitter … group of
teachers might want to continue
working together … and how the software decisions we need to make
this Spring can support our hopes and plans.

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Teachers Using Drupal (and WordPress, and…) Teachers Teaching Teachers 55 – 05.02.07

Our guests this week were two Writing Project teachers who use Drupal in their work with students and teachers.

  • Jason Shiroff is a 4th/5th Grade teacher at the Odyssey School in
    Denver, Colorado. Jason is also the Tech Liaison for the Denver Writing
  • Will Banks is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English
    at East Carolina University, and he is the Director of the Tar River
    Writing Project.

Check out some of what we talked about in this week’s Google Notebook.

21st Century Learning #20: Bill Fitzgerald on DrupalEd

EdTechTalk: 21st Century Learning #20

A Conversation with Bill Fitzgerald on Drupal in Education

October 31, 2006

Download mp3 (1:00:08, 28.1 MB)

We had an excellent conversation with Bill Fitzgerald, from FunnyMonkey.com, OpenAcademic.org and the brand spankin new DrupalEd Distribution on how Drupal fits into education. The goal of the show was to create a cookbook for a conference site with Drupal — we got to it in the last 10 minutes! Thanks to Bill for his time and the excellent conversation.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Drupal Education movement, join the Drupal Documentation Listserv,comment on the DrupalEd Distribution page, and join DrupalEd Drupal.

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