Teachers Teaching Teahers #228 – A curriculum potpourri with teachers, students, and Erick Gordon – 12.08.10

We had a lively conversation on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers

  • Meet Erick Gordon the new director of the New York City Writing Project and the founder of the Student Press Initiative.
  • Enjoy the perspectives of a couple of the digital photographers who are in Chris
    Sloan’s school in Salt Lake City, where they had just published their
    student magazine, the Bulldog Press on MagCloud for the first time.
  • Warm to the thoughts of David
    Pulling from LSU-Eunice who gives us an update on how
    his students I-Search papers. In particular we invite you to take a look at this one by Vonda
    Potential Health Effects of Food Contamination From the BP Oil Spill.” Paul Allison’s high school students and Vonda had a productive dialogue in the comments under her discussion post.
  • And of course you don’t want to miss Margaret Simon’s elementary school students  who have publishing on Voices on the Gulf — and who now have other ideas, as Margaret explains:

    Things are good and busy.  Our gifted students present a historical
    play each year for first graders in the parish at The Shadows, a
    plantation home on the bayou.  There is much involved in preparing and
    performing, so little else goes on.

    My student Kaylie is working on making Clover the Plover
    a book.  She is illustrating it using Paint on the Promethean board.  I
    hope to publish it on Lulu as a fundraiser for the Gulf.

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #224 – Students and Rick West help us build community – 10.27.10

It’s student night again on this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers. We hope you enjoy this student-sponsored
discussion about what they can do themselves to nurture a community of
learners online. Susan Ettenheim’s students asked to come on the show:

My students are interested in hosting a
conversation about digital photography in Youth Voices and Voices on the
Gulf. What do students want in terms of collaboration? What will make
it compelling? What do they want to share? This is not so much a matter
of someone sharing his or her work as much as the students planning
alongside and with us.

Chris Sloan’s digital photographers joined as well.
Chris writes: “I like Susan’s wording – students “planning alongside”
the teachers. I look forward to a conversation like this, and at least
one of my students says she can join us.”

We were also joined by another guest who Chris suggested, Richard E. West:

I just read “A Student’s Guide to Strengthening an Online Community,”
by Richard E. West (TechTrends, Sept./Oct. 2010), which seems pertinent
to what we’re thinking for this Wednesday.  West starts off saying that
students today know how to FaceBook but that doesn’t always help in
online learning communities.  Students need guidance in learning how to
learn online. One of the things we’re asking students to do is to help
us create/maintain a good online learning community (OLC) of

We asked Rick West to join the students on this episode of Teachers Teaching
Teachers. We hope you will join us every Wednesday at 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern. AND if you have any Skype-ready student
photographers who might want to join us, please let us know!

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #195 – Spring Curriculum Share – 04.07.10

It’s Spring in the northern hemisphere. Some of us have five or six, others nine weeks left in the academic year. It’s a great time to try out something new or to reflect on what we tried this year. What are you doing this academic season? Listen to this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers, then let us know what you are doing this spring.

  • You will <fill in the blank>
  • Paul Allison and Rachel Smith report on how Evoke is going, perhaps with a student or two.
  • Susan Ettenheim and Chris Sloan talk about how their collaborations in digital photography classes are going.
  • Matt Montagne and a student discuss Goggle Apps and the plans, at the time, for Earth Day, which was a success again this year.

Photo: Uploaded on April 12, 2010 by AnnaBanana628

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Teachers Teaching Teachers #135: Opening up to Fair Use – 01.14.09

We have a least three reasons for you to listen to this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers.

  1. Last semester, Susan Ettenheim, Sarah Sutter, and Chris Sloan brought their digital photography classes together on Youth Voices. Susan and Sarah had their students share final projects in the week before this podcast. In the beginning of this podcast, Susan and Sarah talk about their work together from this semester, and where it might go in the future. Also, you might want to check out more at their online community: Digital Photography | Youth Voices.

  2. The middle half-hour of this podcast is devoted to a lively conversation with Peter Jaszi from the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property at Washington College of Law, American University. Professor Jaszi has been one of the coordinators of a process of knowledge-building and consensus-making that recently led to the publication of the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for media Literacy Educationhttp://centerforsocialmedia.org/medialiteracy. Those of us who work with students to publish, distribute and discuss their work online are always dealing with issues of copyright and intellectual property. It was exciting to re-think the issues of fair use with Peter Jaszi.
  3. Two MIT alumni also joined us on this podcast. Jack Yu and Nori Yoshida were class mates at MIT, and now they’ve launched an SAT vocabulary video contest at Brainyflix.com. We asked them how came up with this idea for using Internet tools to help young people with the SAT. We also wondered what else they are planning.


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