Teachers Teaching Teachers #178 – MemCatch and Zotero: Tools to Cure Our Cartesian Hangover – 12.09.09

On this podcast we continue our inquiry into I-Search, research, and social bookmarking tools.

Terry Elliot and Wendy Drexler joined us us to discuss Zotero.


Keith Borne and Peter Sabbagh, from MemCatch also joined us in on our discussion about emerging technologies in the social knowledge area.

We were also joined by Fred Haas, an English teacher and Tech Liaison for the Boston Writing Project. If you listen closely to what Fred has to say, you’ll find out what the title of this podcast is referring to.

Perhaps you use tools such as MemCatch, Zotero, Diigo and delicious. Perhaps you have also begun to use these tools with your students. If so, we think you’ll enjoy this conversation about how we do research now.



Click Read more to see a transcript of a chat that was happening during the webcast.

21st Century Learning #95: Wendy Drexler on the Networked Student

21st Century Learning #95
Wendy Drexler on the Networked Student
February 12, 2009

Wendy DrexlerAre your students collecting RSS feeds in Google Reader, bookmarking sites as a group in Delicious, blogging, interviewing content area experts they found through Google Scholar, and teaching the section of the course for which they are responsible?  Wendy Drexler’s students are doing all of this.  This is a must listen for those of us who dream of the day when education is a more active, accountable process for students and teachers. 


Also, check out Wendy’s The Networked Learner video.

Click here for the chat transcript