2012-2-27 SEEDlings with Mike Muir Part 2

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(23:50:51) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)
Evening Everyone!
(00:16:24) Cheryl
Oakes ~ SEEDLINGS (guest-2416):
all for our LIVE zombie show

(00:17:10) guest-2416:
Tonight SEEDLINGS is taking over, with permission
(00:22:32) guest-2416:
I love Mike’s job descriptions and job titles
(00:22:39) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)


(00:22:53) guest-2416:
Advantage 2014, Auburn Maine
(00:23:04) guest-2416:
1-1 iPad initiative in K.
(00:23:23) Jim Burke (guest-2967):
(00:23:29) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)

(00:23:40) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)

HI Jim
(00:23:57) Jim Burke (guest-2967):
(00:24:09) guest-2416:
Nice to have you here Jim!
(00:25:22) guest-2416:
Jim, how is the sound?
(00:25:35) Jim Burke (guest-2967):
(00:25:42) guest-2416:
(00:31:50) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)

Here’s the graphhttps://s3.amazonaws.com/hackedu/Adv2014_ResearchSum120216.pdf
(00:32:42) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)

(00:37:44) guest-2416:
From Gary Kidd: My district is working with iPads for
kindergarteners in one of our primary schools. We are closely following
the work in Auburn. Is there a way to get an outline of the PD for
Paradigm Shifts work?

(00:38:36) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)

(00:39:37) guest-2416:
Professional Development outline for the Advantage 2014http://multiplepathways.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/professional-developmen…
(00:40:38) guest-2416:
doing one to one right!
(00:43:32) guest-2416:
Branding, social marketing need to be part of your lingo in
your schools. Mike explains how this happened in Auburn.

(00:44:08) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)

We have learned so many other things by being 1:1
(00:44:42) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)

Really important that it’s a team of people… Wisdom of
the crowd!

(00:45:06) guest-2416:
Yes, collaboration and sharing!
(00:51:30) guest-2416:
Information age schools must develop the talent of
everybody, not sort out the best learners. (paraphrase)

(00:52:07) guest-2416:
How can we change our structure.
(00:59:05) guest-2416:
. But it is important to keep in mind that this will
develop a teacherโ€™s personal use skill, not their integration for
learning skill. Thatโ€™s not a problem. The problem comes from thinking
that if teachers know how to use their iPad that they also know how to
leverage it for their studentsโ€™ learningโ€ฆ

(01:01:02) guest-2416:
(01:05:48) guest-2416:
Yes, this is very transparent, all the steps you are
following and sharing.

(01:06:47) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)

I hope lots of other schools take a look at this model.!
(01:08:09) guest-2416:
Maine is doing great work with customized learning.
(01:10:00) Cheryl Oakes~
SEEDLINGS (guest-2416):

A cohort of districts in Maine working on customized

(01:11:04) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)

(01:11:11) Cheryl Oakes~
SEEDLINGS (guest-2416):

RISC is a project out of Alaska that is award winning.
(01:12:17) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)

(01:14:02) Alice Barr (SEEDlings)

(01:14:40) Cheryl Oakes~
SEEDLINGS (guest-2416):

Alice Barr (SEEDlings) (guest-2968):

Jim Burke (guest-2967):

you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Three days worth of dishes are washed and completed . . . with
interesting ideas thrown in.

Jim Burke (guest-2967):

(01:19:20) Jim Burke (guest-2967):
 Night . . . thanks again. . . good stuff!

(01:20:37) Cheryl Oakes~
SEEDLINGS (guest-2416):
Thanks to the chat

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2012-2-13 SEEDlings with Mike Muir

Weโ€™re joined by Mike Muir (Multiple Pathways Leader, Meaningful and Engaged Learning, Projects 4 ME with Dr. Mike Muir, large school change specialist)!

Show Notes

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(22:45:11) Cheryl Oakes ~SEEDLINGS (guest-2410): Check out my settings. Be back at 7:15 pm EST

(23:59:30) Cheryl Oakes! Seedlings (guest-2410): Please go here! https://edtechtalk.net/chat

(00:00:52) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Hi all

(00:06:00) Cheryl Oakes! Seedlings (guest-2410): we are waiting and doing our sound checks

(00:07:24) bobsprankle (guest-2415): hey all

(00:12:05) bobsprankle (guest-2415): Please go here! https://edtechtalk.net/chat

(00:13:59) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Cool iPad skype!

(00:17:42) Cheryl Oakes! Seedlings (guest-2410): Listening at edtechtalkA

(00:22:01) guest-2416: Mulitple Pathways Leader, Meaningful and Engaged Learning, Projects 4 ME with Dr. Mike Muir, large school change specialist

(00:23:27) guest-2416: Update on Projects 4 ME, in Jan. big meeting to reflect on the first half year

(00:25:11) bobsprankle (guest-2415): thanks guest for the notetaking!

(00:25:27) guest-2416: 23 Auburn students and other schools can join in. Student designed learning and standards based.

(00:26:47) guest-2416: It is a program for high risk kids, who are very self-motivated.

(00:27:35) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): http://multiplepathways.wordpress.com/

(00:28:17) guest-2416: This program is for non traditional students.

(00:28:50) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): http://www.projects4me.org/

(00:29:04) guest-2416: Alice that for the links!

(00:29:21) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Welcome!

(00:29:36) guest-2416: Thanks for the links!

(00:30:17) guest-2416: http://mcmel-resources.wikispaces.com/Doing+1to1+Right

(00:30:35) guest-2416: http://www.mcmel.org/

(00:30:53) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): http://www.mcmel.org/

(00:31:05) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Hi all! Glad to “see” you all! Late, but made it!

(00:31:10) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Oh you beat me to it!! Thanks

(00:31:20) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Hello Connect 2 Jamie!

(00:31:21) guest-2416: Jamie, hello and welcome, back.

(00:31:26) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Glad to see you here

(00:31:44) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Did you figure out how to hear?

(00:31:51) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Glad to see all of you too! haven’t made it in awhile! Miss you all! ๐Ÿ™‚

(00:32:01) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): School must be here for everyone!

(00:32:08) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Yes I did–took me a minute, but I can hear now!

(00:32:33) bobsprankle (guest-2415): Hello Jamie!

(00:32:54) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Hey Bob!

(00:36:02) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): http://www.maine.gov/education/plan/index.html

(00:37:12) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): One of the books educators in Maine have been reading is “Inevitable: Mass Customized Learning”

(00:37:48) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): http://masscustomizedlearning.com/

(00:41:40) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): http://www.reinventingschools.org/

(00:50:22) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):http://institute2011.auburnschl.edu/Institute_Resources_files/Resources_…

(00:51:20) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):http://www.mpbn.net/News/MaineNewsArchive/tabid/181/ctl/ViewItem/mid/347…

(00:56:13) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): Alice great job with these links.

(00:56:15) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): HI Bonnieb abd tomj Can you see how to listen and enter the chat room?

(00:57:20) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): If you go to https://edtechtalk.net/chat

(00:57:24) bonnieb: Yes, I am listening- thanks. Had to take a call for a moment.

(00:57:39) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): ok, glad you are here

(00:57:40) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): No problem. Thanks for joining us!

(00:57:56) bonnieb: Very interested to hear the latest news from Auburn K project :^)

(00:58:26) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Sounds like you have to wait till Thursday ๐Ÿ™

(00:58:39) bobsprankle (guest-2415): Hi Bonnie!

(00:58:49) bonnieb: Hi Bob!

(00:59:02) tomj: Yes Alice

(00:59:10) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): WE are piloting iPads in Grade 1

(00:59:24) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): God TomJ Glad youa re here!

(00:59:35) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Whoops! Good TomJ!

(01:01:05) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414):http://palmbeachschooltalk.com/groups/ipadpilot/blog/

(01:01:18) bonnieb: Yes, hope that all we be posted to the website on Thursday. Will spread the word!

(01:02:41) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): http://institute2011.auburnschl.edu/Agenda.html

(01:02:57) bonnieb: It was great- was delighted to have had the chance to attend.

(01:03:33) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Lucky you! @bonnieb

(01:03:44) bonnieb: Really loved the design- was very effective.

(01:03:44) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Heard it was great!

(01:03:51) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): That is awesome, Bonnie. Do you have an ipad in your classroom?

(01:05:21) bonnieb: I am partnering with some area PreK programs/colleagues in different settings (Montessori, Head Start, family child care, and a public program) testing out iPads with preK children.

(01:05:56) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Oh that’s so interesting! WIll be great to have many view points

(01:06:02) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): This is great Bonnie, please share more!

(01:06:24) bonnieb: Also in discussion with Hillary Brumer and a colleague working with English Language learners- have an article to write soon, so trying to explore with younger children.

(01:06:57) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): Great! Hillary is great to work with.

(01:07:11) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Wonderful! We met Hillary when we went to the session for Special ed this summer.

(01:07:29) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): I think the ipad will be a game changer for ELL

(01:08:38) bonnieb: re: Auburn conference, lots of info here:http://institute2011.auburnschl.edu/Institute_Resources.html and did an article for children’s technology review which is listed there.

(01:08:58) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): Go Bonnieb!!!

(01:09:12) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): These links will add to our resources.

(01:10:24) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): You go Bonnie! God stuff!

(01:10:35) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Ahck GOOD stuff

(01:14:33) bonnieb: Glad to finally have joined the group-oddly enough, am out of town this week :^)

(01:14:59) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): glad you are here too! Thanks for all you shared.

(01:16:05) bonnieb: Oops-closed iTunes so turned off the sound, but wanted to add free example Lomba Kapal mentioned by an ADE playing with iBOoks author.

(01:16:38) bonnieb: would love to hear more about your iPad experiences with youner children. Thanks!

(01:18:25) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): geek of week!

(01:19:40) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): http://dotepub.com

(01:22:17) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): http://neoninc.org/budburst/aboutus.php

(01:23:17) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): blogsy writing tool for writing blogs

(01:23:52) connect2jamie (guest-2468): LOVE budburst!

(01:24:06) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): Thanks Jamie, are you a member?

(01:24:46) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): member for budburst?

(01:24:57) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): http://googleearthwalks.com/

(01:25:06) connect2jamie (guest-2468): No–I meant thanks for the link! It looks really cool. We have done JourneyNorth before and it was really fun and interesting for the kids.

(01:25:33) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): This looks like a very similar one! Enjoy.

(01:25:55) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): http://www.goodworkproject.org/practice/our-space/

(01:27:13) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): http://edcampme.wikispaces.com/

(01:27:14) Cheryl Oakes ~Seedlings~ (guest-2416): Paperport app! It is awesome.

(01:27:41) connect2jamie (guest-2468): WOW! Our Space looks very interesting! Will def spend some time there.

(01:28:33) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Thanks all! It was very interesting tonight–

(01:28:41) guest-2474: great show everyone – thanks

(01:28:46) bonnieb: Yes- thanks!!!

(01:29:00) connect2jamie (guest-2468): Night all! Have a great week!

(01:29:09) bobsprankle (guest-2415): night all!

(01:29:09) Alice (SEEDlings) (guest-2414): Thank you all!

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2011-12-12 SEEDlings with Homa Tavangar

The author of Growing Up Global, Homa really wowed us in this last live broadcast of 2011.

Growing Up Global: Raising Children to be at Home in the World

Growing Up Global Website

Geek of the Week Links


 bobsprankle ->   howdy

 cheryloakes50 ->   getting ready!!

 cheryloakes50 ->   Yahoo!

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Here we are !

 connect2jamie ->   Hi all!

 bobsprankle ->   hi jamie!

 cheryloakes50 ->   Hello Jamie, welcome can you hear Homo, growingupglobal

 cheryloakes50 ->   sorry, Homa,

 bobsprankle ->   can you hear us, jamie?

 connect2jamie ->   I can hear you and Lisa talking about twitter!

 bobsprankle ->   uh oh

 connect2jamie ->   lost her ipad!

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Uh oh

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Cheryl, you need help?

 cheryloakes50 ->   oh, that might not be our show. alice mentioned twitter, but you should hear Bob, Alice, and I with Homa?

 connect2jamie ->   LOL!

 cheryloakes50 ->   I will say hi to you LIVE,

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Oh maybe that was me with the iPad…

 cheryloakes50 ->   ok

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   I was asking Bob about it

 cheryloakes50 ->   ok

 bobsprankle ->   hmm… i think it’s another show…

 cheryloakes50 ->   Homa is discussing global education and 9-11

 connect2jamie ->   Am I in the wrong room? I’m listening to ustream

 cheryloakes50 ->   oh, try edtechtalk and the EdTechTAlkA sound

 connect2jamie ->   I hear Lisa and Maria Knee, but i don’t see them in the chat, so I think I’m messed up. Al my peeps are streeaming at once, but not together! LOL!

 cheryloakes50 ->   Look for the Edtechtalk A, stream status and window media or itunes or real playr

 cheryloakes50 ->   But Lisa and Maria have a great show too!

 bobsprankle ->   hi peggy!

 Peggy George ->   Hi all-so sorry I’m late–lots of last minute prep for the K12 online Conference Afterglow right after your show.

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Can you hear us OK?

 bobsprankle ->   yes! we’re going to talk about that!

 Peggy George ->   hearing great!

 cheryloakes50 ->   Hello Peggy, welcome, we are here with Homa tonight an d then promoting K12online Afterglow it is in the show notes

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Great! 

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   K-12 Online ROCKED this year ๐Ÿ™‚

 cheryloakes50 ->   It is on the back burner for me, I am writing IEPS in my spare time

 Peggy George ->   it really has been an awesome conference!

 Peggy George ->   do you have a link for our guest?

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   www.growingupglobal.net

 cheryloakes50 ->   alice wins

 Peggy George ->   thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

 Peggy George ->   I don’t have a passport either–never have had one in my entire life!

 Peggy George ->   I do my traveling online ๐Ÿ™‚

 cheryloakes50 ->   Oh, we 4 out of 5 of us have passports. I am going to get the wallet version.

 Peggy George ->   that’s really funny Bob!!! Just a hop, skip and jump to Canada!

 Peggy George ->   I was hoping you’d explain the wallet version ๐Ÿ™‚

 cheryloakes50 ->   Peggy, you are funny. I want the wallet version so I can just decide to go to Canada.

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Peggy but aren’t you close to Mexico?

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   You may just need that wallet version!

 Peggy George ->   yes I’m fairly close to Mexico–about 4 hours away

 cheryloakes50 ->   right alice

 Peggy George ->   haven’t been to Mexico since late 1950’s ๐Ÿ™‚ didn’t need a passport then

 cheryloakes50 ->   Interesting, same kind of thing with Canada, too.

 Peggy George ->   do your students really understand the importance of going global?

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   I grew up going to Canada all the time (Buffalo) now we need passport and it takes forever to go back and forth

 Peggy George ->   when did the passport requirement come about?

 cheryloakes50 ->   What a great idea for your high school to have a chinese teacher from China.

 Peggy George ->   My sister in law got to participate in an exchange with China when she was a principal and said it was such an incredible experience

 cheryloakes50 ->   Peggy, where was she located.

 Peggy George ->   that’s really exciting Alice!

 Peggy George ->   I wish I could remember Cheryl–some kind of sister city project and then came to visit her school too

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Peggy it has such an impact on our school. in a good way!

 cheryloakes50 ->   oh, sister city projects are so comprehensive.

 Peggy George ->   that’s what she said about the impact on her school

 Peggy George ->   has she talked about her parenting toolbox yet?

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   no…

 cheryloakes50 ->   ef.com/us-home

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://www.ef.com/us-home/

 Peggy George ->   I have never hosted an exchange student. Have any of you?

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://growingupglobal.net/page.php?id=16   Some of Homa’s great ideas.

 Peggy George ->   those are great ideas!!!

 cheryloakes50 ->   I love the toolkit idea, it makes it personal!

 Peggy George ->   how do you help students learn about other cultures without creating stereotypes?

 Peggy George ->   I saw that term about the parenting toolbox on her home page

 Peggy George ->   the book really is the toolbox ๐Ÿ™‚

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Every school should have this toolbox book!

 Peggy George ->   it sounds so wonderful!

 cheryloakes50 ->   agreed

 Peggy George ->   http://www.growingupglobal.net/blog/?p=531

 Peggy George ->   found it ๐Ÿ™‚

 Peggy George ->   that’s an amazing idea for Thanksgiving

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   I tried putting the link in and keep getting booted out of the chat room.

 Peggy George ->   http://abcnews.go.com/millionmomschallenge

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Did you get the link Peggy?

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   OK

 Peggy George ->   yes found it

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   I will not be doing Geek of the week ๐Ÿ™

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Cant get the links in

 bobsprankle ->   i got it

 cheryloakes50 ->   ok alice

 Peggy George ->   this is the first time I’ve been able to drop links in our chat in forever!!!

 cheryloakes50 ->   Go Peggy!

 Peggy George ->   I have not been able to float the chat for months! Today I could do it in Chrome

 Peggy George ->   but I’ve tried before in Chrome and couldn’t do it

 cheryloakes50 ->   me too, chrome is working well for me.

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   I forgot about floating.

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   Thanks for the reminder

 Peggy George ->   I’m going to have to leave you to get the room ready for the K12 Online Afterglow. I’m so glad I got to meet Homa! What an amazing lady!! See you next time.

 cheryloakes50 ->   ok, thanks Peggy for stopping by, good luck with Afterglow!!

 Peggy George ->   thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

 cheryloakes50 ->   globaleducation.ning.com

 cheryloakes50 ->   Homa is sharing global education conference!! Archived, listen away!!

 cheryloakes50 ->   FREE!!!

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZSJDQTK1cM

 cheryloakes50 ->   Homa’s next geek of the week

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   http://powerof1.yarmouthschools.org/

 cheryloakes50 ->   powerof1.yarmouthschools.org   Alice’s

 cheryloakes50 ->   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jcCMQUuzTPoRvpzc_NF5Jj5AhsiHQ7W698w3ChfIKE0/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1

 alicebarr (Seedlings) ->   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jcCMQUuzTPoRvpzc_NF5Jj5AhsiHQ7W698w3ChfIKE0/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1

 bobsprankle ->   http://todo.ly/

 cheryloakes50 ->   todo.ly    a task list, with a count down feature!!  and a great alternative for QR codes!  http://qrvoice.net/faq_en-US.html

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://www.thestateoftech.org/

 bobsprankle ->   https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mfllcofeninepmljbfgbhjfpfhkcndlh

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://www.ohiotreasurechest.org/

 bobsprankle ->   http://www.ted.com/talks/jane_mcgonigal_gaming_can_make_a_better_world.html

 bobsprankle ->   http://girleffect.org/

 bobsprankle ->   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-l5qkcIT5NE

 cheryloakes50 ->   http://a4cwsn.com/

 cheryloakes50 ->   Thanks for listening!!

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