Parents as Partners Episode #53 October 15, 2012 Ignite Parents with Tracy Bachellier

Tracy Bachellier a parent in Stratford Ontario shared how the Avon Maitland District School Board worked with their Parent Involvement Committee to engage parents in a with an event called Ignite Parents. Tracy described how the event was created, organized and delivered to an audience made up of parents, teachers, administrators and community members. 

The full BlackBoard Collaborate is here.

About Tracy:

Tracy has been self-employed since 1998 and owns two small businesses together with her husband, Dean. She lives in Stratford, Ontario and is the proud mom of three children, Isobel (age 13) and twins, Evelyn and Stuart (age 11). Tracy holds a BA in English, an Honours BA in Psychology and she is currently a part-time student at Wilfrid Laurier University studying for her Master’s of Education. She is also the owner of a sustainable forest and you can often find her and her family playing in their woods near the shores of Lake Huron.

Tracy began in 2004 helping other parents and families navigate the education system by providing assistance, connections, resources, tools and information. Her passion for parent involvement and supporting families with their children’s education grew over the years. Tracy has served as Chair of Hamlet Public School Council, Co-Chair of Stratford Regional School Council (SRSC) and Chair of the Avon Maitland District School Board Parent Involvement Committee (PIC). She has been a part of many parent engagement initiatives including, WeTube: An Interactive Evening for Parents, The Parent Voice Website, several Parent Reaching Out Grants, and Ignite Parents.

Chat log:Oct 15, 2012 3:48:36 PM – PARENTS AS PARTNERS  

14:20 – Peggy George 

Just noticed you didn't have chat permissions @Jeannine. You have them now. 

15:03 – Peggy George 

Mondays are a busy night πŸ™‚ 


15:51 – Peggy George 

dogs barking are a standard part of online sessions (and cats that type on keyboards) πŸ™‚ 

15:54 – Peggy George 

16:17 – Maria Fisk 

Thank you, Peggy! 

16:24 – Peggy George 

Livebinders are so helpful to keep all of the resources together for one webinar. Love them! 


16:50 – Maria Fisk 

Yes! I started my own Livebinder after learning about them from Parents as Partners. 


17:29 – Peggy George 

If you tweet after the show and include the word Livebinders (like Livebinder is posted with recording link…) the Livebinder developers will retweet it and favorite it to their thousands of followers. Great way to spread the word. 


17:45 – Maria Fisk 

Hi Heather! Thanks for joining! 


17:50 – Peggy George 

Welcome Tracy!!!! 

18:07 – Peggy George 

Hi Heather. Great to see you! 

18:20 – Tracy Bachellier 

Thank you, honoured to be here! 

18:49 – Heather 

Thank you, glad to be here. 

18:50 – Peggy George 

A celebrity in our midst πŸ™‚ 

19:28 – Peggy George 

we are so lucky to have you sharing with us!! 

20:02 – Peggy George 

love that quote! 

20:29 – Peggy George 

Jeannine be sure to select the Main Room chat to send your messages so everyone can see them 

20:47 – Peggy George 

Lorna used up all of Tracy's time introducing her πŸ™‚ 

21:28 – Peggy George 

Just teasing of course!! There's so much to share about Tracy's incredible experience. 

22:03 – Peggy George 

How did all of those parents get the courage to stand up and present at Ignite Parents??? 

22:47 – Peggy George 

I went to Ignite Phoenix a couple of times and always left so excited about the great ideas shared! 

23:43 – Maria Fisk 

I'm impressed with those parents too! 

24:16 – Peggy George 

does the description "geek event" put people off at all? 

25:02 – Peggy George 

aha! you actually invited specific people to come and speak. Not just anyone who wanted to submit a proposal 

25:08 – Maria Fisk 

I think it's cool to be a geek these days. 

25:18 – Lorna Costantini 

25:43 – Peggy George 

I do too Maria πŸ™‚ But most parents don't see themselves as geeks, let alone geeks standing up to present to other geeks πŸ™‚ 

26:16 – Peggy George 

that's so impressive!! 

26:31 – Peggy George 

were the presentations recorded and posted? 

26:42 – Peggy George 

hooray! can't wait to listen to them! 

27:38 – Heather 

Does your school board own the logo and rights or can other school boards apply to Ignite to use it? 

27:48 – Peggy George 

did you tell parents what kinds of topics you wanted them to talk about or could it be anything they chose? 

28:06 – Lorna Costantini

28:08 – Jeannine St. Amand 

So happy that you did the videos – really helps to see an Ignite preso in action. 

28:15 – Lorna Costantini 

that is the promo video 

28:34 – Peggy George 

@ignite_parents on Twitter 

29:12 – Peggy George 

Heather had a question 

29:12 – Maria Fisk 

This sounds like such a great event! 

29:30 – Lorna Costantini 

Sorry Heather 

29:50 – Lorna Costantini 

I'll ask Tracy in a few min 

30:00 – Heather 

thank Lorna 

30:36 – Peggy George 

Livebinder link for tonight is here in case you missed it: 

31:13 – Peggy George 

what a creative way to get someone so renowned to talk with the parents πŸ™‚ 

31:16 – Lorna Costantini 


31:50 – Heather 

How long did it take to plan this out? 

32:09 – Peggy George 

great gifts πŸ™‚ were they donated? 

32:14 – Maria Fisk 

I love the bookmark idea 

32:24 – Heather 

Great bag 

33:13 – Peggy George 

Adam Flaherty? only in Canada or anywhere? 

33:47 – Peggy George 

I love the concept and would like to promote it but if we can't use that term that's a problem 

34:03 – Tracy Bachellier 

[email protected] 

34:32 – Heather 

What was the budget for this event? 

36:03 – Heather 

That's awesome. Did you have a lot of donations? 

36:08 – Peggy George 

so if someone wanted to host an Ignite Parent event they would have to contact Adam Flaherty for permission to use the copyrighted name? 

36:39 – Lorna Costantini 

I believe that is correct Peggy 

36:39 – Peggy George 

a lot of work for sure! πŸ™‚ 

36:46 – Heather 

Thanks Tracy 

37:48 – Peggy George 

great job Tracy! 

38:57 – Peggy George 

it's hard to get pictures at Ignite events because everything moves so quickly πŸ™‚ 

39:12 – Maria Fisk 

Stress – a great topic 

39:28 – Peggy George 

did you have a theme for the night or were presentations open to all topics? 

40:09 – Peggy George 

related to education and schools? not "learning" outside of schools? 

40:35 – Peggy George 

your theme 

41:03 – Peggy George 

it sounded like they had to relate to school and education 

41:21 – Peggy George 


41:27 – Maria Fisk 

Learning 24/7 

42:15 – Peggy George 

sounds good 

42:22 – Lorna Costantini 

43:40 – Peggy George 

just started for me 

43:54 – Lorna Costantini 

ok I am at the min mark 


45:44 – Tracy Bachellier 

That's just a sample of one of our 12 passionate presentations at Ignite Parents! 


45:53 – Peggy George 


46:23 – Peggy George 

can't wait to watch the rest of it 

46:23 – Maria Fisk 

I'm back 

46:58 – Maria Fisk 

Super how he was explaining why he approaches math class as he does. 

48:03 – Peggy George 

being passionate about something is different than having the courage to stand up in front of a big audience to present! It's so exciting that you go so many parents willing to do that πŸ™‚ 

48:03 – Maria Fisk 

How entriguing is "I sent them to school to get rid of them….now you want me involved?" 

49:06 – Peggy George 

Lorna, we should ask one of them to be a presenter for the K12 Online virtual conference next year πŸ™‚ 

50:56 – Peggy George 

has that connection continued for people beyond the evening? 

51:15 – Heather 

What a wonderful event! 

51:39 – Peggy George 

what an incredible night! 

52:12 – Heather 

You are incredibly lucky to have that kind of relationship with your Board. 

52:21 – Jeannine St. Amand 

A couple… 

52:37 – Jeannine St. Amand 

Would you narrow the theme next time, or leave it as broad as education? 

52:59 – Jeannine St. Amand 

Is there anything you would change or advise against? 

53:33 – Peggy George 

were all of the people attending already involved parents or did it encourage more of them to get involved in schools? 

54:09 – Jeannine St. Amand 

It is hard to convince parents they have something interesting to say… but we must keep trying πŸ™‚ 

54:47 – Peggy George 

it can be very intimidating because sometimes the technology doesn't work and their slides don't involve automatically or they jump ahead faster than they should 

55:23 – Peggy George 

whenever you use technology there can be glitches but it's such an exciting event! 

55:48 – Peggy George 

has that connection continued for people beyond the evening? 

55:59 – Lorna Costantini 

56:29 – Lorna Costantini 

PIC = parent involvement committee 

56:44 – Jeannine St. Amand 

I would love to see you do an Ignite presentation too Tracy … such great passion comes through. 

57:15 – Peggy George 

is the PIC only parents or does it include teachers/admins too? 

58:30 – Peggy George 

thanks! that sounds very similar to our school site councils which can be chaired by parents, teachers, anyone on the council. 

58:38 – Heather 

Off topic, but how long has your Board had a social media policy? 

58:48 – Peggy George 

I love that all of the stakeholders are involved 

59:15 – Peggy George 

very helpful description! thank you! 

1:00:06 – Peggy George 

social media has changed a lot in the past 4 years 

1:00:27 – Peggy George 

has the policy needed to change to reflect that? 

1:00:38 – Heather 

That's awesome, we don't have one, so we are not able to use Twitter/Facebook etc on our PIC 

1:01:16 – Jeannine St. Amand 

I often use AMDSB as an example of partnership – lots of good stuff happening. 


1:01:42 – Heather 

You are about to become my poster child for social media. 


1:01:53 – Peggy George 

many school administrators are afraid they will be attacked by critical parents publicly if they allow social media like Facebook 

1:02:40 – Peggy George 

if that happened under your policy how would it be handled? 

1:03:02 – Peggy George 

you are such an amazing model for us!! 

1:03:15 – Maria Fisk 

Yet there are such potential benefits of social media for student learning and school climate. As we know. Tough for many to think about. 

1:03:32 – Peggy George 


1:04:13 – Peggy George 

there was a huge group of parents/teachers in our area (few years back) that actually created a website to criticize the school board and try to get board members recalled 

1:04:37 – Maria Fisk 

Thank you, Tracy! Thank you, Lorna and Peggy! Thank you Heather and Jeannine! 

1:04:50 – Peggy George 

we would all LOVE to have a parent leader in our schools like Tracy!!!!! 

1:04:58 – Peggy George 

thank you so much Tracy! 

1:05:14 – Maria Fisk 

I second @ Peggy George! 

1:05:34 – Heather 

Thanks Tracy, this was great. 

1:05:39 – Peggy George 

can't wait to share the recording of this session with colleagues 

1:05:40 – Tracy Bachellier 

[email protected] 

1:06:03 – Jeannine St. Amand 

It was really good to hear you tell your story Tracy – nice to have a voice to go with your twitter avatar πŸ™‚ 

1:06:05 – Peggy George 

come back for another presentation Tracy πŸ™‚ you have so much more to share! 

1:06:53 – Peggy George 

Mon. Oct. 29-next show-same time? 

1:07:00 – Maria Fisk 

yes, same time 

1:07:02 – Peggy George 

Smackdowns are so much fun! 

1:07:03 – Jeannine St. Amand 

Thanks you Lorna, Maria, and Peggy – fun as always. 

1:07:13 – Maria Fisk 

This will be my first smackdown! 

1:07:16 – Heather 

sounds like a virtual ignite event 

1:07:27 – Jeannine St. Amand 

That means I must get out and get a new headset … smackdown is on! 

1:07:30 – Peggy George 

tech tools for parents? 

1:07:36 – Peggy George 

defnitely Jeannine! 

1:07:50 – Peggy George 


1:08:02 – Peggy George 


1:08:16 – Peggy George 

website, tool, resource to get parents more engaged 

1:08:23 – Peggy George 

sounds terrific! 

1:08:41 – Peggy George 

I sure hope I can come–I'm scheduled for jury duty that day πŸ™ 

1:08:49 – Tracy Bachellier 

I look forward to it, thanks again everyone, it's been an honour to share Ignite Parents with you! 

1:08:50 – Jeannine St. Amand 

Big news out of Ontario ladies … you were likely busy but you better check when you sign off. 

1:09:14 – Jeannine St. Amand 

Good night. 

1:09:16 – Peggy George 

good night all! Thanks to all of you! 


Ignite Parents, Lorna Costantini.Maria Fisk, Parent Engagement, Parents as Partners, Tracy Bachellier

Parents as Partners Episode #52 September 24, 2012 Brainstorming Presenters and show ideas

Monday Night September 24, 2012 was the Opening show for the 2012-2013 season. Show hosts Lorna Costantini and Maria Fisk hosted a brainstorming session to gather ideas for the fall shows. @jeanninestamand @shannoninottawa @pgeorge @rggillespie @/DrThomasHo joined and shared some great ideas. 

They included: 

  • recall guests from the first few webcasts to check on progress and successes.
  • Host a school council meeting to model how to use BlackBoard Collaborate   and other webcasting software 
  • Share tech tools that people are using to connect with parents
  • cyclical issues throughout the school year such as parent-teacher conferences, report cards
  • food/treats/snacks during class parties and how to meet the needs of all student 

They also gave us a list of possible presenters and they will be announced shortly.

Please continue to share ideas for topics or presenters by completing the following form.

Click Read more to find the form and the chat from this episode of Parents as Parnters.







Chat log


Sep 24, 2012 4:02:03 PM – PARENTS AS PARTNERS 



00:03 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

Howdy!  I can't stay for too long – Monday is swimming night this fall! 


00:17 – Peggy George 

not seeing it on your spreadsheet but it says 3 submissions 


00:25 – Peggy George 

Hi Shannon!! Great to see you!!! 


00:32 – Maria Fisk 1 

Hi Shannon! 


00:43 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

Hi Maria, Peggy and Lorna! 


00:55 – Peggy George 

this is the link to the form: 


01:04 – Peggy George 

great to be here with you πŸ™‚ 


01:21 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

Don't worry about it – I will just "chat' 


01:35 – Peggy George 

Hi Reed. Great to see you πŸ™‚ 


02:27 – Lorna Costantini 


02:37 – Lorna Costantini 

that is the link to the google foem 


02:40 – Lorna Costantini 



02:58 – Peggy George 

I think it's great you are continuing Parents as Partners because there aren't many webinars focusing on the school/parent partnership! 


03:01 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

I'm on the google form right now 


03:25 – Peggy George 


03:59 – Peggy George 

if we want to speak we can just click on the "Talk" button 


04:51 – Peggy George 

I would love to see some of your former guests return (like Aaron Puley, Joe Mazza, Eric Sheninger, etc.) 


04:58 – Peggy George 

Hi Jeannine πŸ™‚ 


05:13 – Jeannine St. Amand 

Hi Everyone 


05:21 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

It is tough to get a time that works for everyone – the recordings are a super resource! 


05:24 – Maria Fisk 1 

Hi Everyon! 


05:40 – Maria Fisk 1 

Make that everyone πŸ™‚ 


05:46 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

I wasn't thinking when I booked swimming lessons on Monday evenings! 


06:06 – Peggy George 

πŸ™‚ Shannon! 


06:36 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

I think it would be really cool to have a School Council meeting on the Parents as Partners as a model to how we can use something like blackboard or connect to host virtual meetings 


06:50 – Peggy George 

I discovered today that Lorna's parent engagement Livebinder has had 11727 views as of today 


07:07 – Peggy George 

that would be fun Shannon! 


07:34 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

yes – I wonder if there might be opportunities to talk about different perspectives on how this might work or be received 


07:37 – Peggy George 

and we could use Joe's model with ustream πŸ™‚ 


07:53 – Peggy George 

streaming a Google Hangout is another great option 


08:19 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

Hangouts are good, but there is a delay that might put some folks off – it is a bit "clunky" 


08:29 – Peggy George 

it's really easy to use Hangout and it automatically posts to youtube after the session 


08:34 – Jeannine St. Amand 

Sorry – no headset 


08:47 – Peggy George 

only 10 people can participate in the Hangout but unlimited can participate in the live stream 


08:56 – Jeannine St. Amand 

One of my kids stole mine … need to get shopping. 


09:19 – Maria Fisk 1 

GoToMeeting has a monthly subscription fee, but it's not high, and easy to use for up to 24. 


10:06 – Jeannine St. Amand 

I would love to hear Trace perspective.  Sheila would be awesome too. 


10:09 – Peggy George 

I know why everything didn't show up on my form submission. it's there but you have to scroll down in each section to the bottom unless you align the text in the boxes to the top left 


10:24 – Peggy George 

I agree Jeannine! 


10:36 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

It might be fun to have someone talk about how they use livestreaming of events at the school – how is that received, do parents feel it is a valuable way to connect? 


11:00 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

I was thinking of livestreaming public speaking events, or other events – it is one-way communication though 


11:00 – Peggy George 

Parents as Partners has free access to this Blackboard Collaborate site for all sessions 


11:34 – Peggy George 

that would be really cool @Shannon if you can get the permission from the participants to be streamed live on the internet 


12:35 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

would have to see how that would be received – will approach council 


12:48 – Peggy George 

does Joe have his parents sign release/permission forms for that? 


13:19 – Peggy George 

maybe he just informs them that it will be streamed live 


13:38 – Jeannine St. Amand 

I was also thinking that dedicating an evening to discussing tools might be useful.  Could do a google doc ahead of time collecting tools and then on the live show share how they've worked.  Seems there are ususally a few mentioned each session – I'd love to have a 'complete' list πŸ™‚ 


14:01 – Peggy George 

no such thing as a "complete list" @Jeannine πŸ™‚ 


14:38 – Peggy George 

tools that support school/home communication? or tools that students are using in school? 


14:54 – Peggy George 

I think ZippSlip is awesome!!! 


15:02 – Peggy George 

That would make a fantastic session! 


15:23 – Peggy George 


Presenter: Matt Holley <[email protected]


15:31 – Peggy George 

Bring back Karen Bantuveris from VolunteerSpot to provide updates on new features 

[email protected] 


15:38 – Peggy George 



15:50 – Jeannine St. Amand 

Ha – I thought the ' ' would protect me πŸ™‚  I think tools that are used for the home school connection – tools for communication and other connections. 


16:03 – Peggy George 

Hi Thomas!!! How great to see you here! πŸ™‚ 


16:08 – Maria Fisk 1 

ParentSquare would be glad to chime in πŸ™‚ 


16:08 – Reed Gillespie 

Love the idea of zippslip and the like–so much time, money and trees wasted on the paper forms. Our system is moving towards electronic filling. 


16:37 – Peggy George 

Thomas is the person who helped me get my Blackboard Collaborate app working on my iPad πŸ™‚ 


17:09 – Peggy George 

there has to be a session going I think–just for participants 


17:30 – Peggy George 

you wouldn't want to use it to moderate because it has too many limitations 


18:09 – @DrThomasHo 

I JUST remembered about the iPad app, but I'm already on my Windows laptop 


18:30 – Peggy George 

I would love to have Larry Ferlazzo as a guest presenter! Larry Ferlazzo, Parent Engagement Advice for Teachers based on his blog "The Best Sources of Parent Engagement Advice for Teachers" 


19:09 – Maria Fisk 1 

Larry would be great. 


19:27 – Jeannine St. Amand 

I wanted to thank you for the earlier time slot (only 8 pm here in Atlantic Canada) I'm hoping that I can get some parents together some evening to participate with me … they seem to like the idea of PasP but I haven't seen them show up in a chat room yet. 


19:46 – Peggy George 

even in these kinds of online sessions many people are reluctant to take the mic to speak but fairly comfortable typing in the chat 


20:40 – @DrThomasHo 

Greetings from Orlando, Florida 


20:53 – Peggy George 

yes a bit of lag Lorna because you are talking at the same time Maria is 


21:02 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

that may have been the echo because I didn't have a usb headset 


21:07 – Peggy George 

there are 3 mics open now 


21:11 – Maria Fisk 1 

A lag just started for me…. 


21:14 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 

I have to run – off to swimming, but will check recording later 


21:19 – Peggy George 

best to have one at a time πŸ™‚ 


21:22 – Shannon (@shannoninottawa) 



21:28 – Peggy George 

thanks so much for coming Shannon! 


22:05 – Peggy George 

I'm sure it's a better time slot for the east coast πŸ™‚ 


22:32 – Peggy George 

there are cyclical issues throughout the school year such as parent-teacher conferences 


23:00 – Maria Fisk 1 

Great idea – parent-teacher conferences! 


23:37 – Jeannine St. Amand 

Report Cards were a real hot topic for the home-school connection when I was presenting at LearnEast this summer. 


23:38 – Peggy George 

also food/treats/snacks during class parties and how to meet the needs of all students 


23:56 – Peggy George 

yes Jeannine!! report card alternatives too πŸ™‚ 


24:30 – Jeannine St. Amand 

Exactly – we need alternatives, but almost harder to break the parent expectations on that one! 


24:36 – Peggy George 

for sure 


25:02 – Peggy George 

student-led parent conferences are so valuable but many parents don't understand the power 


26:24 – Lorna Costantini 


27:12 – Peggy George 

that's similar to the idea I put on my form 


27:32 – Peggy George 

something they're piloting in San Diego this year 


28:24 – Peggy George 

I love the really practical sessions with people sharing what they are doing in their schools to increase parent engagement 


28:42 – Peggy George 

how many sessions each month? 2 


28:52 – Peggy George 



29:08 – Peggy George 

I tweeted to it tonight and last night πŸ™‚ 


29:17 – Jeannine St. Amand 

It would be interesting to revisit your first few webcasts too … Would be nice to know if progress has been made. Most days I feel there is some momentum … other days not so much πŸ˜‰ 


29:29 – Peggy George 

2nd and 4th Mondays at 7:00pm ET??? 


29:40 – @DrThomasHo 

you can see my Twitter handle πŸ™‚ 


29:43 – Peggy George 

love that idea Jeannine! 


30:02 – Peggy George 

that's a great way to sign into these sessions @DrThomasHo πŸ™‚ 


30:26 – Peggy George 

Chris Wejr is fantastic! 


30:42 – Peggy George 


30:45 – Jeannine St. Amand 

I think a blog post for us to really push via twitter and facebook would be excellent – thank you all. 


30:53 – Jeannine St. Amand 

Perhaps πŸ™‚ 


30:54 – Peggy George 

yes Jeannine!!!! 


31:32 – Jeannine St. Amand 

I'll take the mic some night Lorna.  Yes – I'll send you the link 


31:38 – Peggy George 



31:47 – Maria Fisk 1 



31:55 – Jeannine St. Amand 



32:03 – Peggy George 

thanks for the jumpstart to this year Lorna and Maria!! 


32:08 – Peggy George 

see you in two weeks πŸ™‚ 


32:36 – @DrThomasHo 

same time in 2 weeks? 


32:59 – Peggy George 

we'll have to watch for your tweet πŸ™‚ 


33:12 – Peggy George 

sounds good 


33:20 – Peggy George 

good night all! 



Parents as Partners Episode 47 February 20, 2012 Shannon Smith on Building Personal Learning Networks

I was pleased to have Shannon Smith join me on Parents as Partners at Edtechtalk on Monday February 20, 2012 to talk about Building Learning Networks. Shannon created a mini-tutorial on how to use Twitter as a tool and in the show demonstrated how to use Twitter with an emphasis on connecting learning for principals, teachers and parents. You will find a link to the video in the LiveBinder for the show. (Link below) Shannon has highlighted some key points on how to create your Twitter accounts. Special thanks to Aviva Dunsiger for taking the mic and sharing how she uses Twitter with her students and their parents. The following video, LiveBinder and Chat log are good tools to use in your school or parent community to promote using social media tools with parents and teachers. I am still reflecting on the sharing of ideas by participants in the chat room. The issue of fear and negativity was identified as a barrier to using tools like twitter. Please take a look what the participants suggested as solutions and share your thoughts.

The following is a recording of the show. If you don’t see a video here, please refresh your browser.

LiveBinder of the resources for the show. You can find links used by Shannon or shared by participants in the chat. Chat Log .

Click here for the full BlackBoard Collaborate recording

Shannon showed us this great video by Nancy White and Suzy talking about starting with Twitter.

Shannon’s Twitter Tutorial

If you want some motivation to get your school principal, superintendent or Director to use Twitter send them to this video.

Lorna Costantini, Parents as Partners, Shannon Smith, Twitter, parents, social media

Parents as Partners Episode 46 November 14, 2011 Joe Mazza Electronic Family and Community Engagement

The recording starts at about the 10 sec mark.

If you missed the November 14, 2011 Parent as Partners show you can still enjoy the conversation that I had with Joe Mazza, principal at Knapp Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as he demonstartes how he uses the latest technologies to create strong school family and community partnerships.

Looking forward to Knapp Family Twitter Town Hall meeting on November 21, 2011. Look for details

The links to resources and websites mentioned in the webcast can be found in this LIVEBINDER

Parents as Partner Nov 14, 2011 Joe Mazza eFace from Lorna Costantini on Vimeo.

Family and Community Engagement, Joe Mazza, Lorna Costantini, Parents as Partners

Parents as Partners Episode 45 May 2, 2011 Fix the School not the Child with Lisa Nielsen – Innovative Educator

Lisa Nielsen aka the Innovative Educator joined Parents as Partners on Monday May 2, 2011 at 9:00 PM EDY (GMT-4) to talk about her free ebook for parents.

Lisa Nielsen is an educational administrator and permanently certified teacher with more than a decade’s worth of experience working in educational innovation at the city, state, and national level. Working as an innovative educator in New York City, Ms. Nielsen was honored as Teacher of the Year and was her district’s nominee for Technology Educator of the year. Ms. Nielsen has worked in various capacities in educational innovation at the NYC Department of Education and Teachers College, Columbia University including as manager of instructional technology professional development, literacy coach, instructional technology coach, teacher, librarian, and staff developer. She currently serves as Technology Innovation Manager for the NYC Department of Education. Ms. Nielsen is a Google Certified Teacher, International Edublogger, International EduTwitter, and creator of The Innovative Educator blog, website, learning network, and wiki. In addition to her blog , her work is published in β€œLearning and Leading,” and β€œTech & Learning,” magazine as well as the following online media Tech & Learning, ISTE Connects, Ed Reformer, and The Huffington Post.

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to listen to Lisa talking about her book as well as learning about her innovative approach to using technology in the classroom.

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Chat log

Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): thx πŸ™‚

Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): Hi Peggy!!!

Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): Nice to be with you again πŸ™‚

Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): Welcome Nikki

Peggy George: Hi Lisa, Lorna and all! So sorry I’m late. Dealing with plumbers at my house!!! Thrilled to have you sharing tonight!

nikki: Hello Lisa and al!

Peggy George: Lisa and the Passion Panel at the WOW conference were incredible!!!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2):

Peggy George: I’m so in awe that you could find time to write a book on top of everything else you do!!!

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2):

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2): Hi Penmy and Nikki

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: Hey Lorna!

nikki: Hello Lorna

Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): Hi Amanda!

Peggy George: sorry I had to step away but I’m back now!

Peggy George: do you think parents who refuse testing for their child really have an impact on changing things?

Peggy George: I think that is being tried in the UK, right

kim caise: i know a student in Washington state refused to take the state test

Peggy George: I didn’t hear your answer Lisa

Peggy George: I wasn’t thinking of their individual children but changing the system

kim caise: great analogy list

Peggy George: like the resistance to buying gas for our cars on a specified day–doesn’t seem to make a difference

Peggy George: I totally agree with your point!

Moderator (Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator)): πŸ™‚ peggy

kim caise: i always read the book ‘testing miss malarkey’ before testing to lighten the mood about testing

kim caise: in the book the teachers are in line for the nurse

kim caise: nurse’s office

kim caise: kids of all ages love that book

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2):

Peggy George: I know teachers who have gotten “in trouble” for telling their students it was ok if their parents kept them home during the testing because the % of students taking the test affects the success rates on the school rating

Peggy George: parents can definitely make that decision for their own children!! and should!!

Blanca: Agreed – worry about our own children! Absolutely!

kim caise: i know in texas a lot of federal money is tied to the student test data

kim caise: not sure if that is applicable to all states

Peggy George: good for you Lisa!!!

Peggy George: a teacher’s stress over the testing often translates right into the student’s stress too!

kim caise: in houston, teacher’s evals are now related to test scores and are determined by value added/subtracted to student test scores on TAKS

Peggy George: parents MUST advocate for their own children!! they can’t just “write off” an entire year of school

Peggy George: love to hear those success stories!!!

Blanca: If your child comes home and says they are bored – you need to address it. That is NOT excuseable. This is how we create unmotivated adults!

Peggy George: definitely Blanca!! the passion for curiosity and learning is crushed in them!

Peggy George: he’s going to be on Future of Education this week I think

Blanca: And maybe it is the child but at the very least you need to ask tough questions…what are you doing? does it make sense? Are you creating? curious? why / why not? It’s a tough and scary thing to admit but if you truly want what is best for your child, you need to do something.

Peggy George: Dale Stephens πŸ™‚ Uncollege

Peggy George: He was just on and I missed it! Recording is here:

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2): The Teenagers Guide to Opting Out (not dropping out) of School

Blanca: Thanks Peggy – I want to watch it. πŸ™‚

Peggy George: the Uncollege interview with Dale Stephens is here:

Peggy George: what a success story!!

kim caise: oh that guy

Peggy George: I love that point! it’s not your title or credentials but what you can do that should make the difference for earning respect

kim caise: absolutely peggy

Peggy George: Penny-are you posting in another chat somewhere? It’s so great to have you here!

Peggy George: Hi Miguel! We meet again πŸ™‚

Peggy George: why does it have to be underground?

Peggy George: unschooling is very interesting in contrast to homeschooling

Peggy George: Can’t wait to see it Lisa!

kim caise: i wrote a blog post about the valedictorian that shared she achieved honors but it wasn’t her passion

Peggy George: thanks for that link Kim!!

Peggy George: isn’t that sad??!!!

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: weird — never had that happen before — thanks!

Peggy George: I just heard a teacher on one of my teacher listservs say that kids below 4th grade shouldn’t be allowed to do science fair projects because they’re always done by their parents and they aren’t ready to do original research. It broke my heart because I have a very bright grandson who did some incredible science research in first grade and that was one of the highlights of his year

Peggy George: yeah Penny!!!

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: now I understand what you were asking Peggy

Peggy George: that happened to me too–for some reason the default entering the room was “moderators” I sent my first 3 messages to the moderators

kim caise: wow peggy, how sad of that teacher to feel that way

Peggy George: I agree Kim!

kim caise: definit ely s tifling learning

Peggy George: technology is needed (computer, internet, mobile device) no matter what your career/profession

kim caise: i think of temple grandin who is autistic and shares her struggle but she was brilliant in designing the way to corral cattle, etc.

Peggy George: Jackie Gerstein completely equipped her classroom with donated computers–all different but that didn’t matter!

kim caise: the military bases donate working equipment to schools all the time

kim caise: it is a simple application and you can receive working equipment that is in excellent condition

kim caise: classwish, donorschoose, pepsi projects, etc

Blanca: I think that my frustration with schools is that my HS experience was so much better than what I see in school today. I want my daughter to be able to follow her own passion. I may be attending AERO Lisa! πŸ™‚

Peggy George: our district had a policy that wouldn’t allow donated computers in the schools that didn’t meet the district standards. They didn’t want them on the network.

amanda enclade 1: real action will bring change. parents standing up and saying no to the system!

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: I’m open and in this mindset .. but I’ll admit .. brainwashed! Hard to make the shift

Blanca: Yes, Amanda, I agree.

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: @Peggy — same for our district too

Peggy George: it is very hard to make the shift– we weren’t raised that way and I think educators, in general, we raised in a culture of following rules and not questioning authority

Blanca: But I will say it’s difficult for parents to take that step. It goes against what I believe which is..that public school can be great…it’s just that it cannot move as fast as I need it to personally.

amanda enclade 1: you would be surprised by how big an impact one family makes.

Peggy George: There are so many examples of successful people who did not go to college!!!

Peggy George: if their child were being bullied at school they would be right there in the principal’s office to demand action. Why won’t they advocate for learning in the same way????

Blanca: LOL Nice move Lisa! I think that is perfect. Give them the power to address their learning.

Peggy George: does it need to happen through an organized effort by parents or is it enough for each parent to take action on behalf of their own children?

Peggy George: oh the election/voting mob??

Jeanna 2: I think this would be a great opportunity for teen students to realize that there are other ways to learn and this would be a great guide for them.

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: @Peggy .. bcs they don’t know what’s possible, what the language is, how the system works … this is the “system” side of education that seems untouchable

Peggy George:

Peggy George: vote mob

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: @Peggy – I think it will have to start at an individual level

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: individuals first .. then system will follow .. but there has to be leaders

Peggy George: I agree Penny. Start there but… what next?

kim caise: hi matt

amanda enclade 1: it is extremely uncomfortable to choose outside of the status quo. change doesn’t happen easily!

matt montagne: hi Kim, et al

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: Keep coming back to this quote — People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty. ~ Tim Ferriss

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: That’s tough to overcome

matt montagne: timely, as I’ve been thinking quite a bit about school for Morgan…what we want, what we don’t want, etc

matt montagne: she is only 9 months, but we’re thinking about it…

matt montagne: right now I can’t see our daughter going to any school where she is going to sit down in a desk for most of the day

amanda enclade 1: teenage guide also crucial reading for parents to open their minds

Peggy George: it’s just so interesting to me Penny. I know that parents don’t feel they know enough about the curriculum or what schools should be teaching to feel passionate about advocating for certain things in their child’s learning. But they could be completely wrong in their advocacy for their child “being bullied”–often I had parents in my office who were advising their child to fight back and not take it (when their child was actually starting the whole thing)

Peggy George: Hi Matt! How great to have your voice in this conversation

matt montagne: Hi Peggy!

matt montagne: I saw a GREAT talk at Stanford two weeks ago called, “Are Stanford Students Just Really Excellent Sheep?”

Peggy George: @Matt–you will advocate for Morgan and will make the decisions that will be right for her. All classrooms don’t require kids to sit at desks all day but parents have to spend the time to research them

kim caise: thats how that student felt in the blog post i posted above

kim caise: the valedictorian

Peggy George: that sounds reallly interesting Matt!!! is it online anywhere

amanda enclade 1: I remember thinking why on earth was I spending the best years of my life at this horrible place that I loathed!

kim caise: many students AND teachers feel that way amanda

kim caise: that is precisely why i left education

Peggy George: I never questioned school all the way through!!

matt montagne: Tony Wagner talks about this all the time…even the BEST schools, the most ‘elite’ schools, aren’t creating the kind of meaningful learning opportunities that our kids need

Moderator (Lorna Costantini 2):

Peggy George: I didn’t get my “voice” until I was in grad school working on my doctorate. Sad!!

kim caise: time went by too quickly tonight!

kim caise: i didnt get my voice until working with you peggy and lorna

Peggy George: How exciting to have Lisa’s resources all in one Livebinder!!!

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: My daughter has already figured out to give what the teachers/school want .. doesn’t want to put in extra effort .. why bother when grades are good

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: nice to see everyone again!

matt montagne: that concerns me, Penny.

Peggy George: passion!!!!!

Penny Lindballe @plind 1: @Matt — concerns me too!

kim caise: i used to have that mindset. do the mimimum to get by

matt montagne: esp. as we now have our own little one. There is a new sense of urgency for me

Blanca: Any time that I’ve mentioned giving my daughter an alternative, I’ve been asked if she is being bullied. It’s a strange thing…people actually believing that I would take a good student out of school because I don’t believe she is learning passionately. Glad to know that there are others that are doing so well

kim caise: i bet matt, your perception and outlook completely changes

Peggy George: being a parent really changes your perspective doesn’t it Matt? much more compelling

kim caise: πŸ™‚ peggy!

amanda enclade 1: thank you everyone!

matt montagne: Blanca…so much of it is creating self importance on the part of schools.

InnovatiVe Educator, Lisa Nielsen, Lorna Costantini

Parents as Partners Episode 44 April 4, 2011 Dr. Joyce Epstein National Network of Partnership School

Dr. Joyce Epstein from the National Network of Partnership Schools was the special guest on the Parent as Partners webcast on Monday April 4, 2011 at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT-4)

Joyce talked about t the National Network of Partnership Schools and how School Family and Community Partnerships support student success. Dr. Epstein explained how deliberate and measured results can be obtained by developing teams of teachers, parents and community members whose purpose is to support student success.

Jose Rodriguez joined Lorna, Peggy and Kim adding his expertise in streaming the Elluminate session on ustream.

Link to the elluminate recording:

Chat log

Apr 4, 2011 7:59:35 PM – PARENTS AS PARTNERS 


01:25 – Peggy George 

the joys of technology!! I love that Dr. Epstein can join us via telephone! Such a wonderful opportunity for us! 

01:28 – Kim Caise 

puentes al mundo 

02:31 – Peggy George 

Jose was a great facilitator for the Spanish-speaking community for the K12 Online Conference! 

02:32 – Jose Rodriguez 

02:33 – Kim Howland 

I am 

03:06 – Peggy George 

how exciting! great to have “newbies” here! Feel free to ask questions any time in the chat and we’ll be happy to help you. 

03:33 – Peggy George 

much easier to see a big chat window if you use the wide layout. 

04:12 – Peggy George 

I hope you’re all hearing the audio now. If you’re not let us know in the chat 

04:32 – Kelly 

Sounds great. 

04:45 – Rangel 

I agree sounds great 

05:23 – Peggy George 

finally a cooler day today in Phoenix AZ! We hit 102 degrees a few days ago but only about 90 today. 

05:52 – Peggy George 

now that’s worse πŸ™‚ 

05:56 – Peggy George 

yeah! perfect! 

06:24 – Peggy George 

you click on the green check/red x at the bottom of the participant list of names 

06:24 – Kim Caise 


06:25 – Kim Howland 


06:26 – Elizabethhaigh 2 

C: Administrator 

06:28 – Bob 


06:31 – Rangel 

06:31 – Kelly 

Professional Development Facilitator 

06:37 – Peggy George 

no abcd choice 

06:38 – Brendan Murphy 


06:40 – Bob 

Parent – Teacher – Grad Student 

06:43 – nikki 


06:45 – Rangel 


07:01 – Peggy George 

professional development consultant πŸ™‚ 

07:12 – Bob 

Is that like a co-op programme? 

07:17 – Peggy George 

and retired elementary principal and university pre-service instructor 

07:41 – Peggy George 

I had a school partnership team when I was a principal πŸ™‚ 

08:37 – Peggy George 

what is NNPS …link to website .. 

08:52 – Peggy George 

09:11 – Peggy George 

Welcome Joyce!!! 

09:24 – Rangel 

Hello Joyce! 

10:04 – Peggy George 

I love that these sessions are recorded so we can share them with colleagues who aren’t able to attend the live session! 

11:24 – Peggy George 

(Inter)National Network of Partnership Schools at Johns Hopkins University  NNPS πŸ™‚ 

12:11 – Peggy George 

it’s so powerful to have a research base for implementing these partnerships!! 

12:46 – Lorna Costantini 1 

HI Sheila nice to see u 

13:03 – Peggy George 

partnership is such a great term because the emphasis is that we are all in this together with a common goal! 

13:09 – Sheila 

Hi all – sorry that I am late 

13:19 – Peggy George 

Hi Sheila! Welcome to Elluminate πŸ™‚ 

13:37 – Lorna Costantini 1 

not late 

14:35 – Peggy George 

For Dr. Epstein’ publications, see the Publications List in the section Research and Evaluation. 

17:23 – Peggy George 

parents really want to be involved in their child’s education–beyond bake sales and parent/teacher conferences πŸ™‚ 

18:03 – Peggy George 

healthy school is an interesting term–makes sense 

18:45 – Peggy George 

how do you do all of that assessment without feeling overwhelmed?? 

18:52 – Sheila 

Do goals have to be measurable to be good goals? 

19:34 – Peggy George 

maybe measurable but not always “quantifiable”–based on scores or numbers 

19:39 – Brendan Murphy 

How can parents get involved in curriculum decisions? 

20:11 – Peggy George 

there are so many ways to assess success/progress but the public tends to look for test scores 

22:30 – Peggy George 

I was really wondering about all of the assessments and the collection of data–schools, principals and teachers have so much of this to do and it can be really overwhelming. Can you build that kind of partnership with less time spent on collecting data? 

23:30 – Peggy George 

@Brendan our School Site Council was involved in curriculum, policy and budget decisions for our school with representatives from parents, community members, teachers, administrators (elementary so we didn’t have students on our council) 

24:38 – Peggy George 

25:19 – Peggy George 

do you have ways of collaborating that don’t require meetings? 

26:21 – Peggy George 

26:43 – Sheila 

need a key communicator with parents – who? 

27:00 – Peggy George 

that is so wonderful to have success stories posted so we can learn from their experiences! 

27:10 – Peggy George 

great question Sheila! 

27:32 – Sheila 

always more questions than answers! πŸ™‚ 

27:46 – Peggy George 

so true… 

29:38 – Sheila 

I think I see two twitter friends here right now…:) 

30:09 – Peggy George 

some parents just can’t or don’t want to come to meetings. they are often held in evenings when they feel they need to be helping their kids with homework, spending time with family, after school activities for kids, etc. 

30:09 – Kim Howland 


30:35 – Sheila 

Hi Kim! 

30:45 – Peggy George 

31:07 – Sheila 

So important to hook dads! 

31:59 – Cameron 

Sorry if this has been covered, but where might I buy a book? 

32:02 – Peggy George 

I really like this list on Joyce’s site-6 types of involvement 

32:07 – Kim Howland 

BC parents have used Joyce’s materials for years Her work has been a key source to helping us build a strong parent invovlement in our province.  πŸ™‚ 

32:23 – Jennifer Voorhees 

What are ways that people are getting dads and father figures involved?  This “Dangerous Dads” sounds interesting. 

32:23 – Bob 

where are you Kim 

32:31 – Kim Howland 

Nanaimo BC 

32:37 – Bob 

Victoria πŸ™‚ 

32:44 – Bob 


33:06 – Kim Howland 

nice to meet you Bob πŸ™‚ 

33:18 – Peggy George  Handbook for Action 

34:03 – Peggy George 

we got our dads to come out when we had BBQs at school, often right before little league games/practice πŸ™‚ 

34:08 – Bob 

you too, we really should chat … later 

35:15 – Peggy George 

17 minute video highlights the goals and services of NNPS 

35:43 – Peggy George 

such an important point!! it’s the action that’s important and not just talking about it 

36:17 – Sheila 

I think that: Action plan for partnerships 

37:06 – Peggy George 

@Cameron-did you get the answer to your question about where to buy the book? not sure which book you meant 

37:13 – Cameron 

yep – cheers 

37:18 – Peggy George 


37:37 – Sheila 

good point! 

38:33 – Sheila 

Communications team/plan then? 

38:36 – Peggy George 

could you ask her to talk about her parent surveys and how they are used? 

38:43 – Cameron 

There is a tension/balance with embracing this idea (and its a cracking idea) and teachers having a work/life balance.  IN my school a few of us use ICT to facilitate pretty great comms with parents but the cost is less down-time.  I love my job but I don’t want to do it for free 

38:52 – Peggy George 

39:38 – Peggy George 

excellent point @Cameron and something I heard frequently from my teachers and parents too–challenge in finding balance in their lives 

40:53 – Kim Howland 

the more on the team to support the work, the more success and more time for each individual and the great benefit for the kids learning and outcomes 

40:56 – Peggy George 

we got our dads to show up for our family “Read Under the Stars” night where they brought picnics, blankets and flashlights for reading together–also had a huge telescope for them to view the stars πŸ™‚ 

41:16 – Sheila 

Good idea for our PICs? 

41:35 – Bob 

hmmm could use that for mathematics too eh? 

41:57 – Peggy George 

that is so important to hear from all of those voices! 

42:44 – Sheila 

There are issues of trust when it is parent volunteers communicating at times…need clear guidelines? 

42:59 – Bob 

What are the surveys called? 

43:06 – Bob 

Are they available online? 

43:20 – Lorna Costantini 1 

The surveys are in the handbook 

43:44 – Kim Howland 

in my daughters elementary school, parent advisory council and school principal put out questionaire to ask dads what is your favorite hobbie, and would you like to volunteer to share that with some kids, had dads come in to teach painting, canoe building, building of motors – lawn mowers, motorcycles and coaching some sport games … it was a great questionaire.. and we were told that the best part was that they were actually asked :-)… kids loved it, teachers loved it.. and the community was stronger 

43:49 – Jennifer Voorhees 

@ Peggy George – Thanks for some of the ideas for getting dads involved πŸ™‚ 

44:14 – Peggy George 

those team training days are so valuable because although you’re “working” with a clear purpose you are also building relationships! we had team training days for our School Site Council to help them understand and develop school improvement plans 

44:31 – Cameron 

In terms of internal resourcing, did staff get line allowances or time-in-lieu to get these things off the ground? 

44:34 – Sheila 

Sounds great Kim! 

45:01 – Peggy George 

in our school the teachers got the day off for training days with subs provided for them 

45:12 – Kim Howland 

@sheila it was great to see our dads in the school and kids so excited to have them there 

45:13 – Bob 

Great idea Kim, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ 

45:13 – Jennifer Voorhees 

It’s amazing how diverse the activites were once the school asked for the dad’s input. 

45:33 – Peggy George 

not just training days but really planning days for creating our school goals and action plans 

45:42 – Peggy George 

great point Jennifer!!! 

46:25 – Sheila 

fundraising doesn’t catch dads as much, it seems 

46:39 – Jennifer Voorhees 

Do any schools do things to encourge a parent/community involvement during the summer to help prevent the summer slide? 

46:43 – Peggy George 

that is such a great suggestion Kim H!!! everyone feels valued when they are asked to do something that they feel comfortable doing 

47:27 – Kim Howland 

@ Jennifer – Our community has community schools in a few of our elementary / highschools and they run programs through the summer 

47:39 – Peggy George 

we used to send summer calendars home with the kids that were geared to one activity every day for their grade level–often hands-on activities and things families could do together 

49:57 – Sheila 

Not aware of any training this specific in Ontario 

50:23 – Kim Howland 

@peggy some of our teachers also did this through my childrens elementary years. 

50:41 – Bob 

In my recent survey research we found that parents would welcome math videos to support them and their children 

50:56 – Bob 

another close response was for mobile apps 

51:04 – Kim Howland 

@bob… that would have been great 

51:07 – Bob 

what do y’all think? 

51:26 – Peggy George 

I agree Bob! 

51:31 – Kim Howland 

love the apps idea at the highschool level for sure 

51:49 – Bob 

so now my supervisor has me working towards math video rubric and I still keep in mind mobile apps to help parents as well 

52:01 – Kim Howland 


52:08 – Bob 

we are focusing upon grades 4-7 

52:12 – Jennifer Voorhees 

I could really see mobile apps working well. My son (7 years old) uses the apps on my phone & it would be great to have ones related to what he’s doing in school 

52:17 – Bob 

parents of children in those grades 

52:27 – Peggy George 

that’s a great way to do it Bob πŸ™‚ when you’re thinking apps you’re thinking simple ways to communicate and learn 

52:28 – Bob 


52:38 – Kim Howland 

that’s a great place to start πŸ™‚ 

52:49 – Bob 

I was a little surprised from our recent parent survey 

52:54 – Jose Rodriguez 

yep…there are 150 schools in my part of town 

53:01 – Peggy George 

wow Jose! 

53:13 – Kim Howland 

wow… we only have 41 in our whole district 

53:26 – Peggy George 

@Jose-are they all public schools? 

53:26 – Bob 

my supervisors brother has a programming development company 

53:35 – Kim Howland 

bob what grade group of parents did you survey? 

53:43 – Jose Rodriguez 

150 public plus charter and parochial 

53:45 – Bob 

have you ever downloaded Math Tappers software (iTunes) 

54:11 – Kim Howland 

@bob nope but I’ll have to get my daughter to try it 

54:15 – Peggy George 

what level is that Bob? 

54:16 – Bob 

Grades 4 – 7 parents across Canada, but most from BC responded 

54:31 – Sheila 

we have 29 schools in our board – perfect! πŸ™‚ 

54:39 – Bob 

Math tappers are there stuff, we haven’t gotten there yet. 

54:58 – Bob 

our parents suggested a small percentage higher for videos 

55:05 – Bob 

so that is what I have to look at now 

55:09 – Jennifer Voorhees 

It’s also good to check out website compatibility with SmartPhones.  First in Math for example works great on a Smart Phone.  Schools should keep this in mind when selecting progams to purchase. 

55:20 – Bob 

but I think we still want to keep the apps in mind as well 

55:24 – Peggy George 

is the Math Tappers software for computers or mobile devices? 

56:02 – Kim Howland 

my daughters have used the math videos on learning network to help them through high school math homework and they found it very helpful. 

56:16 – Sheila 

Yes it is a juggle 

56:17 – Bob 

if we get something developed, we’d like it to work on non-apple products as well 

56:30 – Kim Howland 


56:40 – Bob 

Math Tappers – iTunes 

56:47 – Peggy George 

how do you all help parents to help their kids with homework?? πŸ™‚ 

56:53 – Kim Caise 

56:56 – Bob 

these are samples from my supervisors brother work 

57:22 – Lorna Costantini 1 

57:49 – Peggy George 

this Livebinder link has incredible resources for parenting in the 21st century πŸ™‚ 

57:52 – Bob 

that is part of my dissertation work 

58:05 – Peggy George 

you’ll spend hours exploring it and getting excited! 

58:16 – Sheila 

Should parents feel they have to help with homework? Some can’t 

58:22 – Peggy George 

research, videos, PDF documents–fantastic stuff! 

58:27 – Bob 

I’m kinda getting anxious to graduate 

58:33 – Peggy George 

that was why I was asking that question Sheila πŸ™‚ 

59:07 – Kim Caise 

i can relate @Bob 

59:14 – Kim Howland 

there is a role parents can still play around creating a place to do homework 

59:15 – Peggy George 

: how do you all help parents to help their kids with homework?? 

59:16 – Bob 

Ahh for those parents that feel they can’t do math, hopefully we’ll be able to help … even a little πŸ™‚ 

59:20 – Kim Howland 

support the time to do it 

59:22 – Sheila 

Peggy and I πŸ™‚ 

59:22 – Peggy George 

Sheila was responding to my question 

59:38 – Kim Howland 

and let them talk and share it with parents 

59:50 – Peggy George 

that was exactly what I was interested in hearing about! 

1:00:03 – Peggy George 

1:00:06 – Bob 

it is so great to know there are professionals out there that care about parents as an important part of a child’s educational process 

1:00:14 – Peggy George 

I agree Bob! 

1:00:29 – Kim Howland 

I agree too Bob πŸ™‚ 

1:00:42 – Bob 

I get a feeling sometimes that I’m a little on the outside 

1:00:52 – Bob 

cause my focus isn’t primarily teachers 

1:01:11 – Bob 

even though I’m in education

1:01:36 – Kim Howland 

stay outside the box Bob… it will be a great outcome for our kids πŸ™‚ 

1:01:53 – Peggy George 

and that’s why the 6 kinds of involvement are so important–they don’t always want to go to meetings to be involved but they all care about their kids’ success and learning 

1:02:04 – Kim Howland 

bob my twitter is khforkids and we have a blog – 4Moms1Dream 

1:02:10 – Rangel 

This has been a very enlightening conversation. Thank you for helping bring it to light! 

1:02:12 – Kim Howland 

would love to stay in touch and talk more 

1:02:21 – Bob 


1:02:29 – Cameron 

Thanks Joyce. 

1:02:33 – Peggy George 

fantastic conversation Joyce!!! Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with us!! 

1:02:34 – Kim Caise 

this was a fantastic session dr. epstein and lorna 

1:02:38 – Kim Caise 

thanks jose for streaming! 

1:02:48 – Sheila 

thanks for this opportunity! 

1:02:52 – Bob 

Thank You Dr Epstein πŸ™‚ 

1:03:00 – Kim Caise 

we appreciate you jose! 

1:03:01 – Peggy George 

what a bonus to have this streamed on EdTechTAlk too! Thanks Jose! 

1:03:02 – Kim Howland 

when will this be avaiable to share with others 

1:03:20 – Bob 

@ Kim:  I don’t twitter but will check blog 

1:03:24 – Kim Caise 

the links will be avialable shorlty at and at learncentral 

1:03:25 – Jose Rodriguez 

Thanks Lorna.. for this very important.. talk 

1:03:28 – Kim Howland 

thanks jose, peggy and lorna and Kim Caise 

1:03:29 – Sheila 

Check Lorna’s site for the recording 

1:03:32 – Jennifer Voorhees 

Thanks Dr. Epstein.  I enjoyed this sesson. 

1:03:33 – Peggy George 

The full recording with be posted on and 

1:03:44 – Kim Caise 

consider tweeting bob, lots of resources are shared in twitter 

1:03:46 – Kim Howland 

k thanks 

1:03:54 – Jose Rodriguez 

gotta run take care all 

1:03:57 – Kim Caise 

1:03:58 – Bob 

Ontario parent org. are good 

1:04:00 – Peggy George 

thanks to everyone in the chat for sharing your ideas and experienceQ great learning with you! 

1:04:06 – Jose Rodriguez 


1:04:07 – Rangel 


1:04:09 – Kim Caise 

night all 

1:04:16 – Kim Howland 

night all 

1:04:24 – Bob 

thank you and good night everyone πŸ™‚ 

1:04:30 – Kim Caise 

bye all 

Jose Rodriguez, Joyce Epstein, Kim Casie, Lorna Costantini, NNPS, Peggy George