ELT Live – ‘Start of the Semester – Korean University Edition’

ELT  Live Webcast
‘Start  of the Semester – University Edition’
August 28, 2014
A Group of University Instructors in Korea ‘hangout’ and discuss our approaches to the first week or two of classes and what projects and goals we’re working on for this coming semester. 

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Next Show: Tuesday, September 2, 2014  8pmKST, 1100GMT Global Times
Event Pages: Google+  
Topic: Hows, Whats, and Whys (or why nots) of class websites and other online resources. 

Chat Log Below


We’ll be starting soon… Stay tuned.
Gast 317



Hi to all from an Englishman in North Germany.






welcome to ELT Live, Gast 317
Gast 317



Thanks! Gast 317 = Dennis (Newson) Osnabrueck, Germany.
Dennis, can you hear the audio?
Gast 317



Very clearly.
Daniel Cross



I’m now following through chat, I’m a bit too distracted to keep up with the cam
Daniel Cross



Why am i undefined



Rob Dickey is watching…



Why am i undefined



there we go
Nina Liakos



Hello all from Maryland, USA



Hi nina
Nina Liakos



That’s a lot of preps!
Hello Nina
and Rob
Nina Liakos



Tuesday morning for us in Maryland, because of Labor Day.



What apps or tools are you using for the flipping?
Nina Liakos



Hi Jeff!
Gast 317



Hi, Nina.
Nina Liakos



I always start out with diagnostics, because I have to, and housekeeping tasks like student information sheet, syllabus, and of course some kind of icebreaker.
Daniel Craig



Daniel Cross, I’ve used a few different screencast utilities: Present.me has been my favorite so far in terms of quality, features, and ease.
Nina Liakos



I just read back in the chat and realized Gast is Dennis Newson. Hi Dennis!
Daniel Craig



Nina, I like diagnostics for my writing and listening classes. As much for me as for them.
Nina Liakos



@Daniel, yes, plus we need to make sure students have been placed correctly into the right level.



I give them 10 answers about myself and they work in partners to think of the questions
Daniel Craig



For me, it wouldn’t really matter in terms of placement. I have to work with whoever comes to class πŸ™‚ However, I could advise them to go elsewhere.
Nina Liakos



I like the idea of providing answers to the questions. Students always struggle with question formation.



ex. Then they interview each other with those questions
Nina Liakos



Gast 317



My wife always loved grouping people into what position they hada in their families – oldest, younger brother , only child etc.



fatherhood duties call. enjoy folks…
Nina Liakos



In writing, so they can’t claim you never told them.
Nina Liakos



Give them an inch and they take a mile. True all opver the world, I suspect.
Nina Liakos



Are there expectations that American teachers have which Korean teachers do not have, or vice versa? How do you deal with this, as a teacher from the “target culture” in the students’ educational culture?
Nina Liakos



How do you spell that–doctopus? How do you find it?
Nina Liakos



Actually I use Canvas here at UMD
Nina Liakos



What kind of picture file did they use?
Nina Liakos



I have had a lot of problems with adding timed handwritten essays to electronic portfolios.
James Buckingham



Nina Liakos






James Buckingham



Thanks Jeff
Daniel Craig



Sorry, yes. Doctopus. Go to a Google Doc and go to Add-ons for find and install it.
Nina Liakos



Do you train your Korean students to participate orally, or do you adjust your expectations?
James Buckingham



Have you used Doctopus Dan? What’s the chief advantage…
Daniel Craig



The pictures worked really well. Zero complaints about that. I didn’t have a lot of other complaints πŸ™‚
Nina Liakos



Daniel Craig



Document management
Nina Liakos



I have heard that Korean (Asian, actually) students do not want to make a mistake publically
Nina Liakos



whereas here we tend to think of mistakes as how you learn
Nina Liakos



Some of my students are reluctant to open accounts with google, and although I use google everywhere I certainly sympathize with their desire to remain off google’s grid
James Buckingham



I agree Nina…
Rob Whyte



Jeff, any sense of what % your students use your quizzler vocab review files?
Daniel Craig



Jeff, I like the animation sites as well.
brian dean



Any thoughts on Socrative?
Daniel Craig



Nina, I struggled with the Google monster a little, but I decided that it was something I was willing to have them do.
Daniel Craig



Brian, I was just going to write about that.
Daniel Craig



My students have really liked Socrative both in terms of using as a student and as a teacher
brian dean



It has been good but little more than a game – not every student was able to connect – some had phones with low batteries…
James Buckingham



would like to learn more about it .. but more from the point of view of the data it collects on students …
brian dean



I use it mostly to test comprehension – I post the questions on my powerpoint slides.
Nina Liakos



Low-tech way to do this: have students hold up cards with A, B, C, or D on them (front only so students are not influenced by others’ choices)
Nina Liakos



Confession: I do not have a smart phone.
James Buckingham



the really power of these apps (i.e. Socrative) lies in the data collection.. error analysis
James Buckingham



… that can be used to check a class’ general understanding of a question or set of questions
Daniel Craig



Apps like Socrative are great for quick and dirty assessment. Best for anonymous assessment



If anyone would like to join the hangout, we’re at:https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYcgbDfqF5-yrOBBumg2hBJz0Upx2lBFDU9kTpYQCWPIA1_OeQ?authuser=0&hl=en

Remember to mute the Youtube stream before joining.
James Buckingham



Apparently the data collection is there and with some depth. 
From the Socrative site.. http://socrative.com/features.php
Review student understanding in a variety of report types: whole class overview, student specific results or question by question breakdown. All the reports can be downloaded, emailed or delivered to your google drive folder at any time. They are always accessible in your Reports section.
James Buckingham



… must be off. Wish I could have come sooner .. and could stay longer. Many thanks for sharing.



Thanks for stopping by James
Daniel Craig



by James. Thanks for your input
Nina Liakos



That must have been an awesome experience for those students!
Nina Liakos



Thank you for inviting me. I’ve enjoyed listening in and commenting.
Nina Liakos



Have a great fall semester!
brian dean



Thanks for doing this, Jeff.
Daniel Craig



Thanks for your participation Nina. Nice to (virtually) meet you πŸ™‚
Daniel Craig



Take care, Brian.
Daniel Craig



Thanks, Jeff. It was fun.
brian dean



Remember all that the international conference is crazy early this year – Oct 3 or 4 to 5. KOTESOL, that is.
brian dean



You too, Dan.
Nina Liakos



8 am EDT
Nina Liakos



How often are you planning to do this?
Nina Liakos



Thanks, Jeff and all
Nina Liakos





Thanks very much everyone!




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‘Changing Education’ by Erika Auger

From TTT participant, Erika Auger 

Changing Education from Erika Auger on Vimeo.


Passion Driven Learning and Project Based Learning styles are two very unique and brilliant ways to teach out students. Can we make this the new way of learning?

Education has been the same for multiple years, why is everyone so afraid of change?

Why can't we make change happen faster?

More from Erika at:  internatpassioncouncil.webs.com  and passiondschool.blogspot.com

Erika Auger, changing education, ed reform, students

Nancy White on ‘Community’ for Change11 MOOC

Nancy White on ‘Community’ for Change11 MOOC

October 31, 2011

Multiplicity of groups… how do we work creatively with multimembership? What is the role of the transversal? 

Change11 Week#8: http://change.mooc.ca/week08.htm
Blackboard Collaborate Recording

DTLT Recording (separate event) 
About Nancy: http://www.fullcirc.com/about/

View more presentations from Nancy White

Nancy White, change11, community, social artists

COOLCast – September 28, 2011

Collaborative Open Online Learning
 Sept. 28, 2011

Participants:  Kate RobbinsLisa M Lanecarol yeagerLynne HandStephen Dame,  Vance StevensBernie DeKovenmonika hardyOsvaldo Rodriguez, Jeff Lebow

Topics: Alternatives to Elluminate large group meetings, CMC MOOC Overview,  Lack of a MOOC hub, taking the MOOC to the people, and all sorts of other COOL Stuff.

Links of Note:
Change11 MOOC: http://change.mooc.ca/
CMC MOOC: http://www.cdlprojects.com/cmc11blog/
Stanford AI MOOC: http://www.ai-class.com/
Monika’s Innovation Lab: http://labconnections.blogspot.com/
Lisa’s Pedagogy First Open Course:  Course:http://pedagogyfirst.org/wppf
Vance’s Learning2gether: http://learning2gether.posterous.com/
Jeff’s Change11 page: http://jefflebow.net/change11
Junto: http://junto.cc/
Big Marker: http://www.bigmarker.com/
HostBBB: http://hostbbb.com/

The Penultimate EduMOOCast – August 10, 2011

The Penultimate EduMOOCast

August 10, 2011

Chat Logs Below

11:03 PM  Chahira Nouira: Hi everyone

11:22 PM  nnorman: Greetings from Chicago.

11:23 PM  JL: welcome

11:26 PM  nnorman: As a lurker, and a new MOOCer, I have found the existing structure of the course confusing. The live sessions did provide structure that was needed for me.

11:26 PM  nnorman: I don’t have a camera, on my desktop, so I’ll pass on joining in this week.

11:28 PM  JL: Thanks for lurking  – feel free to join in without webcam if you like – as long as you have a mic, you can still chime in

11:35 PM  Matt H: Greetings from WA, USA. Interesting discussion. No Google+ for me, no headset πŸ˜‰ — just a question: Anyone in the gang get lots out of *asynchronous* discussions, and if so, what?

11:36 PM  LisaMLane: I like the asynchronous discussions.

11:38 PM  JL: All are welcome to join in. Hangout Link: http://bit.ly/qD4M3Q

11:39 PM  JoseR: Hey Folks

11:41 PM  Chahira Nouira: http://www.google.com/analytics/

11:44 PM  Chahira Nouira: http://manycam.com/

11:44 PM  JL: http://jefflebow.net/streaming-recording-google-plus-hangout

11:45 PM  Chahira Nouira: http://wikieducator.org/

11:49 PM  Matt H: zo

11:50 PM  Matt H: Woops — I am here b/c of emailed daily digest from MOOC…a great reminder…and my interest in the topic of today’s session

11:51 PM  nnorman: Enjoyed the discussion … have to check out now. Try to see you next week.

11:51 PM  JL: thx. hope to see you next time

11:52 PM  Alison: Hi stanford

11:53 PM  Alison: jeff–I’m interested to hear about the the issues that wp is encountering recently

11:55 PM  JL: WP?

11:59 PM  badgerjen01: Hello … I caught the MOOC hangout before it was over this time!

11:59 PM  JL: come on in Jen

12:02 AM  badgerjen01: I’m going to be an active chatroom lurker if that is ok πŸ™‚

12:02 AM  Alison: http://onlinestatbook.com

12:05 AM  JL: http://www.ajc.com/business/wikipedia-says-its-losing-1075164.html

12:07 AM  Matt H: What is the link, if there is one, to the ‘spectacular’ stats course / content, just mentioned….?

12:11 AM  Alison: carnegie mellon oli statistics course: http://oli.web.cmu.edu/openlearning/forstudents/freecourses/statistics

12:16 AM  badgerjen01: “tonight” … you are soooo Korea-centric, @jl πŸ™‚

12:16 AM  Matt H: Thanks for the stimulating discussion, ideas, and links all….

12:17 AM  Alison: thanks, all

Hangout Chat

Bernie DeKoven: yeah, I agree

Jeff Lebow: http://jefflebow.net/streaming-recording-google-plus-hangout

Sanford Arbogast: http://manycam.com/

Sanford Arbogast: http://download.cnet.com/3001-2348_4-10593500.html?spi=b9c7ae2743f31c020abb542f703c53d2

Bernie DeKoven: thanks so much for letting me be part of this – really remarkable group of people playing with equally remarkable technologies (well perhaps not equally). Sorry to have to leave. Please keep me in your loop.

Rob Darrow: Lisa, can you say it again?

Sanford Arbogast: Alison I am also teach statistics

Alison Snieckus: oh, how interesting that three of us here teach statistics.

Sanford Arbogast: what are teh probablitites of that happening?

Alison Snieckus: I think Jeff wants us to chat on the live stream page.

Rob Darrow: Hmm, that reminds me of an old song, “Free to Be You and Me” We could rewrite to be “Free to Mooc for You and Me.”

Kay Endriss: Sanford, I thought your last name looked familiar. Published?

@Alison: no kidding. Seriously, what are the odds?

Alison Snieckus: hehe

Sanford Arbogast: no maybe you are thinking of the detective in psych

Kay Endriss: @Sanford Ah well. Memory not what it used to be.

Lisa M Lane: Didn’t they try that with learning objects? and they’re all over the place

Lisa M Lane: does that make Google search super important? maybe we need Google Student or something

Rob Darrow: Alison, where are you located…and what level of stats do you teach where?

Lisa M Lane: that’s what’s hard about the “course” idea

Osvaldo Rodriguez: adios a todos

Lisa M Lane: that’s what I was going to ask – can this keep going?

Alison Snieckus, Bernie DeKoven, Chahira Nouira, Jeff Lebow, Kay Endriss, Lisa M Lane, Osvaldo Rodriguez, Rob Darrow, Sanford Arbogast, edumooc, mooc, wikieducator

K12Online09 LAN Party With Kathy Cassidy




4:15 5:00 We Like Our Blogging Buddies: The Write Stuff With Blogging Mentors
Kathy Cassidy is a grade one teacher at Westmount School in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada.  In the winter of 2008, Patrick Lewis’s university class of pre-service teachers were blogging mentors for Kathy’s grade one students. This presentation talks about that collaboration and the results of the research that was conducted about the effect this mentorship had on the students’ writing.


Link to Text Chat

16:15:23 Peggy George ->  this time is just flying by!! it’s transition time for Kathy Cassidy to join us
 16:15:27 matt montagne ->  I found mark’s online presentation to much more interactive than a traditional conference quite honestly
 16:15:31 wfryer ->  "hypercamp concept" – hadn’t heard of that
 16:15:47 ds ->  new to me too, like the notion
 16:15:53 susanvg ->  I like the 20 minute limit
 16:15:55 Peggy George ->  welcome Kathy!! WE’re so excited to have you join us today!
 16:16:25 Peggy George ->  thank you Mark!! that was a real bonus on top of your presentation!
 16:16:26 Paula Naugle ->  Thanks Mark.
 16:16:41 susanvg ->  Thanks Mark
 16:16:45 wfryer ->  Yeah Kathy! I’m so glad to be able to be here for your preso
 16:16:47 Peggy George ->  Jeff Lebow is my hero!!! Thank you!!!
 16:16:52 Lesley E ->    ¬†Thanks Mark, lots of great tips and ideas.
 16:16:53 wfryer ->  [clap clap clap] to Mark
 16:17:00 wfryer ->  yes clap clap clap
 16:17:15 Peggy George ->  Kathy’s video in 2006 was life-changing for me and my teachers!!
 16:17:16 prw ->  Thanks Mark.
 16:17:31 marragem ->  last year
 16:17:33 Peggy George ->  today we’ll be watching her last video on blogging mentors
 16:17:53 Doug_Henry ->  Very useful, Mark
 16:17:58 matt montagne ->  shout out for mark!
 16:18:02 MaryJJ ->  Last or latest video? I hope latest!
 16:18:24 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=319 this is the link for Kathy’s presentation today πŸ™‚
 16:18:29 Paula Naugle ->  Hi Kathy.
 16:18:29 ds ->  last for the LAN party, think that was….
 16:18:39 markwagner ->  Thanks, all… thanks for having me and thanks for a great conversation.
 16:18:40 prw ->  Oh Canada
 16:18:40 Peggy George ->  latest definitely!! hope hope hope!!!!
 16:18:49 Lesley E ->  People from BC love Sask as well πŸ™‚
 16:18:52 ds ->  ty Mark, well done
 16:19:28 markwagner ->  I’ve gotta go… back to the family. πŸ™‚
 16:19:37 Andy McKiel ->  Thanks, Mark!
 16:19:39 wfryer ->  thanks for your time, Mark
 16:19:42 markwagner ->  Good luck, Kathy… enjoy, all.
 16:19:54 Peggy George ->  Kathy is so humble!
 16:20:34 mrsdurff ->  indeed the most important
 16:20:47 Peggy George ->  Kathy provides such a great perspective on the balance of using technology with young learners! It’s all about using the tools for communicating
 16:20:50 mrsdurff ->  good audio
 16:21:09 Paula Naugle ->  I taught Grade 1 for one year. Loved that I could "see" them learning.
 16:21:17 wfryer ->  I recognize that Garageband background audio I think!
 16:21:21 Peggy George ->  these kids were so wonderful to listen to!
 16:21:46 Paula Naugle ->  I have that music on one of my videos too.
 16:21:48 susanvg ->  Just want to point out that this was done with Patrick Lewis whose students were the blogging buddies
 16:21:57 matt montagne ->  that little boy just addressed UDL as it relates to technology and blogging (Universal Design for Learning)
 16:22:14 roxanne ->  I remember watching this during the conference….now I can share this again with other teachers at my school!
 16:22:31 matt montagne ->  blogging and technology makes the writing clearly makes the writing more accessible
 16:22:40 jackiegerstein ->  and authentic
 16:22:58 jackiegerstein ->  in real world contexts
 16:23:01 matt montagne ->  even though this is about young students, this very, very much applies to older high school students as well
 16:23:11 roxanne ->  writing for an audience is so important and motivating
 16:23:25 wfryer ->  that tent looks fun!
 16:23:27 roxanne ->  for further learning
 16:23:29 Peggy George ->  Kathy’s blogging buddy program is such a great model for us!
 16:24:16 susanvg ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=319
 16:24:34 matt montagne ->  @roxanne…I remember in preservice when we talked about the imporatnce of audience for student writing…at the time the big thing was publsihing books for school libraries. The web provides students with the most authentic platform for publishing that has ever existed
 16:25:06 susanvg ->  it’s a win win situation
 16:25:10 roxanne ->  so true
 16:25:26 wfryer ->  I agree this model is great – getting and keeping an audience is a real important part of blogging, and finding that audience which can consistently provide constructive feedback is SO important for students
 16:25:55 wfryer ->  whoa! we went back to mark playing his guitar!
 16:25:57 roxanne ->  woah
 16:26:04 wfryer ->  this is a remix!
 16:26:04 Peggy George ->  I had such a funny experience with Kathy’s YakPak–left it open on my computer and heard someone talking to me from the other room–couldn’t figure out who was doing the talking  πŸ™‚
 16:26:09 ds ->  lol
 16:26:40 Peggy George ->  these are the joys of technology!!! wouldn’t want to live without it though!
 16:26:44 sheila ->  47 viewers – what a crowd!
 16:26:52 Peggy George ->  Hi Sheila
 16:26:52 Paula Naugle ->  @wfryer:)
 16:26:57 sheila ->  Hi!
 16:27:02 matt montagne ->  JL is unflappable
 16:27:10 Peggy George ->  we have had up to 70 viewers at different times today!
 16:27:21 ds ->  not his 1st rodeo πŸ™‚
 16:27:29 sheila ->  GReat news!  πŸ˜‰
 16:27:36 prw ->  Nice recovery. Always need to be ready with tech.
 16:28:00 Peggy George ->  this has been such a great experience to watch the videos with the presenters in the chat room to talk with us and also on Skype!
 16:28:15 Paula Naugle ->  Did they get to meet face to face?
 16:28:37 Peggy George ->  this is almost as good as face-to-face πŸ™‚ almost…
 16:29:15 wfryer ->  yes, YackPack! I love that program / website
 16:29:15 Peggy George ->  her students really understood the writing process as they explained how they blogged!
 16:29:38 ds ->  love that the synchronous aspect makes it ‘live’ warts/tech diff and all, re f2f et al.
 16:29:53 Peggy George ->  isn’t that great that they could use skype to see their buddies?
 16:30:08 susanvg ->  too bad skype is blocked in so many places
 16:30:29 ds ->  another testament against blocking access to the worlds of the web
 16:30:37 ds ->  true Susna
 16:30:37 Peggy George ->  Kathy-did they get to meet face to face too?
 16:30:43 ds ->  sorry Susan
 16:31:49 Paula Naugle ->  My 4th graders skyped with another 4th grade class in Kansas. We read the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We read left handed pages and they read the right hand pages. It was an awesome experience.
 16:32:06 wfryer ->  that is great Paula. How did you find that classroom to skype with?
 16:32:30 Peggy George ->  I got to do an interview with a 5th grade class in NC to tell them about AZ – it was so much fun!
 16:32:47 wfryer ->  "getting comments on their blog from people in other places really helps students understand they are global citizens"
 16:32:56 Peggy George ->  I could see the entire class on the video and they could see me in my Phoenix Suns tshirt πŸ™‚
 16:33:27 wfryer ->  "exciting to look at page reads for students"
 16:33:33 Peggy George ->  that’s a great idea Paula!! I’m going to pass that on!
 16:33:44 wfryer ->  so good to have the parent nights to show commenting
 16:34:01 Paula Naugle ->  I found her on the OnlineProjects4Teachers Ning.
 16:34:15 Peggy George ->  we can continue the conversation after we finish viewing the video πŸ™‚
 16:34:49 ds ->  go JL
 16:34:53 Andy McKiel ->  Another good place to find educators interested in collaborative projects is http://teachersconnecting.com
 16:35:14 wfryer ->  thanks Andy, I hadn’t heard of that site
 16:35:15 Peggy George ->  these are such great points about making the kids think about the writing process!
 16:35:15 ds ->  so far so good w vid
 16:35:22 wfryer ->  yes, video and audio is great now
 16:36:10 Paula Naugle ->  Had one of my students use the Flip camera to video the Skype call. I will be posting it to our classroom blog later this weekend so their parents can see the event.
 16:36:15 wfryer ->  "structured and unstructured questions" – what does he mean by that?
 16:36:17 Andy McKiel ->  @Wes – It was developed by Ben Hazzard, who produced the SMART Board Lessons podcast along with Joan Badger
 16:36:19 Peggy George ->  http://skypeinschools.pbworks.com/ another great place to connect with teachers on skype
 16:37:32 Peggy George ->  would love to see that Paula!
 16:37:45 wfryer ->  that is great Paula – please tweet me the link if you can and I’ll RT/blog it
 16:37:58 sheila ->  Aww, have to go now. Thanks for everyone’s efforts on this!
 16:38:03 wfryer ->  I love the integration of the student perspectives here
 16:38:09 wfryer ->  by sheila! thanks for joining!
 16:38:10 jackiegerstein ->  Gender differences – with the 1st graders?
 16:38:15 susanvg ->  I love the way the students reflect
 16:38:24 Peggy George ->  blogging buddies tell you stuff πŸ™‚ love it!
 16:38:24 KathyCassidy ->  Yay!  It finally let me in!!
 16:38:30 wfryer ->  yeah Kathy!
 16:38:35 Peggy George ->  hooray Kathy!!
 16:38:41 susanvg ->  yeah Kathy
 16:38:42 wfryer ->  great integration of the student perspectives here, Kathy
 16:38:53 wfryer ->  @Kathy did you put this together with iMovie?
 16:38:55 Paula Naugle ->  Check http://pnaugle.blogspot.com/ later this weekend. It will be there.
 16:38:58 susanvg ->  Interesting that buddies concentrated on surface structure
 16:39:07 wfryer ->  @Paula OK I will! Thanks
 16:39:20 KathyCassidy ->  I can’t take anycredit for the video.  Patrick Lewis, the professor that I collaborated with made this video.
 16:39:49 Peggy George ->  but you were the one with the story to tell Kathy! it’s such an important story!
 16:39:57 Paula Naugle ->  It looks like he might have used Photostory 3 for this video.
 16:40:14 susanvg ->  It’s important that preservice teachers see the power of this
 16:40:19 Peggy George ->  @Kathy-are other teachers blogging with their students in your school?
 16:40:31 KathyCassidy ->  Yes, some are.
 16:40:34 wfryer ->  yes, the expectation of a specific audience can be such a big deal
 16:40:46 KathyCassidy ->  My students from last year are not blogging right now, though.
 16:40:56 Peggy George ->  it’s powerful for all of us to think that someone else is reading what we are writing!
 16:40:58 susanvg ->  what was great was the consistency of audience – there was always an audience
 16:41:00 wfryer ->  I would love to get some of our preservice classes here in Oklahoma modeling after your project
 16:41:06 kcaise ->  i love those illustrations!
 16:41:18 wfryer ->  yes, a F2F meeting!
 16:41:22 susanvg ->  great
 16:41:25 roxanne ->  Just think of the level of writing these students would have with ongoing activities like this at each grade level
 16:41:41 Paula Naugle ->  @kathy That is great that they got to meet f2f.
 16:41:57 marragem ->  I’ve been trying to get a link to pre-service teachers here in Brisbane – unfortunately no takers
 16:42:05 wfryer ->  the authenticity of this, in terms of the interaction with the preservice and primary age kids, is just superb
 16:42:09 kcaise ->  what a fantastic opportunity for preservice teachers
 16:42:20 KathyCassidy ->  Yes, the f2f was definitely the highlight.  I felt the same way at NECC last year!
 16:42:21 Paula Naugle ->  I know how excited I was to meet people I talked to online at NECC f2f.
 16:42:21 Peggy George ->  http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=1337 you can see Kathy’s class blog here-incredible writing going on!
 16:42:24 susanvg ->  yes – the technology facilitates but the emphasis is on the learning
 16:42:51 wfryer ->  @paula I agree F2F can become so powerful when online interactions come first, esp lengthy conversations
 16:43:06 jackiegerstein ->  Pre-service teachers learned how to give constructive feedback – great skill
 16:43:18 wfryer ->  Kathy it would be good to hear you discuss how you’ve found Classroom Blogmesiter relative to other blogging tools / platforms for your primary age kids
 16:43:23 Andy McKiel ->  I love how the focus isn’t on the technology itself, it’s on the connections being made…
 16:43:25 Peggy George ->  good pint Jackie!
 16:43:31 Peggy George ->  point!
 16:44:17 wfryer ->  wow – yes, having to read all comments aloud would definitely take a lot of time
 16:44:36 roxanne ->  Another important point is how these very young students are already taking on responsibility for their own learning
 16:44:37 Peggy George ->  these are the kinds of experiences that kids want to continue on their own time because they are so exciting to them!
 16:44:40 susanvg ->  parent volunteers? could they be of help?
 16:44:54 jackiegerstein ->  The emphasis on using technology for project-based, authentic learning should always be on the products not the tools.  My 3rd through 5th grade gifted kids last year were thrilled aabout the products/projects they created not the technology tools they used.
 16:44:56 wfryer ->  reciprocal relationship between attitude and achievement
 16:44:59 KathyCassidy ->  @wfryer Classblogmeister is the only tool that I have used, so I’m quite partial to it.
 16:45:18 Peggy George ->  both the preservice teachers and gr 1 students gained so much from this experience!
 16:45:21 wfryer ->  I love these video feedback / evaluation pieces
 16:45:28 jackiegerstein ->  me too Wes
 16:45:31 KathyCassidy ->  The blog is a place to collect other things that we do, such as Skype calls, wikis etc.
 16:45:34 Paula Naugle ->  Yes Kathy. I’d like to know more about Blogmeister so my kids can have their own blogs. They are 9 and 10 year olds and don’t have emails.
 16:45:40 KathyCassidy ->  I love this!
 16:45:48 KathyCassidy ->  Those darn consonants!
 16:45:54 Lorraine ->  During the skype chats, were the children/preservice teachers chatting
 16:45:56 susanvg ->  aaa
 16:45:58 Lorraine ->  about writing?
 16:46:02 jackiegerstein ->  A use of Flip cams is to have students interview one another about their learning
 16:46:04 Peggy George ->  notice the number of views on some of the student blog posts!! thousands of viewers!
 16:46:13 matt montagne ->  these student statements are so powerful
 16:46:14 wfryer ->  this is such a fantastic example of how powerful asynchronously recorded video can be: there is no way you could get all these kids to share all these things "live" – this could only be shared as a recorded video.
 16:46:30 wfryer ->  nice imovie special effect here πŸ™‚
 16:46:30 Peggy George ->  great point Wes!
 16:46:31 susanvg ->  this is great – interesting words
 16:46:48 KathyCassidy ->  The Skype calls were supposed to be about writing.  They weren’t always–it depended on the buddy.
 16:46:54 Peggy George ->  love that–helps her think…
 16:47:14 susanvg ->  attitude – that’s where it starts
 16:47:21 Peggy George ->  this rap is fantastic!!!!
 16:47:24 wfryer ->  @Kathy what mix of live/skype conversations and blogging interactions do you think are best for your primary kids? (how often to skype)
 16:47:27 jackiegerstein ->  LOL
 16:47:30 matt montagne ->  what a great partnership b/t students and pre-service adults…it inspired me to leave a commnet on Stanford’s facebook fan page to see if anyone wants to participate in our school projects (stanford is close to our school)
 16:47:36 Peggy George ->  clap clap clap!!!!!!
 16:47:44 Paula Naugle ->  lol
 16:47:52 marragem ->  applause!
 16:47:55 matt montagne ->  oops…audio feedback
 16:47:56 Lorraine ->  A great model for early literacy.
 16:48:02 jackiegerstein ->  Make sure you also use two spaces after the period.
 16:48:03 Peggy George ->  storming somewhere?? πŸ™‚
 16:48:16 Paula Naugle ->  Clap, clap, clap. That was a thought provoking presentation.
 16:48:17 susanvg ->  guess that wasn’t me – call ended
 16:48:29 roxanne ->  did we lose kathy
 16:48:33 Peggy George ->  the relationships are so valuable in this process
 16:49:32 Peggy George ->  time zones can be such a challenge with skype calls but worth the effort!
 16:49:35 susanvg ->  Would like to know more about other international blogging you are doing (with US and Australia)
 16:49:42 wfryer ->  yes lots of claps – this was great
 16:50:08 wfryer ->  3 or 4 chats with their buddy live over skype throughout the semester
 16:51:00 Peggy George ->  learning to give constructive feedback and guiding comments was really important for the preservice teachers!
 16:51:07 sr ->  sorry I have to bow out ..greast session
 16:51:54 jackiegerstein ->  Great point
 16:51:58 Paula Naugle ->  Kathy, I would love to Skype with your class. I teach 4th graders in New Orleans. I’m in the Central time zone.
 16:52:12 Paula Naugle ->  Skype name is plnaugle.
 16:52:19 matt montagne ->  it seems so easy to do this type of thing…Kathy has inspired me to try to remix her idea for use at our school.
 16:52:21 Peggy George ->  you can also find other classes to connect with via the links on Kathy’s class blog
 16:52:49 Lorraine ->  From my experience, it takes some time for first graders to key in text.  Did the children type independently or with support or was it dependent on the individual student?
 16:52:54 susanvg ->  Kathy I would love to hear more about your experience with Australia and US classes
 16:53:26 Peggy George ->  http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=1337  Kathy’s class blog one more time
 16:53:34 wfryer ->  ok Lorraie and Susan, I’ll ask those questions to Kathy
 16:54:05 Peggy George ->  David is so responsive to teacher needs on classblogmeister!!
 16:54:47 wfryer ->  good tip: always take primary age kids to the computer lab and add "editors notes" to writing at this stage of the year requires extra adults hands
 16:55:13 susanvg ->  traces of progress
 16:55:19 Paula Naugle ->  Wouldn’t it be great if older students could help younger ones and earn service credits?
 16:55:30 Peggy George ->  you can see Kathy’s student progress through the year with their writing on her blog! amazing!
 16:55:39 Lorraine ->  @wfryer thanks
 16:55:50 wfryer ->  @Lorraine :-0
 16:55:51 susanvg ->  I see Amanda here
 16:55:51 marragem ->  I have Grade 4/5 students mentor my Year 2 bloggers
 16:55:58 wfryer ->  @Lorraine I meant πŸ™‚
 16:56:14 Andy McKiel ->  @Paula – in my district, we have many schools that have begun to use ‘Computer Buddies’ models with Grade 4/5 kids mentoring Grade K/1 kids…
 16:56:16 Peggy George ->  blogging buddies with Australia!! wonderful experience and evidence that time zone differences can work out πŸ™‚
 16:56:22 Paula Naugle ->  @marragem How do you facilitate that?
 16:56:23 marragem ->  they do!
 16:56:30 wfryer ->  Jeff is this being recorded for reposting on edtechtalk? (I think that answer is yes)
 16:56:43 JL ->  you are indeed psychic πŸ™‚
 16:57:00 marragem ->  @Paula Naugle – same as Kathy
 16:57:04 susanvg ->  Thanks so much
 16:57:14 wfryer ->  We will be holding another virtual LAN party on Tues Oct 20th from 6 – 8 pm EDT (or 10 pm GMT)
 16:57:18 Lorraine ->  thanks very much! 
 16:57:19 susanvg ->  except for my static
 16:57:26 Andy McKiel ->  Kathy – you’re amazing!!! Thanks…
 16:57:28 wfryer ->  yes, yes! we do hope this is the first of many!
 16:57:30 ds ->  thx kathy
 16:57:33 matt montagne ->  agree…the LAN party rocked!
 16:57:40 marragem ->  awesome Kathy!
 16:57:45 Sue L. ->  great to hear about the primary experiences! thx
 16:57:46 Doug_Henry ->  Thank you! Most enjoyable
 16:57:52 matt montagne ->  Kudos to K12 Online team, Worldbridges and ETT.
 16:57:52 kcaise ->  thank you everyone for joining us today!
 16:57:57 jackiegerstein ->  this was great
 16:58:08 matt montagne ->  This was an excellent PD opportunity. Thanks so much to all for your efforts!
 16:58:08 Paula Naugle ->  Thank you to the K12 Online Conference organizers. Job well done.
 16:58:12 marragem ->  Great LAN party all…worth getting up at 4am!
 16:58:12 Andy McKiel ->  Great job hosting the LAN Party today, folks πŸ™‚  Job well done…
 16:58:14 kcaise ->  thank you so much jeff for streaming today!
 16:58:17 ds ->  @JL most masterfully wizard’d once again
 16:58:18 wfryer ->  I am so thankful to be a part of this discussion. GREAT job to all our EdTechTalk webcasters and k12online09 live event committee!
 16:58:33 ds ->  and well done by all–great resource made here today
 16:58:35 Paula Naugle ->  Thank you EdTechTalk team too.
 16:58:42 wfryer ->  EdTechTalk rocks! πŸ™‚
 16:59:04 wfryer ->  K12Online09 presenters will be announced next week! Should be on Sep 30th.
 16:59:10 JL ->  Ustream Archives of today’s presentations are at: http://www.ustream.tv/edtechtalk/videos
 16:59:14 susanvg ->  10:00 pm GMT
 16:59:17 roxanne ->  it’s been a great day. thanks
 16:59:21 Andy McKiel ->  Do we know who the presenters will be for Oct. 6th?
 16:59:41 wfryer ->  @Andy I don’t think that is decided yet. Give the Live Events Committee Members feedback if you have suggestions.
 16:59:52 kcaise ->  october 20th presenters will be announced later
 16:59:57 Peggy George ->  we’ll let you know about the Oct. 20th presenters!
 17:00:14 Andy McKiel ->  Thanks, Wes – and thanks everyone for pulling this together!  Great session…
 17:00:17 kcaise ->  poor susan
 17:00:37 Peggy George ->  this has been such an incredible experience!! thank you everyone!!!!
 17:01:07 susanvg ->  presenters not yet selected for Oct 20
 17:01:17 wfryer ->  the kudos for this go to the Live Events Committee and EdTechTalk for this
 17:01:33 Peggy George ->  thanks Wes! This has been so much fun!
 17:01:52 Paula Naugle ->  I like the fact that the presenters could interact with the people in the chatroom. They were also able to tell us some of the how-to’s of their videos.
 17:02:03 kcaise ->  during the holidays people will be pressed for time
 17:02:25 kcaise ->  it will be difficult to watch the videos and attend the fireside chats
 17:02:41 Paula Naugle ->  Would be a great New Year professional development.
 17:02:41 jackiegerstein ->  Peggy – that is such a great idea
 17:02:51 kcaise ->  last Saturday before Christmas
 17:03:06 jackiegerstein ->  Give folks time to watch and reflect
 17:03:16 matt montagne ->  Look at what happened here today…videos from 3 years ago to stimulate conversation! That is awesome!
 17:03:23 kcaise ->  hi lucy
 17:03:34 jackiegerstein ->  Would also like to get some K12 pres. viewing in SL
 17:03:38 LucyGray ->  Hi again Kim!
 17:04:30 Paula Naugle ->  @matt montagne I agree. The presenters felt like their 3 year old presentations were outdated but not true for many educators, or even to those of us who are up to speed.
 17:05:14 jackiegerstein ->  will there VT again this year?
 17:05:28 susanvg ->  Thanks all
 17:05:29 Paula Naugle ->  Love being able to interactive with the presenters.
 17:05:31 kcaise ->  thank you again jeff
 17:05:37 ds ->  thanks for a great day all
 17:05:37 matt montagne ->  good day all!
 17:05:47 jackiegerstein ->  bye – thanks

Kathy Cassidy, LAN Party, Sept2009, k12online09

K12Online09 LAN Party With Mark Wagner




3:30 4:15 Wiki While You Work (Basic)
A former high school English teacher, Mark Wagner has since served as an educational technology coordinator at Estancia High School, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, and the Orange County Department of Education.  His session briefly introduces participants to the Read/Write Web, and to wikis in particular. A live demonstration of wikispaces.org and wikipedia.org will illustrate that…, “If you can use a word processor, you can use a wiki.”

Link to Text Chat


 15:34:36 ds ->  wikispaces is back, it seems
 15:34:47 Peggy George ->  I"m hearing the audio for Mark’s video
 15:35:19 Peggy George ->  we are so glad to have Mark joining us today!!
 15:35:32 Paula Naugle ->  Hi Mark.
 15:35:34 kathycassidy ->  I can see the video, but not hear it.
 15:35:48 JoseRodriguez ->  bye all.. Thanks mark
 15:35:55 roxanne ->  i hear guitar
 15:35:56 Andy McKiel ->  Impossible, durff…
 15:36:02 ds ->  only when you want to be @Durff πŸ™‚
 15:36:05 roxanne ->  lagging
 15:36:12 Peggy George ->  can hear you great Mark
 15:36:20 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  i hear the video too
 15:36:48 Peggy George ->  hooray for wikispaces!! back up and running!
 15:37:30 Peggy George ->  This is Mark’s presentation from 2006 πŸ™‚
 15:37:32 Paula Naugle ->  Guess I can uncross my fingers now. Glad wikispaces is back up.
 15:38:02 Peggy George ->  things have changed with wikis but the presentation is still relevant today for seeing the power of wikis in classrooms!
 15:38:04 Cathyjo in SC ->  I <3 Wikispaces
 15:38:05 susanvg ->  Welcome Wes
 15:38:07 wfryer ->  greetings all πŸ™‚
 15:38:08 Paula Naugle ->  Love that 2006 is considered ooutdated.
 15:38:13 mrsdurff ->  dave is back
 15:38:20 Paula Naugle ->  Hi Wes.
 15:38:21 Peggy George ->  those sessions the first year were an hour long!
 15:38:33 Peggy George ->  Hi Wes! so great to have you joining us!!
 15:38:46 Cathyjo in SC ->  The length of sessions now is perfect for evangelizing K12Online to teachers
 15:38:50 jackiegerstein ->  I consider 2008 outdated when I look at blogs and tools – Yikes have I gotten spoiled with real time information
 15:38:52 wfryer ->  sorry to be late: 6 year old birthday party I had to attend πŸ™‚
 15:39:13 Peggy George ->  we have had up to 70 people viewing the presentations and joining in the conversation today!! very exciting!
 15:39:20 wfryer ->  @Cathyjo glad you’re liking the 20 min format at this point…
 15:39:21 matt montagne ->  it is OK, I think we are all embarrased by some of our first work samples that we’ve posted online
 15:39:24 Paula Naugle ->  @jackie LOL.
 15:39:25 jackiegerstein ->  That’s a long birthday party, Wes, 6 years
 15:39:26 wfryer ->  that is a great response!
 15:39:35 Peggy George ->  we’re here for you Mark!!!
 15:39:40 wfryer ->  @jackiegerstein πŸ™‚ It was at our zoo – perfect day for it
 15:39:48 matt montagne ->  that 2006 conference was pioneering…it must be neat to have been a part of that first one
 15:39:49 Cathyjo in SC ->  @Jacki only an English teacher would pick that out LOL
 15:39:50 jackiegerstein ->  Cool ; )
 15:39:53 wfryer ->  So great to have you online Mark! Woo hoo!
 15:40:01 Peggy George ->  I loved all of the different places Mark recorded his video!
 15:40:03 jackiegerstein ->  Cathyjo – you got it!
 15:40:21 wfryer ->  Yeah for EdTechTalk! I’m so pleased to be partnering together for k12online09 live events πŸ™‚
 15:40:23 Peggy George ->  and the birds in the background were so much fun!
 15:40:25 Cathyjo in SC ->  Memorable to me too Durff!!!
 15:40:31 wfryer ->  "silliness pays off well"
 15:40:43 wfryer ->  oh just a sec i need to launch skype…
 15:40:44 Peggy George ->  yes let’s hear from Wes!!
 15:40:52 susanvg ->  4th year
 15:40:54 Peggy George ->  4th year
 15:40:56 Cathyjo in SC ->  this is 4
 15:40:56 wfryer ->  this is year 4
 15:41:03 wfryer ->  not yet
 15:41:09 wfryer ->  i am getting online….
 15:41:10 Peggy George ->  he’s launching skype
 15:41:15 susanvg ->  lost audio
 15:41:25 ds ->  ha
 15:41:31 markwagner ->  Hey, all. I lost audio in Skype.
 15:41:38 susanvg ->  we all did
 15:41:40 Peggy George ->  we’ll be right back-skype call dropped
 15:41:40 mrsdurff ->  we will return
 15:41:41 ds ->  xactly @Durff angered the tech gods w/ that comment
 15:41:42 matt montagne ->  jeff is working to get it back
 15:41:43 wfryer ->  it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me…. πŸ™‚
 15:41:47 Cathyjo in SC ->  @mark relaunch
 15:41:47 mrsdurff ->  hang on pl3easew
 15:41:57 Andy McKiel ->  sing us a song, Jeff πŸ˜‰
 15:41:58 mrsdurff ->  DOUG!
 15:42:07 markwagner ->  Invite me again anytime…
 15:42:12 Paula Naugle ->  We are overwhelming the techgods.
 15:42:28 ds ->  back woohoo
 15:42:37 CarolannF ->  @paula, apparently.  (funny)
 15:42:43 matt montagne ->  hey Wes!!!
 15:42:44 Peggy George ->  it’s great to get to hear from Wes!!
 15:42:51 markwagner ->  I seem to be back. πŸ™‚
 15:43:31 Cathyjo in SC ->  still pretty cutting edge to the ones who dont know….
 15:43:51 Peggy George ->  I’m loving the new ideas for the conference this year–this LAN party is so much fun!
 15:43:58 Andy McKiel ->  I’m still amazed that so many great educators don’t know about K12Online…
 15:44:01 matt montagne ->  this format is great…this LAN party is really a cool twist
 15:44:13 Cathyjo in SC ->  Am enjoying the Lan party too
 15:44:45 Peggy George ->  we’ll just watch the first 20 mins and you can all watch the whole thing later
 15:44:54 Cathyjo in SC ->  my guys are watching fb games, its raining, and im washing clothes and partying here
 15:45:03 mrsdurff ->  hi ryN
 15:45:07 Paula Naugle ->  It is amazing that to us who know things from 2006 seem outdated. To the teachers who haven’t entered the waters yet they are cutting edge.
 15:45:11 mrsdurff ->  i can’t type
 15:45:17 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=53
 15:45:29 Peggy George ->  that’s the link for Mark’s video online
 15:45:58 ds ->  here too, and I think Cathyjo point re appropriate length of LAN sessions for intro to new users
 15:46:03 CarolannF ->  yikes volume changes…
 15:46:07 Peggy George ->  so true Paula–for some they are hearing this for the first time! there are still many teachers and admins who haven’t heard of wikis, blogs, etc.
 15:46:15 wfryer ->  volume is good now
 15:46:19 susanvg ->  It is still new to many
 15:46:29 markwagner ->  I hope we have a few beginners in the audience… or at least some folks who might get value out of seeing how I pitch it. πŸ™‚
 15:46:50 ds ->  session has me working on my resume in wikispaces πŸ™‚
 15:46:51 markwagner ->  BTW, full disclosure… wikispaces has since become a client of mine – I occassionally consult or lead workshops for them now.
 15:46:54 wfryer ->  so I’m thinking multiple screens here would be great – 1 screen for the Ustream, and then laptop screen for text chat
 15:47:04 susanvg ->  Even if the beginners aren’t here there are people here who can point beginners to the original presentation
 15:47:05 Peggy George ->  Mark’s presentation style makes everyone feel comfortable!!
 15:47:13 mrsdurff ->  collaboration
 15:47:20 markwagner ->  The integrated video and chat at edtechtalk is working well for me.
 15:47:23 markwagner ->  THanks, Peggy.
 15:47:30 wfryer ->  Mark: How many things do you think have changed since 2006 since you recorded this, with respect to basic wiki functionality and getting started?
 15:47:35 mrsdurff ->  working with those outside time zone
 15:47:49 markwagner ->  No… don’t do that now. πŸ˜‰
 15:47:51 Peggy George ->  http://wikiwhileyouwork.wikispaces.com/k12online  that’s the wiki link he’s referring to in the presentation
 15:47:55 mrsdurff ->  πŸ™‚
 15:48:00 susanvg ->  I like the way you did that – I remember following this
 15:48:01 mrsdurff ->  hi prw
 15:48:02 wfryer ->  yes this format is working good for me here too
 15:48:06 markwagner ->  You can visit, but no need to go through the editing.
 15:48:15 prw ->  DURFF!!
 15:48:18 wfryer ->  great job encouraging pause functionality on video playback, Mark!
 15:48:42 markwagner ->  @wfryer… re: things that have changed… I think nothing "essential" has changed… there are many new features at wikispaces.com (and other similar services).
 15:49:03 markwagner ->  It’s easier to embed pretty much anything these days.
 15:49:10 susanvg ->  Many teachers just want to start with the simple features
 15:49:20 wfryer ->  Am I correct that the main free wiki options for educators (big ones) are still wikispaces, pbworks, wetpaint, and google sites?
 15:49:22 susanvg ->  Who uses all the possibilities of a word processor?
 15:49:28 Peggy George ->  love it now that he has moved to his bedroom πŸ™‚ you can broadcast from anywhere πŸ™‚
 15:49:51 wfryer ->  Yes, this is good modeling for visual interest: changing the setting is good. Reminds me of David Warlick in his precons
 15:50:11 markwagner ->  And at wikispaces, other cool new features include: different permissions for different pages, more and better formating tools, and organizational tools like tags… not to mention the user creator so students don’t need emails to sign up. πŸ™‚
 15:50:12 Peggy George ->  yes very much like DAvid’s first keynote!
 15:50:39 matt montagne ->  @mark…these piece is great, still very relevant
 15:50:39 markwagner ->  Incidentally, I filmed ALL of this using the built in iSight on my Macbook… and edited it all in iMovie. πŸ™‚
 15:50:53 susanvg ->  I agree Matt
 15:50:54 Peggy George ->  that’s amazing Mark!
 15:51:14 Paula Naugle ->  @markwagner Love that my students won’t need emails.
 15:51:17 Peggy George ->  great to know we can do these presentations without lots of expensive equipment!
 15:51:19 markwagner ->  I liked David’s first keynote too! Awesome and funny, too.
 15:51:34 susanvg ->  I think it’s great that you used the tools available on not hundreds of dollars of extras
 15:51:47 matt montagne ->  like the version of FF there~
 15:52:07 Peggy George ->  this example is very good about Tsunami!
 15:52:38 markwagner ->  I use the podcast article now – and the story of Adam Curry and Dave Winer… actually, that might be here too.
 15:53:23 Lesley E ->  love that wikispaces photos are cc
 15:53:39 Peggy George ->  don’t you feel cheated if you can only use textbooks??!!
 15:53:54 matt montagne ->  at peggy…absolutely!!!
 15:54:00 Peggy George ->  do any of you have students contributing to wikipedia??
 15:54:01 markwagner ->  Oh this was recorded with, uh… camtwist I think. Was that around then? No (that’s what I use now – but that was too early), I think I downloaded a trial version of something for this… camptasia I think.
 15:54:14 Paula Naugle ->  @Lesley E That is a great feature of Wikipedia.
 15:54:25 Peggy George ->  not sure we had camtwist in 2006
 15:54:30 matt montagne ->  if we spent 10 % of the time we spend on analogue materials with teaching students to be saavy with online resources for learning, we’d really be much further along
 15:54:46 wfryer ->  I love that: "the white hats outnumber the black hats"
 15:54:47 matt montagne ->  good point about white hats beating out the black hats
 15:55:28 markwagner ->  @wfryer @matt It’s true by "orders of magnitude" in the real world – and maybe only one order of magnitude in a classroom. πŸ˜‰
 15:55:31 matt montagne ->  I watch how some teachers spend all this time teaching students to put papers in folders, locker organization and storage, how to use a textbook, etc…
 15:55:45 markwagner ->  @matt Good point about time. πŸ™‚
 15:56:10 markwagner ->  Ah, good… this story is in here.
 15:56:11 wfryer ->  so what is the stat that we can use now about wikipedia in terms of a comparison to traditional encyclopedias?
 15:56:12 jackiegerstein ->  Listened to an NPR podcast yesterday "Making Science the Coolest Class i School" http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=113208981&ft=1&f=1013 
 15:56:24 MaryJJ ->  I wonder how long teachers will continue to train kids "how to read a textbook."
 15:56:36 Peggy George ->  never anonymous on the worldwideweb πŸ™‚
 15:56:55 wfryer ->  lesson: students need to be on the lookout for bias – excellent media literacy lesson
 15:56:57 matt montagne ->  @maryjj…so much time is still spent on teaching kids how to read and use a textbook.
 15:57:24 Peggy George ->  we need to be training students how to read online πŸ™‚ different skills for media literacy
 15:57:31 jackiegerstein ->  NPR Science Podcast – ask the kids how many used a encyclopedia and no hand go up, ask how many used wikipedia – all hands go up.  Need to use the tools that will interest them.
 15:57:31 MaryJJ ->  Isn’t that still considered a "reading in the content area" skill?
 15:57:37 jackiegerstein ->  hands
 15:57:38 markwagner ->  Not my best telling of that story… i guess I’ve learned to really nail it with practice.
 15:57:49 markwagner ->  I can’t believe I’m still telling the same stories now!
 15:57:50 Peggy George ->  ugh! trivial!
 15:57:51 matt montagne ->  @peggy..you can’t do command – F with a textbook!
 15:57:59 wfryer ->  it would be interesting to get someone to present for k12online who is a wikipedia editing guru
 15:58:07 mrsdurff ->  indeed as ds says
 15:58:12 wfryer ->  (well, Mark is a guru for sure, I’m not implying he’s not…)
 15:58:14 Peggy George ->  that is so true Matt!! love that I can search ebooks both on my computer and my Kindle!!
 15:58:29 markwagner ->  Oh, I’m no wikipedian. I’d love to have a session with one. πŸ™‚
 15:58:37 susanvg ->  no kindles in Canada
 15:58:40 MaryJJ ->  Matt, every workshop I do, someone is thrilled to learn about command-F!
 15:58:43 wfryer ->  @markwagner how many edits and contributions have you done to Wikipedia? Do you have pet articles you really follow closely and update often?
 15:58:49 matt montagne ->  @wfryer…that would be cool…or someone who is a fanatical ubuntu contributor or something like that
 15:58:50 infuselearning ->  Using wikis is a great way to do exam review. No more having to create review sheets. Kids create their own review for their peers.
 15:58:54 Peggy George ->  all of these points about the value of wikis are so helopful!
 15:59:07 ds ->  especially now that wikipedia seems to be changing rules of engagement and vetting of content and such….
 15:59:16 markwagner ->  @wfryer… very few edits… mostly around edtech actually – and they are often reverted or quickly changed.
 15:59:18 wfryer ->  @matt m yes, geek fanatics would be great to get as presenters πŸ™‚
 15:59:25 Peggy George ->  Eva did a fantastic job in this segment πŸ™‚
 15:59:36 Paula Naugle ->  What ;is the name of the video where the kids are in a class that normally use laptops but one has to use a textbook and he doesn’t understand why there are no hyperlinks? Great resource.
 15:59:38 markwagner ->  I suppose I could spend more time on articles related to my other interests. πŸ™‚
 15:59:42 matt montagne ->  @ds…you are right…wikipedia is starting to employ more practices of proprietary encyclopedia companies, and vice versa
 16:00:00 Peggy George ->  @Paula-I’d love to know the link for that video! don’t have it
 16:00:06 susanvg ->  not finding this dated
 16:00:13 ds ->  @matt and I’m afraid they’ll kill the golden goose doing so….
 16:00:18 prw ->  Wasn’t that a video done by some kids at SLA?
 16:00:18 Peggy George ->  listen to everything she is doing with Kindergarten students!!
 16:00:18 wfryer ->  Wow, I am so pleased at the quality here of the playback via ustream
 16:00:23 markwagner ->  This segment isn’t too long – and at the end is probably the best place to stop the video… and if anyone is interested in the (much longer) high school teacher interview can go watch the rest. πŸ™‚
 16:00:38 wfryer ->  @markwagner right, I think they are stopping playback after this segment
 16:00:46 Lorraine ->  Is the link still active?
 16:00:56 markwagner ->  @susanvg That’s great to hear.
 16:01:05 Peggy George ->  http://hmtext.wikispaces.com
 16:01:12 wfryer ->  yes, still active πŸ™‚
 16:01:13 matt montagne ->  @wes…agreed, the video and audio thru ustream is fantastic. Props to Jeff!!
 16:01:14 jackiegerstein ->  Is her site still active?
 16:01:16 markwagner ->  That HMTECH wiki isn’t pretty – but boy to elementary teachers in California love it.
 16:01:19 jackiegerstein ->  oops
 16:01:22 susanvg ->  yes – you can go back to the K12 presentation
 16:01:31 mrsdurff ->  games are good for Durff too
 16:01:34 Peggy George ->  I was just on that site last night πŸ™‚
 16:01:39 jackiegerstein ->  got wiki not found
 16:01:56 markwagner ->  It’s http:hmtech.wikispaces.com
 16:01:59 markwagner ->  tech not text.
 16:02:01 markwagner ->  opps
 16:02:03 markwagner ->  oops
 16:02:08 markwagner ->  http://hmtech.wikispaces.com
 16:02:09 markwagner ->  There.
 16:02:24 Peggy George ->  http://techtips.wikispaces.com/ this is Eva’s wiki for K-3
 16:02:45 wfryer ->  What is Eva up to now?
 16:02:58 Peggy George ->  the techtips site is the one I was on last night
 16:03:23 mrsdurff ->  aw
 16:03:26 markwagner ->  BTW, all the examples from this video (and more) are here: http://wikiwhileyouwork.wikispaces.com/workshop
 16:03:32 Peggy George ->  love that part! no kiss on camera πŸ™‚
 16:03:34 matt montagne ->  HILARIOUS!!!!
 16:03:59 Chris Walsh ->  I just log in and there’s all this kissing?
 16:04:09 markwagner ->  Or even more here: http://wikiwhileyouwork.wikispaces.com/cff
 16:04:22 Peggy George ->  this is working really well!! love being able to chat with the presenters during the videos!!
 16:04:36 markwagner ->  Thanks, CW!… It did keep people’s attention in video. πŸ˜‰
 16:04:54 Peggy George ->  can hear you fine Mark
 16:05:01 Chris Walsh ->  How do I get my audio working?
 16:05:09 mrsdurff ->  Chris
 16:05:14 matt montagne ->  @chris…press the play button in the ustream player
 16:05:19 Andy McKiel ->  Amazing how NOT dated it is a few years later!
 16:05:19 mrsdurff ->  click the arrow to your left
 16:05:26 Chris Walsh ->  I can hear audio
 16:05:29 susanvg ->  It’s not about the technology – and that’s what is great about your presentation
 16:05:33 Chris Walsh ->  How do I chat with everyone?
 16:05:38 Peggy George ->  if you haven’t seen the whole presentation be sure to watch it–another great segment with an instructor (bird in the background) πŸ™‚ but so valuable!
 16:05:43 matt montagne ->  google sites and google apps for edu makes student authentication easier…
 16:05:49 mrsdurff ->  type your questions/comments here
 16:06:04 wfryer ->  you’re here Chris – are you asking to get called into the skype call?
 16:06:09 Chris Walsh ->  yes
 16:06:10 Chris Walsh ->  skype
 16:06:14 matt montagne ->  Google Sites within apps for EDU makes it possible to build a culture of portfolio learning with everyone in the school
 16:06:31 Peggy George ->  the new features on wikis are great for educators!
 16:06:33 wfryer ->  EdTechTalk can dial you in, what is your skype ID?
 16:06:36 Peggy George ->  just enhance the experience
 16:06:41 matt montagne ->  @chris…skype call ‘worldbridges’ to get into skype call
 16:07:04 Chris Walsh ->  skype ID is Fitzwalsh
 16:07:07 Chris Walsh ->  thx
 16:07:20 susanvg ->  easiest is the one you know best
 16:07:21 matt montagne ->  google sites within apps for edu makes authentication so easy
 16:07:22 Paula Naugle ->  @Peggy George Sorry I can’t find the link for that video.
 16:07:38 Peggy George ->  we’ll look later Paula-thanks!
 16:08:15 Andy McKiel ->  I’ve found support from Wikispaces has also been great
 16:08:47 susanvg ->  and they answer emails quickly
 16:08:51 Peggy George ->  it’s so great that wikispaces work with students of all ages!! loved hearing Eva talk about Kindergarte uses
 16:09:02 infuselearning ->  I’ve known some who have been with TikiWiki as well. How does that compare to Wikispaces and others?
 16:09:11 Peggy George ->  http://wikispaces.com/site4teachers.com
 16:09:27 wfryer ->  I don’t think TikiWiki has as good a WYSIWYG editor – at least when I was using it some about 6 months ago it wasn’t
 16:09:58 Peggy George ->  We’ll be talking with Kathy Cassidy in the next segment and she is using Wetpaint wiki for an awesome Alphabet video site for young kids!
 16:10:10 infuselearning ->  @Wes The FCKEditor that is built into does have problems. I am assuming that the others use a different editor?
 16:10:15 matt montagne ->  I’m hopeful the new standard wiki tool within moodle 2.0 when it comes out next year has some utility
 16:10:18 ds ->  http://www.wikispaces.com/siteforteachers
 16:10:29 Peggy George ->  thanks ds-
 16:10:30 prw ->  Student with a non netbook link on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkhpmEZWuRQ
 16:10:33 markwagner ->  http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers/
 16:10:36 ds ->  yw
 16:10:40 markwagner ->  For free and add free wikis.
 16:10:53 susanvg ->  http://wikispaces.com/site
 16:11:01 susanvg ->  oops
 16:11:02 matt montagne ->  @wes…google is adding that eventually
 16:11:11 prw ->  I have used pbwiki and wetpaint and now just use wikispaces. To me a lot simpler
 16:11:20 Peggy George ->  fantastic to have free accounts for educators!
 16:11:46 wfryer ->  @matt m I would think they would be – it is an omission I see as an advantage of wikispaces at this point – as we’re discussing now tho, with history features it may not be as important in all contexts
 16:12:06 Peggy George ->  I introduced wikispaces to our local neighborhood association for their newsletters and they can’t believe how easy it is to use to create the newsletters!
 16:12:07 Paula Naugle ->  Thanks Patrick. I will bookmark it this time. Did you get that @PeggyGeorge.
 16:12:27 wfryer ->  @matt m the main issue I have with wikis in moodle is they tend to be walled gardens
 16:12:35 matt montagne ->  @wes…I just love sites and how it integrates into apps for EDU…the automatic student authenication is killer app
 16:12:55 Peggy George ->  the collaborative features of wikispaces are so important!
 16:13:24 matt montagne ->  @wes…no doubt about your moodle point…and actually, I would say that is my hang up with Moodle in general (eg-the walled garden thing that is)
 16:13:32 Peggy George ->  thanks-got the youtube link!
 16:13:48 susanvg ->  not camtwist – Jeff is on PC
 16:14:04 Peggy George ->  but you can open Moodle outside the walled garden πŸ™‚
 16:14:29 Peggy George ->  I love the 20 minute limit on presentations!
 16:14:40 matt montagne ->  mark’s point about google sites not allowing anonymous commenting and edits is well taken
 16:14:51 jackiegerstein ->  Agreed – love that the educator has the option to open or "wall" moodle
 16:15:23 jackiegerstein ->  I love 20 minute presentations also – like TED talks!  Have to get to the core of the presentation

LAN Party, Mark Wagner, Sept2009, k12online09

K12Online09 LAN Party With Alec Couros



453:30 Open, Social, Connected
Dr. Alec Couros is a professor of educational technology and media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. This presentation unravels a recent open graduate course offering titled “Open, Connected, Social” that was offered at the University of Regina, Winter 2008. The presentation describes the theories influencing the course, types of open practice, reflections and outcomes, and goes on to describe the emergence of “open teaching”.

Link to Chat

14:44:11 Mathew Needleman ->  Alec’s video is great!
 14:44:15 Andy McKiel ->  Hey Alec!
 14:44:18 shanda ->  that was great.  bye everyone.
 14:44:29 bryanhughes ->  Hi Alec!
 14:44:53 Andy McKiel ->  Goes hand-in-hand with the virtual audience
 14:45:17 Andy McKiel ->  Hey @biggmaxx – good timing…
 14:45:30 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  I was hoping to listen in a bit…
 14:46:10 mrsdurff ->  hi shanda
 14:46:17 mrsdurff ->  hi ryan
 14:46:24 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  Hey…
 14:46:26 mrsdurff ->  does everyone have sound?
 14:46:32 Andy McKiel ->  πŸ™‚
 14:46:35 Lesley E ->  yes
 14:46:36 Lorna ->  all good
 14:46:40 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  yep
 14:46:49 mrsdurff ->  πŸ˜€
 14:47:08 JL ->  and the ‘McDreamy’ of EdTech
 14:47:09 matt montagne ->  Kudos to the K12Online LAN Team…this is AWESOME!
 14:47:11 Paula Naugle ->  He loves social media.
 14:47:42 Lesley E ->  @JL πŸ™‚
 14:47:48 Paula Naugle ->  Dr. Alec believes in being Open.
 14:47:51 Cathyjo in SC ->  @JL I second that
 14:48:57 Paula Naugle ->  @JL Love that "McDreamy" of EdTech!!
 14:49:05 mrsdurff ->  everyone here have sound?
 14:49:11 bryanhughes ->  No sound
 14:49:12 Andy McKiel ->  Audio?
 14:49:13 Lesley E ->  no
 14:49:23 courosa ->  haha, mcdreamy πŸ™‚
 14:49:26 marragem ->  no audio
 14:49:26 Peggy George ->  no audio on the stream JL
 14:49:28 mrsdurff ->  click refresh on ustream
 14:49:34 Andy McKiel ->  @courosa – guess you’ve gotta ad lib it for us…
 14:49:36 roxanne ->  no audio
 14:49:59 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=310
 14:50:07 tammie ->  well, it looks like it is going to be an interesting video!
 14:50:14 Peggy George ->  you can also view his presentation on your browser here
 14:51:09 bryanhughes ->  Is the Skype room a public back channel?
 14:51:15 Paula Naugle ->  Love Alec’s attack ad.
 14:51:22 jbecker ->  Alec is an angry Greek guy.
 14:51:39 Peggy George ->  the skype call is just people hosting the webcast
 14:52:16 bryanhughes ->  @Peggy OK, thanks!
 14:52:33 ds ->  @bryan this’d be ur public backchannel here
 14:52:57 Peggy George ->  the concept of the open university is so incredible!! really allows for diverse group to participate in the learning!
 14:53:25 courosa ->  http://eci831.wikispaces.com
 14:53:39 Peggy George ->  that course is fantastic!!!
 14:54:02 matt montagne ->  Is WOW still on Edtech talk, or is it no longer???
 14:54:03 Peggy George ->  we can all be his students and it’s totally free!!! πŸ™‚
 14:54:14 Peggy George ->  WOW will be returning soon…
 14:54:21 matt montagne ->  great to hear, Peggy
 14:54:24 mrsdurff ->  yup
 14:54:34 JoseRodriguez ->  got sound
 14:54:36 Peggy George ->  yeah! audio is great!
 14:54:39 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  Whose licks were those?
 14:54:40 susanvg ->  yeah!
 14:55:03 mrsdurff ->  popcorn!
 14:55:11 Peggy George ->  watch for Mathew’s great video advice while you watch this!  πŸ™‚
 14:55:15 roxanne ->  big lag time now no sound
 14:55:26 mrsdurff ->  i have sound
 14:55:47 mrsdurff ->  click refresh arrows on the ustream
 14:55:50 matt montagne ->  audio is OK on my end…a little out of sync
 14:55:52 bryanhughes ->  Seems video is lagging
 14:56:22 ds ->  only a bit of lag, but it wasn’t so bad on this end….
 14:56:26 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  I think mine was pretty good…
 14:56:30 JoseRodriguez ->  We DO have a back up streamer.. πŸ™‚
 14:56:35 JoseRodriguez ->  using a mac
 14:56:44 Peggy George ->  lag wasn’t bad for me πŸ™‚
 14:56:51 Paula Naugle ->  Audio wasn’t bad here.
 14:57:13 Andy McKiel ->  πŸ™‚
 14:57:29 Peggy George ->  the popcorn is ready πŸ™‚
 14:57:35 courosa ->  is it working?
 14:57:37 ds ->  mo better on vid now
 14:57:39 mrsdurff ->  yes
 14:57:40 Andy McKiel ->  perfect
 14:57:44 courosa ->  good
 14:57:50 roxanne ->  butter plese
 14:57:56 bryanhughes ->  Much better. We have audio/video sync now
 14:57:59 JoseRodriguez ->  ah.. and I was looking forward to hijacking the stream
 14:58:03 Peggy George ->  some really amazing video techniques in this presentation!
 14:58:04 mrsdurff ->  passing the butter
 14:58:33 JoseRodriguez ->  Yep he is a Commie….
 14:58:46 infuselearning ->  lol
 14:58:49 ds ->  @courosa love vid, *and* notion everyone needs an attach ad in their repetoire!
 14:58:52 JoseRodriguez ->  sorry a Canadian
 14:58:56 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  great preso, eh?
 14:59:11 susanvg ->  up with Canadians
 14:59:11 Lorna ->  yea canada!
 14:59:18 courosa ->  i’m a bit out of breath in this clip
 14:59:20 Arielion ->  Rabble Rousing Bacon Breathed Beastie!
 14:59:21 ds ->  happy to be watching from Canuckistan
 14:59:23 Peggy George ->  going to ask you to share some of your video techniques after the video Alec πŸ™‚ inquiring minds want to know!!
 14:59:36 matt montagne ->  alec, what is the platform that you use to compile your final videos??
 14:59:40 courosa ->  that edit was because I said parliment the first time around … then made a very obvious edit
 14:59:47 susanvg ->  I’m seeing rule of thirds
 15:00:44 courosa ->  talking about The Cathedral and the Bazaar, by Eric Raymond
 15:01:58 matt montagne ->  the open source software movement definitely jibes with constructivist teaching and learning principles and progressive education in general
 15:02:09 courosa ->  @matt definitely
 15:02:14 Peggy George ->  how can we get more universities to buy into open source and open online courses!! it really enriches the learning opportunities for the students!
 15:02:52 Peggy George ->  I want to know how he did those flying puzzle pieces πŸ™‚
 15:03:10 roxanne ->  me too
 15:03:11 courosa ->  Adobe Illustrator
 15:03:21 matt montagne ->  @Peggy…IF we want all of our students to have access to the same powerful software platforms for use at school and home, then open source HAS to be a MAJOR component of our academic learning platform
 15:03:24 Peggy George ->  creative commons has been such an important initiative!!
 15:03:35 Peggy George ->  I agree Matt!!
 15:03:46 susanvg ->  yes – yet schools are still buying MS Office
 15:03:51 courosa ->  see the banner for k12onlineconference … you are all inspiring!
 15:04:17 JoseRodriguez ->  I agree… all involved big kudos tot he live events committee
 15:04:29 Peggy George ->  love that we can be lurkers or participants in the Connected Learning course with George Siemens!
 15:04:42 Peggy George ->  love it Alec!
 15:04:53 roxanne ->  Be sure to remind us where we can go to share this with otheres
 15:05:24 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=310
 15:05:34 Peggy George ->  that’s the link for his presentation online
 15:05:37 courosa ->  i don’t use plurk a whole lot anymore
 15:05:42 JoseRodriguez ->  Gotta LOVE that Edtechtalk
 15:05:43 matt montagne ->  schoos are starting to understand that the software that they choose to use at school has an impact on all community members
 15:05:55 matt montagne ->  agree, Jose…this is fantastic
 15:06:09 Arielion ->  Still say "Personal" Learning Network is redundant.  All learning & learning networks  are  personal.
 15:06:19 Peggy George ->  this graphic of the networked teacher is so valuable!
 15:06:22 JoseRodriguez ->  Hey Mark..
 15:06:25 roxanne ->  wow
 15:06:28 Peggy George ->  I have shared it far and wide!
 15:06:49 courosa ->  @arielion what about schools? I’d say school learning networks are much more contrived than personal.
 15:07:16 ds ->  @Arielion for me the "personal" denotes a responsibility for one’s learning not always present–and a vital part to this way of learning
 15:07:27 markwagner ->  Hi, Jose. I’m working out where best to set up for this…
 15:07:29 Peggy George ->  Cindy Seibel is a show host on Parents as Partners πŸ™‚
 15:08:00 courosa ->  @Peggy she was a fantastic student, and I think the course helped introduce her to edtechtalk
 15:08:18 courosa ->  i’m name dropping πŸ™‚
 15:08:26 Peggy George ->  I think so Alec! it was fun to hear her interviews πŸ™‚
 15:08:42 Arielion ->  But school is just a less successful example and the "personal" is always assumed.
 15:08:54 courosa ->  we still have sessions, every tuesday 7pm Saskatchewan time
 15:09:34 markwagner ->  Is the stream currently @courosa pre-recorded?
 15:09:36 courosa ->  @arielion I’m not in total disagreement, good points.
 15:09:59 Peggy George ->  those are such valuable points about how to create an online course so every participant is a contributor to the learning!
 15:10:04 Rose ->  Need more preservice teacher programs like Alec’s
 15:10:08 Peggy George ->  yes pre-recorded
 15:10:12 ds ->  @mark yes, video it’s being ustreamed
 15:10:19 Peggy George ->  it was his actual presentation from 2008
 15:10:52 susanvg ->  even at younger ages – we need to be co-learners with students
 15:11:25 Rose ->  agreed teachers need to learn more and outside of their comfort zones.
 15:11:32 Arielion ->  are others still struggling with firewalls?  I’d hpped they’d be obsolete by now by transparency is still sticky.
 15:11:42 markwagner ->  Thanks, @peggy george and @ds. Just trying to get up to speed. πŸ˜‰
 15:11:51 susanvg ->  Firewalls are a big issue in many schools here
 15:11:54 Robert ->  @Alec I’m curious to know what support you have from your university for your open approach. How do you thnk it is perceived by admin, and other faculty.
 15:11:57 roxanne ->  more butter please
 15:11:57 Peggy George ->  I’ll have some of that popcorn!!
 15:11:59 courosa ->  all this footage from archive.org … there is so much good stuff there.
 15:12:07 mrsdurff ->  mmm = popcorn
 15:12:12 Arielion ->  Yeah, I thought this was a party?  Where’s the food?  ;o)
 15:12:25 courosa ->  @robert my admin strongly supports my work, i am very lucky.
 15:12:26 matt montagne ->  @alec…do you have any search tips for archive.org?? It is such a messy place to find stuff
 15:12:29 susanvg ->  we provide food for thought – you provide the refreshments
 15:12:35 Arielion ->  The invention of Twitter
 15:12:42 Peggy George ->  those birds sound like the ones in Mark’s presentation πŸ™‚
 15:12:54 Lorraine ->  sounds from archive.org as well?
 15:12:59 Andy McKiel ->  Alec – weren’t you just featured in your University newsletter?
 15:13:02 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  my dog is barking! πŸ˜€
 15:13:04 courosa ->  these sounds were from garage band i think
 15:13:21 Peggy George ->  yes and videos from archive.org–and lots of primary sources
 15:13:26 mrsdurff ->  lol
 15:13:33 courosa ->  these were my student responses
 15:13:50 courosa ->  there’s cindy
 15:13:50 markwagner ->  @peggy george – ha! And you might get to hear more (birds) live if I wind up talking to you from outback to avoid waking up Clark. πŸ˜‰
 15:13:56 mrsdurff ->  there is learning in the connections
 15:14:10 Arielion ->  Why don’t folks use those cool Ichat backgrounds?  Where is the cloud coolness?
 15:14:22 Peggy George ->  no problem Mark! we’re just glad to have you here!!
 15:15:05 mrsdurff ->  hi jim
 15:15:39 jim ->  Hi, mrsdurff
 15:15:58 markwagner ->  brb, Clark waking up.
 15:16:03 matt montagne ->  these are great reflections…i like the medium for your student reflections. So different than a survey monkey
 15:16:06 Peggy George ->  these interview clips are powerful!
 15:16:12 susanvg ->  camera angle interesting
 15:16:14 Andy McKiel ->  Love it!
 15:16:38 Lorna ->  Alec is so good with video
 15:16:41 Peggy George ->  I can’t wait to have Alec divulge his video secrets for creating this video!!
 15:16:50 Arielion ->  Toothpaste commercial
 15:16:57 ds ->  need edtech "best editing" awards–sweet
 15:17:03 matt montagne ->  bravo!!!!
 15:17:09 roxanne ->  yeah
 15:17:12 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  applause!!!
 15:17:15 Doug_Henry ->  Great video!
 15:17:18 matt montagne ->  @ds…agreed…best editing category is needed!
 15:17:19 Robert ->  great presentation
 15:17:22 Lorna ->  applause
 15:17:28 susanvg ->  great  – applause
 15:17:29 Paula Naugle ->  applause
 15:17:32 marragem ->  awesome Alec
 15:17:37 bmust ->  applause
 15:17:38 JoseRodriguez ->  agree…
 15:17:44 Lorna ->  the process
 15:18:12 jackiegerstein ->  Is illustrator free and open source ; )
 15:18:26 Arielion ->  What?  Are you saying there’s more programs than PowerPoint?!  :o)
 15:18:33 matt montagne ->  inkscape tho
 15:18:40 matt montagne ->  inkscape is pretty awesome
 15:18:48 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  Great presentation, as usual. Thanks…
 15:18:51 jackiegerstein ->  I realized today that I only know how to use free Web 2.0 not the pay for software like Adobe
 15:19:16 jbrogley ->  Question – Should I be seeing more than the chat session on the screen?
 15:19:23 Robert ->  no
 15:19:25 jackiegerstein ->  no
 15:19:26 JL ->  not for now
 15:19:27 susanvg ->  Where is the best place to find Canadian copyright laws?
 15:19:40 JoseRodriguez ->  It’s for the ustream archive
 15:20:00 susanvg ->  Final Cut not free either :/
 15:20:02 roxanne ->  now part of imovie 09
 15:20:20 jackiegerstein ->  iMovie09 is not fun for me like the older version of iMovie
 15:20:21 Doug_Henry ->  Even windows movie maker has chromakey via transitions
 15:20:28 Arielion ->  I think the things from the movie theater breaks are using an Iphone, Qik and a trenchcoat. :O
 15:20:34 Peggy George ->  I"m loving iMovie 09!!
 15:20:40 Lesley E ->  canadian copyright http://www.accesscopyright.ca/
 15:20:52 ds ->  nice to hear about support from school administrators in the video–makes me think about a support group for alumni as they apply these concepts "in the wild"
 15:20:56 kcaise ->  great link to bookmark
 15:21:14 jbrogley ->  Last night I tried to import flip camera footage into movie maker. Booh.
 15:21:26 Lorna ->  where did Alec get the footage
 15:21:28 susanvg ->  @ Lesley E – thanks for the link
 15:21:32 matt montagne ->  "Duck and Cover" !!!
 15:21:34 ds ->  be interesting to see how involved alumni remain, over iterations of the course
 15:21:37 Robert ->  are the open archive ideas cc -type licensed
 15:21:49 Robert ->  sory videos
 15:21:55 ds ->  would expect a fair amount
 15:22:08 matt montagne ->  archive.org has great stuff, but I have a hard time searching and finding stuff
 15:22:13 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  Vegas Sony-cromakey
 15:22:13 ds ->  JL has one of those
 15:22:22 Andy McKiel ->  Lighting is so important, too
 15:22:23 ds ->  the screen, that is….
 15:22:35 susanvg ->  he has podcast series
 15:22:58 susanvg ->  painted wall works great
 15:23:03 matt montagne ->  when schools pull out their labs in favor of laptop programs, try to create a little greenscreen studio in some of those lab spaces
 15:23:12 Robert ->  https://edtechtalk.net/live
 15:23:31 Doug_Henry ->  You can get blue & green plastic tablecloth material in wide rolls at party stores
 15:23:33 Robert ->  oh dear: https://edtechtalk.net/live
 15:23:38 Lesley E ->  http://www.izzyvideo.com/
 15:23:43 Ryan Maksymchuk ->  I met a 12 year old this summer who was thrilled to get a green screen for his birthday.  Isn’t that cool?
 15:23:56 Andy McKiel ->  @Ryan – that’s awesome πŸ™‚
 15:23:56 Robert ->  Thanks Leslie–that’s waht I was trying to do–blush
 15:23:59 JoseRodriguez ->  @ryan.. I want one for my bday
 15:24:03 ds ->  love the retrofit idea for labs @Matt
 15:24:10 Lesley E ->  πŸ™‚
 15:24:32 ds ->  @Ryan, that is great
 15:24:42 ds ->  Hi Carol and jb
 15:25:17 CarolannF ->  Hi, I’m getting a terrible echo/repeat.  Will try again.
 15:25:33 susanvg ->  I guess people are going to be going on ebay to buy older cameras
 15:25:51 Peggy George ->  @Carolann-maybe you have two browser tabs open?
 15:25:55 ds ->  typically two browser windows open–ustream playing 2x
 15:26:20 bryanhughes ->  You can get chroma key plugins for iMovie 06
 15:27:07 Lorna ->  digtial cameras with video can capture some good mini clips
 15:27:40 markwagner ->  Yeah – and I’m talking about wikispaces next!
 15:27:44 markwagner ->  Sheesh.
 15:27:49 matt montagne ->  agreed Lorna
 15:27:52 markwagner ->  No mention of it on their status page. πŸ™
 15:27:58 Peggy George ->  everyone say a prayer for wikispaces πŸ™‚
 15:28:06 ds ->  and *always* the way–spaces *only* go down during presos
 15:28:20 matt montagne ->  even cell phone cameras take decent movies…and now, you can do some light editing on the cell phone itself (iphone 3GS)
 15:29:07 ds ->  knowledge can’t grow unless it *is* free
 15:29:17 roxanne ->  my masters in library and info services is completely online but i’m still paying thousands
 15:29:56 mrsdurff ->  hi mary
 15:29:58 Arielion ->  You’re paying for the accreditation/credentials. 
 15:30:08 CarolannF ->  I paid thousands for my Masters in Edtech too.  Its the system that has to change to recognize that people can and do learn on their own.
 15:30:09 matt montagne ->  We still have silos of knowledge, but I don’t think they’ll last too much longer
 15:30:21 matt montagne ->  out of the chaos comes innovation
 15:30:26 roxanne ->  right, but to share what we are learning is invaluable and there is little provision for sharing
 15:30:31 Arielion ->  Downes has corrupted me to the point of questioning accreditation/credentials now.  :oO
 15:30:40 Paula Naugle ->  I love watching his students’ blog posts change as they go through the course.
 15:30:54 CarolannF ->  I’m not sure they will go away. Think of all the jobs πŸ˜‰ -the next bailout?
 15:31:26 CarolannF ->  and we will always need research labs
 15:31:31 susanvg ->  and those of us who can’t be there on Tuesday evenings really appreciate the recordings
 15:31:34 Robert ->  At my institution, a recent policy has made it tricky for all faculty to require that students use web 2.0 tools freely
 15:31:39 ds ->  well done, great session
 15:31:46 bryanhughes ->  Thank you Alec, inspiring as always
 15:31:52 Lesley E ->  thanks Alec, always a treat to listen to you.
 15:31:58 CarolannF ->  Thanks Alec.
 15:31:59 Paula Naugle ->  Thnak you, Alec.
 15:32:01 courosa ->  thanks all, much appreciated … you’re too kind.
 15:32:01 Robert ->  Thanks
 15:32:01 Andy McKiel ->  Thanks, Alec πŸ™‚
 15:32:06 roxanne ->  thanks for the presentation
 15:32:08 infuselearning ->  Thank you.
 15:32:20 bryanhughes ->  Great choice for keynoter to kick it off!
 15:32:44 matt montagne ->  nice work, Alec! Thanks for sharing
 15:33:21 Lesley E ->  Lunch break
 15:33:31 markwagner ->  Thanks, Alec. Glad I got to hear some of your talk. πŸ™‚
 15:34:12 Peggy George ->  I wish I had the skills to do all of those things that Alec did in his video!! I definitely need to start practicing!
 15:34:22 Peggy George ->  thank you so much Jose!!! have fun!
 15:34:36 ds ->  wikispaces is back, it seems

Alec Couros, LAN Party, Sept2009, k12online09

K12Online09 LAN Party With Mathew Needleman



2:00 – 2:45
Film School
Mathew Needleman, Apple Distinguished Educator, has been integrating video in the classroom for seven years as a teacher of kindergarten, first, and second grade. Make better classroom movies with simple tips that will help elevate your vodcast to the next level in terms of artistic and technical merit. Learn how to storyboard like a pro, choose shots that support the telling of your story, and capture better lighting and sound.

Link to Text Chat

13:59:17 Peggy George ->  the first presentation we will be streaming is Film School with Mathew Needleman πŸ™‚
 13:59:27 kcaise ->  2 minutes on my clock
 13:59:28 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=329
 13:59:32 tammie ->  So I take it the chat and the presentation are on two different websites? Unlike the classroom 2.0 presentations?
 13:59:39 Peggy George ->  one minute to next segment
 13:59:39 Vance in Abu Dhabi ->  a lan party is actually a face to face party where you sit around with friends in your livingroom and attend an event like this one
 13:59:47 Vance in Abu Dhabi ->  or listen to k-12 presentations
 13:59:49 Paula Naugle ->  I tweeted it because I’m on the PR committee.
 13:59:50 Peggy George ->  the presentation will be streamed in the ustream
 13:59:57 Lorna ->   I was just previewing MAtt’s presentaiton and I can’t wait to hear him
 14:00:01 Peggy George ->  but you can also watch it in your browser if that’s easier
 14:00:04 Mathew Needleman ->  Film School for Video Podcasters is the title
 14:00:24 almedrano ->  so will this give me info how to record, save and use later, since my school blocks anything useful
 14:00:25 Peggy George ->  audio and stream is starting again πŸ™‚
 14:00:36 Lorna ->  all good
 14:01:20 Paula Naugle ->  Hi Chris.
 14:01:35 Peggy George ->  Mathew’s video was incredible and I learned so much about creating videos! Really glad to watch it again!
 14:02:12 Peggy George ->  you will be able to see the presentation in our stream in a minute or you can view it online
 14:02:13 almedrano ->  is skype easier to listen?
 14:02:14 susanvg ->  I agree Peggy – have shared it with my colleagues
 14:02:17 kcaise ->  how exciting to be a part of the first live event of the k12online conference!
 14:02:26 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=329
 14:02:46 kcaise ->  hi chris
 14:02:48 kcaise ->  hi kefiore
 14:03:06 JoseRodriguez ->  I totally agree..
 14:03:16 Peggy George ->  isn’t that exciting as a presenter to get that kind of feedback and know you’re helping people move forward with technology!!
 14:03:34 kcaise ->  hi lorraine
 14:03:35 mrsdurff ->  I like that,"they were really bad.
 14:03:37 mrsdurff ->  "
 14:03:39 kcaise ->  hi lindan
 14:03:50 LindaN ->  Hi Kim- busy afternoon!
 14:03:58 kcaise ->  i concur!
 14:04:19 Robert ->  I remember the movie–great to have Matthew with us
 14:04:31 kcaise ->  hi shambles
 14:04:32 kcaise ->  hi rose
 14:04:54 Lorraine ->  @kcaise hi
 14:04:57 Rose ->  Hi Kim coming from the Google chat..
 14:04:59 Peggy George ->  when you see a good presentation you can’t wait to share it with others!!
 14:05:07 kcaise ->  awesome rose, welcome!
 14:05:14 kcaise ->  glad you could join us
 14:05:17 Mathew Needleman ->  Thanks Robert
 14:05:41 kcaise ->  i am sure you will enjoy!
 14:05:42 Rose ->  Kim, I’m the lucky one!
 14:05:59 Norma ->  finally found the chat bar!
 14:06:05 Peggy George ->  this technology is amazing!! Thanks a lot for streaming this Jeff!
 14:06:11 kcaise ->  aww, thank you – actually we all are!
 14:06:17 Vance in Abu Dhabi ->  cool
 14:06:32 Lorna ->  I love having this opportunity to watch the presentation with k12 presenter beside us virtually
 14:06:40 Peggy George ->  hope you can see and hear πŸ™‚
 14:06:53 Lorna ->  excellent PEggy
 14:07:00 Peggy George ->  great!!
 14:07:09 JoseRodriguez ->  reminds me of Guy Noir
 14:07:16 Lorna ->  better than dotsub
 14:07:17 kcaise ->  hi courosa
 14:07:25 JoseRodriguez ->  Hey.. Alex
 14:07:26 susanvg ->  Yes – love the film noir
 14:07:36 kcaise ->  star wars!
 14:07:42 Peggy George ->  Hi courosa!! I’ll be your "hostess" for your segment πŸ™‚
 14:07:44 JoseRodriguez ->  video quality is pretty awsome
 14:07:47 JoseRodriguez ->  awesome
 14:08:13 kcaise ->  hi jackie
 14:08:24 jackiegerstein ->  Kim – you are everywhere
 14:08:35 courosa ->  cool, thanks Peggy .. and hi Jose.
 14:08:39 kcaise ->  lol, part of being transparent
 14:08:52 Andy McKiel ->  Great tip, Matthew – framing your shot afterwards πŸ™‚
 14:08:53 jackiegerstein ->  Tranparency is the only way to be
 14:09:01 kcaise ->  you got it
 14:09:08 susanvg ->  I really found htis part helpful – used to talk about storyboards differently
 14:09:19 kcaise ->  hi jim
 14:09:22 Jim Beeghley ->  Hi
 14:09:30 Peggy George ->  making notes is a great tip for those of us who "dont’ draw well" :_)
 14:09:44 kcaise ->  i love the look on her face!
 14:09:48 jackiegerstein ->  Are these from past K12 conferences?
 14:09:55 kcaise ->  yes
 14:09:56 almedrano ->  what type of camera are you using
 14:09:59 kcaise ->  hi christine
 14:10:04 Peggy George ->  we could all become movie producers if we followed Mathew’s advice!!
 14:10:07 courosa ->  @matt, i’ve told you this before, but this vid is really fantastic.
 14:10:09 Mathew Needleman ->  Camera is a sony trv900
 14:10:16 JoseRodriguez ->  I think it’s a mini dv
 14:10:16 Mathew Needleman ->  several years old
 14:10:28 JoseRodriguez ->  oh yeah.. I keep one in my classroom
 14:10:29 kcaise ->  very innovative way to storyboard
 14:10:30 Mathew Needleman ->  Thanks again Alec
 14:11:00 Peggy George ->  @jackiegerstein-yes these are from past presentations to whet everyone’s appetite for things to come! no teasers available yet for this year
 14:11:19 almedrano ->  I have an old sony that doesn’t work, will have to try this with something new, flip cameras are popular will that work here?
 14:11:21 Peggy George ->  that planning step is really critical!!
 14:11:30 kcaise ->  mathew used my legs for that shot! lol
 14:11:32 JL ->  Link to Mathew’s presentation page: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=329
 14:11:41 Mathew Needleman ->  you can use any camera but I give camera tips in last segment
 14:11:43 JoseRodriguez ->  I love this part
 14:11:48 Paula Naugle ->  LOL Kim.
 14:11:48 Peggy George ->  you can find links on that page for the resources he mentions
 14:11:50 Vance in Abu Dhabi ->  wife is home from qatar, must leave
 14:11:58 almedrano ->  thanks
 14:12:02 kcaise ->  hi reaneawilson
 14:12:17 susanvg ->  thanks for dropping by Vance
 14:12:20 kcaise ->  bye vance
 14:12:59 Peggy George ->  using video production to teach media literacy!! awesome point!
 14:13:11 Paula Naugle ->  I have watched this video before. Love his explanations.
 14:13:14 kcaise ->  extremely important, key ppoint
 14:13:42 susanvg ->  Yes – have to help students understand camera angles and transitions – not arbitrary
 14:13:45 Mathew Needleman ->  The media literacy element of moviemaking is what I think justifies its use in classroom vs. some other technology components
 14:13:57 almedrano ->  what about ultranorm?
 14:13:59 JoseRodriguez ->  Looking for some video.. production this year as part of #thirdgradediscoveries
 14:14:00 Mathew Needleman ->  more bang for your buck
 14:14:02 Peggy George ->  I agree!! justifies spending the time!
 14:14:13 Mathew Needleman ->  what’s ultranorm?  not familiar
 14:14:21 Peggy George ->  aren’t those great shots??!!
 14:14:22 kcaise ->  hi sue
 14:14:27 kcaise ->  hi csgodfrey
 14:14:27 almedrano ->  let me find the link…
 14:14:36 JoseRodriguez ->  the best shots in the world..
 14:15:01 csgodfrey ->  Hi Y’all
 14:15:07 Peggy George ->  in Alec’s presentation in the next segment we’ll get to see these tips modeled!! πŸ™‚
 14:15:08 susanvg ->  Audience also needs media literacy πŸ™‚
 14:15:56 Paula Naugle ->  Hi Maary Beth.
 14:16:03 Peggy George ->  hi everyone just joining us! so glad you’re here!
 14:16:36 Peggy George ->  selecting shots with clear purpose!!
 14:16:40 JoseRodriguez ->  hadn’t noticed.. but rule of thirds is a great tip
 14:16:42 Lorna ->  I love all this good advice for shots
 14:17:12 kcaise ->  don’t most digital cameras have that grid they can put on the screen when taking pictures
 14:17:13 Peggy George ->  I never thought of that before I saw Mathew’s video!
 14:17:23 Peggy George ->  always thought things should be centered!
 14:17:29 Mathew Needleman ->  @kcaise, yes many do have grid
 14:17:41 Mathew Needleman ->  @Peggy, in portraits you might center subject
 14:17:47 JoseRodriguez ->  so cool..
 14:18:07 Peggy George ->  thanks Mathew for that distinction–photos vs videos
 14:18:19 JL ->  I have mic envy again
 14:18:21 Andy McKiel ->  Matthew – I first watched your video on the bus in Vancouver last year – I got some really funny looks when I laughed out loud when this segment began πŸ™‚
 14:18:32 Peggy George ->  isn’t it fun when we love our technology equipment??!!
 14:18:34 susanvg ->  having ability to add mic was one criterion when I bought a video camera
 14:18:41 JoseRodriguez ->  I love my mac
 14:18:43 Mathew Needleman ->  Totally unrelated but I was very sick during the making of this movie.  I think I went to bed after this scene
 14:18:50 Mathew Needleman ->  Glad you enjoyed it, Andy
 14:18:59 susanvg ->  adds to the mad video maker look
 14:19:05 Peggy George ->  my flipvideo camera doesn’t have a microphone input and I need to get a new one!
 14:19:05 JL ->  getting harder and harder to find webcams with ext. mic option
 14:19:16 JoseRodriguez ->  I still have one
 14:19:26 Peggy George ->  wow Mathew! had no idea!
 14:19:27 kcaise ->  hi matt
 14:19:28 JoseRodriguez ->  at least 6 or seven years old
 14:19:30 Paula Naugle ->  Hi Matt.
 14:19:33 matt montagne ->  hey y’all
 14:19:37 JL ->  asked the guy why that is and he said consumers were confused by extra plugs  ?!?!?
 14:19:46 shanda ->  everyone should get a Mac
 14:19:49 Peggy George ->  oh no JL!!
 14:19:52 JoseRodriguez ->  I have been using it for ustream.. where I record but do NOT broadcast
 14:19:59 JoseRodriguez ->  it gives me an embed code
 14:20:04 Peggy George ->  look at all of that equipment!!
 14:20:22 mrsdurff ->  booya?
 14:20:27 susanvg ->  technology envy
 14:20:29 JoseRodriguez ->  yep.. booya
 14:20:33 Mathew Needleman ->  You reflect the lights so they’re less harsh
 14:20:34 mrsdurff ->  hmmm
 14:20:35 matt montagne ->  where is the location of this video on the internet??
 14:20:36 Peggy George ->  me too susanvg!
 14:20:42 Mathew Needleman ->  This scene is my homage to Jim Cramer
 14:20:43 almedrano ->  can’t find the link. πŸ™
 14:20:52 Peggy George ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=329
 14:20:52 JoseRodriguez ->  on k12online archives
 14:20:56 Mathew Needleman ->  The videos are on youtube http://www.needleworkspictures.com/ocr/blog/?p=407 also
 14:21:04 matt montagne ->  cool, thanks matthew
 14:21:06 csgodfrey ->  Thanks marragem for reminding of this..
 14:21:08 almedrano ->  Got to get my daughter breakfast back in 30
 14:21:11 mrsdurff ->  i like the music
 14:21:14 Lorna ->  I LOVED thi spresentation Matt
 14:21:22 Lorna ->  I can’t wait to share
 14:21:24 Peggy George ->  my link is to his presentation, bio and notes on k12online
 14:21:25 Mathew Needleman ->  Thanks Lorna
 14:21:36 Mathew Needleman ->  This music is royalty free
 14:21:42 marragem ->  @csgodfrey my pleasure!
 14:21:48 Lorna ->  applause
 14:21:55 kcaise ->  woohooo mathew
 14:21:57 Lorraine ->  Great job!
 14:22:02 susanvg ->  fabulous
 14:22:02 kathycassidy ->  Wow.  That was great.
 14:22:10 Peggy George ->  what a great presentation to kick off our LAN party!!
 14:22:10 Robert ->  It’s a great piece of work–very helpful
 14:22:13 Paula Naugle ->  Applause for Mathew.
 14:22:20 ymistele ->  Well done, Matthew.
 14:22:29 kcaise ->  fantastic presentation
 14:22:33 shanda ->  its definitey a must to see in addition to hearing.
 14:22:34 roxanne ->  thanks matt
 14:22:44 kcaise ->  hi cathyjo
 14:22:50 matt montagne ->  agreed, applause for matthew!
 14:22:51 kcaise ->  definitely a must see
 14:22:53 infuselearning ->  Outstanding information. Thank you.
 14:22:58 Cathyjo in SC ->  Hi Kim
 14:23:18 Peggy George ->  I’d love to hear Mathew talk more about how he created that video
 14:23:24 Paula Naugle ->  Durff is probably off getting coffee.
 14:23:28 kcaise ->  hi lesley
 14:23:35 kcaise ->  probably paula
 14:23:37 roxanne ->  where can we see the agenda of presentations for today?
 14:23:50 matt montagne ->  cheapker cameras have made a HUGE difference
 14:23:51 Lesley E ->  Hi Kim
 14:23:53 mrsdurff ->  i’m here
 14:24:01 Peggy George ->  http://pwoessner.com/2009/09/21/k12-online-2009-september-26-lan-party/
 14:24:11 matt montagne ->  iPod Nanos with video
 14:24:16 Peggy George ->  that link tells about presentations today
 14:24:29 matt montagne ->  perhaps use a stand along audio mic and recording device with the flip
 14:24:31 Cathyjo in SC ->  Yeah them Nat’l Bd candidate folks really fret over no audio input on cams
 14:24:32 csgodfrey ->  I have been trying to figure out what camera to buy..so this is great advice
 14:24:35 matt montagne ->  then sync the audio and video
 14:24:44 susanvg ->  2:45 Alec Couros, 3:30 Mark Wagner, 4:15 Kathy Cassidy
 14:24:46 Peggy George ->  you can access all of the videos we’ll be sharing today from that link
 14:24:59 Peggy George ->  http://pwoessner.com/2009/09/21/k12-online-2009-september-26-lan-party/
 14:24:59 matt montagne ->  kinda like the early sony mavica still cams (black and white)
 14:25:04 Paula Naugle ->  http://www.scribd.com/doc/20033516/Sept-26-LAN-Party-Invite is the press release for today.
 14:25:11 Cathyjo in SC ->  I have boosted audio in nb candidates vids before–they were freaking cuz NO editing allowed
 14:25:11 marragem ->  small wonders are good too
 14:25:34 matt montagne ->  I agree…software doesn’t matter either…what matters is learning the skills of mixed media narrative…
 14:25:34 Peggy George ->  pwoessner is the chair of the PR committee for the K12online conference
 14:26:20 mrsdurff ->  I would agree with mathew here
 14:26:22 matt montagne ->  DV cams are tough to manage in a multi user environment
 14:26:39 Andy McKiel ->  I still love using DV tapes… but waiting for importing can be time-consuming
 14:26:40 matt montagne ->  tape cameras, with all their moving parts, get pretty beat up
 14:26:45 mrsdurff ->  hi doug
 14:26:56 ds ->  Hi Lisa, and all
 14:26:56 Peggy George ->  I find it really easy to use the miniDV!
 14:27:00 Cathyjo in SC ->  I stll prefer dv tape cams too
 14:27:07 matt montagne ->  the sanyo xacti is pretty awesome (we have 2 of their HD cams)
 14:27:13 Peggy George ->  miniDV works great with live streaming too
 14:27:25 Cathyjo in SC ->  @Peggy yes
 14:27:30 courosa ->  these are the same principles we follow at the U
 14:27:34 Peggy George ->  I always record on tape too so I have a backup to the live stream
 14:27:34 Sue L. ->  used to use DV tape but like Cameras with SD cards for the portability
 14:27:41 Lorna ->  I had a problem of taping over previous work
 14:27:57 Cathyjo in SC ->  as u tape, film degrades
 14:28:51 Peggy George ->  another great piece of advice–listent to your own advice πŸ™‚
 14:28:58 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  Hi Marlene
 14:29:13 Andy McKiel ->  I love how you modelled what you were discussing through your own video production
 14:29:28 Mathew Needleman ->  http://www.needleworkspictures.com/ocr/blog/?p=407
 14:29:29 susanvg ->  deconstruct to construct
 14:29:30 marlene.weaver ->  Hi, Dorie
 14:29:32 Peggy George ->  how do you find those movie clips??
 14:29:35 jackiegerstein ->  That’s like presenters saying that they listen to their students ideas and suggestions and don’t include the students in their presentations
 14:29:48 Paula Naugle ->  Mathew, how do you get the grid on your movie?
 14:29:50 Peggy George ->  how did you create your video? planning process
 14:30:26 roxanne ->  midnight cowboy movie clips with permission?
 14:30:42 Peggy George ->  it has been much easier to keep up with the k12online conference when the presentations went to 20 min presentations
 14:30:49 Peggy George ->  first year they were an hour long
 14:31:09 jackiegerstein ->  What was the youtube channel he justed showed?
 14:31:47 Peggy George ->  http://www.youtube.com/user/lifelonglearners
 14:31:54 Mathew Needleman ->  http://www.needleworkspictures.com/ocr/blog/?p=407
 14:32:04 Lorna ->  http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=329
 14:32:16 Peggy George ->  funny!!!
 14:32:38 Peggy George ->  oh great idea!! a google alert for the presentations!
 14:32:40 Cathyjo in SC ->  Google Alerts ROCK!
 14:32:59 Cathyjo in SC ->  I have my college aged kids AND their usernames as a google alert
 14:33:04 Paula Naugle ->  I too have a Google alert for my name.
 14:33:07 Cathyjo in SC ->  makes it ez to keep up with them
 14:33:15 jackiegerstein ->  Wow I have "Mr Winkle Wakes" on one of my blogs – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm1sCsl2MQY&feature=channel_page didn’t know it was Mathew’s !
 14:33:48 matt montagne ->  that door scene project from AFI is a great one
 14:34:01 Cathyjo in SC ->  @Durff good to hear your voice! It’s been a while, no?
 14:34:16 Peggy George ->  in the real world πŸ™‚ vimeo is a great tip for classrooms!
 14:34:16 JoseRodriguez ->  yep.. vimeo.. is pretty cool
 14:34:17 mrsdurff ->  as opposecd to the fake world
 14:34:21 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  yes, @matt montagne, great resource
 14:34:25 shanda ->  school tube is pretty good
 14:34:29 matt montagne ->  blip.tv is decent as well, but some times flaky
 14:34:32 Lorna ->  there is a windows version of directors board
 14:34:38 jackiegerstein ->  LOL @durff
 14:34:51 mrsdurff ->  lol
 14:34:56 matt montagne ->  but matthew is right, youtube is great if you want authenticity
 14:35:14 susanvg ->   some school boards here blog streaming during school hours
 14:35:28 matt montagne ->  try to give assignments where students have to tell a story without including video of people…then you can post to youtube with fewer privacy issues
 14:35:56 Peggy George ->  good point Matt!
 14:36:06 susanvg ->  @matt montagne – good idea
 14:36:23 JoseRodriguez ->  there you go..
 14:36:24 Peggy George ->  fair use doctrine is so important to understand!
 14:36:27 JoseRodriguez ->  well said
 14:36:37 Peggy George ->  πŸ™‚
 14:36:39 Andy McKiel ->  πŸ™‚
 14:36:48 matt montagne ->  LOL Matthew!!!!
 14:36:58 Paula Naugle ->  lol
 14:37:00 jackiegerstein ->  I believe that this generation is going to change our ideas of copyright and fair use
 14:37:02 Peggy George ->  it only takes one person to notice πŸ™‚
 14:37:03 Andy McKiel ->  Clustrmaps
 14:37:09 Lorna ->  they will now after such a good presentation
 14:37:12 roxanne ->  thanks for sharing that with us
 14:37:41 roxanne ->  At conferences we see clips everywhere and no one even mentions fair use and education
 14:37:43 Paula Naugle ->  I like that we have fair use for educational purposes.
 14:37:49 susanvg ->  unfortunately copyright different in Canada
 14:38:01 sr ->  I am being paged. Sorry I have to leave
 14:38:10 roxanne ->  as educators we are often setting poor examples
 14:38:10 Paula Naugle ->  Bye sr.
 14:38:11 courosa ->  yea, Canada’s fair dealing is actually worse than fair use
 14:38:24 Peggy George ->  fair use is so much more important than charts with specific criteria–we have more freedom than we take advantage of as educators
 14:39:07 Peggy George ->  vidsnacks with Tim Holt on Ning is a good resource
 14:39:08 Paula Naugle ->  Love the guy that made the Disney video to showcase fair use copyright issues.
 14:39:27 Peggy George ->  yes Paula-that Disney video is excellent!
 14:39:32 Paula Naugle ->  Sorry he used Disney clips to make the video.
 14:39:48 matt montagne ->  youtube is the place to go, I agree
 14:39:56 Peggy George ->  http://vidsnacks.ning.com/
 14:40:19 Peggy George ->  thanks JL!
 14:40:30 matt montagne ->  good point, Durff…afi is great resource
 14:40:45 courosa ->  @matt yes, i especially like afi
 14:40:50 Peggy George ->  transition time πŸ™‚
 14:40:59 Lorna ->  Thanks again Matt
 14:41:03 matt montagne ->  bravo Matt!!!
 14:41:03 Andy McKiel ->  Thanks a lot, Matt – awesome video!
 14:41:04 roxanne ->  thanks matt
 14:41:17 jackiegerstein ->  πŸ˜€
 14:41:30 Mathew Needleman ->  Thank you everyone.  Great fun watching with you.
 14:41:46 Mathew Needleman ->  http://www.videointheclassroom.com  subscribe to blog there
 14:41:56 roxanne ->  can you please include those links for Matt?
 14:41:58 Peggy George ->  great job Durff!! wonderful highlights of Mathew!
 14:42:13 Paula Naugle ->  Link for the copyright video that uses Disney clips http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJn_jC4FNDo
 14:42:16 Peggy George ->  it’s all true Mathew!!
 14:42:31 Paula Naugle ->  Thank you, Mathew.
 14:42:35 courosa ->  Thanks Matt, great stuff!
 14:42:36 Dorie Glynn (doriedance) ->  Thanks!
 14:42:38 Peggy George ->  thank you so much Mathew!!
 14:42:40 susanvg ->  It’s been really great to hear you!
 14:42:48 Robert ->  Thanks
 14:42:56 marlene.weaver ->  Thank you, Matt. This has been very helpful!
 14:43:02 Peggy George ->  wait Jose!!
 14:43:08 Cathyjo in SC ->  Thanks Matt
 14:43:21 courosa ->  haha
 14:43:27 courosa ->  you can censor me later
 14:43:39 Mathew Needleman ->  Thanks everyone. 

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