Making Connections # 37

So sorry it has taken me so long to post this audio.  Real life keeps getting in the way.

This show came to be as a result of me wanting to automate our lunch count proceedure.  I wanted to know the best way to use Google Spreadsheet/Forms to make it happen.  Once again, Jen Wagner came to the rescue along with Mark Samberg and his great ideas.  

Thanks for a great learning experience!


 18:58:29  dgoodman – whats our topic tonight
 19:00:02  Cathy E – Jen Wagner is going to explain google spreadsheet with survey
 19:00:12  dgoodman – cool
 19:01:15  dgoodman – how’s everyones school year been
 19:01:57  mark samberg – Great!
 19:02:14  dgoodman – its been busy here for sure
 19:02:27  dgoodman – hi shelia
 19:02:34  sheila – Hi all!
 19:03:33  sheila – No stream yet, right?
 19:04:22  dgoodman – not getting any sound here
 19:05:10  Cathy E – Streaming on UStream
 19:05:52  sheila – thanks will be back after refreshing page.
 19:06:05  Heinrichka – Evening, everyone!
 19:06:26  dgoodman – evening, heinrichka
 19:07:30  dgoodman – is everyone hearing sound
 19:07:56  Cathy E –
 19:08:03  PeggyG – no sound for me yet but I’m waiting for iTunes to catch up
 19:08:31  sheila – I don’t see a stream any where.
 19:08:40  PeggyG – is it ETT A?
 19:08:59  Cathy E –
 19:09:05  JenWagner – hello room
 19:09:09  Cathy E – then you can listen to the UStream
 19:09:14  sheila – Hi Jen
 19:09:20  dgoodman – hi jen
 19:09:28  JenWagner – hi sheila and dgoodman!!!
 19:09:40  PeggyG – hi everyone
 19:09:44  sheila – UStream says off line for me ..
 19:10:03  JenWagner – hey PeggyG
 19:10:11  JenWagner – we are restarting the sound
 19:10:18  JenWagner – can you hear us now
 19:10:45  PeggyG – still no audio and there doesn’t seem to be a ustream-where did it go?
 19:10:47  dgoodman – not hearing anything here
 19:11:20  PeggyG – Hi Jen-did you get my email in the last half hour?
 19:11:42  JenWagner – yes ma’am
 19:11:50  Cathy E – refresh the page and see what happens
 19:11:56  PeggyG – great-can’t wait to hear Sharon on WOW2 tonight!
 19:11:59  JenWagner – I love that you are wearing the WOW2 shirt
 19:12:04  JenWagner – and yes, you should retweet
 19:12:08  PeggyG – but of course!!!
 19:12:12  sheila – Still says offline for me . . .
 19:12:35  dgoodman – refreshed and still no sound
 19:12:38  JenWagner – okay   third time is the charm
 19:13:07  dgoodman – 3rd time is always a charm
 19:13:23  JenWagner – 30 seconds and you should hear us
 19:13:29  JenWagner – EdTechTalk A
 19:13:31  PeggyG – still no audio for me-refreshed but may have to log out & back in??
 19:13:48  PeggyG – yeah! audio!!!
 19:13:53  JenWagner – yes!!!
 19:14:04  dgoodman – I have sound now…yea
 19:14:05  JenWagner – can you stil hear??
 19:14:12  JenWagner – remember it is a 30 second delay
 19:14:15  JenWagner – 🙂
 19:14:21  PeggyG – I’m getting it on ETT A now-now ustream.
 19:14:23  JenWagner – sometimes it is   🙂
 19:14:27  sheila – Success!
 19:14:42  PeggyG – just can’t find the ustream but that’s ok-I can hear 🙂
 19:15:01  dgoodman – yea Jennifer
 19:15:13  PeggyG – Big night tonight Jen-glad you’re here-tell it again
 19:15:23  sheila – Pretend I didn’t hear the first 2 times Jen . . .
 19:16:10  Cathy E –
 19:17:29  PeggyG – oh, lunch count on Google forms-what an awesome idea!
 19:17:45  Heinrichka – Great idea!!!!
 19:18:35  dgoodman – good to know
 19:20:11  Heinrichka – Yep
 19:20:14  Heinrichka – Four
 19:21:32  PeggyG – grilled cheese sandwiches 🙂
 19:21:43  Heinrichka – Juice or milk, cathy 🙂
 19:22:17  PeggyG – just heard a student webcast on coggins blog today-lunch menu was biscuits & grits- made me smile 🙂
 19:22:49  PeggyG – You’re doing a great job of describing it even without the visual
 19:23:10  JenWagner –
 19:24:17  PeggyG – see it 🙂
 19:24:38  JenWagner –
 19:24:56  PeggyG – and all of the results will show up as they are entered right on the spreadsheet 🙂
 19:25:06  dgoodman – is anyone trying this out on google as jen shares
 19:25:10  Heinrichka – So it totals in real time for the cafe manager?
 19:25:13  sheila – yes
 19:25:23  dgoodman – did you see a code
 19:25:36  dgoodman – I did not after choosing share
 19:26:20  PeggyG – probably only Jen gets the code as the creator??
 19:27:05  dgoodman – I was trying to create one as she was sharing and did not get a code when I hit share
 19:27:08  sheila – New profession – short order cook!
 19:28:17  Heinrichka – Saves time on both ends of the count!
 19:29:45  PeggyG – this is one very simple example of form I created to help a teacher friend.
 19:30:04  sheila – This is very helpful! I’m thinking of doing this at our school!
 19:30:32  PeggyG – If you scroll down on my survey you can see the results
 19:30:50  dgoodman – ok….with you now
 19:31:20  JenWagner – here is the image
 19:31:21  JenWagner –
 19:31:26  JenWagner – if you wish to see what we are looking at
 19:32:02  sheila – We have a main lunch then an alternative and salad bar.
 19:32:25  PeggyG – it sounds like it would be more consistent if you enter the choices
 19:32:54  sheila – I’m liking this!
 19:34:06  PeggyG – I think Google is good enough for that but it’s down sometimes–not long
 19:34:37  PeggyG – you can always download and save the results in spreadsheet form
 19:35:45  Cathy E –
 19:36:05  PeggyG – don’t teachers have to have the ability to edit to add their information?
 19:36:42  Heinrichka – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉
 19:36:45  PeggyG – it was just a quicky example of the power of Google forms for a PD survey
 19:37:17  sheila – Chat option!
 19:37:27  PeggyG – Yes and you can add comments on the sheet
 19:38:23  PeggyG – did you notice on my survey results that technology PD cam up for almost everyone? 🙂
 19:38:49  PeggyG – you can also post it on a Google website
 19:39:17  Heinrichka – Christopher ;_0
 19:39:52  PeggyG – once you have the template created it would be easy to change the menu choices
 19:40:19  PeggyG – LOL-I was a principal and I didn’t "eat" in the cafeteria either 🙂
 19:40:25  Heinrichka – He’s our partner in the news show! COOOL kid!
 19:41:00  Heinrichka – Ohh….the choices do repeat….
 19:41:05  PeggyG – too many choices for a drop down menu
 19:41:22  Cathy E – cevanoff
 19:41:31  Heinrichka – CE — Asisstants….since they no longer do attendance ????
 19:42:07  JenWagner – Yes, Peggy — Just trying to think of how NOT to invent the wheel EACH day
 19:42:19  PeggyG – anything you want to survey-any of the graphing activities that primary students do could be done on this form with the teacher entering the info if students can’t all be on computers
 19:42:40  mark samberg – Where did everybody go?
 19:42:54  JenWagner – poof — hmmmmm what happened
 19:43:07  JenWagner – Yes, Mark is talking — was talking about height charts —
 19:43:08  Heinrichka – Skype + stream = oops LOL!
 19:43:10  JenWagner – did you hear that??
 19:43:17  PeggyG – charts/graphs of riders/walkers, favorite anything, pets, really anything you could graph
 19:43:25  JenWagner – Yes!!
 19:43:41  PeggyG – can only hear Cathy
 19:43:45  dgoodman – terrible sound on this end…almost like outside crickets
 19:43:50  JenWagner – We did on one is your class going to the dogs
 19:43:58  JenWagner – and did a PET survey
 19:44:01  dgoodman – can only hear cathy
 19:44:03  PeggyG – loud hum may be from someone on internal mic-computer sounds
 19:44:07  JenWagner – yep —
 19:44:20  JenWagner – Mark is talking in 30 seconds   🙂
 19:44:26  JenWagner – let us know if you can hear himj
 19:44:27  JenWagner – him
 19:44:29  PeggyG – can hear Jen now
 19:44:33  PeggyG – now Mark
 19:44:37  JenWagner – good  thank you!!!
 19:44:41  Heinrichka – I’ve got skype sound, too
 19:45:40  PeggyG – you could get Prof Devel choices/preferences for teacher work days
 19:46:02  sheila – I’ve done the birthday thing with my class. It’s usually around 21, right?
 19:46:07  PeggyG – favorite books
 19:46:17  mark samberg – @sheila Yes
 19:46:28  PeggyG – places students have been in the world
 19:46:45  Heinrichka – Birth cities
 19:47:00  sheila – welcome back to school. What did you do this summer?
 19:47:01  PeggyG – Jen you should do a survey for all of your online projects to find out favorites
 19:47:16  dgoodman – good idea peggy
 19:47:23  PeggyG – pre-plug is good!
 19:47:34  sheila – Hi Mary!
 19:47:53  dgoodman – i also like the summer survey
 19:47:55  sheila – We are working with forms with google forms
 19:48:07  dgoodman – hi mary
 19:48:08  sheila – @ Mary can you hear it?
 19:48:39  sheila – You can type on the bottom of this box in the yellow area
 19:48:46  PeggyG – just reinforcing your comment about give you a pre-plug
 19:49:01  sheila – Mary is a teacher at my school, I believe . .
 19:49:21  PeggyG – Yes, we should start a wiki for sharing examples (like the Voicethread wiki with tons of examples)
 19:49:53  PeggyG – teachers will use it if it makes their lives easier
 19:51:21  PeggyG – great example, Jen. If it helps them do something they are already doing they will see the value and won’t view it as an add-on
 19:52:25  mary – Yes, Sheila I can hear you.
 19:52:32  PeggyG – they also have to trust that the technology will work when they need it–if it fails them a few times they decide it’s not worth it
 19:52:32  sheila – @Mary – Success!
 19:52:57  sheila – @Mary, there is a 30 second delay.
 19:54:18  PeggyG – Yes, it needs to be accessible and convenient
 19:54:47  dgoodman – and support when they need it
 19:55:50  PeggyG – one of my tech friends just did a presentation on how to present technology to teachers-click on workshops and "What Did I Sign Up For"-great advice – audio with PPT or video
 19:56:26  PeggyG – the engagement value is such an important point
 19:56:35  sheila – @mary – if you click on the link, it will pop up in the browser.
 19:56:48  PeggyG – interaction is the key–technology isn’t always used interactively
 19:57:11  sheila – Imagine what we will learn tomorrow!
 19:57:12  PeggyG – Yes Cathy! one person at a time!
 19:57:36  PeggyG – Invite Mark back again to share some more!
 19:58:28  PeggyG – great plan Cathy! Keep us posted on how it goes 🙂
 19:59:03  dgoodman – if anyone can pull it off, Cathy can
 19:59:21  sheila – Can you have the calendar on the top with choices that are numbered? Then have the form below with choices #1-4.
 19:59:33  PeggyG – Oh that’s a fantastic idea to use your student to enter the choices 🙂
 19:59:52  JenWagner – Thank you Sheila — I was trying to think of how to explain it too
 20:00:00  sheila – @Mary – I sent you an email with my lunch count test form.
 20:00:07  PeggyG – Good idea Sheila-that sounds like it might work!
 20:00:10  sheila – Hi Brian
 20:00:18  brian.wehner – Howdy.
 20:00:31  PeggyG – Hi Brian
 20:00:34  dgoodman – Thanks Jen
 20:00:42  JenWagner – Peggy — se you in 1 hour
 20:00:43  JenWagner – 🙂
 20:00:49  PeggyG – Very stimulating conversation-thanks!!
 20:00:52  JenWagner – just time to eat — relax a bit
 20:00:54  JenWagner – and then WOW2
 20:00:59  JenWagner – 🙂
 20:01:03  PeggyG – Yes, come to WOW2!!
 20:01:06  sheila – This was very helpful! Thanks!
 20:01:18  sheila – See you all in an hour!
 20:01:20  dgoodman – oh that was real bugs
 20:01:24  PeggyG – crickets?? 🙂
 20:01:26  Cathy E – Oh I did not realze you are doing WOW2 tongiht
 20:01:27  dgoodman – bye
 20:01:30  sheila – bye
 20:01:32  PeggyG – bye

forms, google

Making Connections #34

What web tools does every teacher need? 


19:00:27  sheila A – Hi
19:00:39  Cathy E – can we skype you
19:01:07  sheila A – ok
19:02:40  kingre – I don’t hear anything!
19:03:24  ballardfr – I don’t either
19:04:12  dougsymington – hi all
19:04:44  dougsymington – don’t have voice capabilities at present, but listening on stream
19:04:52  Cathy E – sorry
19:06:55  dgoodman – hello everyone
19:07:04  dougsymington – hello
19:07:38  dgoodman – hi cathy
19:07:52  dgoodman – fell off the face of the earth, so to speak
19:09:04  dgoodman – just need a google account not gmail
19:09:36  sheila A – @dgoodman – that’s what I thought too
19:09:40  dgoodman – voicethread, social bookmarking, google docs, wiki and blogs
19:09:43  dougsymington – gmail spam filters have allowed me to use accounts that had been useless due to spam
19:10:10  dougsymington – I have 5 email accounts that come in through Gmail–helps manage the deluge
19:10:18  dgoodman – our middle and high school students really need to know about diigo
19:10:35  dgoodman – yes, sunshine
19:10:38  dgoodman – sure
19:12:46  mrsdurff – hey!
19:12:50  dgoodman – hi durf
19:12:55  sheila A – Hi!
19:13:04  dougsymington – @mrsdurff "in the house"
19:13:46  mrsdurff – we could say mr symington in the house
19:13:57  mrsdurff – please don
19:14:19  mrsdurff – my mic somehow doesn’t work but earing does
19:14:41  mrsdurff – this is the last USB with any sound at all
19:14:44  Cathy E – please list your top 3 web 2.0 tools
19:14:47  mrsdurff – hi!
19:15:15  dougsymington – this is perhaps a bit more "advanced" than beginner tool
19:15:25  mrsdurff – favs: Google Reader, twitter, classblogmeister
19:15:29  helenotway – Hi all
19:15:32  dougsymington – but I keep coming back to twemes
19:15:34  etalbert – Hi all!
19:15:39  mrsdurff – hi
19:15:43  dougsymington – Hi
19:15:57  etalbert – google-all apps,, slideshare
19:16:04  mrsdurff – i like wikispaces best
19:16:07  dougsymington –
19:16:09  mrsdurff – wetpaint?
19:16:22  dougsymington – haven’t used wetpaint, but many like it
19:16:38  mrsdurff – it’s confusing to me
19:16:40  dougsymington – keep coming back to wikispaces, myself
19:16:42  etalbert – Hard to do 3, since they have different purposes
19:16:43  dgoodman – have seen wetpaint, seems to be user friendly
19:16:54  mrsdurff – yes i like wikispaces
19:17:24  dougsymington – VoiceThread is another one that powerful, and relatively easy to use
19:17:27  dgoodman – photo shring sites are great to use as well – ovi
19:17:27  etalbert – If I did another wiki, I’d try wetpaint
19:17:30  mrsdurff – yes
19:17:41  dgoodman – @etalbert  I agree
19:17:47  mrsdurff – wetpaint is confusing
19:17:53  mrsdurff – hi jpecke
19:18:01  jepcke – Hi Durff!
19:18:25  jepcke – Who’s the guest tonight?
19:18:26  etalbert – Photo sharing – I use picasa – it’s google again!
19:18:34  dgoodman – twitter and edtechtalk has become my prof dev of the time
19:18:38  dougsymington – all great tools–we forget that FF an Skype are new to so many
19:18:50  dgoodman – yes tey are doug
19:18:51  etalbert – To get it all going – Firefox for browsing.
19:19:27  jepcke – We have FF on all computers, but students have to use Safari due to our proxy server easier to filter
19:19:31  etalbert – Now Twitter, but only because of a google gadget!
19:19:31  dgoodman – network is sooooo important
19:19:48  sheila A – @dgoodman – I rely on twitter and edtechtalk now too.
19:20:05  etalbert – Yep, filtering, now that’s a vexed question!
19:20:55  etalbert – I like diigo groups too.
19:20:59  dgoodman – good bedside manners are important with your tech folks
19:21:29  dgoodman – and your secretary
19:21:39  jepcke – and your custodian
19:21:43  etalbert – Who has a secretary?
19:21:59  dgoodman – school secretary…
19:22:32  etalbert – We use admin. staff.
19:22:54  jepcke – Oh I love Scratch!
19:23:38  dgoodman – 21classes is like that too
19:23:57  jepcke – What’s 21classes?
19:23:58  etalbert – Wordle has some interesting possibilities.
19:25:31  mrsdurff – hi mjsamberg
19:25:47  mjsamberg – Hi!
19:25:51  etalbert – What will happen with all this "intelligent chat"?
19:26:03  dougsymington – it will be archived
19:26:04  mrsdurff – it is archived
19:26:08  dougsymington – and posted with audio
19:26:13  dougsymington – hi Ben
19:26:17  mrsdurff – so anyone can view it later
19:26:21  mrsdurff – hi ben
19:26:29  Ben Hazzard – hi folks
19:26:38  Ben Hazzard – Just back from dinner!
19:26:46  Cathy E – Hello Ben
19:26:49  dgoodman –
19:26:57  dougsymington – excellent, welcome
19:27:01  dgoodman – hi ben and mark
19:27:05  etalbert – Sorry, I am new to this, view latter, for PL?
19:27:22  Ben Hazzard – Doug, Cathy, MrsDurff, dgoodman, et al… it is great to join you!
19:27:39  dgoodman – did we loose sound or is it me
19:27:50  dougsymington – still on here
19:27:53  mrsdurff – yes etalbert
19:28:04  kingre – I do not have sound
19:28:12  dgoodman – sound is very weak
19:28:19  mrsdurff – click on ETT A
19:28:21  dgoodman – that’s ok
19:28:24  mrsdurff – black icon
19:28:26  dougsymington – click on the icons on the rigt side of this page
19:28:37  dougsymington – for stream
19:28:54  dgoodman – nice and loud

19:29:07  mrsdurff – there is a beta version?
19:29:16  dgoodman – wow, gotta try that
19:29:27  mrsdurff – I have 3.8
19:29:28  dougsymington – @Cathy hey, I resemble that comment
19:29:31  Ben Hazzard – loving the forms
19:29:40  mrsdurff – you resemble?
19:29:46  mrsdurff – or ?
19:29:57  dougsymington – click once, an then r-click to add to conference
19:29:58  mrsdurff – resent?
19:30:00  dougsymington – I think
19:30:11  Ben Hazzard – using google spreadsheets  with form embedded in a webpage to take RSVPs for my inlaws anniversary
19:30:14  dougsymington – oh no, it’s resemble 🙂
19:30:23  mrsdurff – i think there i am disruptive
19:30:27  dgoodman – maybe mark can demo that for us
19:30:40  Cathy E –
19:30:46  Ben Hazzard – Also great for collecting open ended response
19:31:01  etalbert – 21classes looks interesting!
19:31:08  Ben Hazzard – Too kind
19:31:20  Ben Hazzard – thanks!
19:31:35  Ben Hazzard – not true… we get multiple takes!
19:31:39  etalbert – Finally got sound! This is pretty cool!
19:32:12  dgoodman – is it frieda making a list
19:32:42  ballardfr – yes
19:32:45  kingre – Yes……Freda is making tthe list
19:33:02  dgoodman – You are welcome to use my wiki I created for a conf   –
19:33:14  ballardfr – great, thanks
19:33:34  dgoodman – I met her cathy – she attended the Geocaching training
19:33:37  dougsymington – Cheryl Oakes had a great post today about UDL as well
19:33:41  dougsymington – brb with a link
19:33:59  dgoodman – I agree with cathy
19:34:07  mrsdurff – food? did someone mention food?
19:34:34  mrsdurff – i’ll take the vegan portion please
19:34:50  dougsymington –
19:34:58  dgoodman – I think with any project-create a rubric so students know exactly what is expected and then grade accordingly
19:35:31  dgoodman – fizz is great – just joined today
19:35:31  mrsdurff – on blogs – have them write blogs, and grade online
19:35:53  jepcke – @dgoodman That is very important for the teacher too. Many don’t know what they expect fromt he kids with regard to tech projects
19:35:54  etalbert – Wiki study guides – sounds good!
19:36:03  dgoodman – we are having someone in in a couple weeks to do training and then well have our own environemnt
19:36:20  mrsdurff – for audio podcasts – have them create according to rubric and have them grade each other’s work
19:36:33  mjsamberg –
19:37:08  dgoodman – getting students use to reflective writing is great -will pay off as they get to higher grades – blogs are great for this
19:37:27  dgoodman – having srudents to respond to blogs first before writing their own
19:37:54  etalbert – Good point about wikis.
19:38:20  dgoodman – it has certainly made me look at roadkill in a diff light
19:38:43  dgoodman – dont you try to identify it
19:38:43  mrsdurff – roadkill? gross!
19:38:47  etalbert – Roadkill?
19:38:53  mrsdurff – yuckoo!
19:38:54  sheila A –
19:39:01  mrsdurff – not me thanks
19:39:12  dgoodman – h come on durf
19:39:16  sheila A – high roadkill # indicates # population
19:39:22  mjsamberg – Fizz sample sites:,,
19:40:22  dgoodman – @mark  first two links didn’t work
19:40:35  Ben Hazzard – Did you discuss the 3 things that are web 2.0 (and popular) that should not be shared with newbies?
19:40:53  mrsdurff – hi mjsamberg
19:40:56  mjsamberg – @deborah – they worked OK for me. and
19:40:59  jepcke – @ben Really good idea!
19:41:07  etalbert – Newbie kids or newbie teachers?
19:41:26  Ben Hazzard – Newbie teachers (I think) but both would be appropriate…
19:41:35  dgoodman – its very busy for newnies
19:41:36  mrsdurff – i use jott for that
19:41:37  jepcke – @ben What are you’re 3?
19:41:52  mrsdurff – on speed dial on the cell phone
19:41:53  Ben Hazzard – Twitter
19:41:58  mrsdurff – yup
19:41:59  dgoodman – links worked that time mark
19:42:03  dougsymington – funny
19:42:05  etalbert – It is the purpose not the tool.
19:42:06  mrsdurff – yes
19:42:23  dougsymington – was going to say the same thing–yes, Twitter has a tendancy to overwhelm
19:42:40  etalbert – I wouldn’t pick Twitter first for any teacher.
19:43:08  Ben Hazzard – microblogging sites, animoto, wikis/blogs
19:43:11  dgoodman – so many people tell me that they just dont get twitter but after they get more comfy with web 2.o in general they go bacl and look and get it
19:43:36  sheila A – That was me Deborah!
19:43:42  Ben Hazzard – microblogging = too confusing and don’t know the noise to vitamin ratio is too small
19:43:48  etalbert – I like twitter if we tweet mostly about professional matters.
19:44:02  dgoodman – its al in who you follow
19:44:04  Ben Hazzard – animoto – cool but shiny and not as well understood
19:44:06  dougsymington – Twitter makes perfect sense the first time you use it to find an answer to a particular question
19:44:21  etalbert – I wold start teachers with an igoogle page and go from there.
19:44:50  Ben Hazzard – blogging and wikis – without a good idea of the possibilities it is not going to take hold
19:44:59  dgoodman – same as you cathy
19:45:25  etalbert – This is definately where web filtering policies come in.
19:45:40  Ben Hazzard – My question when picking what people should do first: what do they already do in real life?
19:45:53  etalbert – A lot of what we are mentioning are blocked in my state in Oz.
19:45:58  dgoodman – gotta check out animoto more closely – have heard it mentioned quite a bit lately
19:46:13  Ben Hazzard – Do they have a digital camera? Then picasa, Flickr!
19:46:23  dgoodman – how about flip video camera
19:46:36  mjsamberg – What about the flip?
19:46:44  jepcke – Don’t think I’d show a newbie Second Life.
19:46:45  mjsamberg – Really cool piece of hardware.
19:46:49  mjsamberg – No.
19:46:58  dgoodman – no no no second life for newbie
19:47:15  etalbert – Media creation and sharing appeals to teachers and kids.
19:47:23  dgoodman – @mark loving the flip
19:47:25  Ben Hazzard – jepcke – excellent! stay away from SL… back up from the mouse!
19:47:33  jepcke – We are having great success with newbies and Moodle
19:47:41  etalbert – moodle is becoming popular here too.
19:47:43  jepcke – Newbies to tech that its
19:47:44  Ben Hazzard – loving the flip as well
19:47:45  mjsamberg – A few tools – I worry sometimes that we overwhelm teachers by showing them a ton of tools so that they dont’ know where to start.
19:47:51  jepcke – and we have an inhouse Moodle expert
19:48:00  dgoodman – @mark  I agree
19:48:34  etalbert – Identify the purpose and learning need and then pick tool, product etc
19:48:38  dgoodman – highlight a few at a time-show real application o the tool and then move on
19:48:48  Ben Hazzard – @mjsanberg – a multitude of options does not overcome knowing the professionals we work with.  INstead of rapid fire do the more individualized approach
19:49:05  jepcke – show them a site/tool that will help them solve a problem
19:49:16  mjsamberg – I’m going to do new teacher training differently – separate them by discipline and grade level to work with them in a less general setting.
19:49:30  Ben Hazzard – As what do you want to know?  What do tools do you use in your personal life?
19:49:32  jepcke – differentiate for techers too
19:49:46  Ben Hazzard – amen jepcke
19:50:00  etalbert – Yes, relevance to teaching subject is important.
19:50:17  jepcke – many mid-range tech users get turned off when things are always so basic
19:50:37  jepcke – and the hig-end users just check out
19:51:03  etalbert – The late majority need coaxing! What’s in it for me!
19:51:03  sheila A – Years ago, we used a rubric for our technology skills. Is there anything out there that has Web 2.0 concepts on rubric/continuum
19:51:10  jepcke – Some teachers think I’ve taught with it for so many years so I don’t need it now
19:51:14  sheila A – for staff
19:51:21  dgoodman – good discussion as usual -thanks cathy
19:51:26  jepcke – @etalbert Very true
19:51:36  dgoodman – Intel has a datbase of rubrics for blogs, wikis, etc
19:51:47  dgoodman – its been great
19:51:59  mrsdurff – I did nothing
19:52:06  mrsdurff – but it was fun
19:52:11  sheila A – Thanks!
19:52:20  jepcke – @durff your presence is always reassuring
19:52:27  mrsdurff – coolcatteacher has good rubrics
19:52:31  kingre – Thanks Cathy!
19:52:44  ballardfr – Thanks everyone!
19:52:49  Ben Hazzard – Thanks!
19:52:53  sheila A – thanks for the rubric leads!
19:52:54  etalbert – Bye all!
19:53:01  mrsdurff – i was trying to re-attach a resume to an email
19:58:46  dgoodman – I heard about that at NECC
19:59:46  mrsdurff – audio gone – anyone else or just me?
20:00:03  dgoodman – i still hear
20:00:29  dgoodman – i think teachers teaching teachers discuss that last week
20:00:34  mrsdurff – then i need a browser restart-thanks
20:01:01  dgoodman – i am
20:01:03  Cathy E –[email protected]/sets/72157605880686325/
20:01:45  dgoodman – he is a great presenter

cathyevanoff, makingconnections

Making Connections #33

We’re back!  Welcome to the new folks! And of course, welcome to those that contiune to hang with me!  Tonight was a trail to see if I really could stay connected.  Hope to see everybody next week.


 19:00:13  nhall  -EdTechTalk: Can you tell me if this is the chat room for Making Connections?
 19:03:55  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: lots of static–sounds like you’re working on it 🙂
 19:06:26  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: That’s coming through much more clearly now 🙂
 19:06:53  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Are you planning to talk about Voicethread today?
 19:09:29  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: sorry my firefox just crashed
 19:09:39  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: Peggy can I skype you in
 19:10:08  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I don’t have my headset plugged in and would have to restart. Can I type?
 19:11:46  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: of course
 19:12:40  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Hi Nicole!
 19:12:41  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Sounds awesome-20 computers in a classroom 🙂
 19:13:03  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: are you talking about the Smartboard podcasts?
 19:13:21  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: They are great!
 19:13:54  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Hi all!
 19:14:02  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: Hey Cath!
 19:14:08  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk:
 19:14:09  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: podcast: smartboard lessons  Joan Badger
 19:14:09  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: Skype me 🙂
 19:14:33  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Great smartboard program
 19:14:42  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Just put the link in
 19:14:43  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: B
 19:14:44  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: adg
 19:14:48  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: b
 19:15:01  sheila  -EdTechTalk: I’ve found these shows on ETT have provided most of my PD
 19:15:24  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Commutes are perfect for podcasts 🙂
 19:15:47  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I don’t either but they are fun to listen to!
 19:16:19  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: wii rocks
 19:16:41  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: One of my teacher friends in special ed. made a "fake" smartboard because her kids couldn’t manipulate the tools.
 19:17:01  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: u can use the wii as a smartboard?
 19:17:23  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: She controlled the mouse from her computer as the kids pointed to things on the screen-just a whiteboard where she was projecting her computer. Very creative!
 19:17:40  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: cool
 19:17:49  sheila  -EdTechTalk: nice idea!
 19:18:55  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: time to pick a color 🙂
 19:19:49  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Do you provide re-certification credit hours for your online PD?
 19:19:54  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I am suppose to get an interactive board like   Kathy was talking about.
 19:20:23  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: I would love to add you to the skype conversastion – call me- cevanoff
 19:20:25  sheila  -EdTechTalk: I’m trying to get people to get together this summer just to play with web 2.0 tools.
 19:20:55  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Time is such a challenging issue for teachers. That’s why things like the K12online conference are so valuable because they can watch whenever they have time.
 19:21:30  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: me
 19:22:16  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: I’m hearing you…..but can’t chat in for some reason—-LOVE IT!!
 19:22:21  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: You can earn PD credit through the K12online conference with some followup work besides listening to the webcast. Great opportunity!
 19:22:42  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Hi Maria. Great to see you again.
 19:22:57  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: Hey there!
 19:23:03  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: can we call you Maria
 19:23:10  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: Just back from the beach!
 19:23:20  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: yes cathy I’m ready
 19:23:25  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Good for you! Beach sounds terrific.
 19:23:43  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: Weather has been worse than San Antonio
 19:23:44  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: bsch1964 is becky
 19:23:59  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Some people are already booking hotel rooms!
 19:24:06  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: There are tons of webcasts/podcasts already posted for NECC. Great!
 19:24:19  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: yeah!
 19:24:22  nhall  -EdTechTalk: Hi, I am a grad student at California University…Can someone clue me in on some of the topics discussed in Making Connections?
 19:24:30  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Are you in Raleigh?
 19:24:46  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I do not have skype
 19:25:03  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I will have to buy one
 19:25:20  sheila  -EdTechTalk: buy skype?
 19:25:34  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: you don’t have to buy skype- just create an account
 19:25:34  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk:  These are the NECC webcasts.
 19:25:39  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: hi sheila
 19:25:42  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: thank you
 19:25:46  sheila  -EdTechTalk: It’s a downlowad
 19:25:47  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: are youin the skype call?
 19:25:55  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Hi maria
 19:25:58  sheila  -EdTechTalk: no
 19:26:08  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: Hi Maria! Yes 🙂
 19:26:09  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: you should be
 19:26:14  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I’m coming to NC next week to spend 3 weeks with my daughter in Pittsboro 🙂
 19:26:24  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Do I have to have a microphone?
 19:26:37  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: Peggy – are you in the call – you’re WOW2 star.
 19:26:43  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: Maria- may I skype you
 19:26:52  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: sure
 19:26:56  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: No, Maria. Didn’t have my headset plugged in
 19:27:15  sheila  -EdTechTalk: seacoast in NH
 19:27:17  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I’m in Phoenix AZ
 19:27:20  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: get earbuds and use the built in mic
 19:27:44  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: I’m not too far from sheila – more inland NH
 19:27:50  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Just took them off because I’ve been on them all day and need to get back on for WOW2 soon.
 19:28:53  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: 112 degrees in Phoenix today–what’s it like in NC?
 19:28:58  nhall  -EdTechTalk: Greene County PA
 19:29:12  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I’m Becky an SEBD teacher from Jesup, GA
 19:29:22  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: It’s been about 85 today in the OBX of NC
 19:29:44  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: Goats – wild ones?
 19:29:59  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: @katbowler-sounds nice
 19:30:39  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: When I was there last summer there were thunderstorms almost every afternoon 🙂 Refreshing.
 19:30:40  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: It was nice…hopefully you had the nice dry heat I remember from my visit to Phoenix.
 19:30:44  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: 91 in GA
 19:30:50  sheila  -EdTechTalk: organic lawnmowers?
 19:30:57  sheila  -EdTechTalk: the goats
 19:31:05  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Great story! didn’t know goats could swim 🙂
 19:31:34  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: @sheila-that’s really funny! used to have a donkey that we used to mow our lawn–not very effective
 19:31:54  sheila  -EdTechTalk: free fertilizer too?
 19:32:04  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: LOL!
 19:32:22  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Mark, you should look at the way they have set up online PD for the K12 online conference. They have rubrics, tasks, etc. that are very good.
 19:32:33  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: @sheila – did you see the message from gary stager -room in the conf. at early bird rate
 19:32:58  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @MariaK – yes, still debating. Are you going?
 19:33:11  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: all registered.
 19:33:18  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: please come – sheila!
 19:33:33  sheila  -EdTechTalk: I have to check on the $ part of it with principal
 19:33:35  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: goats
 19:33:39  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Great idea to expand the offerings to other school districts
 19:34:10  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @Mark – what tool will you use for webinars?
 19:34:24  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: That photo is hilarious!
 19:35:13  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @mariaK – was in SL last night. Looked for you . . .
 19:35:19  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: where those goats?
 19:35:25  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Will you provide backchannel chat for your PD?
 19:36:04  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Twiddla is nice for sharing whiteboard, desktop, clickable website, audio, video, etc.
 19:36:21  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: take a cab!
 19:36:58  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @mrsdurff – We made her take a trolley instead of walking a mile in San Antonio!
 19:37:08  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk:
 19:37:24  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: that is better than walking
 19:37:37  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Maria-how did you learn to do all of those amazing streaming things?
 19:37:50  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Bad part of time too!
 19:38:13  sheila  -EdTechTalk: rather town .. .
 19:38:52  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Yeah Abi! Congrats!
 19:38:54  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: That’s really exciting! Woodshole is a fantastic place
 19:39:10  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Dr. Abi 🙂
 19:39:46  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Who ever told me I could download Skpe, thanks!  I have downloaded it. 
 19:40:05  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I don’t know if I want to talk though.
 19:40:18  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: My husband is watching TV
 19:40:21  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: @PeggyG – webcast academy
 19:40:23  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: it’s free to call/chat with any other Skype user
 19:40:24  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Did Abi record that experience with the students? Would love to see it
 19:40:36  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Thanks
 19:40:37  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: and really cheap to call internationally
 19:40:47  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: I doubt that she did – but she’d talk to you too Peggy
 19:40:51  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: We didn’t, did we Cathy? I’d love a copy also if Abi did record it!
 19:40:52  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I can’t wait to start webcast academy-all signed up for the next session
 19:41:03  MariaK  -EdTechTalk: she has amazing things from the deepocean vents!
 19:41:34  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: GoDaddy provides a server for about 7.99 a year
 19:41:36  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: She sure does– the kids LOVED the crushed cups!
 19:41:47  sheila  -EdTechTalk: Have to go back to my other meeting. . . will be in and out.
 19:42:04  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: It really showed how great the pressure is down under near the vents
 19:42:05  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: "Who’s coming to dinner tonight?"
 19:42:23  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: a la Alfred Hitchhock
 19:42:35  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I’m afraid if teachers are involved in the webinars from other districts they won’t feel connected if they can’t participate somehow (like chat)
 19:42:56  sheila  -EdTechTalk: I’m back
 19:43:12  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: We’ve all been adding comments, photos and audio to the wiki to celebrate Vicki on WOW2
 19:43:14  sheila  -EdTechTalk: tell about the keychain
 19:43:23  katbowler  -EdTechTalk: Good point, Peggy….skype is great. We used it last year for guest authors to join our classes on Read Across America Day.
 19:43:32  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Yes, the keychain was definitely a highlight!
 19:43:36  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Vicki is from GA
 19:43:39  nhall  -EdTechTalk: what exactly is webinars?
 19:43:41  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: right
 19:44:00  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Webinars are online presentations
 19:44:19  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: webinars are conferences with usu both a web component and a conference call
 19:44:33  nhall  -EdTechTalk: thank you…sorry I’m kind of lost on the topics being discussed… I apprectiate your help!
 19:44:41  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: DEN does many webinars
 19:44:44  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I keep finding streams and webcasts of things I missed at NECC–wish we could do everything!!!
 19:44:56  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: ustreams are the next step up
 19:45:01  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: @nhall-don’t hesitate to ask questions-it helps everyone!
 19:46:04  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: yes, nhall, ask away
 19:46:09  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: is maria doing butterflies again?
 19:46:12  nhall  -EdTechTalk: thanks!
 19:46:16  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Maria-have you ever tried the Animation-ish software with you KDG students? I got to try it at the Constructivist Celebration and it’s amazing.
 19:46:34  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Jennifer’s online projects are so much fun!
 19:46:44  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: i loved oreos
 19:46:57  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: we got to eat oreos afterwards
 19:47:10  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Jennifer always provides great instructions for her projects and is very welcoming.
 19:47:11  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: and they were on sale too
 19:47:25  sheila  -EdTechTalk: coffee too?
 19:47:30  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: for me
 19:47:34  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: of course
 19:47:35  sheila  -EdTechTalk: yes?
 19:48:05  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Those authentic, real-life projects are so valuable for the kids.
 19:48:58  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I am always so amazed at the quality of the writing of Kathy Cassidy’s first graders as a result of their frequent blogging!
 19:49:12  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk:
 19:49:53  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Kathy’s first grade blog
 19:49:59  nhall  -EdTechTalk: I was actually just introduced to blogging
 19:50:10  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: Is this in Google Earth
 19:50:12  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: @nhall-what grade do you teach?
 19:50:17  nhall  -EdTechTalk: 5th
 19:50:23  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk:
 19:51:00  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: @nhall Are you thinking of trying blogging with your 5th graders?
 19:51:37  sheila  -EdTechTalk: nice!
 19:51:45  nhall  -EdTechTalk: yes… I want to integrate technology as much as possible in my classroom…  I am trying to find new thing to use with the resources I am given!
 19:51:46  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Those shirts are really cool! I’m still deciding which style to buy 🙂
 19:52:13  nhall  -EdTechTalk: do you have any suggestions?
 19:52:21  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @mariaK – tell them about the keychain idea.
 19:52:26  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: A blog for discussing literature/books the kids are reading is a great way to get started.
 19:52:59  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: anyone need the Voicethread link?
 19:53:09  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Come on Maria-tell about the keychain 🙂
 19:53:15  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: thank you
 19:53:30  nhall  -EdTechTalk: thanks…
 19:53:33  Cathy E  -EdTechTalk: yes- druff
 19:53:41  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I will work on using skyp.
 19:53:48  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: here
 19:54:02  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Maggie is such an interesting person to talk with!
 19:54:03  nhall  -EdTechTalk: I am also going to try a virtual field trip with my students this year
 19:54:14  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: where to?
 19:54:33  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: multitasking Maria!!
 19:54:39  nhall  -EdTechTalk: Grand Teton National Park
 19:55:09  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @bsch1964 – if you need practice on skype, I’m kmno4s. Add me as your contact if you want.
 19:55:15  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: search for keychain on the NECC 2008 Ning-many pics
 19:55:21  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: here[email protected]/2620023239/
 19:55:39  sheila  -EdTechTalk: @mrsdurff – you are quick!
 19:55:44  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: 🙂
 19:56:00  nhall  -EdTechTalk: These links are great!
 19:56:15  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: On the WOW2 pocast from NECC that I recorded and posted you can hear Kevin explaining the keychains. It’s an awesome idea.
 19:56:18  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: i had looked for someone else – i just knew how to find it
 19:56:28  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: unfair headstart
 19:56:58  sheila  -EdTechTalk: heading back to my meeting! See you all in an hour?
 19:57:22  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Yes see you at WOW2-bye Sheila
 19:58:16  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: I posted the video of WOW2 on the NECC Ning.
 19:58:20  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: thank you
 19:58:33  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk:
 19:58:34  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: yonder
 19:58:37  nhall  -EdTechTalk: Thank you so much for sharing information with me! I really appreciate it!
 19:58:51  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: You’re welcome! Great to have you join us!
 19:59:03  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: thanks for the link
 19:59:04  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: yes
 19:59:12  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: 9pmEDT
 20:00:15  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Cheryl, Bob and Alice will be keynotes for one of the strands for the K12 online conference 🙂
 20:00:34  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: That sounds like a great conference!
 20:00:41  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: scratch?
 20:00:44  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Alan November’s conference
 20:00:54  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: reading the about the crowds at NECC, I am not anxious to join the fray next year
 20:01:41  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: You’re going to love Constructing Modern Knowledge if it’s anything like the Constructivist Celebration Gary hosted at NECC.
 20:02:09  bsch1964  -EdTechTalk: I will talk next time.
 20:02:12  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Thanks all. It’s been fun. Glad the audio got cleared up so quickly.
 20:02:19  mrsdurff  -EdTechTalk: ciao!
 20:02:24  PeggyG  -EdTechTalk: Bye
 20:02:28  nhall  -EdTechTalk: bye

Making Connections #30


My new house is the house
of my dreams and the view
is unbelievable.  The price you pay for
peace and quiet is…. no connectivity.  I
am begging DSL or cable to run a line, but for now I’m stuck with satellite TV
(which is ok) and satellite Internet (which stinks).

The Wildblue Internet service technician came today to
adjust my satellite to enable better connection speeds.  Still, the download is a tad better than
dial-up and the upload is less than adequate for Skype.  It saddens me to announce that I will be
unable to host Making
on Tuesday nights.  I
would love for someone to take over the show, to keep the communication going so
classroom connections can continue to be created.  Our Tuesday night chats introduced many
teachers to new web 2.0 tools as well as each other.  The connections that have been created are countless.  I thank you all for the opportunity to allow
me to expand my knowledge and increase my network of friends. Don’t forget to
check out the other great conversations happening each week on EdTechTalk.  

Thank you Jeff Lebow, Dave Comier,
and Doug Symmington for the guidance, encouragement, and hand-holding it took
to get me to jump off the webcasting cliff. 
You guys are the best!   You are
providing a service that is needed by all educators, a place to meet, chat, and
learn.  A place where exploring new ideas
with a network of friends is a powerful enriching experience.  Jeff and Dave, I am so proud to say that I was
able to have one small slice of your pie where teachers (and students) made


P.S.  I am not gone forever.  I will still be listening and text

Download mp3 file

Making Connections #29


Brewster Bartlett, a NH high school teacher, shared information about the Road Kill Project that he started. Sheila Adams, a WCA intern, joined us to talk about her involvement in this web based project.


Chat Log


 19:01:41   dgoodman_1958 –  can you hear us
 19:01:48   MariaK –  can you hear the stream
 19:02:19   Cris –  I don’t yet. Has it begun?
 19:02:34   MariaK –  we just started
 19:03:08   dgoodman_1958 –  Can anyone hear the stream
 19:03:28   dgoodman_1958 –  Maria is hosting
 19:03:38   dgoodman_1958 –  Linda, can you hear the stream
 19:03:49   sheila –  Hi brewster
 19:04:06   Linda J –  getting there
 19:04:58   Lisa –  Sheila, Helps to scroll down, I guess. Couldn’t find where to enter the textI have now.
 19:05:09   Linda J –  please send me the link to hear the stream
 19:05:10   sheila –  HI lisa
 19:05:19   Lisa –  hi sheila
 19:05:24   MariaK –  are we streaming
 19:05:38   Cris –  Cris is from Raleigh. Hello!
 19:05:47   Linda J –  skype?
 19:05:57   Cris –  I can hear!
 19:06:06   dgoodman_1958 –  yea
 19:07:03   Lisa –  Which should I click on Talk A or B?
 19:07:06   judi epcke –  loud and clear =)
 19:07:17   judi epcke –  talkA
 19:07:24   MariaK –  hello michelle
 19:07:26   Lisa –  thanks
 19:08:06   sheila –  @Lisa can you hear?
 19:08:12   Lisa –  No
 19:08:32   alicemercer –  I hear on ETTA
 19:08:43   sheila – for some info
 19:09:08   sheila –
 19:09:38   MariaK –  thanks everyone for being here
 19:10:03   MariaK –  We’re talking about the Road Kill Project – science for your students!
 19:10:08   sheila –  @lisa – you will get kicked off but go to the page and click on a media player to hear then log in again.
 19:10:22   mary –  hahahaha
 19:11:00   Lisa –  Now I can hear!
 19:11:06   sheila –  yeah
 19:11:17   dgoodman_1958 –  Great Lisa
 19:11:43   sheila – This was the beginning of the internet when this started.
 19:11:49   dgoodman_1958 –  anyone want to join in the skype call
 19:11:49   MariaK –
 19:11:51   Linda J –  finally…I can hear!!!
 19:12:04   MariaK –  hello Linda
 19:12:08   Linda J –  hi
 19:13:27   alicemercer –  Hey, that would be a great project for twitter?
 19:13:44   dgoodman_1958 –  hi cathy
 19:13:44   Cathy E –  Audio is great
 19:13:52   Cris –  Hi there Cathy
 19:14:17   dgoodman_1958 –
 19:14:23   MariaK –  hey cathy – are you checking up on us
 19:14:26   bsch1964 –  monarch, I would like to hear more about that one day
 19:14:29   Linda J –  Hi!
 19:14:30   MariaK –  hello doug
 19:14:45   dgoodman_1958 –
 19:14:53   dougsymington –  Hi Maria and all
 19:14:56   dgoodman_1958 –  Hi DOug
 19:15:08   bsch1964 –  I have my own monarch butterfly habitat
 19:15:27   MariaK –  we do the monarch thing in the fall here in NH
 19:15:45   bsch1964 –  I have eggs on my plants now!
 19:16:13   dgoodman_1958 –  how about on the bus ride to and from school each day
 19:16:19   alicemercer –  Or pulling data into Many eyes?
 19:16:30   alicemercer –  @dgoodman: Yeah!
 19:16:44   dgoodman_1958 –  lots of dear here
 19:16:45   MariaK –  alice – want to be skyped in to talk about Many eyes?
 19:17:02   dgoodman_1958 –  Id like to hear more about many eyes
 19:18:16   alicemercer –  IN a bit. let’s here more about data collection?
 19:18:20   Cathy E –  I have a 5th grade teacher that will all over this topic
 19:18:26   Linda J –  cool! I love it!
 19:18:57   alicemercer –  Maria, when you need "extension" of discussion, which I don’t think is now.
 19:19:55   MariaK –  right – Brewster and sheila will follow up on that!
 19:19:56   dgoodman_1958 –  are the kids able to identify all the animals they see
 19:20:23   sheila –  My project is posted on
 19:20:56   Lisa –  sheila, can you help, me get started?
 19:21:07   sheila –  sure!
 19:21:49   alicemercer –  What about Dgoodman’s point about having kids do ids on bustrip?
 19:22:09   Linda J –  HA!
 19:22:17   dougsymington –  gotta love the URP
 19:22:21   Lisa –  actually, I remember driving my son phil around looking for roadkill for his class with brewster back in ’96, I think
 19:22:33   sheila –  wow
 19:22:44   Cathy E –  Linda are you hanging with this conversation?
 19:22:56   alicemercer –  Lots of URPs on bus ride
 19:23:04   dgoodman_1958 –  yes alice
 19:23:17   MariaK –  yummy – roadkill pizza
 19:23:26   dgoodman_1958 –  good use of cell phone cameras
 19:23:28   Linda J –  LOL! Only because I am entertained! I’m not going to look!
 19:23:52   dgoodman_1958 –  I like that extension Shelia
 19:24:03   alicemercer –  Dgoodman: I can see using cameras and twitter to send data
 19:24:09   dgoodman_1958 –  yes
 19:24:13   alicemercer –  Or some of form of sms?
 19:24:43   dougsymington –  tags in Flickr would be good too–have to look for URP next time I’m in…
 19:24:47   MariaK –  absolutely – @alicemercer – photos and twitter
 19:24:52   MariaK –  and tags
 19:25:33   sheila –  @Michele, do you want to share what you have the kids do?
 19:26:01   dgoodman_1958 –  hwy versus backroad
 19:26:52   dgoodman_1958 –  good question to discuss-is roadkill ever good
 19:26:56   sheila –  This is a way to monitor amphibians too
 19:27:16   alicemercer –  Who is gentleman talking?
 19:27:24   sheila –  Brewster Bartleet
 19:27:32   sheila –  Oops Bartlett
 19:27:39   MariaK –  nh teacher – hs
 19:27:49   alicemercer –  Would brewster want to incorporate SMS?
 19:27:54   bsch1964 –  What grade does he do this with?
 19:28:05   dougsymington –  wonderful convo, have to run, hope to be back in a bit
 19:28:18   sheila –  He teaches HS, his wife is 6th grade, I am 7th grade
 19:28:48   bsch1964 –  thanks
 19:28:53   sheila –  Hi Tracy
 19:29:05   sheila –  @Tracy, can you hear?
 19:29:10   Linda J –  my 3rd graders would love it
 19:29:11   tsherrill –  great info so far!
 19:29:38   Cathy E –  Great chat room – welcome everyone!
 19:29:46   alicemercer –  Twitter is SMS, text messages that send an email?
 19:29:50   Linda J –  what a way to intro local animal population
 19:29:56   bsch1964 –  I have 3 third graders and 1 K that would like this
 19:30:08   Linda J –  if this wouldn’t get their attention nothing will
 19:30:33   dgoodman_1958 –  camera more for identification
 19:30:57   Linda J –  live version would be better for me:)
 19:31:07   bsch1964 –  we have them in GA
 19:31:32   bsch1964 –  ARmodillos that is
 19:31:36   sheila –  do you have a picture of it?
 19:31:42   bsch1964 –  no
 19:32:32   alicemercer –  I know I guy in South Africa
 19:32:33   sheila –  High number of roadkill indicates a high population.
 19:32:47   alicemercer –  Australia is more likely
 19:33:11   alicemercer –  Okay my question, is the database available to copy, work with?
 19:33:30   Lisa –  mexico they have great animals Iwonder if I could make contact with a school there…
 19:33:38   MariaK –  alice – can I skype you in?
 19:33:40   bsch1964 –  yes! good point
 19:33:55   alicemercer –  Yep
 19:33:58   dgoodman_1958 –  @cathye how about your contact in Australia
 19:34:30   alicemercer –  @MARIA Skype me
 19:34:36   bsch1964 –  I have been trying to figure ways to help them to converse.
 19:35:09   MariaK –  i dont see you alice
 19:35:17   shoemap –  Sorry… arrived late. Is there a link for the project?
 19:35:23   dgoodman_1958 –  yes, database, writing, habitats, disease, etc. etc. etc
 19:35:32   Cathy E –
 19:35:38   sheila – and
 19:35:47   shoemap –  Thanks!
 19:36:06   Cathy E –  OHHH outside of the box!!
 19:37:53   bsch1964 –  Lots of roadkill in GA
 19:38:10   Cathy E –  Snowbanks – what are those? We never have snow here in eastern NC
 19:38:10   sheila –  our school’s data is at
 19:38:18   bsch1964 –  year round
 19:38:41   bsch1964 –  yeah, I have not seen snow since 89
 19:38:41   dgoodman_1958 –  @cathye lol
 19:38:52   sheila –  @Michele, grab the phone from Brewster and share
 19:39:16   bsch1964 –  cool
 19:39:43   MariaK –  @bsch1964 – where are you from?
 19:39:54   bsch1964 –  Jesup, GA
 19:40:08   MariaK –  we’ll send you some snow
 19:40:23   bsch1964 –  thanks
 19:40:27   alicemercer –
 19:41:00   dgoodman_1958 –  for all grades-graphing
 19:41:08   MariaK –  hello cheryl
 19:41:10   Cathy E –  Hello MS Oakes
 19:41:22   bsch1964 –  Is there a way to keep this chat log
 19:41:26   cheryloakes vacation –  hello, on vacation just stopping by before dinner."-)
 19:41:39   Cathy E –  the chat log will be posted with the audio in a few days
 19:42:04   alicemercer –  I want to think about using this with 6th graders if not this year, then next year.
 19:42:06   MariaK –  cathy – I’ll need your help with the chat log – will get it for me
 19:42:07   Cathy E –  Hello Michelle
 19:42:18   alicemercer –  Pull it into Many Eyes, and play with visualizations.
 19:42:19   Cathy E –  @ Maria- yes
 19:42:36   alicemercer –  @maria, I’m muted btw
 19:42:43   bsch1964 –  what is many eyes
 19:42:48   alicemercer
 19:42:59   bsch1964 –  thanks
 19:43:02   alicemercer –  It’s a site the IBM put up to do collaborative data visualizations
 19:43:08   dgoodman_1958 –  does the number of roadkill rise during mating season
 19:43:39   dgoodman_1958 –  numbers rise or falll during hunting season
 19:43:46   bsch1964 –  cool
 19:44:04   dgoodman_1958 –  after storms and pollutions too
 19:44:28   tsherrill –  i’m curious to know the connection with earth science…
 19:44:51   dgoodman_1958 –  this topic coudl go in many directions and cover many grade spans
 19:44:58   alicemercer –  Tsherrill: the flooding issue.
 19:45:15   tsherrill –  Thanks
 19:46:56   drsplatt –  You get my wife talking about earth science she will go on and on
 19:47:12   MariaK –  and you are so quiet brewster!
 19:47:35   tsherrill –  thanks michelle… that helps tremendously
 19:48:19   sheila –  Feel free to join the wiki and contribute ideas, comments and questions.
 19:48:32   dgoodman_1958 –  oh i am thinking-assign bus routes as group project
 19:48:44   MariaK –  wiki address again – sheila
 19:48:48   sheila –  I like that deb
 19:48:58   sheila –
 19:49:00   alicemercer –  I wonder if incoporating SMS could be done easily, if you take email, SMS is very similar, BUT I understand if you DON’T want to take it on?
 19:49:17   drsplatt –  Those that have the most toys always wins!
 19:49:22   alicemercer –  I think it would be an issue of time with the DB manager
 19:49:26   mary –  I have to go folks
 19:49:36   mary –  thanks for a great show
 19:49:43   dgoodman_1958 –  bye mary- glad to have you here
 19:49:50   alicemercer –  setting up the twitter/SMS account so it feeds, but i understand not wanting to go there, lol
 19:49:52   Cathy E –  Thanks for coming, Mary
 19:50:32   dougsymington –  wonderful show
 19:50:40   MariaK –  thanks doug!
 19:50:54   Cathy E –  This must be a first for ETT
 19:51:05   shoemap –  Thank you – I have never heard of the project before. Sounds awesome!
 19:51:13   dgoodman_1958 –  cool-google earth
 19:51:25   dgoodman_1958 –  how about mapping where you’re data is coming from
 19:51:38   alicemercer –  BUT if the data is open we can do it?
 19:52:06   dgoodman_1958 –  very true statement
 19:52:27   bsch1964 –  I would like to know about what he has to say about Monarchs.
 19:52:29   dgoodman_1958 –  i think the student interest keeps you going with a project
 19:52:54   dgoodman_1958 –  i see that now
 19:53:03   bsch1964 –  great show guys
 19:53:07   dgoodman_1958 –  wheelchair, laptop, headset
 19:53:21   dgoodman_1958 –  the future looks brighter
 19:53:52   sheila –  If the wheelchair is motorized . . . hmmmm
 19:54:09   dgoodman_1958 –  oh, everything must be motorized by then
 19:54:36   Linda J –  Wonderful show! Thanks! Must go eat!
 19:54:49   bsch1964 –  I do!
 19:54:56   tsherrill –  Thanks guys, got to go.
 19:55:07   Cathy E –  Bye Linda
 19:55:12   tsherrill –  ok Sheila, I might just try it
 19:55:16   dgoodman_1958 –  bye linda
 19:55:18   bsch1964 –  but the butterflys are alive
 19:55:25   Lisa –  thanks for the intro, lots of great ideas! I’ll skype you soon, Sheila!
 19:55:28   bsch1964 –  thanks
 19:55:30   sheila –  @tracy – [email protected]
 19:55:47   sheila –
 19:55:49   dgoodman_1958 –  Thanks Brewster and Shelia – great topic and lots of possibilities
 19:55:53   dgoodman_1958 –  cant wait to share
 19:55:54   dougsymington –  what’s the fun that? Live butterflies, I mean….just kidding
 19:55:59   sheila –  @lisa – later!
 19:56:26   michele bartlett –  thanks for having us- Sheila and Maria
 19:56:40   Cathy E –  Thank you – wonderful job
 19:57:36   Cathy E –  Go Shelia
 19:57:55   sheila –
 19:58:03   shoemap –  Sheila is a star for class of 2.4!
 19:58:06   sheila –  for Antarctica teacher
bsch1964 -Thanks for allowing me to chat in my first live cast.
 19:58:23   sheila –  let’s wait and see after tomorrow!
 19:58:31   dgoodman_1958 –  great to have you bsch1964
 19:58:43   dgoodman_1958 –  sheila you will be fine
 19:58:50   sheila –  ahhhhh
 19:58:55   bsch1964 –  you were great bru!
 19:59:03   drsplatt –  Will see you on the highways on March 10th!
 19:59:26   Cathy E –  Ya Maria
 19:59:28   sheila –  Thanks Brewster and Michele
 19:59:36   dougsymington –  wooohooo great show
 19:59:48   sheila –  and thank you to Paul Colombo who hosts the project.
 19:59:59   dougsymington –  just posted to twitter that I’ll never look at roadkill in the same way again!
 20:00:21   dougsymington –  take care all
 20:00:28   sheila –  bye doug
 20:00:31   MariaK –  goodnight everyone
 20:00:40   dgoodman_1958 –  😀
 20:01:12   Cathy E –  Getting ‘Wild Blue" Internet installed next Tues – keep your fingers crossed
 20:01:32   drsplatt –  Thanks again…Signing off….Dr. Splatt
 20:01:46   sheila –  Thanks all!

brewster bartlett, roadkill project, science, sheila adams

Making Connections # 28

Maggie Tsai of explains how this “Social
Annotation” tool is so very useful to the classroom teacher as well as
students. Catch the podcast for our
This video should be a requirement for every educator. Here is an example of how one high school history teacher
is using Diigo in his classroom. It will
really get you thinking about the possibilities.


18:54:34 Cathy E hey Lisa
18:54:43 Cathy E may I skype you
18:54:43 Lisa T Hey Cathy, can you skype me?
18:55:24 Cathy E
18:55:34 Cathy E Meeting ID: 800-805-958
19:00:19 Cathy E Maria may I skype you
19:00:44 MariaK in a minute
19:00:50 MariaK on the phone
19:01:25 dgoodman hi maria
19:01:51 Cathy E [email protected]
19:05:13 MariaK I’m available for a call
19:05:20 Cathy E
19:07:43 Cathy E cindy want to join skpe
19:08:34 Cathy E
19:09:04 dgoodman hi cindy
19:09:42 cindy p please
19:10:29 Cathy E
19:12:31 Saywire what is the name of this program?
19:12:44 dgoodman Diigo
19:12:55 Cathy E this is
19:13:01 Saywire thank you
19:17:18 Cathy E cindy I losstyou
19:17:26 Cathy E want me to callbck?
19:18:23 cindy p my connection is bad tonight, so I guess not
19:19:30 cindy p ok, try me one more time, the skype and live cast are way apart
19:21:03 Cathy E
19:21:31 Cathy E Shelia click the link so you can watch
19:23:23 sheila Thanks, I"m on
19:24:11 Cathy E Can you hear or do you want me to skype you?
19:24:50 sheila I’m actually sitting in a mac users meeting, so I’m multi tasking . . . Thanks anyways.
19:25:49 sheila I can hear cathy
19:26:50 Cathy E If you would like tojoin the diigo lesson
19:33:30 Cathy E
19:34:51 sheila no student emails would be good!
19:35:03 dgoodman I agree Sheila
19:35:21 Cathy E yes, that what keeps elementary from using so many of these 2.0 tools
19:35:52 dgoodman things have to be easy and quick for teachers to use
19:39:14 Lisa T I am in the same boat. I like Cathy’s idea.
19:41:06 dgoodman hi kathy
19:41:15 Cathy E Hey Kathy
19:41:18 Cathy E
19:41:36 kblades hi y’all -thanks for reminding me Cathy
19:43:04 dgoodman Maggie is demonstrating Diigo
19:43:19 dgoodman Kathy did you see the gotomeeting link
19:45:05 kblades what is the gotomeeting link? sorry
19:45:15 Cathy E
19:45:49 dgoodman sure maggie
19:46:05 dgoodman this is very informative
19:46:32 MariaK I need some ideas of how to use this with kindergarten …hmmm – think, think
19:47:01 MariaK how to ?
19:47:20 MariaK how to blog?
19:47:31 Cathy E oh blog
19:48:09 dgoodman Maria is bloging
19:48:14 MariaK we have blogs with K’s
19:48:21 dgoodman yes maria
19:48:29 dgoodman Yea not yes
19:49:34 dgoodman oh I like that
19:49:52 MariaK so I’m thinking of setting something up for the Iditarod…
19:50:40 Lisa T Have you tried
19:50:43 MariaK If you tub was clipped into diigo – maybe it would show
19:52:36 dgoodman when did you say this new toolbar will be ready
19:53:23 MariaK
19:53:30 MariaK
19:53:31 Cathy E [email protected]
19:53:39 MariaK I will – thanks
19:53:42 dgoodman
19:53:57 Cathy E Send your blog sites to maggie
19:54:31 dgoodman that would be good
19:57:16 Cathy E
19:58:53 jepcke Thanks for the link Cathy
19:59:54 Cathy E [email protected]
:00:25 dgoodman i sent the three blog sites listed above to maggie via emai
:00:47 dgoodman hi cris
:01:06 Cathy E Criss have you arrived?
:01:15 dgoodman Maggie with Diigo has been demonstrating Diigo bookmarking site
:01:35 Cathy E
:01:45 Cris hey, hey, is there room for me Skype.
:03:28 dgoodman very good
:04:13 MariaK Things have come so far since the first time Maggie presented this
:04:14 dgoodman I will blog about Diigo tonight
:04:40 Lisa T What is your blog Deborah?
:04:53 dgoodman wordpress
:05:16 dgoodman do you want the link -not done a very good job of keeping up with it
:05:36 Lisa T yes
:05:37 dgoodman
:12:26 SusanEttenheim hi everyone
:13:37 Cathy E Hey gang- we are almost done
:14:12 Lee Baber Hi Cathy
:14:59 Cathy E [email protected]
:18:44 sheila Thanks!
:23:02 sheila hello back!
:23:47 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: hi there!
:24:22 Cris yikes. hit dead spot. can i come back in?
:24:45 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: Hi Sheil
:24:50 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: can you hear us?
:24:51 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: I can hear you!
:24:58 lonra -> -Webcast Academy: grt8
:25:00 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Sound good!
:25:20 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: gr8
:25:45 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: I’m on sandbox a
:26:05 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: not the ustream though right?
:26:35 lorna -> -Webcast Academy: no ustream
:26:58 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: we will begin in in 5 minutes or so
:27:17 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Just a reminder I’m on a 30 second delay.
:27:38 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Someone is very low in sound
:28:16 Cris Hope we don’t lose you, Cathy. Let’s get a satellite.
:28:43 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: a little better
:29:01 dgoodman I havnt done my telphony recording yet
:29:04 dgoodman way behind
:29:06 lorna -> -Webcast Academy: better?
:29:29 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: @Lorna – still quieter and heard to hear
:29:37 Cris Good to hear you tonight, Deborah.
:29:55 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Don’t forget to hit record!
:29:59 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: yes
:30:08 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: thanx sheila!
:30:17 dgoodman you too cris
:30:38 Cris I’ll have to check out your blog.
:30:53 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: That was a while ago
:31:02 dgoodman i haven’t done as much with it as I should have
:31:16 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Sounding good!
:31:17 Cris well, at least you have one.
:31:26 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Breathe!
:31:32 Cris you have a Web presence
:32:18 sheila -> -Webcast Academy: Clap! clap!
:32:52 sendkathy hello!
:32:56 Matt Montagne -> -Webcast Academy: she is doing gr8!!
:32:57 Cris Catch you later. Wow! It’s raining cats and dogs on W40
:33:00 Cathy E Criss
:33:05 dgoodman ok drive safe
:33:05 Cathy E Be safe
:33:07 Cris Hi Cathy
:33:12 Cris thanks, Cathy

collaboration, social_annotation, social_bookmarking, sticky_note

Making Connections # 26

A great chat with some new folks. Welcome to Criss Crissman and her class. We will continue the conversation Thursday 1/31/08 @ 7:00 est – come join us and play.


Thanks to all! 



18:53:24  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 18:53:45  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk: hey art what is your skype
 18:55:19  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: art.gelwicks
 18:55:28  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: hi all
 18:55:36  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: hi everyone
 18:55:37  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: hey doug
 18:55:56  endymom -> -EdTechTalk: hello
 18:56:01  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Art — you’re EVERYWHERE!
 18:56:16  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: Yep…like a bad rash.  😀
 18:56:16  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: …and that’s a good thing
 18:56:20  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 18:59:23  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk: stream runing?
 18:59:42  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: hi art
 18:59:43  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: loud and clear
 18:59:51  randynobx -> -EdTechTalk: hello
 19:00:13  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: Hi mAria
 19:00:28  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: hello cathy and others
 19:00:32  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: too
 19:00:35  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: hi Maria
 19:00:39  randynobx -> -EdTechTalk: hi Maria
 19:01:00  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: howdy all – still trying to come back to reality after the weekend
 19:01:06  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: hear you on the stream Cathy
 19:01:13  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: sounds good
 19:01:30  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: okay
 19:01:39  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: listening on Channel A
 19:03:24  elinn -> -EdTechTalk: Hello Everyone!
 19:03:53  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Hi!
 19:04:10  Bill L -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cathy
 19:04:14  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Who is the guest and what is the subject, sorry, I missed the intro, Hi Cathy
 19:04:15  Bill L -> -EdTechTalk: i am working  with Cris
 19:04:20  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk: Hello ll- welcome
 19:04:23  Bill L -> -EdTechTalk: and she is trying to get up and running
 19:04:23  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:04:41  Bill L -> -EdTechTalk: here she is
 19:05:57  Bill L -> -EdTechTalk: HI Cathy, Cris appears to be online at this point
 19:06:19  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: omg – a little while – it was forever – had to go to bed
 19:07:28  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: I don’t even want to look at the chat  to post it
 19:07:36  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: Marathons are not always my fault!
 19:08:29  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: Good grief…Wow next…I’ll never get any sleep.
 19:08:38  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: are we talking here or in the yugma?
 19:08:46  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: I think doing both is difficult
 19:08:56  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: did you skpye me in? didn’t see it
 19:08:57  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk: We will chat here
 19:09:37  randynobx -> -EdTechTalk: ugh, dinner, be back a bit
 19:10:24  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: Cris – where can we get info on the courses?
 19:10:28  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: hello again arthus – another night of chat
 19:10:39  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: hi maria
 19:10:42  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: yippee – kindergarten
 19:11:12  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: OK I’m back here
 19:11:27  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: I guess we’ll just use the Yugma to share screens?
 19:11:57  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: Maybe I’ll type every other sentence into a different chat window.  🙂
 19:12:48  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: community animator?  what?  where can I find this job description? Sounds like fun
 19:13:00  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: it’s fine
 19:13:02  JohnS -> -EdTechTalk: Audio on the stream sounds great
 19:13:03  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: not for me
 19:13:04  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Actually sounds good to me here in GA
 19:13:06  Bill L -> -EdTechTalk: It is perfect here
 19:13:07  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: fine for me
 19:13:10  dc -> -EdTechTalk: stream audio is fine.
 19:13:15  dc -> -EdTechTalk: one person is a little quiet
 19:13:29  hockeymom1 -> -EdTechTalk: fine for me
 19:13:32  Linda J -> -EdTechTalk: sounds clear to me too
 19:13:51  dc -> -EdTechTalk: Jeff is very intimidating
 19:13:52  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:14:19  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: just hear for a bit while husband cooks swordfish
 19:14:34  dc -> -EdTechTalk: tasty swordfish
 19:14:36  dc -> -EdTechTalk: lol
 19:14:49  dc -> -EdTechTalk: i was lurking
 19:15:12  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: cooking tips with Cathy\
 19:15:17  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:15:29  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: Yugma maxed out
 19:15:58  JohnS -> -EdTechTalk: Cool. The Yugma is full.
 19:16:13  dc -> -EdTechTalk: that chatroom error is odd…
 19:16:18  dc -> -EdTechTalk: not sure i’ve seen it before
 19:16:20  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: your yugma is full
 19:16:29  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: call a cab!
 19:16:36  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: very sweet how many in yugma tonight?
 19:16:49  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: wow! this IS a happening place!
 19:17:12  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:17:13  dc -> -EdTechTalk: Durff… how have you already graduated 9 years from now?
 19:17:20  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: Hey Cheryl and Durff
 19:17:28  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:17:30  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: Cathy I’ll get outta yugma to give space
 19:17:34  JohnS -> -EdTechTalk: Dave: durf’s a time traveler. She can do things we haven’t even dreamed about.
 19:17:34  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: [i]no dc
 19:17:40  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Maria, durff, wow lots of folks Arthus, Bill, cindy, dc, doug, elinn, hockeymom, johns, linda, lornacos, marthan, randy sendkathy, shelia
 19:17:48  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: i have not yet graduated
 19:17:49  dc -> -EdTechTalk: JohnS… I see. i suspected as much
 19:17:54  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl!
 19:18:03  sheila -> -EdTechTalk: I’ll leave yugma too. Need to listen and do grades . . .
 19:18:21  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: hey, i can click on links now and not lose the chat, what a concept
 19:18:39  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: i’m iming with a homeschool student – Art causing problems
 19:18:46  dc -> -EdTechTalk: What’s a Smart Board?
 19:18:54  randynobx -> -EdTechTalk: back, 😀
 19:19:01  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: you are not serious?
 19:19:04  dc -> -EdTechTalk: no.
 19:19:22  randynobx -> -EdTechTalk: any skype spots open?
 19:19:22  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: he’s owns 60% of SMART Boards in PEI
 19:20:27  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: 2 things I learned today macbook, intel computers and firefox, go to icon, click apple and letter i,  then select rosetta
 19:20:32  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: @ Cathy- Can you ask Cris where we can get more info regarding the courses being offered
 19:20:50  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Cheryl I was off looking at the skrbl
 19:21:16  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: also, another firefox thing addon, plugin, widget, is available for IE, so webpages that need to open in IE or function better, like RealPlayer!
 19:21:27  dc -> -EdTechTalk: Question: How big an advantage would a tablet PC be for this i wonder?
 19:21:34  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Yes, I just put the ie add on in
 19:21:43  randynobx -> -EdTechTalk: skype me in?
 19:21:46  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: is it working sendkathy?
 19:21:46  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: great idea don’t you think?
 19:21:56  randynobx -> -EdTechTalk: please? or drop link for audio
 19:21:57  Linda J -> -EdTechTalk: me too!
 19:22:05  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Well, let me see, I have 8 tabs open already!
 19:22:07  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: no cathy, if i could do it anyone can
 19:22:15  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: Don’t forget to tell her about Ustream
 19:22:28  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: AMEN!
 19:22:30  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: i’m 12
 19:22:31  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:22:49  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: CathyE, you and I started at the same time, webcasting, and I agree, my 55 years have not provided as much as these 18 months. This is a great network.
 19:23:12  dc -> -EdTechTalk: Is that Art talking about tablets?
 19:23:16  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: yes
 19:23:18  lthompson -> -EdTechTalk: where is the scribbble link?  I missed it
 19:23:21  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: what software is used to broadcast this?
 19:23:24  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: He likes skrl on the tablets
 19:23:29  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:23:29  Bill L -> -EdTechTalk: Amazing
 19:23:31  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: yugma
 19:23:38  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: what do you mean?
 19:23:59  dc -> -EdTechTalk: Art – what table are you using?
 19:24:09  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: A wacom tablet.
 19:24:09  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: that is an amazing story, the county dump
 19:24:24  dc -> -EdTechTalk: I love the dump story
 19:24:47  sheila -> -EdTechTalk: Someone was efficient in cleaning!
 19:24:51  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: @CatyE that’s dedication
 19:24:55  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: I love the county dump story too
 19:26:14  dc -> -EdTechTalk: Art – got a model number on that?
 19:26:21  dc -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:26:52  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: CTE-440
 19:27:33  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: i’m gonna use this with 6th grade! thank you cathy!!
 19:28:03  cheryloakes -> -EdTechTalk: going to eat dinner. bye, great conversation.
 19:28:55  lthompson -> -EdTechTalk: hello
 19:29:02  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:29:04  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: Hi Lisa
 19:29:41  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Cathy E, my daughter is also interested in UNC Chapel Hill
 19:29:42  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: love it
 19:30:40  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk: OMG KAthy that would be so  neat if they were both there
 19:30:49  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: one of our voice threads
 19:30:54  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: Amen Art
 19:31:35  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: Art, I agree wholeheartedly
 19:31:46  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: heard someone refer to Google Docs as a "form of wiki" today
 19:31:51  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: I use it lots too
 19:31:52  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: I know!!
 19:32:09  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: I use google docs to share notes with others who work with my students
 19:32:16  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: She and my husband went up last weekend to see the rowing team
 19:32:48  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: It is wikiish but looks like word
 19:33:03  jeffmason -> -EdTechTalk: googledocs blocked. anyone have luck with ThinkFree?
 19:33:05  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: I agree, the docs are familiar interface
 19:33:08  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: Zoho is good too
 19:33:19  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: never heard of thinkfree but will look into it
 19:33:21  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: Zoho now has a wiki feature
 19:33:39  lthompson -> -EdTechTalk: I was going to introduce google docs at my next staff development
 19:33:51  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: we use google docs for committe work
 19:34:05  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: saw that last night
 19:34:25  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: took me a while to "get it" but am seeing the power o’ Twitter now
 19:34:32  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: it is an amazing tool, to be sure
 19:34:41  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: for me, Yugma is most valuable- I use it for tech support as well as training
 19:34:42  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:34:51  jeffmason -> -EdTechTalk: @sendkathy found it more "troublesome" than Googledocs. NOt intuitive .At least the spreadsheet.
 19:35:05  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: 2 secs?
 19:35:13  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: @jeff, i’ll still add it to my virtual tool box!
 19:35:16  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: man that’s better than me
 19:35:22  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:35:27  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: here’s a link to an article on Twitter for Academia
 19:35:28  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:35:29  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: just found out i can twitter from school thru pageflakes
 19:35:32  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: yes i love jott
 19:35:33  lthompson -> -EdTechTalk: No for me to twitter, yet but it is interesting
 19:35:42  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: most definitely – jott!
 19:35:43  jeffmason -> -EdTechTalk: If your district blocks twitter, try twitbin with firefox
 19:35:46  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: that I got via Twitter 😉
 19:35:47  JohnS -> -EdTechTalk: Jott is very cool
 19:35:51  lthompson -> -EdTechTalk: ditto to jott
 19:36:18  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: would that be jott-cholate milk?
 19:36:30  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: 😀
 19:36:44  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: Durff did
 19:36:48  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: signed up for  got-milk, oh yeah remember the milk!
 19:36:54  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: but who cares who
 19:36:55  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: love zoho
 19:37:06  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: they do neat documents
 19:37:08  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: Flock (web  browser) has neat social networking functionality for Twitter, Flickr, Facebook….
 19:37:17  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:37:25  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: zoho database feature allows you to create web forms and collect the data
 19:37:32  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: also like NetVibes for "aggregating" difference spaces–along lines o’ PageFlakes
 19:37:46  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: Art == rainmaker
 19:37:53  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: I want to know more about the new ed offer from Voice thread – kind of pricey
 19:38:01  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: yes, I did experiment once by embedding a survey and linking to a database, whish I had more time to play
 19:38:18  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: yeah Art!
 19:38:19  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: wow, its instant!
 19:38:23  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: eeewww! Art is SO important
 19:38:24  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: Zoho is great about keeping up with the community
 19:38:42  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: actually: fun story:
 19:38:43  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: I know Maria, I was so surprised
 19:38:46  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: i must be in the right crowd of people
 19:38:52  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: Rainmaker or just all wet?
 19:38:54  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: 🙂
 19:39:01  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: The in Crowd Durff
 19:39:04  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: today, I was wondering about a function of FreshBooks (
 19:39:08  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: yes!
 19:39:09  jeffmason -> -EdTechTalk: @mariak I heard the ed.voicethread was only a $10 cost to educators
 19:39:12  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: can’t figure out if we want to pay the school price -$$$
 19:39:18  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: and I tweeted wondering if there was an answer
 19:39:23  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: only 2 accounts allowed per school
 19:39:24  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: freshbooks?
 19:39:32  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: tell us arthus
 19:39:34  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: and lo & behond, freshbooks tweeted right back to me with the answer
 19:39:42  arthus -> -EdTechTalk:, billing software
 19:39:52  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Good question Cathy E
 19:39:54  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: ah
 19:40:00  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Do you mean kids or adults
 19:40:23  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: JenW
 19:40:31  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: hands down
 19:40:33  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: I bet I know….
 19:40:38  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Really hardworking think on their feet and embraces change
 19:40:47  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: yes JDub
 19:40:48  sheila -> -EdTechTalk: Maria won our NH award this year! No wonder! 😀
 19:41:04  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: So true JW
 19:41:24  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: yes Joyce is a driver
 19:41:25  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Go Maria!!
 19:41:25  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: shhhh – sheila
 19:41:39  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Don’t be so modest!!
 19:41:43  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: oh maria
 19:41:48  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Own it!
 19:41:49  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: call a cab
 19:42:01  sheila -> -EdTechTalk: She got me started . . .
 19:42:10  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: @Durff – your cab is waiting
 19:42:45  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: okay – i own it but there are others who deserve it too
 19:42:55  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: you have to have a familiarity with pedagogy and curriculum to make it all fit together
 19:43:02  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: we need more mentors for classroom teachers
 19:43:07  lthompson -> -EdTechTalk: I agree.  The "seasoned" person can voice more than I can.
 19:43:09  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: OOO and a sense of adventure
 19:43:13  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: and fun
 19:43:28  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: and a childlike wonder for the world and a love of people and communications
 19:43:28  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: …Bless you!
 19:43:37  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: If you’re not willing to lose your job, you’re not going to be able to do your job. Chris Lehman
 19:43:39  JohnS -> -EdTechTalk: empathy. sense of big picture. balance — learning & tech go hand in hand.
 19:43:42  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: also I think that we need people who can communicate well with folks – connect with beginners
 19:43:48  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: Google them 😛
 19:43:55  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: do they have a website – google them
 19:43:58  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: I agree Maria
 19:44:09  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: I lose my job everyday
 19:44:10  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: They have to be out of the box but credible
 19:44:17  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: I have no job 🙂
 19:44:24  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: you will
 19:44:25  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: You have nothing to lose
 19:44:42  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: people will be beating down the door
 19:45:00  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: I bettery buy titanium
 19:45:12  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: Jobs and careers come and go…passions and visions carry on.
 19:45:13  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: Need to be able to connect
 19:45:29  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: delicious
 19:45:35  lthompson -> -EdTechTalk: sure
 19:45:38  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: higher order thinking skills
 19:45:40  arthus -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:45:46  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: have they created anything new?
 19:45:51  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: diigo is also good
 19:45:54  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Used any tools in a new way?
 19:45:56  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: has anyone used trailfire
 19:46:00  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: delicious is simply the simplest
 19:46:08  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: i don’t like diigo as much
 19:46:09  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: it does exactly what you want it to do
 19:46:14  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: in the easiest way possible
 19:46:15  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: @sendkathy – I so agree with you
 19:46:16  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: but they are very good
 19:46:36  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Arthus, what was the book thingy link you had in there earlier?
 19:46:48  arthus -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:46:51  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: thx
 19:47:00  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: as opposed to inauthentic blogging, of course
 19:47:03  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: (it’s not actually about books :P)
 19:47:15  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: inauthentic blogging = fake Steve Jobs
 19:47:17  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:47:19  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: @Durff lol
 19:47:20  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: 🙂
 19:47:27  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: fake jobs!
 19:47:34  Diane Brown -> -EdTechTalk: lol
 19:47:41  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: so what is a fake gates?
 19:47:54  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: can the virtual "Just for Laughs"  be far behind?
 19:47:56  arthus -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:48:07  Cathy E -> -EdTechTalk:
 19:48:12  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: a laugh-in reprisal
 19:48:26  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: fakesteve is outrageous in a good way
 19:48:57  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: Ning = social networking = 🙂
 19:49:03  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: fake gates, that would be the filter at our school 🙂
 19:49:12  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: (LOL)
 19:49:15  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: (lol)
 19:49:18  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: lol
 19:49:39  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: yes – they don’t value my comments – they value everyone else’s comments
 19:49:55  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: who doesn’t value you you Durff?
 19:49:55  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: @Cathy E I am so mad at myself for missing this tonight
 19:50:10  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: you hire me to roll one for you 🙂
 19:50:16  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: the learners
 19:50:16  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: build*
 19:50:32  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: ahhhh, they are middle schoolers, givem a break!
 19:50:34  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: they value comments from other people
 19:50:38  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: and they should
 19:51:00  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: all of them PreK thru 12
 19:51:03  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: @Durff they’ll thank you one day, and I’m sure they are listening, they just can’t let on….
 19:51:05  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: I set up a ning to get my teachers blogging
 19:51:06  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: what about imbee?  I’ve never used it
 19:51:13  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Well, that is the goal anyway
 19:51:14  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: good idea Cathy E
 19:51:26  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: they are, they tell me when they are alone
 19:51:39  Diane Brown -> -EdTechTalk: We’ve been using drupal
 19:51:44  jeffmason -> -EdTechTalk: wordpress on the school server?
 19:52:07  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: Moodle = overkil
 19:52:11  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: We have a principal at our 3-5 school who is using a wiki to discuss a book she gave her staff-gotten from an idea your school is doing
 19:52:11  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: overkill*
 19:52:29  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: a good way to get teachers introduced to the tools
 19:52:36  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: The ning is much friendlier than moodle or drupal
 19:52:43  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: brb
 19:53:04  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: Hi criss
 19:53:06  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Honestly people like to ‘move in’ they like to decorate and personalize
 19:53:07  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: Is setting up drupal hard?
 19:53:15  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Harder than ning
 19:53:16  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: also, I think it might be worth sending Ning an email
 19:53:24  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: see if you can work out something
 19:53:39  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: back
 19:53:41  Diane Brown -> -EdTechTalk: The folks are great at drupal for helping out and all kinds of docs on the net
 19:53:45  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: in ning though anyone can join any ning group
 19:53:52  Diane Brown -> -EdTechTalk: Did he say sloodle?
 19:53:54  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: what are some safer avatar making sites
 19:54:00  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: that’s sounds dangerous in a school
 19:54:00  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: yes he did
 19:54:09  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: habo?
 19:54:13  jeffmason -> -EdTechTalk: you can upload an avatar to your profile in moodle
 19:54:23  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: @kathy Portrait Illustrator
 19:54:35  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: @jeff yes
 19:54:42  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: OK will try
 19:54:56  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: anyone tried – creates second life style rooms – 3-D spaces with chats and avatars
 19:55:06  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: no
 19:55:08  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: cool
 19:55:24  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: @cindy thank you
 19:55:35  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: has a blogging and forum feature, but haven’t been able to get it to work yet
 19:55:50  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: it was easy to upload pictures and text
 19:55:58  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: cindy showed me gogofrog today-looks really cool
 19:56:00  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: go frog looks very promising
 19:56:03  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: Meebo
 19:56:13  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: use Meebo for IM
 19:56:32  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: what was that site you just mentioned cathy
 19:56:32  Art Gelwicks -> -EdTechTalk: Meebo raises the specter of instant messaging for many schools.
 19:56:47  Diane Brown -> -EdTechTalk: was it.
 19:56:51  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: edusim
 19:56:53  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: thkx
 19:56:55  Diane Brown -> -EdTechTalk: It’s great for creating your own chatroom
 19:57:27  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: can others enter chatmaker rooms?
 19:57:31  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: I hope chat maker isn’t blocked, looks ideal
 19:57:34  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: Edusim didn’t like my tablet
 19:57:36  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: is it safe?
 19:57:44  Diane Brown -> -EdTechTalk: yes.  You just send them the link thats created
 19:57:47  jeffmason -> -EdTechTalk: If you have wireless computers in your room, set up server on an oS X, add  MySql and wordpress.
 19:58:03  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: edusim is kind of light at this point in terms of content and i haven’t had time to make any
 19:58:13  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Also the controls are a bit rugged
 19:58:18  jeffmason -> -EdTechTalk: mildly techie solution but if might work
 19:58:32  jeffmason -> -EdTechTalk: it
 19:58:49  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Even my college age son who is a video game afficionado thinks, hey, where’s the action?
 19:59:04  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: is edusim a download?
 19:59:08  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: I know it’s only in Alpha so hopefully they are collecting suggestions
 19:59:13  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: No flying either
 19:59:19  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: yes
 19:59:24  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: pooh
 19:59:25  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: we do
 19:59:27  Diane Brown -> -EdTechTalk: Boo!  Love to fly
 19:59:34  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: yes you have to be very fluid
 19:59:40  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: if not its too sluggish
 19:59:51  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: they also want to be able to compete with one another
 19:59:51  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: no flying, what’s the point then?
 19:59:56  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: anyone put edusim on a flash drive yet?
 20:00:02  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: just kidding 🙂
 20:00:08  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: HAHA
 20:00:23  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: my boys do that
 20:00:29  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: url for pictochat?
 20:00:41  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: it’s part of nintendo ds software
 20:01:20  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: Art, there you go again
 20:01:25  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: try
 20:01:26  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: font of knowledge over there
 20:01:56  Linda J -> -EdTechTalk: community unit
 20:02:22  Linda J -> -EdTechTalk: guess we are kin
 20:02:25  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Elem educators would use the space on the whiteboard
 20:02:29  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: read James Paul Gee
 20:02:32  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: to allow children to explore
 20:02:37  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: then you will know Art
 20:02:37  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: engage
 20:02:43  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: and take things apart
 20:02:46  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: museum style piece
 20:02:58  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: ecosystems
 20:03:00  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: mathematics principles too–being able to walk in and around shapes and such
 20:03:05  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: see Paris 🙂
 20:03:07  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: finding things like in I SPY but three D
 20:03:16  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Yes
 20:03:55  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: mmm-the virtual world as the textbook
 20:04:12  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: what if you have a computer in the virtual world?
 20:04:17  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: and then play SL in that..
 20:04:20  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: yeah what if?
 20:04:26  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: wow
 20:04:27  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: and then get on the computer in there
 20:04:27  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: could you?
 20:04:29  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: etc.
 20:04:38  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: very deeeep
 20:04:51  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: @arthus – that sounds like an infinity concept
 20:04:57  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: it is
 20:05:09  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: i’m calling a cab
 20:05:09  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: actually, not it’s not
 20:05:14  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: one company, may be NetG is already doing computer labs in SL
 20:05:19  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: Ladies and gents, must go, see you all back here at 9!  Fun times, thx.  What learning isn’t distracting?
 20:05:24  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: yes cathy i agree
 20:05:25  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: AMEN Cathy!
 20:05:26  sendkathy -> -EdTechTalk: bye, cya later
 20:05:27  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: because eventually your SL character would run out of lenonsa
 20:05:29  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: I used to love to set up mirrors so i could search for infinity
 20:05:36  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: bye Kathy
 20:05:37  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: kathy! loved seeing you!!
 20:05:53  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: I saw infinity the other day
 20:05:58  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: maria did you ever find it?
 20:06:01  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: then I looked further
 20:06:08  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: and their audience would be the world
 20:06:11  Linda J -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you everyone!  Great Show!!!!
 20:06:14  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: where arthus? at educon?
 20:06:16  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: I’m getting closer to infinity – way closer than when I was younger!
 20:06:39  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: i’m 12
 20:06:41  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: nope, in binary
 20:06:50  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: I’m 3.14
 20:07:14  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: ok that’s too deep for me – taking a cab outta here
 20:07:17  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: here’s a primary grade level wiki I started  maybe some classrooms would want to participate
 20:07:45  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: @Durff I’m guessing that cab budget is a big one!
 20:07:54  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: our 100th day was Monday
 20:08:05  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: mine would be Spartan
 20:08:09  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: @Doug maria is paying
 20:08:12  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: a single white desk
 20:08:16  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: a stool
 20:08:17  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: excellent
 20:08:20  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: and an iMac
 20:08:23  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: @durff – no problem – this is more about the concept of counting to 100
 20:08:40  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: @durff – I’,m walking
 20:08:42  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: i’ll share it maria
 20:09:25  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: sneak peak: I might be starting my own regular show soon
 20:09:37  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: good
 20:09:39  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: also, I’m going to be webcasting on Super Tuesday
 20:09:45  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: ’bout time
 20:09:54  dougsymington -> -EdTechTalk: indeed
 20:10:11  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: auf Deutsch-doch
 20:10:21  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: more formative assessments – project based learning – testing now is on fragmented learning
 20:10:44  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: define "actual experience"
 20:10:48  Diane Brown -> -EdTechTalk: recall learning…no application of critical thinking skills
 20:11:02  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: too much time on this
 20:11:13  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: is an experience in SL "actual"
 20:11:15  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: i don’t think it passes the test arthus
 20:11:33  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: darn
 20:11:43  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: actual experience is really contrived
 20:11:50  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: it has to be
 20:11:58  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: school is contrived
 20:12:26  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: SL is not contrived enough
 20:12:52  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: oh my! it is 8:12!! I gotta go
 20:13:07  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: bye lisa – call a cab!
 20:13:31  Durff graduate of 2017 -> -EdTechTalk: i’ll not log out – just go fill the coffee
 20:13:41  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: we lost him
 20:13:43  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: losing sound…
 20:13:46  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: we need to involve parents more in the classroom so they see how much learning goes on
 20:13:56  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: Durff, what’s up for WOW tonight?
 20:14:41  lthompson -> -EdTechTalk: Test drives everything
 20:14:45  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: Parents think the scores are measuring what their children are learning and how well the school is doing!
 20:14:46  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: the scary thing: when it gets down to actual school work, I end up being like just every student
 20:15:02  arthus -> -EdTechTalk: (cramming for the test, non-understanding based testing)
 20:15:20  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: Teacher need to find their voice and stand up for what is right for children
 20:15:34  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: yes we do maria
 20:15:45  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: a march on washington is what we need!
 20:15:48  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: but we need to be singing the same song!
 20:15:54  lthompson -> -EdTechTalk: Thanks this was great
 20:15:57  Diane b -> -EdTechTalk: sounds great
 20:16:08  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: great show tonight Cathy!
 20:16:10  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: will see you on Thursday evening
 20:16:12  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: think of what that would do -if all the teachers across the country organized and marched
 20:16:20  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: to wahington
 20:16:23  sheila -> -EdTechTalk: I have a big list of things to check out! Thank you!
 20:16:24  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: sorry I missed first half but will tune in Thursday evening
 20:16:26  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: what an awesome thought
 20:17:49  Bill L -> -EdTechTalk: Thank you all
 20:17:50  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: Is there a web address for cris?
 20:18:30  dgoodman_1958 -> -EdTechTalk: thanks cathy
 20:20:09  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: I know you’re doing great! 
 20:20:40  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: NCWise isn’t that bad
 20:20:49  Diane b -> -EdTechTalk: I love NCWise
 20:21:03  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: It will actually move smoother than you might expect
 20:21:12  cindy p -> -EdTechTalk: Yes Cris should!
 20:26:13  Durff – a cabgirl -> -EdTechTalk: how’s this maria?
 20:26:26  mariak -> -EdTechTalk: that is what i was thinkging

Making Connections # 25

Making Connections # 25 was all about
(something I learned about from Twitter) a cools site that allows you to create
Flash games for the classroom.  We
started the show with a bang and even made some new connections.  Welcome to Bill Gaskins and Shelia as first
timers.  I am sorry to say about 13
minutes into the show something went very wrong with my audio recording.  But I hope what you hear gives you enough
information to get you excited about the site. 
Thanks to all for sticking with me!  Explorers

education interactive

Making Connections #23

I believe the answer to virtual worlds in elementary school
may be within the Edusim environment.  A
protected world where educators along with their students can experiment and
create learning environments. 

We experimented tonight with the opensource 3D virtual software
that has been created to use with interactive whiteboards.  I believe it can also be used within a lab
situation to give each student the ability to interact within a virtual world
from their on computer.

You need to view the video so you will have some background
information before you listen to the podcast. 
Even then, because we played with this virtual world using Yugma, it may
be difficult to follow.

I still don’t understand how to have more than one avatar in
a world.  When you figure that part out –
please let me know.

Making Connections #21

We had a great show sharing ideas about recent conferences
and we “made new connections” with Kim and Bradley. We welcome the two of you into the EdTechTalk

Maria Knee joined us after accepting her Technology Using Educator Award at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference. Check out Maria’s live interview from the
conference with out very own Jeff Lebow.

Bit by
– Maria’s Award from NHSTE
Linda and Kim just returned from NCETC 2007.
You can visit David
Warlick’s Hitchhr
site to read blog entries tagged for this

Here is a list of links mentioned:

Debbie Silver

Interwrite’s clickers


Patrick Crispen

Tammy’s Technology
Tips for Teachers

Emerging Tech – games

Jen Wagner- Holiday
Card Exchange

Voice Thread

Maria Knee’s
Kindergarten Page

New York State School Music

Guitar Hero

Dance Revolution


18:57:42 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: Hi everyone!
18:58:13 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Hello
19:00:23 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: I looked for you at the conference but there were so many people!
19:00:56 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Yes, I know people who attended but never saw them and I was there all da
19:01:53 Maria -> EdTechTalk: can you hear the stream
19:02:33 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I’ve not tried the stream yet, waiting to see if I can connect with Cath through Skype-I keep getting knocked off
19:03:28 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: hello
19:03:34 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Hello
19:04:10 Maria -> EdTechTalk: can you hear the stream?
19:04:20 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: I think so
19:04:25 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: I’ve never done this before…
19:04:42 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: I’m hearing Maria Knees Broadcast
19:04:44 Maria -> EdTechTalk: that’s okay – do you need help
19:04:55 Maria -> EdTechTalk: you’ve got it
19:05:02 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: "that might help"
19:05:44 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: <– name is Bradley
19:05:54 Maria -> EdTechTalk: Welcome bradley
19:05:57 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: thanks
19:06:05 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Ok can hear stream
19:06:06 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Im a music teacher from NY
19:07:14 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: welcome
19:07:16 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Congrat Maria!!!!
19:08:26 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Skype doesn’t like me tonight:(
19:08:42 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: is there a skype chat for this show?
19:08:46 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: can I listen to this through skype as well? how’s that work?
19:09:12 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: if you give me you skype id I will skype you
19:09:22 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: ooh cathy skype me
19:09:54 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: my skype name is euphoniac
19:10:41 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: (I’ve never actually skyped before, just installed it yesterday)
19:10:55 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Hi All
19:11:01 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: hi jose
19:11:02 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Hello Jose
19:11:03 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: hello jose
19:11:08 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: hi jose
19:11:20 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Great sound on the stream
19:11:45 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I agree Jose
19:11:59 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: I saw maria in one of Jeff’s Ustreams.
19:12:11 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I enjoyed the keynote speakers as well
19:12:16 Maria -> EdTechTalk: hello jose
19:12:26 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: She was hiding behind a chair 🙂
19:12:38 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: I’m on
19:12:49 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: hi Kim
19:12:49 Maria -> EdTechTalk: you bet I was hiding -so shy
19:12:50 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: What is today’s topic?
19:12:53 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: hi kim
19:12:59 Kim -> EdTechTalk: I made it!!!!
19:13:10 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: They’er talking about some conferences they attended
19:13:20 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: We had Debbie Silver, ED.D from Melissa, Tx She also set the tone for the conference with her uplifting and humorous tone for congratulating ourselves
19:13:24 Maria -> EdTechTalk: we are discussing recent conferences we attending
19:13:43 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: i’m showing that i’m online cathy
19:13:50 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: we dont always give ourselves the credit I think we deserve
19:13:53 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: I see. Conferences out in CA will be in the spring
19:14:27 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: I logged off and then back onto skype… see me now?
19:15:05 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Oh yeah. the plain English stuff is pretty cool
19:15:32 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: NECCing opportunity
19:15:35 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: I’m going to stick with the chat for now..thanks anyway cathy
19:15:47 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: NECCing…. eek
19:16:39 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Unconference / informal talks are usually pretty productive
19:16:43 Kim -> EdTechTalk: You can go to and type "Plain English" in the search box and a plethora of videos are available for blogs, google docs, wikis, social networking, etc……THEY ARE AWESOME!!
19:17:01 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: euphoniac- did you accept my request to add you to my list
19:17:45 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: i didn’t see a request
19:18:06 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: i’m in the chat…hi maria
19:18:10 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Kim… great link, Tons of cool vids there
19:18:21 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk:
19:18:23 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Yes, Debbie was awesome!
19:18:34 Kim -> EdTechTalk: Debbie was a hoot!
19:18:39 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Be An Educator, Be a Hero!
19:19:05 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: was the name of the presentation
19:20:00 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: was dragged into teching waas more like it
19:21:03 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I beleive there were about the same amount of people there
19:22:10 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: lol… I was at a music ed conference over the weekend, and the drive home stunk
19:22:23 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: sounds very RC maria
19:23:13 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Cathy, have you ever heard Jeanne Robertson from Graham, NC speak
19:23:36 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: no I have not
19:24:04 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: we have them
19:24:08 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I laughed so hard that I hurt
19:24:10 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: pta bought them for us
19:24:13 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: clickers?
19:24:25 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: like on jeopardy?
19:24:33 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Senteo, a Smart unit is good
19:24:43 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: thats what we have..senteo
19:25:02 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I have Quizdom and they are good also
19:26:00 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: The units are a recommendatio for 21st century classrooms
19:26:11 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: looking at senteo website right now… looks interesting
19:26:31 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: for the senteos…all mult choice
19:26:36 Kim -> EdTechTalk: Linda…where is our Quizdom
19:26:36 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: or good for math
19:26:36 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: are the quizes easy to create?
19:26:43 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: senteo is for smartboards
19:26:51 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: but only good for mult choice
19:26:54 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: Brian’s office
19:26:55 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: kids love them
19:27:11 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Some units have predesigned quizzes built in the software
19:27:13 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: embed questions in lesson
19:27:27 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: call me back in and i’ll talk about it if you want
19:27:35 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: With Senteo, you insert a question directly n your ppt lesson if you’re using that
19:28:43 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: do they sell the units individually?
19:29:06 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: The clickers are great for immediate feedback-many students will not ask questions in class
19:29:25 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Bradley, I bought a 6 unit set
19:30:02 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: so, do you use them in teams with the kids, or do give them to certain kids? how do you work only 6?
19:30:05 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Hi Cindy
19:30:07 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: hi all, sorry I’m late
19:30:28 Maria -> EdTechTalk:
19:30:31 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I use them in trainings with teahers to show how they can be used-not in a classroom right now
19:32:56 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Linda J found the revolving door
19:33:23 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: ha, yes I did:D
19:33:30 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Cathy, did you send me an add request in Skype?
19:33:51 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk:
19:34:51 Linda J -> EdTechTalk:
19:35:18 Kim -> EdTechTalk: She was an amazing and talented speaker….so many ideas that you can do tomorrow!
19:35:25 JoseR -> EdTechTalk: Night all, enjoyed listening to your talk. Gotta run. bye.
19:35:33 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Bye Jose
19:35:39 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: bye jose
19:35:48 Maria -> EdTechTalk: bye jose
19:36:03 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: I went to her presentation last year and saw some great things for ppt that you wouldn’t even think of
19:36:54 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk:
19:37:14 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: wow… this interactive format is a bit overwhelming
19:38:00 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk:
19:38:17 Maria -> EdTechTalk: that it is – it gets better with experience – don’t give up!
19:38:35 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Jeff Ertzberger did a session on creating your own digital games – they re on his site lsited above
19:38:47 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: euphoniac – I still can’t see you in my list
19:40:20 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: We need to clone her and share her with other districts in NC
19:40:35 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: ncwise…
19:40:54 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: hmm… what’s your skype name?
19:41:04 Maria -> EdTechTalk:
19:41:40 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: lol… following links is great… On tammy’s site you can follow links to find the proper way to eat pixi stix…
19:43:30 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: NCAECT – March 12-14th in Concord, NC
19:44:01 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: They have scholarships, awards and grants
19:44:15 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: Cathy won Tech Ed. of the year last year
19:44:52 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Cindy- I’m looking at grnts
19:45:32 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: did you search for "euphoniac" ?
19:45:37 cindy p -> EdTechTalk: there are 3- $3,000 grants check
19:45:39 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: when I did the seach my name came up
19:45:48 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Another session I attended was Geocaching and using Google Earth
19:46:00 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: euphonic Bradley=same??
19:46:34 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: euphoniac
19:47:42 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: same person, yes
19:48:30 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: it says you have not granted me access to be your friend
19:48:41 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: how do I do that?
19:49:53 JL -> EdTechTalk: Maria video here:
19:50:49 JL -> EdTechTalk: need a devil emoticon for this chat room
19:51:36 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: hi jeff
19:51:59 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: welcome to skype bradley
19:52:02 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: Yea to Bradley
19:52:07 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Thanks
19:52:18 Maria -> EdTechTalk: and bradley we could also tell you about the skype chat too
19:52:18 JL -> EdTechTalk: Lisa (and others) will you be around for Edublog ceremony (Sat. 4:30pm)
19:52:28 JL -> EdTechTalk: very much looking for SL Ustreamers
19:52:33 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: i could be jeff…
19:52:38 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: in sl?
19:52:52 JL -> EdTechTalk: yes
19:52:59 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: i’m not good with sl
19:53:08 JL -> EdTechTalk: using webcammax or the recently discovered (and free) VHS Capture Driver
19:53:20 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: haven’t checked that one out
19:53:38 JL -> EdTechTalk:
19:53:54 JL -> EdTechTalk: We’ll be practicing Thursday, starting at 8pm
19:54:20 Cathy E -> EdTechTalk: Jeff- I’l come Thurs- cause I’m still confused
19:54:36 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: not sure i can commit to 4:30 but if I’m around I can give it a shot..
19:55:18 JL -> EdTechTalk: great – I’m hoping to have as many streamers as possible around on Saturday because hosting a Ustreamed Second Life event is ripe with disaster possibilities
19:56:37 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: My daughter wants that
19:56:52 Maria -> EdTechTalk: I think you should get it for her!
19:57:12 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: maybe christmas
19:58:08 Kim -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for everything!
19:58:10 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: Great listening to you all
19:58:13 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: Thanks for the show
19:58:17 dgoodman_1958 -> EdTechTalk: thanks everyone
19:58:23 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Very cool
19:58:38 lisaparisi -> EdTechTalk: Bye all…thanks Maria for twitting
19:58:52 Linda J -> EdTechTalk: See ya next week!
19:59:03 euphoniac -> EdTechTalk: Goodnight all

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