It’s Elementary #43: Interactive White Boards

We had a small gathering this week, perhaps due to our change in broadcasting time (now at 8/7/6 pm EDT/CDT/PDT). Alice and Maria, joined by Lisa in the chat room discussed the uses of interactive whiteboards.Discussion included, but was not limited to:

  • The IWBs we work with, an different features that make them better or worse;
  • Other IWB systems besides SMART and Promethean, including DIY ones;
  • How we use them (which is the most important thing);
  • Expensive lecture tool or way to transform learning for students? Hmmm, we’re skeptical;

While we both enjoy our experience with these tools, we came to no hard and fast conclusions about whether they are
"the" tool (for good or ill). Listen up and see if you can come to your own conclusions.

The Chat Log follows:

 mariak -> Room 1: It’s just you and me, baby
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: He there!
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: We are on EdTech A
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1:
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1:
 Durff -> Room 1: hey all – walking across room to find power cord
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1:
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1:
 Durff -> Room 1: imagine maria sitting on floor
 Durff -> Room 1: i use an overhead for the quickwrite
 sransom -> Room 1: That photo is classic… and probably not too uncommon.
 Durff -> Room 1: we don’t have a SMARTboards
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1:
 Durff -> Room 1: Links for our shows at
 sransom -> Room 1:
 Durff -> Room 1: @sransom what is at that url?
 Durff -> Room 1: wb
 sransom -> Room 1: @Durff – did it not work?
 Durff -> Room 1: now it did
 Durff -> Room 1: i’m on hotel network
 Durff -> Room 1: at PETE-C
 Durff -> Room 1: very very slow
 Durff -> Room 1: ty for RTing
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: Hi Sransom
 sransom -> Room 1:  Isn’t that the problem, though. We help teachers USE technology and not how to teach effectively and in meaningful ways  with it?
 Durff -> Room 1: bingo
 Durff -> Room 1: they are doing so well !
 sransom -> Room 1: My students are so anxious about learning how to use the IWB, yet less interested in teaching in meaningful ways. I tell them that the technology is the EASY part… and it is.
 Durff -> Room 1: rimes + onsets = about 950 words
 Durff -> Room 1: Adams, 1990
 sransom -> Room 1: NCLB consultant. Groan.
 Durff -> Room 1: every groan together now
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: You in PI?
 Durff -> Room 1: hi con!
 Durff -> Room 1: colin
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: Ya gotta have a consultant when you’re in PI
 Durff -> Room 1: no can spell at conf
 colingally -> Room 1: hi guys, just a quick drop in before duty calls!
 sransom -> Room 1: PI?
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: Program Improvement: Not making AYP
 Durff -> Room 1: WB Colin
 sransom -> Room 1: Oh yes… Such a shame they are called by that term.
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1:[RFGmQux6XnMebDMl4nddRDutTae13KtmNE
 Durff -> Room 1: not true
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1:
 Durff -> Room 1: i just tell kids i know nothing and they HAVE to do it
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: The first was Ferriter
 Durff -> Room 1: i might help a little sometimes
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: and next wast from Kobus van Wyk in South Africa where they are implementing a lot of IWB projects
 sransom -> Room 1:
 colingally -> Room 1: In my last school teachers did not have a choice. the "old" whiteboards were taken out and replaced with Prometheans. the teachers who were scared and negative soon became champions in using them. WITH TRAINING!!
 Durff -> Room 1: πŸ™‚
 Durff -> Room 1: but your school is so lucky
 Durff -> Room 1: i don’t even have one
 colingally -> Room 1: the school i’m at now does has only one or two. it’s such a loss πŸ™
 sransom -> Room 1: Getting kids using it is not transformative.
 Durff -> Room 1: indeed
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: getting kids creating on it would be though
 Durff -> Room 1: our school has 6 – they gather dust
 sransom -> Room 1: Directing the learning is different than controlling the IWB.
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: Also, I think that having kids using it is transformative
 Durff -> Room 1: one won’t fit in the room where i teach
 colingally -> Room 1: Durff this Epson projector is interesting to me
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: Unless you give them step by step instructions and tell them what to do
 sransom -> Room 1: @Alice – what’s transformative about it?
 Durff -> Room 1: thanks
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: I’ll answer that in a moment
 Alice Mercer -> Room 1: Sransom
 sransom -> Room 1: Okay. Thx.
 Durff -> Room 1: transforming education
 Durff -> Room 1: hi sally
 Durff -> Room 1: wb sally
 sransom -> Room 1: I get that…
 sransom -> Room 1: It’s just so sad that we are calling that transformative… It just seems to me that what you are describing is just "good teaching".
 Durff -> Room 1: hi bruce
 blemieux -> Room 1: Hello
 sransom -> Room 1: I do understand that there are terrible pressures put upon teachers to do things counter-intuitively. πŸ™
 sransom -> Room 1: I hear you.
 Durff -> Room 1: πŸ™‚
 sransom -> Room 1: Such a shame.
 Durff -> Room 1: now be good
 blemieux -> Room 1: πŸ™‚
 sransom -> Room 1: Thanks for sharing. I have to run. Bless you all!
 Durff -> Room 1: thank you all for coming!
 Durff -> Room 1: we were 8-9, not 9-10
 Durff -> Room 1: sorry for any confusion
 colingally -> Room 1: mad i missed the majority of this chat. until next time!
 mariak -> Room 1: thanks all – goodbye


Alice Mercer, IBW, Jose Rodriguez, Lisa Durff, Maria Knee, edtechtalk, interactive whiteboards

It’s Elementary #42: Computer Labs — The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The show started with Maria Knee sharing her experiences at EduCon 2.2, and the goals of learner-centered, constructivist education that are the centerpiece of that conference. We then used that as a transition to a discussion about how computer labs are often being used and how it fits in with those goals:

  • We started with the bad and ugly:labs being used for test prep; and lab being used almost exclusively for Accelerated Reader quizing.
  • We then discussed good practices: having students create content, and how do this by having small group projects with some students while the other students work independently.
  • We discussed how we used different tools for different goals and activities, the lab, classroom computers, and IWBs.

NOTE: We will be moving the time of our next show on Monday February 22, one hour earlier to 5/6/7 PDT/CDT/EDT or 1:00 GMT. That show will be on Interactive White Boards in the Elementary Classroom. Hope to see you there.

Educon2.2, computer labs, elementary

It’s Elementary #41: New Years Wishes

Beginnig of the year edition of It’s Elementary Webcast. We are moving our format to one informal chat and one interview per month.  On this occasion, we shared some educational conferences coming up both on the East Coast (Educon 2.2, PETE&C) and West Coast CUE where we expect to go or present. As well as NECC 2010.  We also had a chance to share what we are doing in our classrooms. The fact that there isn’t a lot happening that is new and inovative but rather, just using some tools like voicethread and our classroom blogs. For a tech use in the elementary classroom perspective, join is the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month. Check the ETT calendar for up to date information.

Link to Text Chat

 20:40:34  alicemercer  : This chat is for It’s Elementary Show #42 on Monday January 11, 2010
 20:41:17  nlade  : what all is planned to be discussed on this? I just saw the stream on Twitter and thought I would jump in on it πŸ™‚
 20:41:33  alicemercer  : Open topic about plans for new year
 20:41:39  nlade  : thanks
 20:51:34  Durff  : hello
 20:51:41  JoseRodriguez  : hey… still setting up.
 20:53:30  Durff  : ustream thix evening?
 20:56:05  PeggyG  : Hi all! Great to see you!
 20:56:27  Durff  : hey peggy
 20:56:31  Durff  : hi wing
 20:56:36  wingsonwater03  : evening
 20:56:49  PeggyG  : is everyone keeping warm πŸ™‚
 20:57:04  Durff  : in bed with many layers of wool on
 20:57:30  PeggyG  : it was a beautiful day in Phoenix AZ today-71 degrees and sunny πŸ™‚ Come on down Durff
 20:57:49  JoseRodriguez  : on… Ustream only today..
 20:58:11  JoseRodriguez  : we are live..
 20:58:11  PeggyG  : thanks I was wondering about that
 20:58:29  Durff  : audio on ustream
 20:58:34  PeggyG  : got it!
 20:58:35  wingsonwater03  : ahh, sound…
 20:58:54  Durff  : ty
 20:59:04  alicemercer  : alice mercer
 20:59:07  alicemercer  : alice.mercer
 20:59:19  JoseRodriguez  : how is the sound?
 20:59:21  PeggyG  : I can’t answer because Lisa P. says I shouldn’t be called a "guy" πŸ™‚ topic in Conversations yesterday!
 20:59:49  Durff  : hey you guys
 20:59:49  PeggyG  : we agreed to disagree πŸ™‚
 21:00:04  PeggyG  : we tried that too Alice πŸ™‚ y’all
 21:00:12  JoseRodriguez  : all.. my students are "guys"
 21:00:17  PeggyG  : I can find my headset when the time comes
 21:00:39  PeggyG  : dear is so sweet πŸ™‚
 21:01:02  Durff  : hi katghy
 21:01:11  kathymaske  : hello all!
 21:01:29  PeggyG  : hi Kathymaske-welcome
 21:01:54  PeggyG  : it’s so great to hear all of your voices!!
 21:02:02  PeggyG  : Jan. 11
 21:02:23  PeggyG  : expectations for the new year–going to really have to think!!
 21:03:10  Durff  : ty kathy for RT
 21:03:15  JoseRodriguez  : Hey Kathy..
 21:03:23  kathymaske  : anytime durff
 21:03:39  PeggyG  : it’s so hard to avoid catching things going around! remember to sneeze in your sleeve πŸ™‚
 21:04:08  JoseRodriguez  : I’ve been sick.. on and off also… but feel good after three weeks off.
 21:04:14  Durff  : clorox wipes
 21:04:22  Durff  : hi s cott
 21:04:30  wingsonwater03  : I’m a fan of the lysol spray myself
 21:04:30  PeggyG  : so sorry to hear you’ve all been sick! I’ve been lucky so far–knock on wood!
 21:04:43  PeggyG  : Educon 2.2????? πŸ™‚
 21:04:50  kathymaske  : thx for reminding me to sanitze!
 21:04:58  Durff  : Educon
 21:05:12  JoseRodriguez  : or participate virtually…
 21:05:16  PeggyG  : yeah!!!! I sure wish I could go to it but I’ll definitely be participating virtually!
 21:05:18  JoseRodriguez  : talks are pretty cool
 21:05:41  PeggyG  : we cancelled our Classroom 2.0 LIVE show that Saturday so people could go to Educon!
 21:06:11  JoseRodriguez  : that was thoughtful Peggy…
 21:06:30  PeggyG  : it is such a fabulous conference!!
 21:06:44  JoseRodriguez  : Our local confernce here in California is in March.
 21:06:55  JoseRodriguez  : CUE>> in Palm Springs.
 21:06:56  PeggyG  : is that CUE Jose?
 21:07:08  PeggyG  : I’m going to that IN PERSON!! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait!
 21:07:10  JoseRodriguez  : yep.. also a nevada event, I heard.
 21:07:17  Durff  : PA first
 21:08:29  Durff  : Chris Lehmann
 21:08:30  PeggyG  : waiting with baited breath!!! πŸ™‚
 21:08:46  wingsonwater03  : wow..thats a stacked line-up
 21:08:51  PeggyG  : we had Sir Ken Robinson at our conference in AZ this fall and he is great!
 21:09:15  PeggyG  : many of his presentations are related to creativity πŸ™‚
 21:09:35  JoseRodriguez  : I saw the TED.. talk it was pretty cool.
 21:09:47  PeggyG  : He’s really famous for his TED talk!
 21:09:53  alicemercer  :
 21:10:14  Durff  :
 21:10:18  PeggyG  : I can’t wait to see both Alice and Jose at CUE!!! My first time!
 21:10:43  PeggyG  : kind of expensive to fly into Palm Springs
 21:10:46  JoseRodriguez  : I drive in from Los Angeles..
 21:10:54  JoseRodriguez  : Canada?
 21:11:22  PeggyG  : several of us are coming from AZ so we may drive together
 21:11:23  JoseRodriguez  : just kidding…
 21:11:46  Durff  : ISTE =
 21:12:24  PeggyG  : oh Maria I wish you could come!!!
 21:12:51  Durff  : Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
 21:13:13  MariaKnee  : couldn’t make the funding work
 21:13:31  Durff  : hi bbass
 21:13:37  PeggyG  : that’s so sad that the cutoff date for the grant is so early!
 21:14:10  PeggyG  : the K12online presentations have been great and I love that they are available forever!!
 21:14:20  Durff  :
 21:14:25  alicemercer  : I didn’t get a chance to listen to k12 online because of travel and illness, wah.
 21:14:30  PeggyG  : Rachel Boyd was incredible in her fireside chat last Saturday!
 21:14:33  wingsonwater03  : I’ve really enjoyed them as well this year
 21:14:41  alicemercer  : So I appreciate that I can listen to it still
 21:14:50  alicemercer  : In your PJs?
 21:14:55  JoseRodriguez  : my inspiration.. Rachel’s 6 year olds.
 21:14:57  Durff  : πŸ™‚
 21:15:06  PeggyG  : I want to use Rachel’s presentation in a LAN party here in AZ-teachers will be so inspired to try what she suggests
 21:15:08  alicemercer  : my favorite kind of preso
 21:15:21  kathymaske  : and you can listen in jammies!
 21:15:21  MariaKnee  :
 21:15:24  PeggyG  : yeah Jose and Maria!!! you are the best!!!!
 21:16:10  PeggyG  : I have quite a few of the presentations on my ipod so I can listen any time
 21:16:39  MariaKnee  : Me too peggy – like having them on the ipod
 21:16:41  JoseRodriguez  : actually.. EVO  Electronic Village Online is going on right now, right?
 21:16:47  PeggyG  :
 21:16:57  alicemercer  : I should load them on my phone
 21:16:58  PeggyG  : March 12-13, 2010
 21:17:12  alicemercer  : What format is the video? Mp4? or MOV?
 21:17:20  PeggyG  : mp4
 21:17:24  alicemercer  : awesome
 21:17:57  Durff  :
 21:18:05  PeggyG  :
 21:18:20  Durff  : Peggy’s link is better
 21:18:22  JoseRodriguez  :
 21:18:26  PeggyG  : I love EVO!
 21:19:05  PeggyG  : we have 3 great AzTEA conferences during the year and our May conference has Kevin Honeycutt as our keynote! I’m so excited!
 21:19:21  JoseRodriguez  : She is the super star.. Kindergarten teacher..
 21:19:35  Durff  : indeed
 21:19:38  alicemercer  : Wow great for AzTEA
 21:19:49  PeggyG  :  if anyone wants to come to AZ πŸ™‚
 21:20:11  Durff  : hi dmkenney
 21:20:36  JoseRodriguez  : US.. Centric… but.. open the world. πŸ™‚
 21:20:38  PeggyG  : I’ll definitely be at ISTE 2010 in Denver–get to do a Poster Session with Kim Caise on hosting online webinars
 21:20:53  Durff  : oh not fair
 21:21:02  Durff  : i know too many famous people
 21:21:02  JoseRodriguez  : Will try to make it in…
 21:21:04  PeggyG  : AZ Technology in Education Association
 21:21:04  kathymaske  : interesting considering we are behind in many areas of education
 21:21:44  PeggyG  : it’s going to be fantastic! he’ll do a session on Friday eve for administrators and keynote and workshops on Sat. Kevin is sooooo motivational!
 21:22:00  Durff  : Sigh
 21:22:11  Durff  : WB dmkenney
 21:22:45  PeggyG  : growing up under Jim Crow? do you have a link to the voicethread?
 21:23:30  PeggyG  : I did my first teaching in Georgia in 1965. πŸ™‚
 21:24:01  PeggyG  : they were still experiencing serious separate but equal issues then! I was shocked!
 21:24:21  Durff  :
 21:24:43  PeggyG  : how fun Durff! thanks for the link
 21:25:42  PeggyG  : Rachel is such a Master Teacher! yet she makes it look so easy!
 21:25:43  alicemercer  : VoiceThread on Jim Crow
 21:26:23  Durff  : Hi Julie
 21:26:34  Julie CO  : Hi there
 21:26:45  PeggyG  : thanks for that link Alice-can I add to the VT?
 21:26:45  JoseRodriguez  :
 21:27:08  JoseRodriguez  : is my first playground … from Rachel Boyd’s presentation.
 21:27:25  JoseRodriguez  : and
 21:27:25  PeggyG  : can you video skype with her classroom Jose?
 21:27:41  JoseRodriguez  : that would be awesome…
 21:27:49  JoseRodriguez  : will try to make a contact
 21:28:12  PeggyG  : I’ll bet she would love it! I know she’s changing schools this month though.
 21:28:18  Durff  : time zones
 21:28:37  PeggyG  : your modeling will encourage the other teachers Maria
 21:28:58  JoseRodriguez  : yeah.. not quite.. possible. but some asychronous conversation would be good.
 21:29:08  PeggyG  : yes Durff-time zones are a real challenge between CA and New Zealand πŸ™‚
 21:29:52  PeggyG  : there are so many exciting PD opportunities available to us this year!! you’re really motivating me!
 21:30:34  Julie CO  : Our district just brought in David Warlick last weekend- I’m still reeling from all the new info & working on how to incorporate new ideas
 21:30:41  PeggyG  : we’re having Civil War Sallie on Classroom 2.0 LIVE this Saturday, 12:00noon EST–come and join us. She is so much fun to listen to.
 21:31:18  Durff  : really?
 21:31:30  PeggyG  : great summary Alice!
 21:31:34  JoseRodriguez  : @julie.. David Warlick is the bomb..
 21:32:04  PeggyG  : the Instructional Design show was great! Robert Squires
 21:32:19  JoseRodriguez  : yeah.. I heard part of it it was great
 21:32:26  PeggyG  : and we have another new show–Echo for K12 online conference
 21:32:46  PeggyG  : Tuesdays on ETT-8:00pm alternate weeks-first show is Jan. 26
 21:33:26  PeggyG  : it’s alternate weeks for the most part with a few exceptions
 21:33:43  PeggyG  : welcome Michael!
 21:33:50  Durff  : yay!
 21:34:11  JoseRodriguez  : I like using
 21:34:31  PeggyG  : how exciting Michael!! ipods for reading fluency! brilliant idea
 21:35:08  PeggyG  : the kids will love hearing themselves reading!
 21:35:36  JoseRodriguez  : shared readings..
 21:35:44  JoseRodriguez  : buddy readers…
 21:36:00  JoseRodriguez  : an expert … reader.
 21:36:01  alicemercer  : Adina Sullivan was goign to be doing some work with Nano’s for English Language Development
 21:37:22  PeggyG  : sometimes Voicethread is a great way to get kids started recording their own voices–seems less threatening to them
 21:37:23  JoseRodriguez  : What is your class blog, Michael.
 21:37:54  PeggyG  : you’re so right about, Jose! That is a great site πŸ™‚
 21:38:06  wingsonwater03  :
 21:38:25  PeggyG  : what fun!! thanks for the link
 21:38:34  JoseRodriguez  : cool.. we also use classblogmeister
 21:38:53  Julie CO  : so Michael, how did you decide on classblogmeister?
 21:39:15  MariaKnee  :
 21:39:51  JoseRodriguez  :
 21:40:07  PeggyG  :
 21:40:19  PeggyG  : that’s the Belkin link you shared with me earlier Maria
 21:40:53  PeggyG  : 4 Touches πŸ™‚
 21:41:17  PeggyG  : my grandkids (6 year olds) got iTouches for Christmas and they are loving them
 21:41:34  alicemercer  : New touches have video and audio, rigtht? BUT do the old ones?
 21:41:41  PeggyG  : they have so many free/cheap apps for iTouch and you can also record
 21:41:59  PeggyG  : but you can’t do video on Nanos either
 21:42:22  PeggyG  : Audacity is a perfect tool for them!
 21:43:20  wingsonwater03  : @Julie I liked the control that I had over the posting and commenting. It seemed like a nice feature.
 21:44:19  JoseRodriguez  : an android.. laday in the house.
 21:44:25  JoseRodriguez  : lady
 21:44:45  Durff  : oi veh
 21:45:29  PeggyG  : you can use Odeo for phone recording-
 21:45:40  Julie CO  : I’ve been testing out using, but it hasn’t been what I envisioned.  I’m wondering if a straight up blog would be better.
 21:45:51  Julie CO  : thanks for that response, Michael
 21:47:05  wingsonwater03  : πŸ™‚
 21:47:06  PeggyG  : how exciting Alice!
 21:47:41  PeggyG  : one of our local tech educators taught her teachers how to make a document camera using an old digital camera
 21:48:45  MariaKnee  : that sounds like something useful Peggy
 21:49:20  PeggyG  : it was a fantastic workshop and she recorded it–I’ll try to find the link
 21:49:37  MariaKnee  : thanks – would be very interested.
 21:50:23  PeggyG  : I’ll have to send it to you–can’t find it quickly
 21:50:26  Durff  : and michael
 21:50:34  PeggyG  : thanks for another great show!!! thank you everyone!
 21:50:50  Durff  : @wingsonwater03
 21:51:18  Durff  : on Twitter he is
 21:51:30  wingsonwater03  : thats correct
 21:51:50  PeggyG  : that’s a great song! Not on the Test!
 21:51:55  Durff  : everyone follow him
 21:52:09  PeggyG  : Kevin Honeycutt also has a great song called I need my teachers to learn. πŸ™‚
 21:52:19  Julie CO  : thank you all for sharing! 
 21:52:27  Durff  : Love this song!!
 21:52:31  JoseRodriguez  : Night everone.. .. going off the air after the song
 21:52:45  JoseRodriguez  : i have that also..
 21:52:49  Durff  : I promise not to sing without muting first
 21:52:51  JoseRodriguez  : I could play it.
 21:52:59  PeggyG  :  Kevin’s song
 21:53:28  JoseRodriguez  : I cued. it.. if y’all like to listen to Kevin
 21:54:00  Durff  : clap clap clap clap clap
 21:54:14  PeggyG  : Kevin is so talented! and bright!
 21:54:28  JoseRodriguez  : used by permission πŸ™‚
 21:54:44  Durff  : thank you again michail
 21:54:50  Durff  : oh i can’t type
 21:54:52  PeggyG  : he has such great messages in his songs πŸ™‚
 21:55:39  MariaKnee  : Goodnight everyone.
 21:55:47  JoseRodriguez  : goodnight…
 21:55:49  Durff  : night maria
 21:55:58  MariaKnee  : Peggy and micahel – thanks for joining us tonight
 21:56:17  wingsonwater03  : Thanks for letting me spew. I’ll talk to you later.
 21:56:20  MariaKnee  : oops – Michael – guess I’m too tired to spell correctly!
 21:56:25  Durff  : Ah – eek
 21:56:27  JoseRodriguez  : thanks.. it was great
 21:57:11  PeggyG  :  found the video for making document cameras from recycled old cameras
 21:57:26  JoseRodriguez  : wow.. cool
 21:57:44  JoseRodriguez  : I am still working on the wii.. smartboard
 21:57:47  PeggyG  : it’s really neat!
 21:58:03  PeggyG  : she shows you exactly how to do it
 21:58:24  PeggyG  : wonderful music Jose! thanks!
 21:58:33  PeggyG  : adios
 21:58:41  Durff  : night – buenas tardas
 22:37:56  Edgar  : hello


Alice Mercer, Jose Rodriguez, Lisa Durff, Maria Knee

It’s Elementary #40: Getting Ready for k12onlineconference 2009



The It’s Elementary crew discusses the k12onlineconference with it’s very own Jose Rodriguez and Maria Knee, Co-Conveners.  Make sure to join us for the k12online LAN Party On November 18, the K12Online Conference is hosting a LAN party from 6:30PM to 8:30PM EST. We invite everyone to gather at the LAN party site with colleagues in order to view two past conference presentations and then engage in lively discussions in the EdTechTalk chatroom.

Link to Text Chat

 [18:00] <PeggyG> Hi everyone
[18:01] <PeggyG> Hooray!! one of my favorite topics!! the k12online conference πŸ™‚
 [18:02] <derrallg> Hi PeggyG
 [18:02] <PeggyG> Hi derrallg! I always love seeing your name pop up in the chat!
[18:02] <derrallg> That’s how I feel about you πŸ™‚
[18:03] <PeggyG> love it!! ask a busy person and they get the job done!! so glad you said YES πŸ™‚
[18:04] <PeggyG>
[18:04] <PeggyG>
[18:04] <PeggyG> I love how easy it is to copy/paste links in this new chat πŸ™‚
[18:05] <derrallg> This is my first experience with it
[18:06] <Mariak>
[18:06] <Mariak> animoto link
[18:06] <PeggyG> You can also find the animoto on the conference website:
[18:07] <PeggyG> you did a fantastic job on that Maria!! Thank you!
[18:07] <Mariak> why thank you!
 [18:08] <alicemercer> or sarah
[18:09] <PeggyG> it’s exciting to hear about the addition of the Spanish presentations this year!
[18:10] <derrallg> It does make it so much more global in scope
[18:10] <PeggyG> definitely!
[18:11] <PeggyG> and there will be lots of people listening to this recording later πŸ™‚
[18:12] <JoseRodriguez> Hey Burt are you from edtechclassroom podcast?
[18:13] <PeggyG> his year’s conference begins with a pre-conference keynote by classroom teacher and international educator Kim Cofino the week of November 30, 2009. The following two weeks, December 7-11 and December 14-17, over fifty presentations will be posted online to our conference blog and our conference Ning for participants to view, download, and discuss.
[18:13] <PeggyG> That’s information from the website–just for the record in our chat here πŸ™‚
[18:16] <PeggyG> I’m really enjoying the LIVE events leading up to the conference. It’s really fun to watch the presentations from previous years with the presenters in the chat room to talk with us!
 [18:17] <JoseRodriguez> Hey Jeff..
[18:17] <Mariak> Hey there – Jeff
[18:17] <derrallg> Hi Jeff
[18:17] <jutecht> Howdy….
[18:17] <PeggyG> our next event is Nov. 18th from 6:30-8:30pm Eastern-join us!!
[18:17] <PeggyG> thank you Alice πŸ™‚
[18:17] <jutecht> Howdy…thanks!
[18:18] <PeggyG> yeah Jeff!! I want to talk with you–sent you a message on your blog πŸ™‚
[18:18] <jutecht> She’s not here now….teaching a class…..
[18:18] <jutecht> exactly…it’s about making connections. πŸ™‚
 [18:19] <sroseman> testing
[18:20] <alicemercer> Hi Sue!
[18:20] <PeggyG> our presenters at the Nov. 18th LAN party will be: 6:30-7:15 Kevin Jarrett and Sylvia Martinez "Second Life: K-20 Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds-Panel" 7:30-8:15 Chris Harbeck-Release the Hounds
[18:20] <Mariak>
[18:20] <Mariak> silvia’s teaser
[18:20] <PeggyG> Silvia Tolisano is so amazing!!
[18:20] <alicemercer> So you’re making the planning parties more than just business
[18:20] <jutecht> Kim talked about her keynote on her blog here:
[18:21] <PeggyG> thanks for that link Jeff!
 [18:21] <Mariak>
 [18:21] <Mariak> the english version of silvia’s teaser
[18:21] <PeggyG> I can’t wait to hear Kim Cofino
 [18:22] <jutecht> @peggyG can’t wait to hear it either…she hasn’t share it here with us and I sit 10 feet from her. πŸ™‚
 [18:23] <Mariak> welcome back Sue
 [18:23] <Mariak> and glad you are back too Kathy
[18:23] <PeggyG> I love the idea that we will be able to keep the learning and conversation going after the conference with the monthly LAN parties via EdTechTalk! Susan van Gelder will host them as the K12online Echo πŸ™‚
[18:24] <sroseman> hi everyone
[18:24] <PeggyG> so Kim’s keeping her keynote a secret!! so clever!!
[18:24] <derrallg> hi Sue
[18:24] <sroseman> strange interface
[18:24] <derrallg> @sroseman I’m not used to it either yet
[18:24] <PeggyG> that LAN party concept all began with Jeff!! that was a brilliant idea!!
[18:24] <jutecht> @peggyg yeah….it’s secret for now….we’ll get it out of her in a couple weeks. πŸ™‚
[18:25] <PeggyG> be sure to tweet it if you do!! πŸ™‚ tee hee!
[18:25] <jutecht> We’re planning some LAN parties for this year…we’ll see how they go.
 [18:26] <PeggyG> if you join both the Ning and the wiki/website you’ll get all of the latest information!!
 [18:26] <Mariak>
[18:27] <PeggyG>
[18:27] <JoseRodriguez> thank peggy
[18:27] <Mariak>
[18:27] <PeggyG>
[18:27] <PeggyG> much easier when you’re not talking!
[18:27] <PeggyG> you’re really good Maria!!
[18:28] <PeggyG> the teasers are being posted here as they come in:
 [18:29] <PeggyG> this conference is so amazing and people still are viewing and discussing presentations from the first year and they’re still relevant!!
[18:29] <derrallg> I share but just can’t get teachers around me to see what it’s about, don’t know why
[18:29] <jutecht> Thanks….hadn’t realized I didn’t sign up on the ning until now.
[18:29] <derrallg> Hey Patrick
[18:29] <PeggyG> I’ll approve you right away Jeff πŸ™‚
[18:30] <jutecht> So many options to get together and just have conversations.
 [18:31] <PeggyG> have a LAN party @derrallg and serve pizza and beverages–show them a presentation from previous years and then talk about the upcoming conference. They’ll love it!
[18:31] <PeggyG> I have found the LAN parties work much better if you do them away from school in someone’s home πŸ™‚
[18:31] <derrallg> @peggyg I think that is probably something along the lines of what I need to do
 [18:32] <JoseRodriguez> @peggy I agree.. in a relaxed social environment
[18:33] <PeggyG> we had a fabulous LAN party last year using the presentation about global projects with Kim Cofino/Jen Wagner and then we skyped them in to talk with us. It was fantastic!
 [18:33] <derrallg> @peggyg that was probably so powerful for them
[18:33] <PeggyG> great summary Alice!
[18:33] <derrallg> hey Matt
[18:33] <matt-montagne> hey derrall!
 [18:34] <alicemercer> Who wants to join us?
[18:34] <alicemercer> Peggy? Jeff? Matt? Sue?
[18:34] <alicemercer> Andyone?
[18:34] <pwoessner> finally in and able to listen
[18:34] <PeggyG> Wes is such an awesome leader!!
[18:34] <alicemercer> Derrall you can talk too
[18:34] <derrallg> glad to see you here Patrick
[18:34] <Mariak> Hi there patrick
[18:35] <pwoessner> @Derrall  Thanks!
[18:35] <derrallg> this echo will make it difficult
[18:35] <derrallg> bring in Patrick
[18:35] <jutecht> I have a meeting in 5 minutes….sorry….:(
[18:35] <PeggyG> Sorry I need to get to another meeting πŸ™ I would love to have joined you!! I’m passionate about this conference!
[18:35] <JoseRodriguez> Thanks for stopping by Jeff..
[18:36] <alicemercer> Matt or Sue?
[18:36] <derrallg> @PeggyG you’re so busy
[18:36] <jutecht> See you guys later……back to work for me!
 [18:37] <derrallg> bye Jeff
[18:37] <PeggyG> too busy for being retired (wink) πŸ™‚
[18:37] <alicemercer> Thanks!
 [18:38] <pwoessner> Hi Matt
 [18:39] <derrallg> It’s amazing that a virtual conference has been sustained such as this
[18:41] <pwoessner> yep…i’m here
[18:41] <pwoessner> i can open skype
 [18:42] <pwoessner> working on it πŸ™‚
 [18:43] <matt-montagne> pretty good there jose!!!
[18:43] == Anthony has changed nick to Guest71803
[18:43] <matt-montagne> nie job on those time zone conversions!!
[18:43] <derrallg> He’s gotten some good practice in I guess πŸ™‚
[18:45] <pwoessner> my status won’t change…sorry
[18:45] <matt-montagne> nice show y’all
[18:45] <matt-montagne> thanks for your work with Its Elementary!!!
[18:46] <matt-montagne> and a shout out to the K12Online Crew!!!
[18:46] <matt-montagne> NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
 [18:46] <Mariak> woo hoo!
[18:46] <matt-montagne> that’d be cool Alice
[18:46] <matt-montagne> I still think this chat room is horrible
[18:46] <derrallg> I think I’ll be a father by then
[18:46] <pwoessner> cheers
[18:46] <sroseman> I agree, Matt
[18:47] <Mariak> papa derrallg
 [18:47] <matt-montagne> good work rockin’ the stream derrall!!!
[18:47] <sroseman> nice stream ..looking forward to the conference
[18:47] <derrallg> @matt thanks matt, need to talk to Jose about tweaking the setting to minimize echo


Alice Mercer, Jose Rodriguez, Maria Knee, k12online09, k12onlineconference

It’s Elementary #39, Video in the Classroom; How to plan for success




 20:45:29  Durff : hey alice

 20:48:40  Durff : hi scott

 20:48:57  Scott Shelhart : Hi DUrff.  This wasnt on the calendar…..almmost missed it

 20:53:22  Durff : Everyone twitter now

 20:55:02  Durff : hi mesafr

 20:55:12  Durff : oops

 20:55:24  Scott Shelhart : sound on ustream or shoutcast?

 20:55:56  Durff : probably will be ustream

 20:56:26  Durff : yes on ustream

 20:57:16  JoseRodriguez : Hi..

 20:57:23  Durff : πŸ™‚

 20:57:43  JoseRodriguez : I twittered and expect a bus load in a bit

 20:58:03  JoseRodriguez : how is the sound?

 21:01:16  Scott Shelhart : sound good

 21:01:36  JoseRodriguez : Hey Matt..

 21:01:50  matt montagne : hey y’all…good to hear Its Elementary rockin’ the ETT airwaves once again!!!

 21:01:53  matt montagne : Hey Jose

 21:02:14  Durff : hey matt

 21:02:17  JoseRodriguez : I upgraded skype today on matt..

 21:02:22  Durff : montagne that is

 21:02:27  JoseRodriguez : sorry meant Mac..

 21:02:46  Durff : hi ioni

 21:02:52  ioni : hi

 21:02:53  JoseRodriguez : I guess the matt folk can know share desktops..

 21:02:54  matt montagne : hey durff

 21:02:59  Durff : sound on ustream

 21:03:02  matt montagne : Jose, I’m diggin the new version of skype on Mac

 21:03:03  Durff : hi  cheri

 21:03:05  JoseRodriguez : again meant Mac..

 21:03:12  matt montagne : Now I just hope Skype doesn’t go out of business!

 21:03:19  JoseRodriguez : same here.

 21:03:22  Durff : shhh!

 21:03:23  cheri t : Hi Durgg

 21:03:25  cheri t : Durff

 21:03:27  cheri t : sorry

 21:03:40  MariaK : we Mac folks should do a skype call together!

 21:03:42  Durff : hi ffoxworth

 21:03:46  cheri t : Hey Maria!!!

 21:03:55  ffoxworth : Hi, all!

 21:03:57  MariaK : Hey there Cheri!!

 21:04:02  MariaK : and all

 21:04:05  cheri t : Are you still tired?

 21:04:37  MariaK : exhausted!!!

 21:04:42  Durff : hi demas

 21:04:54  demas : Hi

 21:04:55  Durff : i like someone who is annoyed

 21:05:55  matt montagne : didn’t einstein or edison say film was going to kill school?? Or something like that

 21:05:56  Durff : everyone have sound?

 21:06:34  matt montagne : audio is great

 21:06:38  matt montagne : via ustream

 21:06:39  Durff : πŸ™‚

 21:06:56  ffoxworth : Ustream is great!

 21:07:04  JoseRodriguez : thanks

 21:07:06  Durff : thanks – all jose there

 21:07:25  matt montagne : is it important for kids to know how to tell a narrative in mixed media like it was important for my generatiion to tell a narative on a piece of paper with a pencil??

 21:08:22  matt montagne : I do see it used for cutesy stuff, not real content that is highly valued

 21:08:36  Durff : so composition

 21:08:59  alicemercer : The segmented marketplace, where kids in ignorance can get exploited:

 21:09:28  alicemercer : Cable TV Consortium

 21:09:30  matt montagne : I like the idea of doing a school film festival, and having teachers participate as well

 21:09:36  Durff : we can use film to comprehend video composition and create video composition

 21:09:39  Durff : hi cal

 21:09:50  ffoxworth : Can we list some specific ways mixed media can be used to address curriculum standards?

 21:09:51  CalArmstrong : Hi Durff

 21:09:55  Durff : sound on ustream

 21:09:57  matt montagne : In order for us to be giviing projects/assignments involving mixed media, shouldn’t we be creating mixed media artifacts of our own??

 21:10:17  Durff : i would say no matt m

 21:10:27  Durff : not necessarily

 21:10:47  Durff : though some of us have/can

 21:10:48  matt montagne : really, but then how can they develop a true appreciation for the amount of work that goes into it, Durff??

 21:11:00  matt montagne : How can we ask students to do things that we don’t do ourselves??

 21:11:00  alicemercer : Narrative story, documentary

 21:11:10  Durff : the great hammer of Durff

 21:11:15  alicemercer : documentary, for teaching and entertaining

 21:11:18  alicemercer : commercials

 21:11:34  alicemercer : Which are persuassive writing

 21:11:50  alicemercer : introduction to Propoganda

 21:12:14  matt montagne : mathcasts!

 21:12:23  matt montagne : mathcasts put students in the role of the teacher

 21:12:23  alicemercer :

 21:12:46  matt montagne : and we know that we learn best when we teach something to different people

 21:12:49  JoseRodriguez : If you didn’t catch it … Mathew was with us for  K12oline LAN Party.

 21:13:35  matt montagne : not sayin’ that durff

 21:13:42  matt montagne : they at least have to have done it once

 21:14:06  Durff : okay then be difficult\

 21:14:13  JoseRodriguez : funny

 21:14:24  matt montagne : but, they have all written

 21:14:35  matt montagne : teachers who teach writing have at least worked in that medium

 21:14:40  Durff : yes blogging

 21:14:56  Durff : but we blog with students too

 21:14:58  Durff : hi sr

 21:15:01  matt montagne : but with mixed media, teachers assign things that they’ve never even attempted

 21:15:18  Durff : i have, and i think you have too

 21:15:33  sr : storyboarding??

 21:15:36  Durff : i prefer the kids to be better than i am

 21:15:44  matt montagne : I’m trying to create assignment teasers and stuff like that…instead of just writing it up on paper

 21:15:56  Durff : storyboarding is an important step

 21:21:18  alicemercer :

 21:21:40  ffoxworth : But you have to weigh the amount of time it takes to produce detailed video compared to the amount of time you have to spend on covering the standards you’re using the video project to address.

 21:21:44  Durff :

 21:22:10  alicemercer : @ffoxworth, but if the lessons are more likely to stick from video, isn’t it worth the time?

 21:22:49  Durff : one minute movies too much time?

 21:23:05  alicemercer : @ffoxworth, there’s the argument for it

 21:23:07  JoseRodriguez : so.. these proyects are one way to showcase learning from a unit of study.

 21:23:15  Durff : the amount of engagement alone is worth it

 21:23:50  ffoxworth : To me, yes, but I live in a very standards-based, pacing guide world (ugh!) so I have to consider how my teachers are willing to spend their time.

 21:24:38  alicemercer : @ffoxworth: Mathew and I are in teh same boat

 21:24:42  Durff : we all do what we can were we are

 21:24:49  ffoxworth : I completely agree that the engagement is worth it!

 21:25:09  alicemercer : What state @ffoxworth?

 21:25:40  ffoxworth : South Carolina:)

 21:26:01  alicemercer : Okay, that’s a state that is increasing their standards difficulty

 21:26:50  sr : you can make it address the standards

 21:27:04  alicemercer : Your kiddos in elementary will NOT be able to do higher order thinking using the text

 21:27:07  Durff : hi sl h welcome!

 21:27:20  SL h : hi!

 21:27:38  Durff : kids love animation

 21:28:20  Durff : sound is on ustream – hope everyone hears mathew – he’s a great guest!

 21:28:22  alicemercer : except the story quality sucks!

 21:28:38  alicemercer : It is NOT Oprah’s Book Club

 21:29:12  ffoxworth : I completely agree!  I’m talking about convincing my non-techie teachers that this is worth the time.  Tomorrow I’m doing some PD sessions on using tech tools for assessment, and I’m including video as a genre.  Give me some more ideas!

 21:29:48  Durff : The Language Police

 21:30:20  Durff : you’re in the right place ffoxworth

 21:32:49  Durff : rob!

 21:32:53  rjacklin : HI!

 21:32:57  rjacklin : Been a while!

 21:33:02  Durff : ’bout time

 21:33:07  rjacklin : Are we stream A or B?

 21:33:12  alicemercer : Ustream

 21:33:16  JoseRodriguez : on ustream

 21:33:23  rjacklin : thx

 21:33:28  Durff : $5

 21:33:46  Durff : X 2 answers

 21:34:11  rjacklin : I’m so in debt…just keep the tab running:D

 21:34:18  Durff : πŸ™‚

 21:34:43  alicemercer :

 21:34:56  Durff : YEAH!!

 21:35:15  JoseRodriguez : It’s about taking risks.. That includes the teacher willing to give up control

 21:35:36  alicemercer : Video in the

 21:35:39  Durff : in our classroom, we are all learners

 21:36:09  matt montagne : great point matthew

 21:36:54  Durff : if you have an IT who will download it

 21:36:57  JoseRodriguez : the use of still pictures for moving making.

 21:37:04  Durff : welcome back sr

 21:37:12  matt montagne : stills and audio is a great way to enter

 21:37:25  matt montagne : stills and audio takes out complexity of motion video

 21:37:40  alicemercer : But not the only way MM

 21:37:43  Durff : filmesthetic?

 21:38:06  matt montagne : video can be tought to wrangle…the files can be huge and less portable

 21:38:17  matt montagne : even voicethread is a great way to start

 21:38:34  Durff : First grade doing VT here

 21:38:36  matt montagne : no, of course not the only way alice…but for many, a great way to have success with limited time budget

 21:38:50  JoseRodriguez : I like that.. attitude.. just go in and give it a try.

 21:39:05  alicemercer : Voice Thread from Third Graders

 21:39:16  Durff : 8th grade did movies all year and that was cut (read economy)

 21:39:16  rjacklin : How do you help motivate students to plan? My students abhore storyboarding, regardless of topic–even if they choose.

 21:39:42  alicemercer : RJ: They need to see what it will get them

 21:40:00  alicemercer :

 21:40:04  Durff : the great hammer of Durff helps the storyboarding happen

 21:40:06  matt montagne : @rjacklin…great, great question about motivating students to plan

 21:40:10  alicemercer : RJ How old are students

 21:40:17  rjacklin : Maybe I’m just not teaching it correctly…that could very well be πŸ™

 21:40:26  JoseRodriguez : πŸ˜‰

 21:40:28  alicemercer : Have them do analysis of a single scene

 21:40:32  rjacklin : 6th-8th grade

 21:40:32  Durff : i don’t believe that

 21:40:45  alicemercer : so they can see how COMPLEX it is

 21:40:51  Durff : rob is a great teacher

 21:41:10  alicemercer : Does that make sense RJ?

 21:41:50  rjacklin : @alice…sort of, regardless, they just want to do..

 21:41:52  Durff : my 8th graders whizzed through and messed up the film. So they then went back and redid their storyboard

 21:42:07  Durff : we did AFI The Door Scene

 21:42:08  alicemercer : Then show them what they get which is usually garbage

 21:42:28  rjacklin : My kids make so many changes in the process that they wind up not seeing the value of a good storyboard.

 21:42:31  mathew : Marco Torres

 21:42:34  mathew :

 21:42:50  rjacklin : I probably need to do a better job of modeling good storyboarding…

 21:42:55  Durff : vidcast?

 21:43:29  Durff : ‘cept maria – she is in the cab

 21:45:42  rjacklin : OK…that makes more sense. My digital stories have been mostly about stills and not so much video…

 21:46:34  rjacklin : exactly….

 21:46:35  rjacklin : Yes!

 21:46:53  Durff : he’s pickin on you rob! this is GREAT!!

 21:47:05  Durff : I couldn’t plan this any better

 21:47:23  Durff : those pesky trees

 21:47:30  rjacklin : They tend to find new images to replace ones they plan.

 21:48:07  rjacklin : That makes a ton of sense! Thx!

 21:48:09  sr : interesting points

 21:48:31  rjacklin : Is there a site where we have examples of real movie storyboards to show students?

 21:49:11  matt montagne : monopods are killer tools … and cheap

 21:49:17  alicemercer : AFI has a clip from Indiana Jones

 21:49:36  matt montagne : monopods help with stabilization, are super portable, and give you access to some incredible shot possibilities

 21:49:48  Durff : which is the way artists study, authors study, photographers study. makes sense

 21:50:24  Durff : we bring in movies to ??

 21:50:53  rjacklin : Great food for thought! Thx.

 21:50:56  matt montagne : another great activity is to have students watch a movie and simply observe and note the camera shots…

 21:51:39  ffoxworth : Great conversations! Thanks!

 21:51:46  Durff : πŸ™‚

 21:52:03  matt montagne : likwise…kudos to the IE team and Matthew!

 21:52:41  Durff : needleman is a great guest!

 21:52:46  mathew : thank you

 21:53:35  matt montagne : great point, Matthew!

 21:54:17  Durff : see rob, you were good

 21:54:25  Durff : foxqworth

 21:54:37  rjacklin : πŸ™‚

 21:55:33  matt montagne : Gotta take the Fire ready aim approach sometimes!

 21:55:55  Durff : don’t hurt ’em

 21:56:40  mathew : Thank you chat room and hosts

 21:56:58  Durff : hear that wonderful voice

 21:57:28  alicemercer : We MAY change show time contrary to what maria just said

 21:57:33  cheri t : yea!!!

 21:58:02  cheri t : g’nite

 21:59:09  cheri t : bye all

 21:59:15  cheri t : thank you

 21:59:16  Durff : nite folks

 21:59:24  JoseRodriguez : thanks all



Alice Mercer, Jose Rodriguez, Lisa Durff, Maria Knee, Mathew Needleman, Video, elementary

It’s Elementary Equinox 2009

Have a listen to a special edition of It’s Elementary Webcast / Earthcast09 Echo / promo show.  This is a call to the Edtechtalk community to global action to save our planet. Please join our sister site Puente Al Mundo in putting together 350 podcast of up to 350 seconds each on message to world leaders on saving the Earth.  All interested please send us your podcast link to twitter @coordinatortwo, Equinox 2009, Jeff Lebow, Jose Rodriguez, Lisa Durff

It’s Elementary #38 – Summer PD and Stuff

Listen as the It’s Elementary Team dicusses our summer activities such as NECC 2009, Building Communities, Edbublogger Con and local conferences. We also had a special song by Kevin Honeycutt "Love Them and Let Them Go".  Hope you enjoy the show and remember we broadcast the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. Our next show will be Monday September 14th where we will dicuss; "Bringing it Home", how we take what we learn in our online spaces with to our day job.  See you then.

 20:55:49  Durff : hi jose

 20:56:48  JoseRodriguez : Hi..

 20:58:29  Durff : hi sr

 20:58:45  Durff : show starts in a few

 21:00:32  Durff : we are working on technical difficulties

 21:00:52  AliceMercer : Hi SR do we know you?

 21:01:09  sr : sroseman

 21:01:17  Durff : hi

 21:01:22  sr :

 21:01:24  Durff : hi marragern

 21:01:33  Durff : on ustream

 21:01:41  marragem : Hi Durff

 21:01:55  sr : I believe we may have met at the blogger’s cafe at NECC

 21:02:03  sr : hi durf

 21:03:27  JoseRodriguez : Hi sroseman

 21:03:54  Durff : hi dorie

 21:04:06  doriedance : Hi everyone

 21:04:16  Durff : sound on ustream

 21:05:58  Durff : hi marragem

 21:06:21  marragem : Hi – I’m back – lost you all for a bit

 21:06:30  JoseRodriguez : well welcome back

 21:06:37  Durff : indeed

 21:06:42  marragem : yep!

 21:06:58  marragem : I’m coming again next year…for longer!

 21:07:22  Durff : where did you travel from?

 21:07:36  marragem : Australia

 21:07:56  Durff : wow!!

 21:08:36  JoseRodriguez :

 21:08:37  Durff : hi ca

 21:09:04  JoseRodriguez : Here is a post by Jeff Utech  talking about necc.. and the back channeling going on

 21:09:32  Durff : more balanced because less people?

 21:09:50  marragem : Agree Jose – that was the reason I made the trip over. To be part of the conversations…& f2f was even better!

 21:10:35  JoseRodriguez : It also depends on your experience..

 21:10:45  marragem : loved being part of the audience

 21:10:52  Durff : why do you prefer the lounge?

 21:11:01  marragem : yes, you have the best seats, Maria

 21:11:12  Durff : stage right?

 21:11:49  marragem : we were on our laptops & iphones!

 21:11:54  sr : Jeff was very conversational!!

 21:11:56  Durff : πŸ™‚

 21:12:10  Durff : ah!

 21:12:17  sr : met the Internet Rock Stars

 21:12:28  Durff : who are they?

 21:12:35  Durff : do they sing?

 21:13:04  sr : Jeff Vicki Davis Sharon Peters Kevin Honeycutt yada yada

 21:13:31  Durff : yada?

 21:13:48  JoseRodriguez : I do..have a kevin honeycutt song I would love to play for y’all later on

 21:13:48  Durff : and what makes any one of them better than you or I?

 21:14:01  Durff : great

 21:14:04  Durff : !

 21:14:42  JoseRodriguez : Hi Liz..

 21:14:43  Durff : hi liz

 21:14:47  lizbdavis : Hi everyone

 21:15:04  lizbdavis : Love edubloggercon

 21:15:20  MariaK : hi liz b davis

 21:15:31  lizbdavis : It helps in the BYO if there is wifi

 21:15:56  Durff : and wifi that works well

 21:15:57  MariaK :

 21:16:19  AliceMercer : my blogging:

 21:16:58  MariaK : I agree about the conversations.

 21:17:19  lizbdavis : Hi Maria

 21:18:01  AliceMercer : My Links:

 21:18:10  JoseRodriguez : Oh yeah also people you work with..

 21:18:30  AliceMercer : The "I must be a Gladwell Hater" post

 21:19:02  lizbdavis : Yay

 21:19:04  AliceMercer : Yeah LIZ

 21:19:06  sr : This was my first NECC

 21:19:16  AliceMercer : Liz’ session at EBC was FANTASTIC!

 21:19:18  AliceMercer : About PD

 21:19:22  Durff : will you return sue?

 21:19:24  lizbdavis : Thanks Alice

 21:19:29  AliceMercer : very interactive, and we did small group stuff.

 21:19:30  sr : Yes I would love to

 21:19:42  marragem : my first too, Sue

 21:19:48  AliceMercer : My review:

 21:19:53  MariaK :

 21:19:58  Durff : hi lazy

 21:20:09  Durff : hi jen

 21:20:44  sr : I chose names I was familiar with ..Alan November, Kathy Schrock, Tammy Worcester, Gail Lovely, Joyce Valanza Steve Hargadon

 21:20:54  sr : their sessions

 21:21:00  Durff : wb marragem

 21:21:09  Durff : hi gf

 21:21:24  lizbdavis : Alice – I would love to have your input on my post today on Commercial Influence at Edubloggercon East:

 21:21:29  Durff : Maria took many cabs

 21:22:55  lizbdavis : I go to conferences for the face to face interactions. That is the best part.

 21:23:17  AliceMercer : You know Liz, I don’t mind the commercial folks, like Wikispaces, etc. being there…but they need to respect the space

 21:23:31  Durff : best reason to attend virtually is interactions

 21:23:37  AliceMercer : Hence the Pearson conundrum

 21:24:19  lizbdavis : I know – that is why I think you would find my post interesting.

 21:24:39  lizbdavis : One of the vendors at EBCEast wrote me an email and allowed me to post it.

 21:25:38  lizbdavis : Wow Alice very cool

 21:26:12  Durff : skywalker

 21:26:16  Durff : neat

 21:27:37  AliceMercer : I think it’s FINE to have folks there from business

 21:27:50  AliceMercer : As long as it still feels like OUR conference Liz

 21:28:05  lizbdavis : Yes- Alice that is the key.

 21:28:36  AliceMercer : That guy who sent you an email seems very respectful. I’ve loved Adam Frey. I didn’t meet the VT folks, but I’ve heard good things.

 21:28:39  JoseRodriguez : In the past summers… I’ve attended Teachers Teaching Teachers.. Summer institues. spent a whole week looking at tech integration  very cool. 

 21:29:19  AliceMercer : Not all the "vendors" at these evets are "cool" that way

 21:29:33  Durff : What is the most significant thing you each learned this summer?

 21:29:43  AliceMercer : Although I think Elaine from Pearson KNEW to say in her place at EBC at NECC

 21:30:19  marragem : we don’t have the same conference opportunities in Australia. I’m so in the wrong timezone

 21:31:05  sr : ditto in Canada

 21:31:10  marragem : is it the same one he plurked?

 21:31:12  JoseRodriguez : Can you hear the song?

 21:31:16  marragem : no

 21:31:17  lizbdavis : Yes – but no music, just heavy sighing

 21:31:53  marragem : you did well, Maria lol

 21:32:20  Durff : oi veh

 21:32:27  Durff : i hear it

 21:32:28  MariaK : yes

 21:32:32  marragem : yay!

 21:33:05  AliceMercer : Now giggles

 21:33:13  AliceMercer : So Liz, good job

 21:34:44  JoseRodriguez : Love them and Let Them Go.. by Kevin Huneycutt

 21:34:51  MariaK : words run true for us primary teachers

 21:36:07  MariaK :

 21:36:43  AliceMercer :

 21:36:51  Durff : clap clap clap

 21:37:26  JoseRodriguez : true. Alice is famous

 21:37:38  marragem : one of my necc highlights was jammin’ with Kevin in the Bloggers Cafe

 21:37:42  Durff : she is

 21:37:49  sr : I jammed with him too

 21:38:00  sr : I have a pic I must post

 21:38:00  marragem : awww

 21:38:13  JoseRodriguez : She is going to cry…

 21:38:38  AliceMercer :

 21:40:18  AliceMercer :

 21:40:38  AliceMercer :

 21:40:53  AliceMercer :

 21:42:38  lizbdavis : I wish I could get people at home to come to these conferences

 21:42:50  lizbdavis : Free ones like edubloggercon down the street from my school

 21:43:10  AliceMercer : I don’t know if folks will go to conf. I really don’t care, I want them to use the tools  and throw out the scripted text

 21:43:21  Durff : i wish the same liz

 21:43:44  AliceMercer : We have a local Ed Tech assistance group sponsored by state mtg tomorrow

 21:43:45  lizbdavis : I’m at an independent school, so scripted text is thankfully not our problem

 21:43:56  AliceMercer : Thank god for that

 21:44:08  JoseRodriguez :

 21:44:16  AliceMercer : thanks for Joe wodd link

 21:44:33  JoseRodriguez : Failing?  

 21:44:39  AliceMercer : Liz, is it the thinking or going to conf that you want change

 21:44:51  JoseRodriguez : nah.. we are in an adjusting phase..

 21:44:51  Durff : NCLB AYP

 21:45:32  sr : I used my itouch (no laptop) at NECC

 21:45:38  sr : with success

 21:45:53  Durff : cool

 21:45:57  lizbdavis : I would love to get some of my teachers to participate in the kind of conversations we have at edubloggercon. I think they would be energized and learn a lot.

 21:46:06  AliceMercer : This post sorta explores the idea that you can really expand your thinking by meetin others

 21:46:15  AliceMercer : I hear ya liz. SO NICE HAVING YOU HERE!

 21:46:36  lizbdavis : SR – since the wifi was so bad at NECC my iPhone was the only thing I could get to work.

 21:46:37  JoseRodriguez : I’ve been on the list.. no biggie.. 7th year in a row.. πŸ™

 21:47:15  lizbdavis : Thanks Alice – nice to be here. I’m not usually free on Sunday nights.

 21:47:16  JoseRodriguez : and durff…. tell us about the baby

 21:48:17  AliceMercer : isn’t it monday

 21:48:40  JoseRodriguez : last time I checked.. It’s Monday…

 21:48:49  Durff : today?

 21:48:55  JoseRodriguez : yep.

 21:49:01  lizbdavis : Oh yeah. Monday nights either.

 21:49:05  Durff : wow time flies

 21:49:33  AliceMercer : Hee hee, love that. It MUST be summer for you Liz

 21:50:11  AliceMercer : Didn’t someone call me liz at some point? Oh miguel guhlin

 21:50:33  Durff : poor miguel

 21:50:42  AliceMercer : HAH! I think he did it on purpose

 21:50:57  Durff : πŸ˜€

 21:51:12  lizbdavis : I get mixed up with Vicky Davis and with Liz Kolb. Both are fine with me.

 21:51:31  JoseRodriguez : good company to be with..

 21:51:37  AliceMercer : Liz Kolb I get but Vicki

 21:51:38  lizbdavis : exactly

 21:51:42  lizbdavis : Davis

 21:52:04  lizbdavis : Oh yeah it is Monday

 21:52:13  marragem : or Tuesday if you’re in OZ lol

 21:52:33  Durff : how is the view from tomorrow?

 21:52:47  marragem : beautiful winter’s day here

 21:53:21  Durff : 92 degrees here – fahrenheit

 21:53:24  lizbdavis : I’m going to be here: on Friday. Looks like a totally different crowd than we are used to.

 21:53:27  sr : Where are you in Australia, marragem

 21:53:43  JoseRodriguez : I am hear to prepare citizens, not Chris Lehman… the man.

 21:53:46  marragem : Brisbane

 21:53:57  lizbdavis : Sorry

 21:54:41  AliceMercer : August 27th

 21:54:50  lizbdavis : Thanks you guys! It was a lot of fun.

 21:54:58  AliceMercer : August 24th

 21:55:01  AliceMercer : sorry 24th

 21:55:18  marragem : Thanks all. Enjoyed the show

 21:55:42  sr : good show

 21:55:53  marragem : I’ll miss the next one

 21:55:53  Durff : audience tell us

 21:56:05  marragem : I’ll be at school

 21:56:13  marragem : I’m home sick today

 21:56:16  lizbdavis : I don’t know.

 21:56:32  lizbdavis : That is my first day back at school

 21:56:53  AliceMercer : No Show on August 24th

 21:56:57  Durff : this typical post show banter

 21:57:11  lizbdavis : Sounds like a plan.

 21:57:34  marragem : I’ll be in the last week of my term…counting down to holidays

 21:57:40  JoseRodriguez : Thanks.. all.. for tolerating our blabering

 21:57:44  Durff : indeed

 21:57:53  lizbdavis : This is the fun part.

 21:57:59  marragem : love your blabbering:)

 21:58:08  marragem : Bye!

 21:58:08  Durff : night

 21:58:13  Durff : thankyou !!

 21:58:18  lizbdavis : Thank you. Good night.

 21:58:32  sr : thanks

 21:58:54  marragem : he had some links in plurk too

 21:59:22  JoseRodriguez : thanks all

 21:59:37  Durff : thank you for coming and good night!



Alice Mercer, Jose Rodriguez, Lisa Durff, Maria Knee, PD, conferences, necc09

It’s Elementary #37 – Student Blogging with Jan Smith

Join us, as we talk about elementary student blogging with our guest Jan Smith, a sixth grade teachers in British Columbia, Huzzah!  She started with a strictly controled class blog, but found that it lacked conversational give and take.  She started again with an edublogs account, and this time she encouraged a more "conversational" approach both in student’s writing, giving them a voice, and how they interacted with each other.  She started a practice of "gradual release" giving students more authority, and control over their blogging and blogs as they showed responsibility until many had earned their own blogs and were self-moderated.  She also shared how she dealt with problems and conflicts when they came up, respecting students, and making them responsible. 

Link to Text Chat.


 20:51:01  Alice Mercer : Hi Aforgrace!
 20:51:10  Alice Mercer : aforgrave
 20:53:25  MariaK : Just getting set up.
 20:55:10  joserodriguez : wow.. hi
 20:56:31  jan_smith : Hi everyone, great to see you here!
 20:56:33  joserodriguez : preshow hanguout..
 20:56:44  joserodriguez : starting in a few minutes
 20:57:03  joserodriguez : for audio …. click on play arrow on ustream..
 20:58:08  MariaK : Hi Sheila
 20:58:15  sheila : Hi all!
 20:58:33  MariaK : Hi suebacon – glad to see you here
 20:58:54  MariaK : Any other NH folks here?
 20:58:54  jan_smith : Hi Errin!
 20:59:03  sheila : Hi Suebacon! Can you hear?
 20:59:03  errin : Hello Jan!
 20:59:23  tearoof : Hi from S. Jersey, everyone
 20:59:24  suebacon : hi sheila and maria, yes I can
 20:59:28  joserodriguez : how is the audio?
 20:59:47  aforgrave : No audio at this point?
 20:59:56  joserodriguez : it’s on ustream.
 21:00:03  joserodriguez : click on play arrow
 21:00:08  sheila : Click on the play button on the ustream window
 21:03:08  joserodriguez : so.. do you’all blog with your students?
 21:03:21  Alice Mercer : FAIL blog
 21:03:37  errin : I started blogging with my students last year.
 21:03:46  Alice Mercer :
 21:03:48  Jdeyenberg : I do! – my ten year olds have poerty blogs and we have a class blog on Canadian Identity
 21:03:48  sheila : I started this past year.
 21:03:50  Alice Mercer : The successful one
 21:04:05  sheila : Hi pstearns!
 21:04:16  Alice Mercer : Jan’s blog
 21:04:28  joserodriguez : great.. do you @jdeyenberg have an url?
 21:04:29  mbteach : I did some limited blogging w/ just to teach them what a blog is.
 21:04:32  MariaK : Hello to all – thanks for joining us here
 21:04:37  tearoof : I have a library blog, students can post book reviews, and of course, comments.
 21:04:54  tearoof : just lost audio?!
 21:05:04  suebacon : yes
 21:05:08  Jdeyenberg : Canadian Identity Blog – Grade 5 – some good, some bad
 21:05:11  errin : I lost it too…
 21:05:12  connect2jamie : Oops! I don’t seem to have audio either.
 21:05:15  connect2jamie : Hi all!
 21:05:16  plnaugle : I don’t hear anything.
 21:05:23  MariaK : uh oh
 21:05:34  mbteach : I can’t hear either
 21:05:34  plnaugle : What should I click on?
 21:05:38  Jdeyenberg : The poetry blogs I made on moodle – so not open to the world
 21:06:11  MariaK : how is audio
 21:06:13  Alice Mercer : audio back?
 21:06:23  sheila : yes
 21:06:23  errin : Audio back for me!
 21:06:24  mbteach : yup I got it
 21:06:29  aforgrave : audio back
 21:06:30  tearoof : not for me
 21:06:31  McTeach : not hearing anything here
 21:06:39  plnaugle : No sound
 21:06:43  sheila : some of you may need to refresh
 21:06:46  mbteach : try clicking the speaker symbol at the bottom
 21:06:56  joserodriguez : this is my class blog Third grade discoverie…
 21:07:02  plnaugle : Thanks that worked.
 21:07:08  sonja : i have sound
 21:07:22  tearoof : audio back
 21:07:29  joserodriguez : πŸ™‚
 21:07:36  joserodriguez : this rookie streamer..
 21:08:38  joserodriguez : I like that.. "match maker"..
 21:08:39  plnaugle : Hi everyone. Paula here from New Orleans.
 21:08:47  mbteach : Hey Paula
 21:08:48  joserodriguez : Hi Paula.
 21:08:50  joserodriguez : welcome
 21:08:58  MariaK : Hi Paula – glad you are here
 21:09:02  tearoof : Hi Paula, how is the contest coming along?
 21:09:05  plnaugle : Hi Jose and mary Beth.
 21:09:23  plnaugle : I keep bouncing between 8th and 10th place.
 21:09:42  sheila : Quality comments. How do you make that happen?
 21:09:56  tearoof : You need a strong finish!
 21:10:00  Jdeyenberg : Yes – I alwasy have trouble with quality comments!
 21:10:01  mbteach : I used to show students a thread and have them assess it
 21:10:14  mbteach : thread of comments that is
 21:10:32  joserodriguez : That’s a great way to start.. as a reader and commentor..
 21:10:38  plnaugle : I made posting a quality comment part of the rubric for my Voice Thread project.
 21:10:43  kcaise : hi everyone!
 21:10:50  joserodriguez : Teacher’s posts… and .. other classroom’s posts.
 21:10:51  plnaugle : Hi Kim.
 21:11:23  mbteach : What age students was this
 21:11:33  joserodriguez : ok.. feedback.. cool..
 21:11:39  connect2jamie : Good point–to address the language of the comment as well as the content of it
 21:11:46  errin : That’s where we ran into trouble, text language in the comments.
 21:11:56  mbteach : Thanks!
 21:12:06  joserodriguez : in between the formal writing assignments.. and finding a personal voice as a writer.
 21:12:14  sheila : @plnaugle – can you share your rubric?
 21:12:28  plnaugle : I foound myself using Twitter speak on a blog comment just yesterday.
 21:12:49  Jdeyenberg : Oh I love that freedom to post licence – once they earn it!
 21:13:13  plnaugle : @shelia Send an email to plnaugle at gmail dot com.
 21:13:13  mbteach : I wish everyone had to have a license
 21:13:21  sheila : thanks!
 21:14:05  mbteach : how do you work with students who read way below grade level/spec ed?
 21:14:10  joserodriguez : oh.. YES!!! gradual release.
 21:15:19  aforgrave : Dean Shareski’s article:
 21:15:34  errin : Thanks for the Shareski link πŸ™‚
 21:16:05  sheila : Hi Durff!
 21:16:05  mbteach : How do other students react to students who obviously write poorly?
 21:16:20  joserodriguez : It’s incredible.. how these strategies.. level the playing field for our students.
 21:16:29  Durff : audio sounds fantastic!
 21:16:37  Durff : hi Trae
 21:16:46  joserodriguez : They are able to perform at very high levels.. regardless on how they start.
 21:18:12  mbteach : Sensitivity training might be helpful if kids don’t know each other well.
 21:18:34  joserodriguez : I had the same experience as Alice.. I do agree Jan.. Blogging helps to build on your classroom committee and they DO tend to be nice to eachother
 21:18:54  joserodriguez : sorry.. classroom community
 21:18:56  sonja : @mbteach – this is where "get to know you" type activities can help students learn about each other and become more aware of the similarities than the differences
 21:19:36  mbteach : My kids’ first post was an "about me" post, so yes it would help
 21:19:43  tearoof : Yes, and the students also feel a sense of importance and take their role as "commentor" very seriously
 21:20:35  errin : That’s the other thing I found, students making ‘nice’ comments to start. I wondered if they were commenting what they thought I wanted them to.
 21:20:39  mbteach : how do you find other schools to connect with? Is there a website for people looking for collaborators?
 21:21:13  Durff : hi scott
 21:21:18  Durff : hi peggy
 21:21:20  joserodriguez : what blogging platform do y’all use?
 21:21:24  sonja : i’m exploring site for partners in "e-stuff"
 21:21:28  Scott Shelhart : Hello friends.
 21:21:28  errin : I use edublogs.
 21:21:35  tearoof : We use edublogs
 21:21:36  Durff : classblogmeister here
 21:21:37  MariaK : I use classblogmeister by David warlick
 21:21:39  joserodriguez : Hi Scott
 21:21:46  sheila : classblogmeister
 21:21:49  MariaK :
 21:21:49  PeggyG : Hi-had terrible problems logging in-crashed firefox and Safari wouldn’t open. Finally got in on Flock! Yeah!
 21:22:03  MariaK : glad you are here Peggy
 21:22:04  jan_smith : Hi Peggy!
 21:22:10  mbteach : DO you teach/allow emoticons?
 21:22:11  joserodriguez : I use classblogmeister also.. it works well at least in the low elementary classroom.
 21:22:12  kcaise : hi peggy
 21:22:22  Durff : hi hopeastor
 21:22:24  PeggyG : Hi Kim πŸ™‚
 21:22:40  PeggyG : so great to reconnect with all of you!! I’ve missed you!
 21:22:47  connect2jamie : Hi Hope!
 21:22:54  Durff : we missed you too
 21:23:00  hopeastor : Hi..thanks for inviting me jan..i just walked in the door
 21:23:05  kcaise : we are so glad you are back from traveling peggy
 21:23:17  joserodriguez : the virtual.. door.. how funny
 21:23:27  MariaK :
 21:23:33  hopeastor : hi connect2jamie!
 21:23:44  PeggyG : being without internet connections was awful!! but the vacation was fabulous!
 21:23:47  plnaugle : @shelia I sent it to you.
 21:24:10  sheila : You’re fast! Thanks Paula!
 21:24:15  Durff : being with a sketchy connection is worse peggy
 21:24:19  plnaugle : Hi Peggy. Did you get AC fixed?
 21:24:25  hopeastor : I just requested my passcode for classblogmeister today..
 21:24:28  joserodriguez : a bunch of cool people on the net.. anlong with the folks here
 21:24:37  PeggyG : my AC is doing better but really struggling! 116 degrees today!
 21:24:41  Jdeyenberg : Has anyone used 21classes for blogging?
 21:24:47  Durff : jose is very cool
 21:25:02  errin : It’s 106 degrees here! 116 must be awful!
 21:25:03  Alice Mercer : Colette Cassinelli did 21classes
 21:25:06  sheila : @PeggyG – Move back to New England! πŸ˜‰
 21:25:12  MariaK :
 21:25:12  plnaugle : No but I was checking out 21 classes.
 21:25:27  Alice Mercer : @Peggy, I love you all in arizona. You make me feel fortunate with temp at 102
 21:25:55  mbteach : great resource, thanks!
 21:26:03  PeggyG : πŸ™‚ glad to oblige Alice
 21:26:06  Durff : fear the admins more
 21:26:19  mbteach : good question
 21:26:46  PeggyG : I really agree with that point about blogging yourself before you start blogs with students. Such a valuable learning experience!
 21:27:03  plnaugle : That’s what frustrates me – I don’t know which blogging tool to use. I teach 4th grade and worry about safety. Last year I used my class blog and had students write comments to me. Want to expand and hav ethem have tneir own blog.
 21:27:10  kcaise : it was only 104 here today
 21:27:14  connect2jamie : That was a good ?, Jose. My district won’t allow our kids to blog outside the school–they can connect with kids in classes w/i our school only
 21:27:16  joserodriguez : I am just coming back to my own blogging.. twitter really put a monkey wrench into the blogosphere..
 21:27:25  errin : Only ?!?  πŸ™‚
 21:27:26  Durff : plnaugle – try classblogmeister then
 21:27:48  plnaugle : Thanks @Durff.
 21:27:59  joserodriguez : @connect2jamie..  wow.. we need to go back to our schools and show them positive examples…
 21:28:06  mbteach : can be controlled so blogs are viewable by only a class, a school or anyone.  Unfortunately it’s not the best interface
 21:28:08  kcaise : it has been 105 and 106 steadily with higher heat indices in the afternoons
 21:28:09  errin : I like the idea of "the number of eyes on the blog" for discussing safety with parents.
 21:28:12  connect2jamie : Trying!!
 21:28:18  Durff : gaggle costs $
 21:28:36  mbteach : nope Gaggle is free up to a certain # of students
 21:28:37  plnaugle : Or should I just put a blog within my class wiki that I’m building at the moment.
 21:28:41  Durff : hi jdeyenberg
 21:28:52  mbteach : I created accounts for 150 kids for free
 21:29:04  connect2jamie : At this point, I’ve not had any luck getting my tchrs to blog w/ their kids at all. I’m a librarian, and I can’t sponsor them. They have to go thru their homeroom tchr. Hopefully we’ll have some next yr.
 21:29:07  Durff : they have ads if you don’t pay
 21:29:20  joserodriguez : my.. district is fairly open.. it’s a don’t ask atmosphere.. eventhough I would appreciate more support locally
 21:29:36  Jdeyenberg : I’m excited about my students having individual blogs next year – starting with a general class blog is a good way to start
 21:30:08  errin : It’s so great that a potentially ‘bad’ situation was dealt with in such a positive way both times!
 21:30:13  mbteach : Nothing is really ‘free’ on the internet πŸ™‚
 21:30:23  plnaugle : I am a pioneer at my school. I have no one there to bounce thoughts off. Thank goodness for my PLN and Twitter.
 21:30:40  errin : @plnaugle – me too!
 21:30:41  mbteach : @pnaugle feel your pain!
 21:30:52  tearoof : ditto for me
 21:30:54  connect2jamie : me too, @plnaugle! Thank goodness for our PLNs!!
 21:31:08  sheila : With Classblogmeister I have to share students so I’m creating a 7th grade Team blog with all the students and the staff have to share the account for posting assignments.
 21:31:12  Jdeyenberg : plnaugle – I’m with you – my tech admin asks me questions about blogging, my PLN is the only thing i have to bounce ideas off of
 21:31:26  plnaugle : But I am determined to show them how wonderful all this can be. I just am concerned about doing it right.
 21:32:11  Durff : hi hopey
 21:32:15  mbteach : Yes–authentic learning!
 21:32:17  PeggyG : @plnaugle–not sure there is a "right" way but I think showing them how wonderful and powerful it can be as a learning tool is a great approach πŸ™‚
 21:32:24  connect2jamie : great point! Have the student make the choice to take an inappropriate comment off!
 21:32:34  mbteach : This kind of stuff will actually happen to them in ‘real life’
 21:32:52  joserodriguez : @mbteach.. same here.
 21:33:01  Hopey : trying to get sound!
 21:33:02  PeggyG : Sue Waters is so incredibly supportive with edublogs!!
 21:33:08  plnaugle : Last year I had eBoard, a class website and a class blog. Now I have a class wiki too and a professonal blog. Feel like I need to eliminate somehting.
 21:33:17  joserodriguez : play arrow on ustream
 21:33:20  Durff : hopey – click the ustream window
 21:33:20  plnaugle : Sue Waters is so great.
 21:33:24  errin : I agree, Sue Waters is an amazing support when blogging with students!
 21:33:25  Durff : to your right
 21:33:39  Durff : it says
 21:33:43  tearoof : @mbteach- you’re right, when the kids are not in school, they can access whatever they want, we need to teach them how to use the web responsibly
 21:33:47  Durff : hi shannon
 21:33:49  joserodriguez : I started by using wordpress. also…
 21:34:25  joserodriguez : haven’t used… edublogs.. yet..
 21:34:27  plnaugle : I used Blogger.
 21:34:47  aforgrave : $40 US = $50 CDN
 21:34:58  mbteach : in the US you can write it off on your taxes πŸ™‚
 21:35:01  hopeastor : is edublog better than classblogmeister?
 21:35:14  Durff : opinion
 21:35:16  plnaugle : I do like the idea of threaded comments.
 21:35:24  errin : You have Sue Water’s help with Edublogs, invaluable!
 21:35:37  Durff : 3 blogmeister to 1 edublogger
 21:35:46  Durff : hi mbteach
 21:35:50  PeggyG : but who’s counting?? πŸ™‚
 21:36:06  Durff : jose is counting
 21:36:10  Durff : hi kathy
 21:36:19  shannonlibrarian : arrived late… blog tools for kids?  21classes!
 21:36:30  hopeastor : i am =^..^=
 21:36:41  Alice Mercer : shannon, what do you like about 21classes
 21:36:49  PeggyG : the support forums for both classblogmeister and edublogs are also great resources when you need help
 21:36:50  plnaugle : Shannon is that what you use – 21 classe?
 21:37:01  mbteach : now I can’t hear πŸ™
 21:37:07  hopeastor : 5 year olds!!??
 21:37:11  connect2jamie : @ the end of the year, can you "orphan" your kids in both edublogs and blogmeister so that their next tchr could pick them up if they’re blogging? So kids can keep access to their past work?
 21:37:14  Durff : no extra step on blogmeister here for pics
 21:37:14  mbteach : got it now
 21:37:23  plnaugle : MaryBeth did you refresh?
 21:37:30  Durff : jamie –  yes
 21:37:31  PeggyG : I follow the listserv for classblogmeister even though I don’t have a blog there. I love hearing how people solve problems
 21:37:32  sheila : I like the assignment feature on blogmeister.
 21:37:33  mbteach : twice. It’s in and out
 21:37:56  McTeach : @mbteach I actually opened the ustream in another window to get it to work
 21:38:00  hopeastor : uh oh sound went out
 21:38:10  mbteach : got it working now. Had mute then unmute
 21:38:12  shannonlibrarian : 21classes- free, easy, privacy settings integral for each post, allows simple addition of widgets that kids like, no e-mail required to create accounts
 21:38:17  Durff : refresh the ustream
 21:38:31  Durff : button under ustream window
 21:38:34  Durff : on left
 21:38:41  Durff : hi paul
 21:39:01  plnaugle : @Durff you scared Paul away.
 21:39:05  Durff : welcome back paul
 21:39:10  paulandersen : hello all
 21:39:18  plnaugle : Hi Paul.
 21:39:22  Alice Mercer : shannon, support?
 21:39:41  mbteach : I love the idea of ‘experts’
 21:39:59  errin : Yes, the kids helping kids when blogging was really great
 21:39:59  Durff : i have class experts too
 21:40:01  mbteach : Kids really depend on each other for help
 21:40:07  PeggyG : great idea! built-in support people!!
 21:40:08  plnaugle : I love that kids become experts of a part of the tech. Makes them feel good.
 21:40:26  mbteach : They also learn how to be patient with each other when teaching something
 21:40:39  errin : That’s internal motivation and the power of motivation within a group!
 21:40:45  shannonlibrarian : @ Alice Decent, not great, help screens.  E-mail support haas always been within 1 day to the questions I’ve sent.
 21:41:03  PeggyG : do you all have both professional/personal blogs as well as classroom blogs?
 21:41:13  Durff : i do
 21:41:16  mbteach : I have a prof. blog
 21:41:27  errin : I have both.
 21:41:31  mbteach : If it’s what you call ‘professional’ )
 21:41:33  Alice Mercer : Shannon, want to join Skype convo in a couple minutes?
 21:41:38  plnaugle : I’m thinking for making buttons for my students like they had at NECC. Need Word hep?See me. Need Blog help? See me. Need help with PPT? See me.
 21:41:38  shannonlibrarian : Blogmeister looked dated to my kids… I know DW was planning an update.  Is it any better?
 21:41:41  PeggyG : do you have a hard time keeping up with 2 separate blogs?
 21:41:55  Durff : yeah, unprofessional blog here
 21:41:57  PeggyG : great idea Paula!
 21:42:01  mbteach : @pnaugle great idea!
 21:42:03  aforgrave : Yeah, @mbteach — your blog is professional !!  πŸ™‚
 21:42:10  shannonlibrarian : @ Alice Sure… shannonlibrarian
 21:42:11  mbteach : thanks Andy
 21:42:16  PeggyG : you could even use Kevin Honeycutt’s keychain idea with students
 21:42:16  errin : @ PeggyG, yes, not enough time to do a good job on both for me
 21:42:35  hopeastor : @shannonlibrarian what grade where your students?
 21:42:37  plnaugle : I have two blogs – one for class, one professional.
 21:42:39  PeggyG : I have trouble just keeping up with my one blog!
 21:42:42  aforgrave : I’ve been cleaning out my file cabinets at school the last 3 days. Too much paper!
 21:42:53  shannonlibrarian : 1st, 3rd, and 5th blogged
 21:42:58  Durff : i have many for classes and one for me
 21:43:09  mbteach : It is a lot to keep up with.
 21:43:11  plnaugle : @aforgave I will be doing a lot less paper this year.
 21:43:19  connect2jamie : I have professional one and personal one for family
 21:43:21  aforgrave : Question:  Do student blogs function as a Digital Portfolio, as well?
 21:43:23  Durff : hi cmcg
 21:43:33  paulandersen : Professional but not a class blog.
 21:43:43  connect2jamie : like so many others, twitter has all but killed my blog!
 21:43:48  errin : That’s right! Blogs are patient! Good memory, Jan!
 21:43:50  plnaugle : I’m going to use my wiki for ePortfolios.
 21:43:51  PeggyG : I like that description! your blog is patient and forgiving πŸ™‚
 21:43:56  mbteach : @aforgrave that’s a great idea. It would be a great way to show parents their child’s progress
 21:43:58  hopeastor : @ shannonlibrian..i was a little worried ..i have middle schoolers ..dont want then looking down their nose
 21:44:09  MariaK : [email protected] – I think an active student blog can be a portfolio of work
 21:44:16  paulandersen : in a classroom I have found forums to be more successful than blogs
 21:44:23  shannonlibrarian : @aforgrave no to portfoli for use
 21:44:37  PeggyG : @paulanderson–where do you set up your forums?
 21:44:41  paulandersen : Moodle
 21:44:42  connect2jamie : @mariaK I think it’s a wonderful online portfolio! As a parent, I’d have loved it too!
 21:44:47  aforgrave : @pnaugle — I’m thinking I’d like to only copy as many pages as students — and try to have a "print on demand" capability for any student who subsequently needs another copy. Get away from "extras."
 21:44:58  PeggyG : excellent suggestion!
 21:45:00  mbteach : @paulanderson kids love forums
 21:45:11  Durff : Yay alice!!!
 21:45:14  shannonlibrarian : @hopeastor  I’m using it this summer with teachers, they are just beginning to see potential
 21:45:16  connect2jamie : great summary Alice!
 21:45:27  connect2jamie : πŸ™‚
 21:45:34  PeggyG : Alice always does such a super job summarizing things and it’s so helpful!
 21:45:41  plnaugle : I really cut down on paper and copying last year by posting everything on line.
 21:45:52  paulandersen : This was my first time at Ed Tech Talk.  I have listened to the podcasts for some time.  But this is the first time in the chat
 21:45:56  paulandersen : Thanks everyone
 21:46:02  mbteach : &lt;hands clapping&gt;
 21:46:02  hopeastor : what is a forum… 21 classes?
 21:46:03  errin : @plnaugle – that’s my plan next year, less paper!
 21:46:09  PeggyG : so glad you joined us paulanderson!!
 21:46:11  errin : Jan you did a great job!
 21:46:17  aforgrave : @pnaugle —  Yes — going to try to make online posting work this year, too.
 21:46:22  mbteach : @hopeastor I was referring to discussion boards
 21:46:22  joserodriguez : probably… most platforms are O.K… it’s the TEACHER that make them GREAT!!!
 21:46:28  plnaugle : Great Paul no more lurking allowed.
 21:46:31  connect2jamie : great point, Jose!
 21:46:32  hopeastor : oh i see
 21:46:37  paulandersen : Sounds good
 21:46:52  mbteach : it is annoying to start something on a platform that falls short
 21:46:52  plnaugle : @Jose I like that comment.
 21:46:59  mbteach : we all just want to make sure the tool is a good one
 21:47:00  PeggyG : I’m just beginning to learn about the power of Moodle! I love it!
 21:47:02  paulandersen : Moodle has a built in forums and wikis
 21:47:10  mbteach : Moodle requires a server, yes?
 21:47:19  PeggyG : yes Moodle requires a server
 21:47:22  Lauara : Jan once the students move up to the next grade level, do they continue blogging?
 21:47:27  Durff : Moodles do have blogs
 21:47:33  hopeastor : @mbteach is there a discussion board ‘forum’ that you use
 21:47:35  plnaugle : Peggy didn’t you love Tammy’s Moodle class this morning?
 21:47:50  jan_smith : @Laura, maybe, depends on the teacher
 21:48:00  mbteach : @hopeastor I used the one in Gaggle, but there’s probably others.
 21:48:02  PeggyG : yes Tammy’s class is awesome!! It’s just what I need!!
 21:48:11  shannonlibrarian : Maske the most of moodle – new text:  Moodle 1.9 multimedia  Wes Fryer just reviewed well
 21:48:18  Durff : i agree with Jose
 21:48:23  plnaugle : @mbteach Yes Moodle needs a server to host it.
 21:48:24  mbteach : Seems like there needs to be school buy-in for blogging to be continuous through the grades
 21:48:27  PeggyG : thanks shannon-I’ll check that out
 21:48:43  shannonlibrarian : Moodle is clunky for wiki and blog tools- I’d still use 21classes fro blog and pbworks for wiki
 21:49:03  Durff : yes they are
 21:49:26  shannonlibrarian : Sorry 90% keyboard on , can’t type!
 21:49:31  Durff : hey keisa
 21:49:31  plnaugle : Moodle has just recently updated their wiki and worked that some of the kinks, so I heard.
 21:49:32  sheila : My students have used it on snow days!
 21:49:42  connect2jamie : yes, MBteach! How nice it would be if there was buy in each grade so that kids didn’t have to give it up!
 21:49:42  jan_smith : Hi Keisa!
 21:49:46  keisawilliams : Hi!
 21:50:00  joserodriguez : that’s soooo col maria. the next teacher.. actually blogging. Way to go!!!
 21:50:03  plnaugle : Hi, Keisa.
 21:50:05  connect2jamie : Hi Keisa!
 21:50:05  joserodriguez : cool
 21:50:09  paulandersen : We used wikis in Moodle last year.  The nice thing about Moodle is that everything is in one place.
 21:50:12  kathycassidy : My students have had the opportunity to pick up their blogs the next year as well.  I love it.
 21:50:13  mbteach : Do you think student blogs will start to be part of the college application process?
 21:50:16  PeggyG : I’m trying to learn more about the wikis and blogs on Moodle–I get so comfortable with the ones I’m using but I like the idea of having them all together under one umbrella
 21:50:51  paulandersen : I learned how to use wikis in Moodle by watching a Japanese YouTube video.  It certainly is a small world.
 21:50:56  plnaugle : That’s why I tring to learn about Moodle. One stop shopping.
 21:51:00  PeggyG : I think blogs make powerful portfolios!
 21:51:04  keisawilliams : Moodle has a blog feature? I have a moodle through 9hub
 21:51:20  PeggyG : do you have a link for that video Paul?
 21:51:32  joserodriguez : @paul.. if you look hard enough.. youtube has a video tutorial. for a bunch of cool stuff.
 21:51:36  kathycassidy : We actually got the idea to present together on .
 21:51:44  Durff : welcome back cmcg
 21:51:51  joserodriguez : My goal is to learn to play guitar from youtube videos
 21:51:57  Alice Mercer : @keisawilliams, does this help you?
 21:52:00  jan_smith : Hi Kathy! didn’t know you were here!
 21:52:02  PeggyG : those blogrolls to other classes are fantastic resources!!
 21:52:08  cmcg : sorry wanted to checked out 21 classes site
 21:52:10  connect2jamie : @keisawilliams yes Moodle has blog feature–someone earlier said it wasn’t what they really wanted in a blog though–don’t know more
 21:52:19  keisawilliams : I bet it will Alice
 21:52:22  kathycassidy : Hi Jan. It took me a looong time to get the sound.
 21:52:25  hopeastor : @mbteach thanks
 21:52:40  Durff : maria is so eloquent
 21:52:48  joserodriguez : @kathy no worries.. we will archive the audio. and post it as a podcast..
 21:53:00  joserodriguez : 72 hours the It’s Elementary promise….
 21:53:00  keisawilliams : I’m going to look into it. I never went farther than signing up for the moodle account. Its been sitting for months.
 21:53:30  Durff : Yeah shannon!!
 21:53:46  paulandersen : I have a walkthrough video on Moodle but I am having a hard time pasting the URL.  Total newbie.
 21:53:55  errin : @jan I can’t even imagine what I’d be like as an adult if I’d learned in today’s techie classrooms!!
 21:53:56  plnaugle : I’m worried about my 4th graders from last year. Their 5th grade teachers don’t use eBoard, have a website, or blog. I feel like they’ll be taking a big step backwards.
 21:54:07  PeggyG : you usually have to drag the url into the text box Paul
 21:54:35  plnaugle : I am running a Wired wednesdays every week after school to try and get others onboard.
 21:54:41  connect2jamie : @plnaugle That is so sad and frustrating!
 21:54:41  hopeastor : Does anyone want to colloborate on a project?  use skype?  class to class Im in texas we’re in school now..i have 6th 7th and 8th graders
 21:54:51  sheila : Thank you all! Gave me some ideas to think about!
 21:54:53  errin : @plnaugle Maybe the students will get their next teacher into technology!?
 21:54:56  PeggyG : that’s such a great idea Paula! bring them along one teacher at a time πŸ™‚
 21:55:06  kathycassidy : I love the "wired Wednesday" idea.
 21:55:31  PeggyG : good night East coast folks πŸ™‚ Just about dinner time in AZ
 21:55:41  Durff : maria does not need sleep
 21:55:44  Durff : no beauty sleep for maria
 21:55:50  joserodriguez : @hopeastor.. don’t forget to tweet it…
 21:56:02  mbteach : @pnaugle you could have your former students speak about their experience w/you to prove to their teachers it’s worth the time
 21:56:15  PeggyG : that would be a great link to share Alice!!
 21:56:30  Alice Mercer : There is also an elluminate on
 21:56:36  plnaugle : I also am putting up a challenge to see which grade level with get all teachers to become Discovery STAR educators first since my district pays for streaming.
 21:56:53  hopeastor : @joserodriguez oh yes always tweeting πŸ˜‰
 21:57:45  plnaugle : MaryBeth I plan on having my former students at Wired Wednesdays to help the teachers.
 21:57:59  PeggyG : who was it that used a little blog button on their site about the blog being a draft/work in progress? I love that!
 21:58:01  mbteach : @plnaugle Great! Keep us posted.
 21:58:03  connect2jamie : Love the way you think, @plnaugle!
 21:58:29  Durff : virtually join jan
 21:58:35  jan_smith : πŸ™‚
 21:58:37  mbteach : @plnaugle I guess I could call you Paula since you’re using my ‘real’ namev:p
 21:58:44  plnaugle : THanks. Iam so excited to start school this year.
 21:58:53  aforgrave : EdubloggerCon at NECC was great!
 21:59:05  plnaugle : I hope EduBloggerCon East is streamed.
 21:59:10  PeggyG : those are great suggestions Paula!! You are such a positive ambassador!!
 21:59:20  connect2jamie : There is a BLC netvibes page
 21:59:21  plnaugle : Thank you Peggy.
 21:59:52  MariaK :
 21:59:58  PeggyG : I was wondering about streaming from EBC East–they are charging for the event and didn’t see anything about the streaming
 22:00:08  jan_smith : I am soooo greatful that you came today–thank you, thank you!
 22:00:17  PeggyG : hooray for the co-conveners!!!!!!
 22:00:35  tearoof : goodnight all
 22:00:39  PeggyG : k12onlineconference is my favorite conference!!
 22:00:41  Alice Mercer : is there audio?
 22:00:50  plnaugle : Goodnight @tearoom.
 22:01:08  jan_smith : Good night tearoof
 22:01:21  aforgrave : @Lindseyb16’s NetVibes page for BLC09
 22:01:24  PeggyG : you are all bringing some excellent new ideas for the conference! Really looking forward to it!
 22:01:42  mbteach : You can follow BLC09 on Twitter #blc09
 22:01:59  aforgrave : Am working my way through the archives for k12onlineconference this summer …
 22:02:08  connect2jamie : thanks @aforgrave! i couldn’t find the link!
 22:02:25  errin : Great session! Thanks!
 22:02:28  PeggyG : I still go back to the archives for the conference over the past couple of years! awesome resources!!
 22:02:28  jan_smith : Thanks ETT
 22:02:30  aforgrave : πŸ™‚
 22:02:38  connect2jamie : Thanks all! It was a good session! 
 22:02:40  paulandersen : Thanks for the talk. 
 22:02:41  mbteach : Thanks everyone!
 22:02:46  plnaugle : @aforgave I’ve listened to many of the archived sessions from past k12online conferences.
 22:02:48  kcaise : have a great night all. congrats again k12online co-conveners
 22:03:01  aforgrave : Thanks, everyone!
 22:03:01  plnaugle : Thank you to everyone.
 22:03:07  jan_smith : πŸ™‚
 22:03:09  PeggyG : what a motivating session!! thanks everyone!! It’s exciting to be surrounded by such enthusiastic teachers!!
 22:03:09  kcaise : hope you saw the write up in the newsletter jose and maria
 22:03:11  Durff : thank you all for coming
 22:03:16  plnaugle : Great discussions as always.
 22:03:17  Lauara : Thank you!
 22:03:45  paulandersen : Sometime on a Monday πŸ™‚
 22:03:45  PeggyG : see you next time πŸ™‚
 22:03:51  shannonlibrarian : Night!
 22:03:55  aforgrave :
 22:03:58  PeggyG : we know where to find the ETT calendar πŸ™‚
 22:04:05  plnaugle : Good night everyone.
 22:04:10  Durff : nitght
 22:04:11  PeggyG : night all
 22:04:13  kcaise : thanks for posting that link andy
 22:04:14  joserodriguez : bye
 22:04:15  mbteach : Goodnight all
 22:04:17  kcaise : thanks all and have a wonderful night!


Alice Mercer, Jan Smith, Jose Rodriguez, Lisa Durff, Maria Knee, blogging

It’s Elementary #36, 2008-09 Wrap-up

We talked about various projects we are doing with our students. Some are in classes during the school day, and some are outside of school hours.  We’re building connections with our peers, both far away and in our schools and districts. We’re filling in our network, and making some rich and surprising connections   Link to text chat

 20:59:30  Durff  : hi maria
 20:59:49  MariaK  : hey hey
 21:00:44  Durff  : hey jose
 21:00:48  Durff  : hi sal
 21:00:58  Durff  : we will be starting momentarily
 21:01:01  Sal  : hi
 21:01:03  Durff  : i hope
 21:02:33  Durff  : hi plnaugle
 21:02:42  plnaugle  : Hi Durff.
 21:02:50  MariaK  : Hello everyone
 21:03:33  plnaugle  : Hi Peggy.
 21:03:55  PeggyG  : Hionly ustream tonight?
 21:03:56  Durff  :  hi peggy
 21:04:02  Durff  : yes ustrean
 21:04:14  PeggyG  : Hi Durff and all! Great to see you!
 21:04:45  PeggyG  : I’m hearing great on ustream
 21:04:47  Durff  : peggy = sound check
 21:05:04  plnaugle  : :p
 21:05:28  PeggyG  : Just updated a bunch of stuff on my computer so every app is a new adventure πŸ™‚
 21:05:55  joserodriguez  : audio only today yes
 21:06:21  Durff  : thank goodness
 21:06:31  PeggyG  : There goes the hour!! Maria has tons to share πŸ™‚
 21:06:33  Durff  : wb sal
 21:06:57  joserodriguez  : πŸ™‚
 21:07:18  Durff  : oi veh
 21:07:24  PeggyG  : that is so exciting for Kindergarten!!
 21:07:26  joserodriguez  : a new definition of 1:1
 21:07:41  Durff  : hi gail
 21:07:44  joserodriguez  : I see the netbooks as a great opportunity
 21:08:10  Durff  : anyone who wants to reflect on their year please let us know
 21:08:13  PeggyG  : does the work lessen after the initial setup with netbooks?
 21:08:17  Durff  : hi alice
 21:08:25  Alice Mercer  : hi me
 21:08:38  Sal  : are we suppose to be hearing something?
 21:08:45  Durff  : yes
 21:08:53  Alice Mercer  : Are you on
 21:08:54  PeggyG  : yes Salclick on play on ustream
 21:08:55  Durff  : click the arrow on the ustrem
 21:09:00  Durff  : to your rightr
 21:09:11  Alice Mercer  : Look to the right, and there is a UStream player
 21:09:14  Alice Mercer  : click play
 21:09:17  Sal  : this is my first time here
 21:09:25  Alice Mercer  : welcome sal
 21:09:34  Sal  : found it
 21:09:37  Sal  : thanks
 21:09:39  plnaugle  : Hi Sal.
 21:09:41  Durff  : you’re doing great sal
 21:09:57  PeggyG  : great point Jose! how do we continue these great things every year?
 21:09:59  joserodriguez  : sakai?
 21:10:08  Durff  : like drupal
 21:10:16  joserodriguez  : cool
 21:10:27  PeggyG  : Maria, will the student portfolios follow them next year?
 21:10:39  Durff  : hi jan
 21:10:48  plnaugle  : How do you decide which platform to use Moodle? Drupal? Sakai? etc.
 21:10:50  joserodriguez  : they become alunmi… yes
 21:10:57  jan smith  : Hey, how are you all?
 21:11:06  plnaugle  : Hi Jan.
 21:11:12  PeggyG  : HI jan smithso glad you’re here
 21:11:21  joserodriguez  : doing great jan.. thanks
 21:11:36  jan smith  : thanks, tryig to get sound…
 21:11:40  Durff  : plnaugle  you toss a coin
 21:11:46  PeggyG  : sound is on ustream jan
 21:11:59  jan smith  : Gotcha
 21:12:04  jan smith  : I’m in
 21:12:07  Durff  : click the box to the right
 21:12:07  plnaugle  : Mine keeps coming up Moodle. What do you think?
 21:12:10  PeggyG  : yeah!
 21:13:18  plnaugle  : Yeah PA.
 21:13:19  PeggyG  : @plnaugleyou mean when you click on play on ustream your Moodle opens up?
 21:13:32  jan smith  : I hate packing too
 21:13:33  PeggyG  : moving is no fun Durff!!
 21:13:40  plnaugle  : No I was playing with Durff.
 21:13:56  PeggyG  : oh I get it!! πŸ™‚
 21:14:13  plnaugle  : What part of PA? I graduated from York College of PA.
 21:14:20  PeggyG  : what a wonderful friend!!
 21:14:26  jan smith  : I am hoping to move…
 21:14:31  plnaugle  : Danielle is a very good friend to help you pack.
 21:14:37  MariaK  : Sakai  info
 21:14:57  PeggyG  : wow plnauglemy exhusband was from York, PAsmall world!!
 21:15:16  joserodriguez  : oh yeah the Tuesday night stuff
 21:15:24  plnaugle  : I have been in New Orleans for over thirty years though.
 21:15:35  plnaugle  : What school did he attend.
 21:15:59  PeggyG  : he moved to AZ after HSthat’s where I met him πŸ™‚
 21:16:28  PeggyG  : oh yesI’d love an update on k12online conference!
 21:16:41  PeggyG  : what a great team of conveners!!!
 21:16:50  Durff  : hi colleen
 21:16:50  colleenk  : Hi all!
 21:16:53  jan smith  : I like the themes that are up.
 21:16:54  PeggyG  : Hi colleenkgreat to see you!!
 21:16:58  joserodriguez  :
 21:16:59  plnaugle  : I was reading about your position with k12 online. Congrats to you and Jose’.
 21:17:18  colleenk  : @PeggyG Thanks! Likewise πŸ™‚
 21:17:30  PeggyG  : that is my favorite conference of all!!
 21:17:36  plnaugle  : Is that strictly done with video presentations?
 21:17:57  Durff  : not necessarily
 21:18:02  PeggyG  : that’s exciting Jose!
 21:18:03  colleenk  : I’m thinking of submitting a K12 proposal. If I work up the courage.
 21:18:17  Alice Mercer  : It’s not a great time for me
 21:18:17  PeggyG  : yes video presentationsusually 20 mins each
 21:18:18  jan smith  : What about Colleen?
 21:18:19  Durff  : you would be GREAT!!
 21:18:40  plnaugle  : I would llike to contribute to k12 conference. Need to get my act together.
 21:18:41  PeggyG  : you should definitely do it Colleen!!! I would love to see a presentation from you!!!
 21:18:43  colleenk  : @jansmith Probably something related to math or programming.
 21:18:58  jan smith  : or both, Colleen?
 21:18:59  colleenk  : Thanks, Durff!
 21:19:06  Durff  : $5
 21:19:10  colleenk  : @jan smith Could be both
 21:19:13  joserodriguez  :
 21:19:20  Durff  : actually L$50
 21:19:26  joserodriguez  : spanish webcasting
 21:19:31  PeggyG  : it’s a challenge to fit everything into 20 mins! πŸ™‚
 21:19:36  Durff  : donated to a RFL kiosk near you
 21:19:51  Sal  : anyone have experience with netbooks
 21:20:14  jan smith  : I think the 20 min limit is a good ideamakes you focus
 21:20:23  jan smith  : the Twitter of conferences
 21:20:27  PeggyG  : I really like the 20 min limit too
 21:20:33  Durff  : what sort of experience?
 21:21:06  Sal  : have used them in the classroom with kids
 21:21:13  PeggyG  : usually the sessions are presented in video but all are available for download as mp3 also
 21:21:32  PeggyG  : unless it changes for this year πŸ™‚
 21:21:52  plnaugle  : I listened to some of last year’s presentations last night.
 21:22:33  jan smith  : Have you seen what Jeff Utech and Kim Coffino have done with a LAN & the k12 conf?
 21:22:34  PeggyG  : I often go back and relisten to presentations even back to 2006 πŸ™‚
 21:22:59  PeggyG  : Yes janI actually have followed their model for the last 2 years in Phoenixlan parties
 21:23:06  plnaugle  : Yes I saw their presentation.
 21:23:46  plnaugle  : What is a LAN party?
 21:23:49  jan smith  : There is a terrific group doing "Learning at Night" rather than "local area network"
 21:23:50  PeggyG  : at our lan party we focused on watching the global projects videos and then skyped Kim Cofino and Jen Wagner from our session to have a conversation with them. It was fantastic!
 21:24:14  PeggyG  : we called ours a LawN partyto keep it light πŸ™‚
 21:24:22  joserodriguez  : a lan as in LAN the connection to the internet..
 21:24:30  jan smith  : it sort of extends the learning beyond the conferenceand brings others in
 21:24:36  joserodriguez  : Jeff utech made it famous in 2006.
 21:24:43  Durff  : lawn parrty  with coffee?
 21:24:53  jan smith  : and chocolate?
 21:24:57  PeggyG  : just a name for holding a group gettogether to view presentations and have conversations facetoface
 21:25:00  plnaugle  : Who wouldn’t like a party?
 21:25:12  PeggyG  : it was so much fun!!
 21:25:43  Durff  : wb sal
 21:25:51  Sal  : thanks
 21:26:03  joserodriguez  : I like videos…..
 21:26:18  jan smith  : Was that walkability?
 21:26:19  joserodriguez  : local.. I find myself in the same way
 21:26:46  jan smith  : I’m finishing my master’s…been a big year.
 21:27:12  plnaugle  : Congrats for that Jan.
 21:27:14  joserodriguez  : alice the mobile site person..
 21:27:20  PeggyG  : what a find Durff!! isn’t that exciting?
 21:27:36  jan smith  : Thanks…
 21:27:48  PeggyG  : what an amazing show that was Jose!!
 21:28:27  Durff  : indeed
 21:28:57  Durff  : i am surrounded with greatness
 21:29:03  PeggyG  : I watched as much of CUE as I could virtually! Saw some great sessions and even got to go to the "happy hour" social via Elluminate πŸ™‚
 21:29:41  Durff  : two cohosts convening k12online, mercer recognized by CUE, how does anyone keep up?
 21:29:58  Alice Mercer  : You are the Durff, you set the pace
 21:30:09  Durff  : sorry, kiddo
 21:30:09  PeggyG  : I love having them leading the way!!
 21:30:21  jan smith  : You need your own tabloid…
 21:30:24  Durff  : i am the out of work one
 21:30:49  Durff  : yes, i remember
 21:30:53  Alice Mercer  : Hey, I may be soon
 21:30:56  colleenk  : @Durff You know what they say about the company you keep….
 21:31:04  Durff  : that will be like day thirteen?
 21:31:05  MariaK  : But What other show has a Passionate Redhead!
 21:31:26  Durff  : okay, okay you got me there
 21:31:44  MariaK  : πŸ˜€
 21:31:50  PeggyG  : there are quite a lot of the public school causes on facebook promoting support for all of the budget cuts
 21:31:53  joserodriguez  :
 21:32:15  joserodriguez  : it’s great to have local people.. on your beat…
 21:32:19  Durff  : ?
 21:32:23  PeggyG  : not supporting the budget cuts but supporting teachers who are being cut!
 21:32:53  joserodriguez  : 30:1 … wow
 21:33:03  joserodriguez  : we are going to 24:1..
 21:33:11  jan smith  : And Alice has been doing workshops with Edublogs too.
 21:33:30  plnaugle  : I can have as many as 33 in my class.
 21:33:33  Durff  : yes
 21:33:41  jan smith  : We are 24 13, thirty in 4 up
 21:33:41  PeggyG  : that’s so sad to see the large class sizes in the primary grades!
 21:34:40  plnaugle  : We’re at 26 in K3, 33 in 45 nad then back to 26 in 68.
 21:35:16  jan smith  : Wow that seems very odd to mehow is that justified, @plnaugle
 21:35:37  Durff  : but then the Title 1 funds are gone
 21:35:44  jan smith  : is that legislated?
 21:35:53  PeggyG  : it may be a very different panel conversation in August than it is now…
 21:36:03  plnaugle  : I have no idea. I’m trying to get the 45 teachers to voice our feellings to our board and superintendent.
 21:36:10  joserodriguez  : I agree.. peggy
 21:36:42  plnaugle  : Each school board can set their numbers.
 21:36:44  jan smith  : Seems crazyI would be upset as teacher or parent (or kid)
 21:37:33  Alice Mercer  : Dh (husband) thinks that parents won’t care, cause they don’t understand why it’s important
 21:37:36  jan smith  : Huge learning year for mstarted blogging with kidsso powerful.
 21:37:39  plnaugle  : Year 20082009 was the Year of Tech for me.
 21:38:00  Alice Mercer  : Congrats Jan!
 21:38:19  Durff  : the year of conferences for me
 21:38:20  Alice Mercer  : Jan you were a GREAT help with Edublogs training.
 21:38:27  jan smith  : 1st moodle. 1st wikis, 1st blogs, 1st skype calls….
 21:38:35  PeggyG  : that is really exciting Janyou’ve had a wonderful year!!!
 21:38:37  Alice Mercer  : Remind me, Jan, you do elementary?
 21:39:02  Durff  : a tech club  great idea
 21:39:11  jan smith  : thanks Alice, peggy. Yes, I am teaching gr. 6 this year (Elementary here)
 21:39:29  joserodriguez  : I like the documentary idea…
 21:39:50  PeggyG  : You teachers are sooooo inspiring!! It’s the end of the year when most teachers only want to think about vacation and you’re already excitedly planning next year!! My heroes!!
 21:39:53  plnaugle  : During my reflection I came up with this thought  I’m on an educational journey as a lifelong learner, and technology is my vehicle.
 21:40:15  PeggyG  : I love that plnaugle!
 21:40:30  Alice Mercer  : @peggy, I’m slacking a bit in teaching…
 21:40:34  Alice Mercer  : I have feet of clay
 21:40:38  Durff  : Starbucks is my pitstop
 21:40:48  Alice Mercer  : I tend to start focusing on next year too much at this point sometimes
 21:40:58  jan smith  : I’ve applied for a new job at a new school. Involves tech leadership. We don’t have tech integration specialists, which is too bad
 21:41:10  Durff  : we all tend to plan ahead
 21:41:13  Alice Mercer  : Got rid of ours
 21:41:29  Alice Mercer  : Tommorow is so much more interesting than today sometimes
 21:41:30  PeggyG  : that’s exciting Jan! would you be doing the tech on top of your classroom teaching?
 21:41:40  plnaugle  : My 1st blog, wiki, Skype, VoiceThread, online collaborative project, PhotoStory, website, webinars, presentations to others on my staff. And of course Twitter.
 21:41:41  PeggyG  : that’s so true Alice!!
 21:42:17  PeggyG  : whew plnaugle!!! what great stuff!!!
 21:42:27  PeggyG  : I get tired just thinking of you!!
 21:42:42  plnaugle  : I got asked to present to our district in August.
 21:43:00  joserodriguez  : I am trying to start a tech cadre.
 21:43:05  jan smith  : @Peggy, I would be supporting on the sidebut my vision is to convince the board that we need a position to move people forward.
 21:43:11  PeggyG  : that concept makes so much senseless formal PD!!
 21:43:55  PeggyG  : good luck with your vision jan! that sounds great!
 21:44:07  plnaugle  : I’m borrowing an idea from Kim Colfino for Wired Wednesdays for our staff next year.
 21:44:07  jan smith  : @pnaugle, Sounds like you and I have be shadowing each otherthat sounds like my year too!
 21:44:22  Durff  : neat idea
 21:44:31  jan smith  : I also like Ki’s speed geekingso cool
 21:44:36  PeggyG  : great plan plnaugle! I’ve heard Kim talk about that
 21:44:38  jan smith  : *kim
 21:44:52  Durff  : that is like speed dating bny snbeach
 21:44:56  plnaugle  : @ jan smith I have learned so much this year, but I still feel so far behind.
 21:45:26  Durff  : that’s what is so great  you don’t have to know everything
 21:45:34  plnaugle  : I sent that post of her’s about SpeedGeeking to our tech director.
 21:45:41  Durff  : as long as you know someone who does know it
 21:45:48  Durff  : hence Twitter
 21:46:03  PeggyG  : are any of you using the keychain idea from Kevin Honeycutt as you build your teachers up with new tools/mentors?
 21:46:08  plnaugle  : That’s why I follow all the "greats" who are here tonight.
 21:46:12  jan smith  : Well you are driving a compact, fuel efficient vehicle, not a race carthe journey is slower, but better!
 21:46:16  Alice Mercer  : I did Peggy, but they were lost
 21:46:38  plnaugle  : I don’t know about the keychain idea.
 21:46:50  joserodriguez  : wikis are great for sharing resources.
 21:46:54  Durff  : oh that is grand
 21:47:03  joserodriguez  : even to share  a google calendar
 21:47:04  PeggyG  : I love that idea for encouraging them to try new thingsI could see the keychoin growing with every gettogether πŸ™‚
 21:47:07  Durff  : twitter me after the show
 21:47:36  Alice Mercer  :
 21:47:39  Durff  : unless peggy has the url to the pick
 21:47:43  PeggyG  :[email protected]/2620023239
 21:47:44  Durff  : pic
 21:47:45  MariaK  : @PeggyG We have used those  in another setting  but thanks for the reminder  I’ll be thinking about that for next year  using local staff names as the folks that can offer support for the tools on the tags.
 21:47:49  jan smith  : Alice, will you use a Ning for that?
 21:48:09  Durff  : oh please
 21:48:14  Alice Mercer  : No ning, just edublog?
 21:48:18  MariaK  : Sheila Adams and I have used the tabgs  people love them.
 21:48:26  PeggyG  : yes I think any person in the group could add their name to a tab πŸ™‚
 21:48:30  Alice Mercer  : I could but we’re also getting a district ELGG. I’d prefer that
 21:48:36  Durff  : not use RSS? How….?
 21:49:20  PeggyG  : so true Jose! so many teachers still don’t know about/understand how RSS can help them
 21:49:53  Durff  : Really Serious Stressrelief
 21:50:18  PeggyG  :  one more keychain pic with brief explanation
 21:50:35  plnaugle  : Thanks Peggy.
 21:50:35  Durff  : see? she is phenomenal
 21:50:46  Durff  : wb gail
 21:50:47  PeggyG  : aren’t they so precious!!! I love 56 year olds!!
 21:51:14  plnaugle  : I lov my connections with my PLN.
 21:51:18  PeggyG  : I have 2 grandkids that are 6 years old and love them to pieces!!
 21:51:20  gail  : thanks durff
 21:52:21  gail  : I used a new tool while missing much of tonights program. Ever hear of New way for synchronous meeting and doc sharing
 21:52:50  plnaugle  : Thanks to everyone.
 21:52:51  PeggyG  : haven’t used it yet, Gail, but it’s on my list to explore πŸ™‚
 21:52:55  MariaK  : @gail sounds interesting
 21:53:02  jan smith  : I’ve used ether pad with my studentsv cool
 21:53:24  gail  : Free and fun to try with a buddy sometime. create your own apps
 21:53:36  PeggyG  : have any of you discovered ? video conferencing for up to 12 people where you can share desktops and use video cameras πŸ™‚
 21:53:37  Alice Mercer  : Jan Jan….
 21:53:38  jan smith  : Ummm, i just lapsed
 21:53:43  plnaugle  : Yeah,Jan.
 21:53:50  jan smith  : ok did I just volunteer
 21:54:15  joserodriguez  : yes
 21:54:18  jan smith  : Everyone will be on holiday
 21:54:18  plnaugle  : πŸ˜€ Way to go Jan.
 21:54:29  gail  : I’ll still be in school for the last week ugh
 21:54:30  PeggyG  : thanks everyone!! what enthusiasm! Will definitely look forward to hearing more from Jan!!
 21:54:32  jan smith  : Will anyone come?
 21:54:37  joserodriguez  : yes
 21:54:50  jan smith  : thanks Jose!
 21:54:55  PeggyG  : I’ll be there!!!!!
 21:55:08  PeggyG  : and I’ll tell all my friends Jan πŸ™‚
 21:55:27  gail  :  this is when the kids start counting down and stop listening
 21:55:29  jan smith  : Will someone tell me what I have to say or do? do I bring cookies?
 21:55:38  PeggyG  : I’ve heard that Durff but it didn’t work for me
 21:55:47  jan smith  : won’t you all be at NECCand busy?
 21:55:55  PeggyG  : we bring the cookies  πŸ™‚
 21:56:13  PeggyG  : no NECC isn’t until the next week
 21:56:13  plnaugle  : And Durff brings the coffee.
 21:56:33  jan smith  : \take care all!
 21:56:47  plnaugle  : I’ll be there
 21:56:50  PeggyG  : thanks everyone!! really fun conversation! you have all had a fantastic year with lots to celebrate!
 21:56:58  PeggyG  : I’ll be at edubloggercon
 21:57:06  PeggyG  : night all!
 21:57:07  Durff  : coffee?
 21:57:14  MariaK  : me too
 21:57:15  gail  : g’nite
 21:57:21  MariaK  : good night.
 21:57:49  joserodriguez  : bye
 21:58:05  Durff  : nite folks
 21:58:15  Durff  : thanks for coming
 22:00:19  Alice Mercer  : Bye all!


Alice Mercer, Jose Rodriguez, Lisa Durff, Maria Knee

It’s Elementary #35 Multimedia Projects

The It’s Elementary cohosts talk about mutlimedia projects in the elementary classroom. We compared teacher produced versus student produced. We talked about assessing multimedia projects, rubrics, and portfolios. We welcomed a 4th grade teacher to our conversation at the end who is using multimedia projects in his bilingual classroom.  Pertinent bookmarks are at our Diigo group We look forward to you joining us for the next show on June 8, 2009 6:00pmPDT/9:00pmEDT.

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