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EdTechTalk#86: Online Education – This is NOT a Drill!

It took a pandemic, but the ETW gang is ending its hiatus…at least for one show.
EdTechTalk#86 streams live at 2200UTC
with with@davecormier   @jenm   @schinker   &   @jefflebow

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Links Mentioned

Complete Chat Log Below

jmad: Hello, world
edtechjoe: Hey Gang.. Jose in my worldbridges studio in L.A.
edtechjoe: crazy time indeed.
edtechjoe: I reached out to Doug Symington this week
edtechjoe: Also Vance Stevens
schinker: Great to see you, Jose. Thanks for coming out.
edtechjoe: I saw a tweet from Susan VanGelder this morning
edtechjoe: I use a chromebook.. but, I couldn’t resist and got a MacBook Pro this week for my Bday
edtechjoe: wow…
edtechjoe: Now imagine teaching a special needs class of 8 year olds and transiting to online learning to end the school year.
Durff: Young ones – SeeSaw
edtechjoe: Hey Durff
Durff: hey there
edtechjoe: oh yeah… PBS has special programming with activities in Southern California
edtechjoe: “free” for now
Durff: I am urging my grad students, who are teachers, to stick with what they know
edtechjoe: actually everything is “free” but the learning curve is pretty high for most teachers.
Durff: we have used many tools in class
Durff: Relate before you educate
Durff: that is true in all environments
edtechjoe: I really like Loom as a pretty cool screencasting tool. Generates a unique url right away
edtechjoe: https://www.loom.com/
Durff: oh yes
Durff: I love loom and teach to all my students
Durff: He is right
Durff: I changed things and fellow instructors asked me how could I do that
schinker: Good suggestions. We do use SeeSaw with some of our kids. I’ve been careful to not try to adopt new tools right now unless thee’s a real need, and to try not to do things that can’t be sustained long term.
Durff: in my own courses
Durff: Seesaw is great for ECE
Durff: also good tools Flipgrid, Kahoot
edtechjoe: Yep… stick with what you are doing already.
Durff: projects are summative assessments
schinker: Kahoot is a little tricky if they’re not in the same room.
Durff: not so
Durff: I teach online
Durff: use challenge instead to make asynchronous
schinker: no? Do you stream the questions? Their devices just have the choices, right?
schinker: Ahh… okay
edtechjoe: My principal is a micro-manager already but think in designing learning experiences for my students I kind of like the menu option for asynchronous learning. Just provide opportunities to learn and show some form of evidence
Durff: https://kahoot.it/challenge/0224833?challenge-id=f9c4f5ed-080b-4eed-bd56-42c1fe66cea9_1584916156319
Durff: I challenge you Schinker
edtechjoe: The great thing about elementary is that grades are not high stakes especially with state testing being cancelled this school year
Durff: waves to wife
Durff: if we take classes online – why can’t we break them into manageable chunks?
Durff: I agree Dave
Durff: so don’t use tests
Durff: I use Kahoot for formative assessments
Durff: I heard he makes students cry
Durff: same thing with teachers
Durff: most colleges do weed those out
Durff: text them
edtechjoe: To Do Week of March 23 …1) Survey parents.. do you have internet.. do you have a device for online learning. 2) agree with grade level teams what we want students to do / assignments
edtechjoe: We have a two week window for planning then we go live mid April after our Spring Break
Durff: fortunate
schinker: Yep. Good move, Jose. Also ask about availability of adults to work with the kids. We asked whether people are generally available morning or afternoons or whatever.
Durff: my goal this week? Train hosts for VWBPE 2020 conference in SL – and don’t you ALL have avatars? Join the conference Thursday, Friday, Saturday – no social distancing from other avatars needed
edtechjoe: @John.. lots of unanswered questions for Special Education. Free and Appropriate Public Education FAPE
Durff: That new Bb is challenging
schinker: Yep. For sure. And a lot of it is just knowing that we can’t do everything we should be doing. So what are the ESY resources, and how are we going to fill in the gaps later?
Durff: I missed being able to email students from inside Bb
edtechjoe: https://ca.pbslearningmedia.org
Durff: the problem is you all are visionaries and those doing education are so status quo
edtechjoe: my commute is 2 to 3 hrs a day
Durff: NO JOKE
Durff: yes
Durff: and what does Dave owe?
Durff: he was once a keynoter
edtechjoe: funny
Durff: so is there end in sight to this?
Durff: our churches are closed
Durff: Maryland
Durff: viruses do not obey the 1st amendment
edtechjoe: It was hard convincing my parents to stop going to church or have private meetings with church friends
Durff: Mennonite have been doing online for years
Durff: Jeff and the Pickle – remember that?
Durff: Have the kids play with tech
Durff: they will amaze
Durff: I don’t want any lessons from this
Durff: oh?
Durff: major?
Durff: I attended all online – Walden -it was awesome
Durff: qoq
Durff: wow
Durff: that sounds like a dissertation not a major
Durff: oh you will ffind out when you know way more than professors
Durff: rhizomes in the book?
jmad: Top 200 Tools for Learning 2019: https://www.toptools4learning.com/
Top Tools for Learning – Results of the 13th Annual Learning Tools Survey published 18 September 2019
jmad: Videoconferencing Alternatives: How Low-Bandwidth Teaching Will Save Us All: https://www.iddblog.org/videoconferencing-alternatives-how-low-bandwidth-teaching-will-save-us-all/
Videoconferencing Alternatives: How Low-Bandwidth Teaching Will Save Us All | IDDblog: Instructional Design Tips, Advice, & Trends for Online & Distance Learning
schinker: EveryoneOn https://www.everyoneon.org/find-offers
Find Offers — EveryoneOn
edtechjoe: yeah I actually saw a poster in my neighborhood it was in the park
Durff: phones
Durff: I am still a lurker
schinker: This dude is saying REALLY useful stuff every day. https://www.youtube.com/user/davecormier/videos
  dave cormier
 – YouTube
dave cormier – YouTube
schinker: Don’t tell him I said something nice about him.
Durff: mum’s the word
schinker: This is the stuff we put together for teachers in my school. https://sites.google.com/bbhcsd.org/olr
jmad: Teach from home (Google): https://teachfromhome.google/intl/en/
jefflebow (Admin): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7_wvQHMGOI
This angry mom’s rant about homeschooling children while in quarantine goes viral – YouTube
This angry mom’s rant about homeschooling children while in quarantine goes viral – YouTube
Durff: oh where is that link for I will survive by the teacher?
jefflebow (Admin): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCe5PaeAeew
I Will Survive, Coronavirus version for teachers going online – YouTube
I Will Survive, Coronavirus version for teachers going online – YouTube
Durff: thanks
jefflebow (Admin): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5-dI74zxPg
How To See Germs Spread (Coronavirus) – YouTube
How To See Germs Spread (Coronavirus) – YouTube
edtechjoe: https://www.burnedinteacher.com/blog/ep-61-from-crisis-to-calm-a-success-plan-for-balance-workflow-and-collaboration-during-the-covid19-safety-precautions
Durff: Flipgrid is free
Durff: there’s the key – seeing himself on camera
schinker: oliah.ca
Durff: twitchy – is that a symptom?
Durff: but is like old times
Durff: not at all
edtechjoe: funny
Durff: YES
Durff: we have masks
Durff: that old already? wow
Durff: I like free phones
Durff: mine is from Cricket
edtechjoe: thanks
Durff: be well be safe
jefflebow (Admin): Thank YOU. You too.

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The Revolution will be Humanized: The Glass Age Approaches

The Revolution will be Humanized: The Glass Age Approaches

May 27, 2013

Alexander Hayes's profile photoSteve Mann's profile photoJeff Lebow's profile photodave cormier's profile photoVance Stevens's profile photoMaria Droujkova's profile photoRob Perhamus's profile photoMattias Davidsson's profile photoMichael Coghlan's profile photo
Particpants; Alexander Hayes, Steve Mann, Jeff Lebow, Dave Cormier, Vance Stevens, Maria Droujkova, Rob Permanus, Mattias Davidsson, Michael Coughlin


From Vance’s write-up on Learning2gether.net

Alexander Hayes is completing a PhD on wearable technologies.  He feels, in his words, that ”we are on the cusp of a substantial shift in how we consider wearable technologies likely in the next 6 – 24 months … there has been a discernible shift in the “heat” generated from major consortiums now bringing to market technologies that are pervasively poised to radically re-organise what is said, done, remembered and perhaps more importantly re-wired for other parties purposes.

“Google Glass provides us all with a reason to question what it will mean to be interacting with our peers, family and loved ones through the fashion filter of a networked and location aware device. Body worn technologies such as Memoto and Autographer also join the list of data logging devices that we use to monitor and transmit data from our daily activities, either for health awareness, entertainment or myriad of other reasons.”

In this session, members of Webheads in Action, TALO, Worldbridges, and affiliated online communities and thought leaders will discuss the benefits, risks and perhaps harm that may arise with the rollout of second generation intelligent (smart) wearable technologies in our society.


  • veillance
  • surveillance 
Other links mentioned:
http://memoto.com (lifelogging clipon)
http://autographer.com (world’s first wearable intelligent camera)
http://ael.gatech.edu/lab/ (impact on education)
http://interaxon.ca/ (maps parts of brain allowing you to operate camera)
ISTAS 13:  June 27~29th  http://veillance.me
…presenters and panellists will address the implications of living in smartworlds – smart grids, smart infrastructure, smart homes, smart cars, smart fridges…smart people. ISTAS’13 will bring together participants sharing research, projects, and ideas about people living in smart environments. 


May 27, 2013

22:22vance: hi nice handout
22:25Cristina Costa: hello
22:31vance: hi cristina, great to see you
22:32vance: shouldn’t that be what’s up doc?
22:33paul: hi jeff..looking forward to viewing one of these live
22:35kathy shields: good morning from georgia, usa
22:35vance: greetings
22:35Peggy George: Hi everyone! what a fun conversation for today!! Great to be here with you!
22:36Peggy George: Hi Jeff and Vance :-)
22:37kathy shields: I’m looking forward to this discussion.
22:37kathy shields: Hi Jeff!
22:37Peggy George: hope you have no issues with the time limit today. Our Teachers Teaching Teachers sessions often last more than an hour.
22:37kathy shields: I know, just doing lots of listening.
22:38Peggy George: the pre-show chats are always fun. :-) They’re getting us warmed up!
22:38Peggy George: I’m just about to make my coffee. :-) Just waking up!
22:43Peggy George: why don’t you all use Lower Thirds so we can see your names?
22:44Peggy George: Yeah! There it is Jeff :-)
22:45Peggy George: you can sit on a pillow Jeff :-)
22:45Peggy George: hahahaha!!! what an effect!!!!
22:46kathy shields: What is the hashtag for this chat?
22:46vance: hi Peggy / kathy
22:46kathy shields: hi
22:47vance: #glassage
22:47kathy shields: great thx
22:47Peggy George: Hi Vance :-)
22:47kathy shields: hahah
22:47Peggy George: glad you added those questions! They are great and will be fascinating to hear the conversation!
22:49Michael Coghlan: I would like to enter…..
22:52Peggy George: Hi Michael! Great to see you!
22:52Peggy George: Jeff will send you an invitation to join the hangout.
22:54kathy shields: Ray started the singularity movement very controversial no?
22:55kathy shields: http://singularityu.org/
22:55Michael Coghlan: Thanks Peggy – think I’m in the hangout ….
22:55kathy shields: DORA – interesting pdf
22:56kathy shields: http://am.ascb.org/dora/
22:56kathy shields: Got it!
22:56Peggy George: @Michael are you just viewing or wanting to join the Hangout? I’m not seeing you on camera yet.
22:57Peggy George: thanks for the links Kathy. Checking them out now.
22:57kathy shields: Also interesting is Amber Case on Ted.comhttp://www.ted.com/talks/amber_case_we_are_all_cyborgs_now.html
22:58Peggy George: Hi there Dave!!! Great to see you!
22:58Alexander Hayes: http://am.ascb.org/dora/
22:58Dave Cormier: lala.
22:59Peggy George: I love having the Titanpad side by side with the chat. Great way to share resources!
23:00kathy shields: @ peggy, I had no idea, I could add to that! Thx.
23:00Peggy George: There’s Michael!! :-)
23:01Peggy George: 7:00am now in Phoenix AZ
23:04Peggy George: yes Kathy. Anyone can add to the Titanpad :-) I often add the links that are shared in the chat so they become part of the Titanpad which can be exported to save for later.
23:04Dave Cormier: Hi Peggy :)
23:04Peggy George: thanks!
23:04kathy shields: I just added the definition for Cyborg Anth.
23:04Peggy George: no I prefer to be a “chat anchor” :-) Love it!
23:05Peggy George: always fun figuring out new tools! thanks for adding your name to your color. :-)
23:06Peggy George: that’s quite a list of “terminology”. This sounds like a graduate level class!
23:08kathy shields: http://wearcam.org/
23:08Peggy George: that’s really interesting! I didn’t know that Google Glass was only licensed for one person!
23:08Alexander Hayes: http://glogger.mobi
23:09Peggy George: great links to add to the Titanpad :-)
23:09vance: I didn’t either
23:10Peggy George: I’ll start adding a section at the bottom of the questions for Links shared by chat participants
23:10Peggy George: thanks Vance. You took care of it!!
23:10Morteza Barin: hello everybody
23:11vance: well done morteza
23:11Morteza Barin: this is morteza from iran
23:11Peggy George: Hi Morteza. Welcome!
23:11Morteza Barin: hi
23:11Peggy George: we’ve just been chatting but are officially starting now :-)
23:11Morteza Barin: thank u so much
23:11Morteza Barin: ok
23:11vance: we’ll make sure you get the recording,mp3
23:11Morteza Barin: but can’t hear anything
23:11Morteza Barin: ok
23:12vance: no, because YouTube is blocked there
23:12Peggy George: try refreshing your page Morteza
23:12Morteza Barin: ok
23:12Peggy George: aha–no YouTube for you Morteza?
23:12Morteza Barin: i see a black screen on top of this page
23:12Peggy George: with no “play” button to click on?
23:13Morteza Barin: no
23:13vance: he can’t get YouTube, but later I’ll make an mp3 recording from it
23:13Morteza Barin: ok
23:13Maria Droujkova: Hello
23:13Morteza Barin: you go on
23:13Peggy George: try this direct link to youtube to see if you can see ithttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-63Gb3AKAiQ#!
23:15Peggy George: what was Steve’s last name?
23:15vance: Mann
23:15Maria Droujkova: I am sitting in the other chat, directing people here… There was some confusion
23:15vance: other chat?
23:15vance: at learning2gether?
23:16Peggy George: thanks Maria!
23:17Maria Droujkova: Vance, there was a wrong Hangout link sent out
23:17Maria Droujkova: nothing is happening there, other than people trying to get here
23:17Alexander Hayes: http://www.istas13.org
23:17vance: hmmm
23:17Alexander Hayes: http://www.veillance.me
23:17ds: greetings
23:17Alexander Hayes: hi DS
23:17Peggy George: wish we could see Steve’s face! his camera keeps shifting to the ceiling :-)
23:18Alexander Hayes: Veillance as domain = surveillance + sousveillance + dataveillance + uberveillance and many other disciplines
23:18Peggy George: @Kathy Great job of keeping up with the chat links on the Titanpad
23:19vance: :-)
23:20vance: great questions, Jeff
23:20Nellie: Silence is golden :)
23:21Peggy George: so happy that Steve could join us for the first few minutes! wish he could stay longer but he has another commitment.
23:21vance: hi Nellie
23:22kathy shields: I was wondering about headaches and how the brain responds to the wearing and removing of the glass.
23:23Nellie: Who is talking right now?
23:23Peggy George: Steve Mann
23:24Peggy George: Jeff you did your homework for this conversation!! :-) Great questions!
23:24Nellie: or was talking :)
23:24Peggy George: that is Steve talking
23:24Nellie: Steve who?
23:24Peggy George: can you see the Titanpad to the left
23:24Peggy George: his link is there
23:24kathy shields: I am interested in brainwave tech and how it might benefit teachers/students by understanding their receptivity for learning.
23:24Peggy George: Steve Mann
23:25Peggy George:http://wearcam.org/veillance/veillance.pdf (Steve Mann’s site)
23:25Nellie: speakers where?
23:25Nellie: is that the Toronto conf
23:25Alexander Hayes: http://istas13.org
23:25Jeff Lebow: Steve Mann
23:25Nellie: f2f is awesome
23:25Peggy George: we don’t know who all will be live in the Hangout so adding their names as they come in
23:26kathy shields: This is cool – and fun to think about http://www.neurosky.com/
23:26Nellie: Maria brought us in here since we were in another hangout.
23:27Alexander Hayes: memoto.com
23:27Alexander Hayes: autographer.com
23:27Peggy George: great to have you joining the conversation here Nellie & others joining from the webheads group!
23:27Nellie: I’m going to be in Toronto but only on June 21
23:28Alexander Hayes: lightt.com
23:28Alexander Hayes: vine.co
23:28kathy shields: This is likehttp://www.pranavmistry.com/projects/sixthsense/
23:28Peggy George: as links are shared in the chat, Kathy Shields is adding them to the Titanpad on the left so we will all be able to export the document for later exploration.
23:29Nellie: The idea of wearing a surveillance camera scares the hell out me. :(
23:29kathy shields: @peggy, so is Vance :)
23:29Alexander Hayes:http://www.pivothead.com
23:29Peggy George: Vance is adding too :-) love that you can see the colors!
23:29Nellie: Can such cameras be used to ward off terrorists?
23:30Peggy George: Vance as questions are asked in this chat will you be the “conduit” to ask them in the hangout?
23:31vance: all participants are following the chat
23:31vance: I thin
23:31Peggy George: but it’s hard to talk and read at the same time :-)
23:31kathy shields: @nellie, you’d think that if alterted, all users could instantly send live feed to a central location
23:31Nellie Deutsch: I’m managing. I thrive on listening and chatting like this.
23:32vance: people at dmonstrations run live streams so if arrested they’ll make instant record
23:32Peggy George: sure wish everyone could have gotten “lower thirds” working so we would know who is speaking. Such a huge help!
23:32vance: Thsi is Dave Cormier
23:32vance: Alex talking now
23:32Nellie Deutsch: Google wants us to be in its control.
23:33kathy shields: I wonder if using this device will build new neuraal pathways in the brain that will potentially make it more efficient and yet, may compromise ability when not wearing the device.
23:33Nellie Deutsch: I now have a car without a key for the ignition. It’s weird but we get used to it.
23:33vance: Dave Cormier now
23:33Peggy George: interesting term! honesty pendant
23:34vance: now Nellie can find lost keys to her ignition :-)
23:34Maria Droujkova: I imagine a little robotic animal (a tribble?) sitting on your shoulder and doing all that it will be both honest and endearing
23:34Nellie Deutsch: Vance, can such cameras keep us safer? Can they be used to warn us of an attacker like a terrorists wearing bombs?
23:35Maria Droujkova: They will probably keep beeping about police and military?
23:35vance: this is about veillance, what happens when everyone is wearing them
23:35Nellie Deutsch: Yes, Vance, no need for keys just for an emergency. It’s a hybrid car.
23:36kathy shields: audio and video, if all people have equal access then it may well keep us more honest
23:36Nellie Deutsch: Were these cameras developed by companies for the military at first?
23:37Peggy George: this is such a great conversation! I’m learning so much
23:37vance: Steve Mann has been doing it since way last century, like last quarter
23:38Nellie Deutsch: How much money is involved?
23:38vance: so many options, check links list in main window
23:39Nellie Deutsch: I mean business wise, Vance. Is this going to be a lucrative business? Should I invest? :)
23:39kathy shields: http://ael.gatech.edu/lab/ If you are interested in the impact on education
23:39vance: :-)
23:40Nellie Deutsch: I can imagine my students coming to class with this.
23:40vance: Rob permanus is talking
23:40Nellie Deutsch: What will it do for teachers?
23:41kathy shields: I love the idea of incorporating existing devices, essentially open-design
23:41Nellie Deutsch: Will teachers be able to stay home and connect to students in the f2f at a distance?
23:41kathy shields: constructing, building, co-experienceing
23:41Peggy George: fantastic concept for language learners!
23:41kathy shields: metacognition, with physical reality
23:41mattias73: Long time EdTech Weekly listener here. Now working at the Centre for Learning and Knowledge Technologies at the Linnaeus University in Sweden.
23:42Nellie Deutsch: Will we all become publishers?
23:42Peggy George: Welcome mattias73!
23:42kathy shields: the swiffer, this is so fun
23:42Peggy George: very creative!!!
23:43Nellie Deutsch: I learn so much from chatting to myself. Imagine if I had a wearable gadget and I could transmit my ideas and thoughts without having to use the keyboard.
23:43kathy shields: i think we do take things too seriously and humor and ply allow for greater inventiveness
23:43Peggy George: scroll down the Titanpad to see the questions being explored
23:44Nellie Deutsch: Why concerns? Let’s all get demos and share our experiences. I’m willing to be a guinea pig.
23:44kathy shields: How a person is perceived by others affects all people
23:44Peggy George: probably the same concern when students use recording devices such as Livescribe pens in classes–do you need the permission of the person being recorded?
23:45unnamedI do like the swiffer
23:45kathy shields: visually perceived, is perception reality or is it more a reflection of the viewer
23:45vance: exactly, it will be impossible to control
23:45monika: who’s the guy talking most – with the hat?
23:45Durff: so how many viewers between here, youtube, google+ ?
23:45Nellie Deutsch: Thank you, Alex.
23:45Durff: nice accent
23:45Peggy George: Steve Mann is the person with the hat
23:46monika: no – he just left.. the guy with the beanie
23:46monika: i think
23:46vance: That’s Alexander Hayes
23:46Peggy George: sorry. Alexander Hayes
23:46vance: Steve had a meeting
23:46monika: thank you Peggy
23:46Michael Coghlan: Monika – the guy with the hat is Ale hayes
23:46Michael Coghlan: Alex Hayes
23:46Nellie Deutsch: I’d like to be part of a beta product. Is there a need for teachers in the classroom?
23:47kathy shields: perspective becomes layered, angled and creates a 3d persona, humans become larger in a way and overlap more, just thinking aloud
23:48Nellie Deutsch: Do you think the cameras will bring mankind a few steps ahead as far as attitudes to change?
23:48kathy shields: how will this change behavior in general, will people who have this tech become more powerful
23:48Durff: Big Brother is watching you
23:48vance: These are the right questions, and what the conference in Toronto is all about, nellie aren’t you there?
23:49vance: http://istas13.org/
23:49kathy shields: @durff, maybe I should be pleased that big brother even notices me!
23:49Alexander Hayes: the others
23:49Durff: I hear ya there
23:50vance: in toronto
23:50Peggy George: these glasses can’t read your mind can they??? :-)
23:50Nellie Deutsch: North American culture or American culture?
23:50Durff: totally surprised that employers look at my CV and take the time to sent rejection letters – most ppl would be crushed
23:50kathy shields: @peggy, they may, in fact, like mood rings, you may be able to display your cognitive availability to others
23:51vance: hi lisa
23:51Peggy George: fascinating points being shared by Dave for Bonnie!
23:51Nellie Deutsch: Staring is very allowed in the Middle East
23:51Peggy George: wow Kathy!!!
23:51Nellie Deutsch: Italians in Toronto are allowed to look and even whilse.
23:51Nellie Deutsch: whistle
23:52kathy shields: @peggy, this is what I see as a plus for teachers and students, we could engage them when they are ready to be receptive
23:53Peggy George: really intrigued by Google Glass–what kind of battery life do they have? do you have to keep recharging?
23:53kathy shields: Can you imagine? We’d be much more effective as teachers and students as learners.
23:53Durff: what does that say about pedagogy?
23:53Peggy George: @Kathy amazing idea!! :-)
23:53Nellie Deutsch: Do you mean blockers?
23:54Nellie Deutsch: Can the cameras be used to cloak off others’ cameras?
23:54Peggy George: Rob is doing some really creative things to push the window!
23:54Durff: in the K12 where I worked recording of anyone was verboten
23:54Nellie Deutsch: Is there a gadget to block out other cameras?
23:54mattias73: For ordinary use battery last around a full day.
23:54Durff: so our classes made permission forms
23:54Peggy George: thanks mattias!
23:54mattias73: But for educational use… probably would last less.
23:55mattias73: if you use hangouts and the camera a lot, say during several lectures during a day
23:55Nellie Deutsch: The question is whether there’s money to be made from it? Will it bring in money?
23:56Durff: every new “thing” will make money
23:56Nellie Deutsch: Really, Durff?
23:56Durff: for a while anyway
23:57Durff: the initial gitz
23:57Nellie Deutsch: I’m interested in being able to get quality videos? Will these wearable gadgets answer my need?
23:57Durff: nice Euroipean accent
23:57kathy shields: It seem regardless of the challenges wearable tech present, it seems, the tidal wave is on the horizon, so duck and cover won’t be enough.
23:57Peggy George: very funny Kathy, but true!
23:58Karen Scarlett: I am an artist and this could be an amazing tool for me!
23:58Durff: used in special ed?
23:58kathy shields: @peggy What CAN we do? Maybe getting our students to own this discussion.
23:58Nellie Deutsch: Teachers can stay at home
23:58Peggy George: Kathy you should be in the Hangout!
23:59unnamedI could see them being used by aircraft mechanics and the like (Matt Montagne)
23:59vance: This is Maria Droujkova
23:59Nellie Deutsch: I can go swimming and share.
23:59Durff: but Nellie we can do that now
23:59Durff: lower that mic
23:59Peggy George: mathtrek?

May 28, 2013

0:00Durff: mousetrap
0:00Nellie Deutsch: Schools don’t pay me to stay home, Durff, but maybe they will if kids can connect with me from school.
0:01Durff: Did I tell you all JL was a superstar the other day? He joined a gathering on primary students from Nepal. Thanks again JL!
0:01Nellie Deutsch: I think technology is moving us forward so the wearable cameras will do the same. i’m looking forward to getting one.
0:01kathy shields: Extra credit for plotting your path as you leap from an airplane…
0:01Durff: I like to rtemain firmly on the ground
0:01Nellie Deutsch: Will I be able to get a camera for free at the Toronto conference?
0:02unnamedThere is such a stigma about wearing technology that is visible–that seems like a large adoption barrier (Matt)
0:02Durff: life without friout – mmmm
0:02Durff: I live fruitfree
0:02kathy shields: popeye
0:02Nellie Deutsch: WT
0:03Durff: good point – invisible technology is preferable
0:03Durff: oh 6 mins?
0:03Peggy George: Matt you can change your name up above–right at the top :-)
0:03unnamedQuite a few cyclists here in San Francisco commute with GoPro cameras on their helmets as a safety precaution – I could see google glass being used in the same way (Matt Montagne)
0:03Nellie Deutsch: can the cameras screen another camera
0:03Peggy George: Great to see you Matt!
0:03Nellie Deutsch: I need blocking system.
0:04matt montagne: likewise Peggy :)
0:04Maria Droujkova: About Math Trek:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVA1jTAuA68
0:04Peggy George: I agree with the comparison to GoPro cameras
0:04Peggy George: woo hoo! Matt has a name now :-)
0:04Nellie Deutsch: They now have a blocking system for planes against rockets so why not a blocking system for cameras?
0:04Durff: indeed
0:04kathy shields: Jammers!
0:04Durff: digital blockers
0:05Peggy George: hahahaha
0:05Durff: as opposed to analog blockers
0:05Peggy George: great question! who actually owns the data?
0:05kathy shields: a whole new lexicon developing
0:05monika: or the tech/transparency frees us up to a culture of trust
0:05Durff: they will think they do
0:06kathy shields: ethics, can someone patent what I see/
0:06Durff: and if so, why not do it oneself
0:06kathy shields: Do I own my point of view?
0:06monika: the blur – of ownership et al – getting us closer to that point.. of trust
0:06Durff: or does Big Brother own our points of voew?
0:06Peggy George: @Kathy I hope Jeff will ask your question #11 in the Titanpad
0:07Nellie Deutsch: I would also like a blocker for google. Any glasses for that?
0:07Durff: nudge JL to ask #11 re ethics
0:08kathy shields: haha, yes, q11
0:08Peggy George: just because you are the “recorder” of the information/data does that mean you should own it? what about the subject being recorded?
0:08Durff: and why do we care who owns what?
0:09monika: yes – Durff – perhaps this will push us past that whole focus
0:09Peggy George: @Durff there are MANY people who care who owns what
0:09vance: who owns your gmail? Your facebook data?
0:09Durff: are we individuals or are we community?
0:10Nellie Deutsch: an attitude change may come in the future
0:10Durff: well I don’t Vance – too much responsibility
0:10Peggy George: visit any university campus and you’ll find almost all are concerned with ownership of intellectual property
0:10kathy shields: data ownership – data creation – data analysis –
0:10Durff: I think teens are already shifting focus
0:10matt montagne: google is pretty clear regarding data ownership – the user owns it. No whether or not you want to take that at face value is another question
0:10Peggy George: good point Matt
0:10Durff: oh thanks you had to tell me matt
0:11vance: but they own it for purposes of tracking your preferences
0:11vance: Eli Pariser etc
0:11matt montagne: vance, they can ‘mine’ it and use it, but they don’t own it.
0:11Durff: I prefer Starbucks in the keurig
0:11Maria Droujkova: My teen is traveling right now… No, I don’t know where my kid is.
0:11Durff: ah but the teacher can
0:11vance: good distinction, but can you as owner ask them not to use it?
0:12Nellie Deutsch: Maria, is your daughter still a teen?
0:12Maria Droujkova: young teen, yes
0:12kathy shields: @nellie has a great point, in some ways, a persona is ageless online
0:13Nellie Deutsch: I would love to do a paper on being ageless online.
0:13matt montagne: vance, I believe it depends on the service. eg, in gmail we get served ads based upon our emails mined by google, but we still own it.
0:13Nellie Deutsch: what about pilots?
0:13kathy shields: Ooo, must go, LOVED this convo – would like more, thank you and have a great day
0:13Durff: oh? what about brain surgery?
0:13Nellie Deutsch: nice to connect with you, kathy
0:13Durff: maybe I will pass
0:13Peggy George: bye Kathy-so glad you could be part of this conversation!
0:13Jeff Lebow: Thanks Kathy
0:14vance: :-)
0:14Maria Droujkova: Nellie, hit me on it… My kid got a thought or two
0:14Jeff Lebow: great to see you
0:14Nellie Deutsch: reading also affects vision
0:14Nellie Deutsch: How old is your daughter, Maria? It’s been a while.
0:15Durff: and will shops sell these garments to us without our knowledge?
0:15matt montagne: no for me
0:15Peggy George: there is a great app for that! 1second Every Day :-)
0:15Maria Droujkova: always 21, Nellie… always
0:15Maria Droujkova: ;-)
0:15Durff: what does that do Peggy?
0:15David D.: I will wait for the brain implant (not joking)
0:15Peggy George: http://1secondeveryday.com/
0:16Nellie Deutsch: Who is 21?
0:16Durff: I will pass David
0:16Peggy George: you use it to capture a second of video every day in your life for a timeline
0:16Durff: thanks Peggy
0:16Durff: dandelions
0:16Peggy George: you can watch your life in minutes/hors instead of “days” in a slide show :-) love the concept!
0:16Peggy George: hours
0:17Durff: I will not wear this
0:17Nellie Deutsch: So how do I get wearable cameras?
0:17Durff: I don’t own friut or a 4G phone
0:17Durff: so why cave in now?
0:17Durff: I don’t have a FB
0:17Nellie Deutsch: You don’t have to go to sleep with it, Jeff.
0:17Durff: so have/use what you want
0:17matt montagne: I think wearable technology needs to become discreet for ‘me to wear it
0:17David D.: glasses won’t be around long – will be bioengineered
0:18Jeff Lebow: No classes tomorrow. It’s an hour later for Alex.
0:18Alexander Hayes: http://uberveillance.com
0:18matt montagne: I could see it being used for very, very niche purposes and uses – kinda like the GoPro camera
0:18Durff: note to self – unfollow Vance since he doesn’t talk on Twitter
0:18Peggy George: @matt if you needed it for accessibility you would wear it–not just nice to have but essential for communication
0:19matt montagne: for sure…and that happens now with accessibility use cases
0:19Nellie Deutsch: I hope cameras and digital gadgets will be sewn into my clothes? is that next?
0:19Peggy George: I know someone who is legally bling who wears powerful glasses like those Rob showed us earlier and he is licensed to drive a car with them
0:19Peggy George: blind! sorry can’t type!
0:19matt montagne: Nellie – it is definitely happening already at places like Burning Man :)
0:19Durff: now that would be fcool
0:19Durff: helping the disabled
0:20Peggy George: absolutely @Durff!
0:20Peggy George: the digital potential really increases the value of the device!
0:21Nellie Deutsch: technology can serve to kill/defend and to facilitate our lives. The choice is not ours.
0:21Durff: but why do we have to be careful?
0:21Nellie Deutsch: We do not control what governments and big businesses like google and facebook are doing
0:21Durff: why?
0:22Maria Droujkova: Nellie: We try not to discuss age online, because ageless is safer. So, online, my kid is always 21, pretty much. Has been since before we weaned.
0:22Durff: I am 3
0:22Peggy George: good point! though these can be used for positive purposes they can also be used for evil purposes–no background checks on people using them :-)
0:22Durff: :)
0:22Nellie Deutsch: Got you, Maria. My mom has told me the same off line.
0:23Nellie Deutsch: Will we be able to wash the wearable cameras?
0:23Nellie Deutsch: We can also implant cameras under our skins.
0:24Alexander Hayes: http://interaxon.ca
0:24Durff: so will future political meetings be conducted in the nude to eliminate the embedded recording devices in textiles?
0:24Maria Droujkova: Implanting is problematic. Think of allergies, for one. Wearable is much nicer, in my mind. Safer.
0:25Peggy George: implants are scary to me!
0:25Durff: so diabetics pumps have been embedded in the body no for a while – my German cousin has one
0:25Durff: it really regulates her blood sugar better
0:25Peggy George: the pumps are still outside the body
0:25Durff: implanted what?
0:26Maria Droujkova: @Peggy – yes. For example, there are some horrible cases with heart pacers.
0:26Durff: I have neon pink glue in my brain
0:26Peggy George: good example Maria
0:26Durff: that is an implant
0:26Peggy George: hooray! Kathy’s question! so sorry she had to leave!
0:26Nellie Deutsch: what about emotions?
0:26Durff: Ros’s pump is inside her body now
0:27Nellie Deutsch: Can we scan for emotions?
0:27Durff: so if one has the ‘wrong’ emotion, one can be excludded?
0:27Nellie Deutsch: Will this be wearable:http://www.affectiva.com
0:28Durff: there’s that Big Brother from 1984 again
0:28Nellie Deutsch: Alex, how does an artist fit in with this kind of technology?
0:28Durff: every age has said “this is the revolution”
0:29matt montagne: I would like to think that corporations are benign and neutral – but they aren’t. There are all sorts of corporate motives behind a product like Glass–he will take us some time before we are able to understand the motives.
0:29monika: i think we can – like today
0:29Durff: think abouit monitoring pre-service t3eachers
0:29Nellie Deutsch: educational organizations are far behind. Will wearable cameras bring them in faster?
0:29Durff: this could be a good use in higher ed
0:29monika: but not if we keep school as is
0:29Durff: true
0:30Peggy George: well stated Matt–very practical, helpful point!
0:30monika: this is the means to deschool – if we let it
0:30Nellie Deutsch: Yes, having differing ideas is great :)
0:30Nellie Deutsch: That’s a personal question to Alex. :)
0:31monika: this technology could allow everything to find/do/be their art
0:31matt montagne: good to catch up, folks. Interesting stuff here-thanks for hosting everyone.
0:31Durff: oh joy – we can get any tech integrated around here
0:31Durff: take care matt
0:31Nellie Deutsch: MOOC with wearable technologies is a good idea.
0:31Peggy George: yes monika!! :-)
0:31Nellie Deutsch: Maria, yes, but not in schools.
0:32Durff: but when does one take it off?
0:32Nellie Deutsch: Schools have a blocking system to technology.
0:32Durff: will there be rules?
0:32Durff: yes it is called administrators
0:32Nellie Deutsch: Hanging out is the only way to go.
0:32Nellie Deutsch: Who is the left brainer?
0:33Durff: mmmm Vance?
0:33Nellie Deutsch: I always think of Sweden and Europe as being ahead.
0:33Peggy George: Mattias Davidsson
0:33Peggy George: from Sweden :-)
0:33David D.: I’m really afraid of how this will be “commodified” and not open to all … that’s the scary part.
0:33Durff: Mr. Dandelion – yes I concur
0:34Nellie Deutsch: Vance is an an advanced collective learner.
0:34Maria Droujkova: Deschooling!
0:34Durff: so tied to socio economic level?
0:34Peggy George: just wearing the glasses won’t change the culture :-) not open to all now.
0:34Nellie Deutsch: So, where do I get my wearable glasses, Alex?
0:35Durff: like all of technology – for the rich in this wrinked (not flat) world
0:35monika: no Peggy – but the fact that our interconnectedness is too big to know – could change the culture
0:35Nellie Deutsch: thank you, Jeff
0:35Durff: hey he caklled you all deep thinkers
0:35Karen Scarlett: yes, thank you Jeff
0:35Durff: I know I’m not
0:35Karen Scarlett: ths was so interesting!
0:36Jeff Lebow: Thank you all very much
0:36Alexander Hayes: Fantastic folks….thanks for attending this important connection conversation
0:36vance: bye everyone
0:36Nellie Deutsch: when is the last day in Toronto?
0:36Durff: and recorded
0:36Peggy George: fabulous conversation! thank you so much for streaming this!
0:36Jeff Lebow: Recordings will be post during my morning coffee
0:36Jose Rodriguez: thanks Jeff
0:36monika: thank you much all
0:36Alexander Hayes: I do look forward to hearing what you think of the http://istas13.orgevent as it unfolds
0:36Peggy George: this is definitely worth watching again!!
0:36Durff: hey Coordinator!
0:36Nellie Deutsch: Thank you, everyone. Jeff is going to make sure the revolution continues.
0:36Jose Rodriguez: Hey Durff..
0:36vance: thanks and I’ll post the mp3 athttp://learning2gether.net eventually for all you podcast freeks
0:36Peggy George: thank you all!!!
0:36Durff: ok now back to the holiday
0:36Durff: ciao
0:36Jose Rodriguez: I was listening in.. great talk
0:36Alexander Hayes: thats me Vance :)
0:36Jose Rodriguez: bye
0:36Nellie Deutsch: Thank you, Alex.
0:37Peggy George: you can export the chat to save it to your computer (if you want) :-)
0:37Alexander Hayes: I listen to them on the way to my humble cubicle inside the Australian National Data Services
0:37Peggy George: export the Titanpad I mean
0:37Peggy George: you have to copy/paste the chat to save it
0:37Alexander Hayes: thanks Nellie – lots of product links to follow there Nellie by the most important ones are Memoto.com
0:37Alexander Hayes: and autorgrapher.com
0:38Alexander Hayes: sorry that should behttp://www.autographer.com
0:38Peggy George: thanks a lot Alexander!!! great conversation!!!
0:38Alexander Hayes: thanks Peggy! – great to connect
0:39Peggy George: my brain is spinning now! so many things to think about and definitely lots to learn!
0:39Alexander Hayes: the next level of human computer intareaction unfolds
0:39Alexander Hayes: and we are inside of it
0:40Peggy George: :-)

Alexander Hayes, Dave Cormier, Jeff Lebow, Maria Droujkova, Mattias Davidsson, Rob Permanus, Steve Mann, Vance Stevens, glassage, istas13, wearable technology
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Edtechtalk 84


EdTechTalk #84

June 5, 2010

In a special 5th Anniversary episode of EdTechTalk, Dave and Jeff reminisce about the first webcast on the EdTechTalk channel back on June 5, 2005, as well as events that have shaped the community ever since. John, Doug, Jennifer, and the folks in the chat room add their favorite ETT stories and milestones.


Dave Cormier, Doug Symington, Jeff Lebow, Jennifer Maddrell, john schinker

EdTechTalk#83 – Curtis Bonk, The World is Open

September 21, 2009

A Discussion with Curtis Bonk
author of The World is Open

Chat Log Below


 19:49:18  PeggyG ->  awesome audio now!!
 19:49:32  kcaise ->  oh no, 2 dave c’s?
 19:49:43  sendkathy ->  wow!
 19:50:18  stlouisohio ->  they were interested because they didnt see how what they were doing was actually hindering the students from the way that they want to learn
 19:51:25  cjbonk ->  Hello Curt
 19:51:28  kcaise ->  welcome curt!
 19:51:30  DaveC ->  Hello Curt
 19:51:31  PeggyG ->  Welcome Curt!!
 19:51:31  Alvin Trusty ->  Hi Curt
 19:51:32  stlouisohio ->  Hello
 19:51:33  onepercentyellow ->  hi
 19:51:37  Gary ->  Hellow
 19:51:45  Samantha Camisi ->  Hi!
 19:51:46  sendkathy ->  Hey Curt, my daughter is a freshman at IU!
 19:51:46  matt montagne ->  hello from Palo Alto, CA Curt!!!
 19:52:01  csitterley ->  Hi Curt
 19:52:06  demacisaac ->  😀
 19:52:06  jackiegerstein ->  Hi Curt!
 19:52:13  plnaugle ->  Hi Curt.
 19:52:13  cjbonk ->  In what area…?
 19:52:16  hshawjr ->  Hi Curt
 19:52:20  cjbonk ->  Hey
 19:52:23  PeggyG ->  http://worldisopen.com
 19:52:33  sendkathy ->  haha
 19:52:57  sendkathy ->  she like anthropology and journalism
 19:53:26  PeggyG ->  http://php.indiana.edu/~cjbonk/  Curt Bonk’s e-Learning World
 19:54:34  plnaugle ->  I don’t hear anything anymore.
 19:54:46  PeggyG ->  still streaming Paula
 19:54:59  plnaugle ->  I got it bsck.
 19:55:41  BigMouthDurff ->  everyone twitter
 19:55:44  matt montagne ->  Love Curt’s bobble head!
 19:56:58  PeggyG ->  that bobblehead is great! makes you just want to sit and smile 🙂
 19:57:21  BigMouthDurff ->  can we swell our #s to 100 ?
 19:58:16  kcaise ->  yes
 19:58:26  kcaise ->  with vicki and julie lindsay
 19:58:32  kcaise ->  vicki davis
 19:58:42  BigMouthDurff ->  cool
 19:58:48  jackiegerstein ->  Yes
 19:58:51  PeggyG ->  Curt’s book is available on Amazon for Kindle 🙂 You can have it in your hands in less than 3 minutes if you have a Kindle!
 19:59:03  kcaise ->  or on the itouch
 19:59:24  plnaugle ->  Thanks Peggy I’ll order it for the Kindle on my iPhone.
 19:59:30  matt montagne ->  @Peggy – nice to see it available in Kindle format…I’m actually surprised that many "New Learning/Web 2.0ey" types of books aren’t
 19:59:30  cjbonk ->  Yes, on the Kindle
 20:00:01  PeggyG ->  I’m starting to find more of them available on Kindle now
 20:00:25  PeggyG ->  I love that Kindle books can also be read on my iPhone! nice feature!
 20:00:38  cjbonk ->  Glad you like the bubblehead Matt! That is from Taiwan.
 20:01:27  nancykeane ->  Hi Audrey!
 20:01:32  matt montagne ->  Software engineers have collaboration wired into their DNA I think
 20:02:19  matt montagne ->  Sharing code across the web was one of the earliest uses of the Internet
 20:02:52  BigMouthDurff ->  hi kathy
 20:02:57  sendkathy ->  hey lisa
 20:03:14  Audrey ->  Hi Nancy!
 20:03:15  sendkathy ->  Tonight you are the BMD
 20:03:30  BigMouthDurff ->  that’ me!
 20:03:46  PeggyG ->  I love the concept of "this is not your parent’s education" 🙂
 20:03:51  matt montagne ->  How did education get so darn expensive???
 20:04:04  matt montagne ->  How did Reed college in Oregon end up at 50 K annually??
 20:04:25  kcaise ->  oh my matt! 50K?
 20:04:32  Rose ->  Any sound yet?
 20:04:45  BigMouthDurff ->  yes
 20:04:49  PeggyG ->  yes Rose-click on play on the ustream or ETT-A
 20:04:50  JohnS ->  @Rose yes. You should be able to listen to the ustream.
 20:04:52  matt montagne ->  Yep, who can afford 50K??? That is evidence that something is out of alignment
 20:04:53  JohnS ->  Or on ETT-A
 20:04:56  kcaise ->  click on the play button rose on the ustream window
 20:05:04  BigMouthDurff ->  click the arrow in the ustrea
 20:05:13  matt montagne ->  at 50K, only the wealthy can get an education
 20:05:14  BigMouthDurff ->  ustream to your right
 20:05:17  nancykeane ->  My first house wasn’t 50K
 20:05:27  Rose ->  Thanks, Peggy. Got ot!
 20:05:34  Rose ->  Got it!
 20:05:43  PeggyG ->  great Rose!
 20:06:21  plnaugle ->  I love the free education I’m getting through all the tweets from my PLN.
 20:06:49  BigMouthDurff ->  hi Jonas
 20:06:55  BigMouthDurff ->  hi 1%
 20:06:59  plnaugle ->  Free is great.
 20:07:00  BigMouthDurff ->  hi cyndid
 20:07:06  BigMouthDurff ->  hi ransom
 20:07:10  JL ->  Love the CLiff notes http://travelinedman.blogspot.com/2009/08/20-quick-points-from-world-is-open-how.html
 20:07:30  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Hye Durff, what’s the deal Big Mouth Durff?  lol
 20:07:32  BigMouthDurff ->  if everyone here twittered just once…..
 20:08:12  BigMouthDurff ->  cyndi – I was rather opinionated loudly earlier
 20:08:15  plnaugle ->  @durff I did Twitter it.
 20:08:20  BigMouthDurff ->  ty
 20:08:21  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I came late, Book Name?
 20:08:35  JL ->  http://worldisopen.com
 20:08:36  DaveChamberlain ->  @Cindy: The World Is Open
 20:08:49  matt montagne ->  or, even the non-for profit people
 20:09:13  hshawjr ->  gotta remember to not open up new page in this tab bounces me right out 🙂
 20:09:23  cyndidannerkuhn ->  thanks
 20:09:54  Jon K. ->  sort of a loss-leader to get them into the institution
 20:10:28  jackiegerstein ->  Higher Ed. will be so different 5 to 10 years from now.
 20:10:31  matt montagne ->  what about on the high end of the scale…will colleges that charge 50K plus survive??
 20:11:03  PeggyG ->  another big payoff population are those folks who have lost their jobs and need to find new career ventures requiring education
 20:11:19  cyndidannerkuhn ->  gona have to change culture of HIgher Ed, the wheels of change move slowly at that level
 20:11:34  JohnS ->  The World is Open for a Reason: http://elearnmag.org/subpage.cfm?section=articles&article=85-1
 20:11:53  jackiegerstein ->  It will be the users – the students – who end up changing higher ed.
 20:12:12  cjbonk ->  Harnessing America’s Wasted Talent: New Dimensions for Higher Education, by Peter Smith, Jossey-Bass.
 20:12:16  Samantha Camisi ->  Jackie, that is true, what they demand, schools will provide.
 20:12:24  stlouisohio ->  higher ed is very slow to change
 20:12:37  cyndidannerkuhn ->  slow is an understatement!!
 20:12:49  BigMouthDurff ->  hi ChrisJ
 20:12:56  BigMouthDurff ->  hi alice
 20:13:10  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I teach in Higher Ed and it makes me crazy!!  I am alwasy on the hot seat over it
 20:13:13  alicebarr ->  Hi Durff! Big Mouth?
 20:13:36  stlouisohio ->  i understand first hand by being in that demographic now, and they don’t understand what is going on outside the university
 20:13:37  jackiegerstein ->  I teach for Kaplan – it is still a traditional school
 20:14:05  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Nope they don’t, I am their, but I don’t fit the mold of Higher Ed at all
 20:14:10  hshawjr ->  Sort of like Regents/Excelsior which allows DANTES test out for most of its degree work
 20:14:54  stlouisohio ->  having to petition to take a masters level class, to work on my tech endorsement while still an undergrad. getting into the class and we are working on powerpoint is a huge disappointment
 20:15:01  jackiegerstein ->  http://www.uopeople.org/
 20:15:04  PeggyG ->  they are very expensive courses for some very traditional learning in spite of being online
 20:15:15  BigMouthDurff ->  hi mike
 20:15:25  BigMouthDurff ->  there’s alec
 20:15:35  courosa ->  hmmmm, there should actually be an open source Kool Aid.
 20:15:45  BigMouthDurff ->  and  Jay?
 20:15:49  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I put my entire course on my website and many colleagues about had a heart attack
 20:16:18  kcaise ->  why @cyndidannerkuhn? why did they freak out?
 20:16:18  cyndidannerkuhn ->  giving it away, holy moly!!  One said somebody might use it, DAH, that is the point!!
 20:16:28  BigMouthDurff ->  heart attacks? then your uni is hiring?
 20:16:56  PeggyG ->  economics are forcing universities to be more willing to think about open source opportunities–people can’t afford to go to college!
 20:17:01  BigMouthDurff ->  I post everything too in K 12
 20:17:04  courosa ->  shhhhh … don’t let my institution know that I offer open courses.
 20:17:12  matt montagne ->  it is tought for the incumbent model to change without cannabilizing
 20:17:13  demacisaac ->  a friend of mine said "technology is not revolutionizing education" She said there is not enough evidence.  I was hurt
 20:17:14  stlouisohio ->  yes i can see the heart attack coming when someone wants their content to be easy to access, and availible in student preferred form
 20:17:29  BigMouthDurff ->  Twitter it everyone – shout it from the roof tops
 20:17:40  ransomtech ->  @courosa – I won’t tell…
 20:17:50  BigMouthDurff ->  I will
 20:17:52  PeggyG ->  @demacisaac–your colleague needs to read Curt’s book 🙂
 20:17:58  BigMouthDurff ->  oh wait, i did
 20:18:10  BigMouthDurff ->  hi monika
 20:18:25  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I’ll include promo for Curts books i my next newsletter to COE faculty
 20:18:39  demacisaac ->  I know, she’s not there,,,couldn’t follow it.  sigh  feeling isolated
 20:18:41  cjbonk ->  Thanks Cyndi
 20:18:55  monika ->  hello
 20:19:07  BigMouthDurff ->  I annoy our staff with almost daily "Free PD" emails – many only read emails
 20:19:10  sendkathy ->  Curt, how do profs feel about shaping their courses in view of the fact that the course value seems out of purportion to the cost of taking the class?
 20:19:18  BigMouthDurff ->  hi cheeker
 20:19:44  BigMouthDurff ->  wb rose
 20:19:49  stlouisohio ->  one professor this week had to call the help desk because his projection screen was down, and the station said the projector was on. help desk comes over and rolls the screen back and explains that this is the only room on campus with a rear projection setup, professor then exclaims oh yes i had this issue last year in this room. then presents his powerpoint in bright green and blue gradiant which is impossible to see. let me say their were a lot of frustrated students
 20:19:49  sendkathy ->  proportion
 20:19:55  BigMouthDurff ->  need more food brb
 20:19:58  Rose ->  Yikes went to a link and got booted off…
 20:20:22  PeggyG ->  that makes so much sense about the audience!!
 20:20:32  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I would like to ban PowerPoint!!
 20:20:32  sendkathy ->  @stlouisohio, yikes, quality education
 20:20:58  Alvin Trusty ->  I would like everyone to learn to use PowerPoitn
 20:21:00  stlouisohio ->  best in the midwest
 20:21:02  ChrisJohnston ->  Keynote is good replacement or Prezi
 20:21:07  JenW ->  I still use PowerPoint — I still teach powerpoint
 20:21:07  nancykeane ->  @cyndid — Hear, hear.  But I am told I have to teach it to college freshmen 🙁
 20:21:15  Jon K. ->  PowerPoint can be done well, but is rarely done well
 20:21:25  JenW ->  actually — I teach how to use Powerpoint……
 20:21:27  cyndidannerkuhn ->  They should know it by the time they are freshemnt in college
 20:21:28  Alvin Trusty ->  doing PPT well is more difficult
 20:21:31  stlouisohio ->  your freshman should already have a idea of powerpoint
 20:21:32  sendkathy ->  I let my 3rd graders use ppt cause it’s offline and I know it will work
 20:21:45  cyndidannerkuhn ->  so many other grat options to Powerpoint, too man y just get stuck in it forever
 20:21:58  BigMouthDurff ->  hi plind
 20:22:27  BigMouthDurff ->  kathy we use stuff only online cause i can’t download
 20:22:32  JenW ->  when something works — I don’t feel the great necessity to migrate from it….always learning something new
 20:22:36  BigMouthDurff ->  or i’m not supposed too
 20:22:39  JenW ->  in powerpoint
 20:22:46  JohnS ->  My kids learned ppt in first grade, but by fifth, they’re still not any better at it than their teachers are 🙁
 20:23:25  stlouisohio ->  most of the features you never use, but you should have a basic knowledge. create content and be able to share it
 20:23:31  JenW ->  kids are being taught the software — not the options of using the software
 20:23:33  BigMouthDurff ->  first graders do podcasting here
 20:23:39  sendkathy ->  JohnS we’d need to teach graphic design, I have suggested the art teachers do this
 20:23:51  JenW ->  Hey Kathy
 20:23:57  sendkathy ->  Hey Jen!
 20:24:03  stlouisohio ->  art probably didnt take that to well
 20:24:07  BigMouthDurff ->  now wait i had 1 computer the first year
 20:24:15  ChrisJohnston ->  JohnS and BigMouthDurff where are you guys?
 20:24:24  matt montagne ->  but students who don’t have access a broadband card for the semester/year
 20:24:26  JohnS ->  @kathy not necessarily graphic design, but a single session on visual literacy would go a long way.
 20:24:29  matt montagne ->  *buy
 20:24:33  BigMouthDurff ->  we used blogs, wikis, podcasts, breeze, elluminate
 20:24:53  BigMouthDurff ->  Chris – i’m mrsdurff
 20:24:55  JenW ->  but Lisa – we are not the norm of teachers using tech —
 20:25:02  plnaugle ->  I teach my 4th graders PPT and I let them put in all the transition, colors, word art, sound etc. at first. Then I show them how to create quality PPTs. They have to be taught how to do it properly.
 20:25:06  BigMouthDurff ->  in Hagerstown MD
 20:25:18  BigMouthDurff ->  true Jen
 20:25:35  BigMouthDurff ->  but then again
 20:25:40  Alvin Trusty ->  @plnaugle you are teaching PPT much differently than most… keep it up
 20:25:40  JenW ->  and where we are now — does become the norm — where will we be then??
 20:25:47  BigMouthDurff ->  if a disabled woman can do it…..
 20:25:47  JenW ->  when THEY are where we are now
 20:25:48  sendkathy ->  @pinaugle That’s basically what I do too cuz they like the bells and whistles at first.
 20:25:48  cyndidannerkuhn ->  It is like driving a car, we don’t just give a kid the kyes we teach then HOW to drive the car and it takes lots of practice
 20:25:49  stlouisohio ->  we should be the norm
 20:25:55  BigMouthDurff ->  hi kitchen
 20:25:59  jackiegerstein ->  http://onewebday.org/
 20:26:01  plnaugle ->  www.freerice.com
 20:26:31  Rose ->  Thanks for the sites
 20:26:34  JenW ->  @stlouisohio — I think we should have realized that 10 years ago……and brought others along…….but generally everyone wandered alone — til about — what 4 or 5 years ago??  then we started collaborating more
 20:26:35  nancykeane ->  www.freepoverty.com/
 20:26:37  kitchenerd ->  Hello
 20:26:57  BigMouthDurff ->  Rose – many like sites on delicious or diigo
 20:27:20  plnaugle ->  I have to laugh at their first couple of PPTs. I can hardly read the words because of the color choices and font selection, but they get better as the year goes along.
 20:27:21  cyndidannerkuhn ->  hate to ask but is all this stuff in the book, wow wish I had read before I got here
 20:27:31  BigMouthDurff ->  nancy – haven’t seen that one = ty
 20:27:43  Rose ->  Wow…thanks. Do I just search in Diigo?
 20:27:50  BigMouthDurff ->  yup
 20:27:50  nancykeane ->  @durff Donates clean water
 20:27:57  BigMouthDurff ->  cool
 20:27:58  ransomtech ->  http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Main_Page
 20:28:03  JenW ->  @paula — we made christmas card powerpoints — all the bells and whistles — kids had a grand time — and yes, we had swiveling letters at times too
 20:28:14  sendkathy ->  lol
 20:28:24  sendkathy ->  kids just wanna have fun
 20:28:32  BigMouthDurff ->  🙂
 20:28:49  plnaugle ->  LOL
 20:28:53  matt montagne ->  you could ask a variant of the same romeo/juliet question…would we have had William Shakespeare if he would’ve gone through the US educational system?
 20:29:10  BigMouthDurff ->  gee, then go out and find it
 20:29:16  JenW ->  is it an assumption that just because the opportunity is there that people will take advantage of the opportunity??
 20:29:24  nancykeane ->  What if Shakespeare was limited to 140 characters?
 20:29:25  BigMouthDurff ->  surf the streams of learning
 20:29:47  BigMouthDurff ->  nancy – he would be more concise
 20:29:48  alicebarr ->  What agreat assignment… What if Romeo and Juliet had cell phones…. Sending to English teacher now
 20:29:58  stlouisohio ->  as an undergrad student i have to find a way to change the process, bc i teach the teachers how to use this stuff. but then i take the classes in education dept and find that its the same. Ex we have a smartboard in front of the class, but in the profs own words we wont be using that because i’m not sure how it works. my response after class i could show you how to use that if you want…. and i’m the student. reminds that most of the time the students are the ones showing the teachers how to use the technology @kathy
 20:30:07  stlouisohio ->  @jen
 20:30:14  stlouisohio ->  sorry lost audio
 20:30:14  Rose ->  Jen, Only go getters are willing to take advantage and work to learn.
 20:30:40  Rose ->  Life long learners = go getters
 20:30:45  BigMouthDurff ->  stlouis i love it when a kid does that
 20:30:55  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Good for you Stloiusohio!!!
 20:30:56  matt montagne ->  Yale
 20:31:00  BigMouthDurff ->  i beg them to ask three before me
 20:31:02  mike3 ->  BYU
 20:31:03  stlouisohio ->  irna
 20:31:04  Anne V ->  China?
 20:31:05  Samantha Camisi ->  University of Maryland University College 1947?
 20:31:06  stlouisohio ->  iran
 20:31:06  plnaugle ->  Some people want to be spoon fed. Some are rsponsible for their own learning.
 20:31:07  PeggyG ->  Berkeley?
 20:31:14  hshawjr ->  Sanford
 20:31:17  stlouisohio ->  no idea
 20:31:17  matt montagne ->  Wisconsin- Madison 🙂
 20:31:19  jackiegerstein ->  China
 20:31:20  cyndidannerkuhn ->  no clue
 20:31:23  Jon K. ->  Open University in UK?
 20:31:24  BigMouthDurff ->  eating
 20:31:31  JenM ->  @matt … go BADGERS!
 20:31:39  nancykeane ->  Open University?
 20:31:45  hshawjr ->  USC
 20:31:58  BigMouthDurff ->  yale
 20:32:02  jackiegerstein ->  Dubai?
 20:32:13  matt montagne ->  Curt–I knew I liked you…I’m a UW-Madison graduate as well!!! On Wisconsin!
 20:32:22  Anne V ->  I remember "taking" a course on PBS with a workbook when I was in preschool… what was my mother thinking
 20:32:37  PeggyG ->  Wow~had no idea about Nat. Univ. of Vietnam!
 20:32:38  BigMouthDurff ->  new zealand
 20:33:18  BigMouthDurff ->  matt is cozing it up to the teacher again
 20:33:31  JohnS ->  That could be a really bad thing if those policies are misguided.
 20:33:48  BigMouthDurff ->  hi charlie
 20:33:55  charlie ->  hello all
 20:34:02  matt montagne ->  @Durff  🙂
 20:34:29  stlouisohio ->  I must get going, working a shift at the hospital tonight and class after that. follow me on twitter if you’d like stlouisohio… its been great talking to you all. See you next week
 20:34:47  BigMouthDurff ->  bye!
 20:35:07  plnaugle ->  stlouisohio Have a good night.
 20:35:17  PeggyG ->  I love this section in his first chapter: I ustreamed your ustream: now that’s a twitter of an idea! 🙂
 20:35:45  DaveChamberlain ->  I would love to see digital books that were customized to the school, district or area, and the content could be reordered to match up with local holidays and other curricula
 20:36:18  matt montagne ->  Publishers probably have a really hard time imagining how they can make $$$ with a different model.
 20:36:26  Audrey ->  Great idea Dave. This would be a great opportunity for local teachers too to write and publish.
 20:36:30  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I think we have to think about textbooks differently!!
 20:36:47  sendkathy ->  @ Curt -What can professors/students do in the meatime?
 20:36:54  matt montagne ->  To me the e-format of the same textbook isn’t interesting…it will get interesting when people make their own
 20:37:12  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I agtee Matt Montagne
 20:37:15  JohnS ->  And at K-12, we need the ebooks to be < 20% of the cost of print. Otherwise, it’s going to cost way too much.
 20:37:29  DaveChamberlain ->  @Audrey, thanks 🙂
 20:37:33  plnaugle ->  @matt I agree.
 20:37:43  DaveChamberlain ->  @Matt, yes!
 20:37:59  charlie ->  my high school spends 75 k a year on text books for 800 students over the course of four years we could easily by them each a laptop and a kindle
 20:38:05  ransomtech ->  I think that the whole paradigm of a book being used as main course resources is quickly chaning.
 20:38:16  charlie ->  but then i’d miss the nice dinners from the book reps
 20:38:24  matt montagne ->  @charlie OMG that is a great deal of $$$
 20:38:27  JohnS ->  @charlie yes, but if you bought book subscriptions, it would cost a lot more.
 20:39:12  charlie ->  we’re going 1:1 and forcing the teachers to ditch being text dependent  the text shouldn’t drive the curriculum
 20:39:16  courosa ->  that is still an issue in my courses, not all students want to go open.
 20:39:28  BigMouthDurff ->  they’ll learn
 20:39:37  courosa ->  the great majority do, but there are always a couple that are hesitant
 20:39:42  JenW ->  @charlie — does the word "force" go over well??
 20:39:42  JohnS ->  that’s the key. Economically, you can’t replace print with e-books. You have to replace print with open content.
 20:39:46  kcaise ->  why do the students not want to go open @coursosa?
 20:39:52  BigMouthDurff ->  my kids are on the wild west of a web
 20:40:08  matt montagne ->  We spend an extraordinary amount of time in schools teaching kids how to organize analogue materials (note books, binders, backpacks, etc)….What if we spent a fraction of the time teaching students how to filter and organize digital information??
 20:40:10  charlie ->  "force" synonomous with "collaborate"  no?  ha ha
 20:40:11  Audrey ->  Even many higher students are nervous about going open with there work
 20:40:11  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I agree Druff, they will learn, sometimes you just have to force them, or puch them, once they figure it out, they love and and everything is better
 20:40:19  courosa ->  @kcaise they watch too much FOX News and think that predators are ready to pounce as soon as they hit post.
 20:40:30  plnaugle ->  So many educators don’t want to be online and are afraid of having a digital footprint.
 20:40:38  BigMouthDurff ->  when they get to JenM’s level, they will be ready for the Bonk’s of the world
 20:40:41  charlie ->  @courosa   i’m very scared of my fax machine.   there is no filtering
 20:40:45  charlie ->  anything could come through
 20:40:47  JenW ->  @charlie — hmmmm, I think a lot of teachers are feeling "forced" and that tends to have resistance — agree??
 20:40:51  jackiegerstein ->  tan audience is a powerful motivator – kids are now wanting their content to go public.
 20:40:58  ransomtech ->  @courosa… some of my students feel the same way by simply opening their blogs up.
 20:40:59  monika ->  so we just need to educate on safety
 20:41:04  BigMouthDurff ->  faxmachines scare me! they make noises
 20:41:14  alicebarr ->  @matt That will be the shift, when teachers are info literate
 20:41:16  charlie ->  @ Jen  I’d agree w that but honestly some just need to be forced or they will never change …… the chalk jockies
 20:41:17  kitchenerd ->  our phones haven’t been filtered…
 20:41:32  JenW ->  Hmmm — I know some very effective chalk jockies
 20:41:42  plnaugle ->  The same ones who don’t want to join a Ning or a wiki will post the Facebook.
 20:41:45  courosa ->  and, more critically, i find that a lot of teachers that do not want to go open, stay closed for two big reasons: 1) they break copyright to a huge extent, 2) their stuff is really not that good … scared to put their stuff out in front of a critical audience.
 20:42:00  monika ->  🙂
 20:42:00  courosa ->  not the only two reasons, but certainly two that we don’t talk about a lot.
 20:42:01  BigMouthDurff ->  alec – they are scared
 20:42:02  Samantha Camisi ->  Some people feel shy abou their work.  Maybe they would rather keep it between thethemselves and their teachers.  Once it is out, it is out….
 20:42:02  kitchenerd ->  @courosa  exactly right!
 20:42:07  PeggyG ->  I agree courosa!! that is my experience too!
 20:42:17  Audrey ->  Undergrads are selfconscious, they don’t want to be wrong
 20:42:43  kitchenerd ->  teachers are fearful of posting work that might not be "perfect"
 20:42:44  PeggyG ->  @Audrey–I’m talking about the professors/instructors not the students 🙂
 20:42:53  plnaugle ->  @courosa I agree. Someone asked on Twitter if we want to collaborate why do we close our classroom doors?
 20:42:56  JenW ->  @courosa   I think the #1 is — they don’t know they can……..  
 20:43:04  jackiegerstein ->  Funny – I had the opposite effect when I connect a NING to a Blackboard course – My undergrads took to it better than I expected
 20:43:07  JenM ->  @alec … yep … same from students’ perspective … don’t want to "prove" you don’t know anything 🙂
 20:43:11  BigMouthDurff ->  @Audrey are they so different than the middle schoolers i have?
 20:43:14  courosa ->  @jenw yes, likely another strong reason.
 20:43:20  monika ->  that’s what’s missing though – teachers immersed personally in this
 20:43:34  matt montagne ->  http://www.ck12.org – nice open textbook project
 20:43:35  charlie ->  @ monika and administrators who aren’t pushing for it…
 20:43:38  Audrey ->  @BigMouthDurff probably not….
 20:43:46  courosa ->  as i mentioned last week (although I don’t know where I heard it), openness is the new validity.
 20:43:48  JenW ->  Most teachers — honestly — wonder if what they have to say is really worth listening to — therefore why share………I was one of those, were any of you??
 20:43:48  Samantha Camisi ->  Um, don’t know what happened there with the typing, I think some students are shy. Posting is the electronic equivalent to asking a student to speak in front of the class.
 20:43:59  plnaugle ->  I know so few teachers in my district who have an online presence.
 20:44:09  monika ->  transparency is the new currency
 20:44:12  charlie ->  @ JenW  i guess i’ve always been an arrogant ass so i like to share my work
 20:44:23  JenM ->  @chatroom: any questions for Curt in the chatroom??
 20:44:25  jackiegerstein ->  that is interesting monika
 20:44:25  courosa ->  @monika definitly
 20:44:41  plnaugle ->  @JenW I did a lot of lurking at the beginning. Learned how to share.
 20:44:42  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Teaching and learning is so much better when you share!!
 20:44:45  JenW ->  the 3 teachers at my school that do have an online presence are the 3 less likely people I would have guessed when I started working there….but they were open, listened to suggestions, sought guidance
 20:44:50  BigMouthDurff ->  @JenW I KNOW I’m not worth listening to, so I don’t ask kids to either (well not often)
 20:44:52  charlie ->  @ Jen W but i think you’re on to something with teachers being afraid to share that crasft knowledge
 20:45:08  PeggyG ->  many professors want the students to buy their books (those written by the prof) and require this for their courses!
 20:45:17  hshawjr ->  Independent learning is the only way many military perosnnel can work on their degree work.  I was an early adopter and have only had one f2f college course over past 30 years.
 20:45:30  BigMouthDurff ->  me to Jen! the old first grade teacher is so into tech!!
 20:45:32  JenW ->  I think 8 years ago — the "experts" of tech were 10 or 12……  now — hmmmm, 1,000 or 1,200??   😉  
 20:45:33  cyndidannerkuhn ->  @PeggyG, that is absolutley correct!
 20:45:37  sendkathy ->  @Curt – Still wondering when/how college profs can be more effective now, why wait for all these major changes, how can profs provide a better education now?
 20:45:39  courosa ->  @JenM perhaps a question about moving beyond the existing hybrid models of institutions validating openness in its forms while standing tight with existing power models … where are we headed?
 20:45:39  charlie ->  @ Peggy G  i had a psych prof who did that.  i pissed him off by checking the book out from the library and photocopying the whole thing for half the cost
 20:45:47  BigMouthDurff ->  she is ready to retire – chronologically
 20:45:47  courosa ->  or, what is possible.
 20:45:49  charlie ->  @ Peggy the look on his face was priceliess
 20:45:59  demacisaac ->  If we can’t share,,,,My favorite lines in book are on page 33. "Technology by itself will [b]not[/b] empower learners. Innovative pedagogy is required" 🙂  It makes me feel like there is hope even if we don’t have working technology.
 20:46:00  matt montagne ->  will universities still be able to charge 50K annually in the future (or in 20 years, 100K plus annually???)
 20:46:02  courosa ->  @JenM I think he is headed that way already …
 20:46:07  JenW ->  I also think that we give credibility to those — accolades to those — elevate some — that might not be so worthy
 20:46:07  PeggyG ->  I’ll bet!! probably turned you in for copyright violation 🙂
 20:46:15  jackiegerstein ->  I think sharing is a "state of mind" – "a way of being"  The "academics" who are sharing online were sharing their materials prior to social networking – just not so overt or public becasue the technology was not available
 20:46:44  courosa ->  @jackie I’d agree, mindset.
 20:46:45  ChrisJohnston ->  I am pursuing an undergrad degree online right now. Being married and with two kids it was the only way I could go back
 20:47:12  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I agree, sharing is a midnset!!
 20:47:18  cyndidannerkuhn ->  mmindset
 20:47:21  PeggyG ->  I wish the mindset of professors was changing more! They are still very proprietary about their content and copyright.
 20:47:26  nancykeane ->  I love wikipedia but my students are shocked when I suggest it!
 20:47:28  JenW ->  there needs to be a better way of hearing those who should be heard rather than just always listening to those who WANT to be heard
 20:47:32  plind ->  @chrisJ these technologies do make education available to many of us that otherwise would not have been able..
 20:47:39  plnaugle ->  @ChrisJohnston But you are pursuing it. I love that you are looking into education as a second career.
 20:47:42  jackiegerstein ->  Win-Win – is hard for many to grasp
 20:47:43  PeggyG ->  excellent point JenW!
 20:47:52  monika ->  how the heck do you listen and read all this
 20:48:00  matt montagne ->  damien bariexa comes to mind (a school psychologist who is very web saavy)
 20:48:02  jackiegerstein ->  LOl monika
 20:48:15  courosa ->  @monika oh, yo mean you don’t have a small staff of reviewers that follow you around?
 20:48:17  kitchenerd ->  i’m reading, listening and working on reformatting a computer!
 20:48:18  BigMouthDurff ->  be like nike – just do it
 20:48:19  Alvin Trusty ->  put the lectures online now
 20:48:23  sendkathy ->  thanks Jeff
 20:48:24  JenW ->  @monika — you skim —
 20:48:26  DaveChamberlain ->  @monika, try formulating your next question at the same time 🙂
 20:48:28  PeggyG ->  @monika-the good thing is this is being recorded so we can listen again and read the chat
 20:48:29  JenW ->  and color coding helps
 20:48:35  BigMouthDurff ->  run online
 20:48:39  JenW ->  first icon on the LEFT
 20:48:41  BigMouthDurff ->  teach online
 20:48:45  BigMouthDurff ->  live online
 20:48:48  courosa ->  YELLOW
 20:48:52  monika ->  thank you
 20:48:52  BigMouthDurff ->  online office hours
 20:48:58  JenW ->  @courosa  LOL
 20:49:00  BigMouthDurff ->  collaborate online
 20:49:02  JenW ->  why didn’t you choose WHITE
 20:49:04  charlie ->  online office hours?  i like that idea
 20:49:08  BigMouthDurff ->  or be outdated
 20:49:11  hshawjr ->  @courosa yech
 20:49:16  ChrisJohnston ->  Tried to listen on Ustream on my iPhone (while feeding 1yr old) but it wasn’t listed
 20:49:17  BigMouthDurff ->  and out of a job
 20:49:17  plnaugle ->  @courosa Can’t see the yellow.
 20:49:18  courosa ->  White
 20:49:28  JenW ->  Sorry, Durff, I cannot agree 100% — I don’t agree everyone HAS to use tech
 20:49:34  ransomtech ->  20 year dog-earred lecture notes… on transparencies in 3-ring binder. That’s what teaching’s all about!
 20:49:34  JenW ->  I can’t agree to that
 20:49:35  BigMouthDurff ->  coursosa – be good
 20:49:52  sendkathy ->  My kids are not turned on by college ed, makes me sad, it seems just like when I went 30 years ago, same old same old, where is the accountability?
 20:49:53  matt montagne ->  skip the faculty and give the technology right to the kids
 20:49:54  JenW ->  @alec — you made me Literally Laugh Out Loud
 20:49:57  courosa ->  Can anyone read this? Who has the secret decoder ring?
 20:50:05  BigMouthDurff ->  hi cbeard
 20:50:08  JenW ->  I have the RING Alec
 20:50:12  cyndidannerkuhn ->  My dean has be doing little presentations in all departments to show them, it is starting the conversationsm but wow, it is wearing me out!!  but so exciting
 20:50:14  charlie ->  @ Jen W  maybe the poeple who don’t want to use tech should start their own school and see how many people enrol
 20:50:21  courosa ->  @jenw too funny
 20:50:21  nancykeane ->  @courosa — My ring is working.
 20:50:23  cbeard ->  ::waving to BigMouth::
 20:50:29  BigMouthDurff ->  ya know courosa could be cursing us all in yellow…….
 20:50:33  sendkathy ->  @charlie- haha great idea
 20:50:34  kitchenerd ->  i agree curtis….message must come from the top
 20:50:36  courosa ->  @nancy … too funny
 20:50:38  demacisaac ->  hmmm  sounds like edtechtalk
 20:50:39  JenW ->  Charlie — would you want your child to be taught the same way by all the teachers??
 20:50:42  charlie ->  or a worksheet and multiple choice school
 20:50:54  JenW ->  @courosa — What do I win??
 20:50:56  sendkathy ->  baby steps- jen W
 20:50:56  PeggyG ->  you’ll find most of Curt’s excellent suggestions in his book!!! a must read!!
 20:51:00  cyndidannerkuhn ->  WE ABSOLUTELY cannot teach the way we were taught!
 20:51:00  BigMouthDurff ->  ransom woulf
 20:51:01  plnaugle ->  @Durff I think he is.
 20:51:08  charlie ->  @ Jen W  no i wouldn’t want them to be taught all the same way but i would want their teachers to be learners and model how to learn
 20:51:12  courosa ->  @JenW I already owe you a case of mugs
 20:51:14  BigMouthDurff ->  figures
 20:51:21  BigMouthDurff ->  not you Jen
 20:51:23  monika ->  i think if we got more teachers to take courses like alec’s and cck09 – they would start making it personal
 20:51:28  kitchenerd ->  use youtube to begin research
 20:51:31  BigMouthDurff ->  i meant figures courosa is
 20:51:34  monika ->  teachers don’t get to see how they are supposed to be teaching
 20:51:36  JenW ->  @charlie — but you can learn and model much more than technology
 20:51:38  Samantha Camisi ->  Good Night everyone!  I enjoyed my first EdTech & Interview.  I have to get to work and have classes that start tomorrow night.  Take care, -SC
 20:51:39  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Me too, YouTube has changed my class too!!
 20:51:44  courosa ->  @durff 🙂
 20:51:51  nancykeane ->  I use youtube a lot!
 20:51:53  kitchenerd ->  they want to teach the way they learned
 20:52:00  courosa ->  me too, YT an incredible resource
 20:52:12  BigMouthDurff ->  youtube has an ed section
 20:52:13  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I am teaching a YouTube class during Inner-session in Jan.  Gonna be exciting and fun!
 20:52:18  BigMouthDurff ->  why not use games
 20:52:25  charlie ->  @ Jen  i agree…. but those who ignore the technology advances of the last 15 years ….?
 20:52:27  BigMouthDurff ->  or a virtual world?
 20:52:32  plnaugle ->  I have to convert YouTubes so I can show them in class.
 20:52:34  matt montagne ->  maybe Einstein had it right after all about TV 🙂
 20:52:35  ChrisJohnston ->  There are also some good ed videos in google video
 20:52:37  monika ->  dan meyer’s use of pictures
 20:52:41  kitchenerd ->  using second life as a means to deliver content
 20:52:43  demacisaac ->  how many classrooms have video’s (you tube and more) blocked
 20:52:51  JenW ->  @charlie — I don’t think they ignore them …..  I just don’t believe they are always necessary — 100% in every class
 20:52:57  kitchenerd ->  many district filters block youtube
 20:53:02  ChrisJohnston ->  @plnaugle convert them to what?
 20:53:02  BigMouthDurff ->  so meet the challenge
 20:53:17  kitchenerd ->  editors make mistakes all the time!
 20:53:22  plnaugle ->  I convert them using Zamzar to WMV.
 20:53:22  JenW ->  or even 25%
 20:53:23  courosa ->  or, who are these scary non-registered students in my class that are here learning without credit?
 20:53:23  matt montagne ->  YouTube is a treasure trove of primary source documents…I don’t know how it can be blocked in schools anymore
 20:53:26  DaveChamberlain ->  Bonk, C. J. (2008, March). YouTube anchors and enders: The use of shared online video content as a macrocontext for learning. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2008 Annual Meeting, New York, NY. [8:53:10 PM] Curt Bonk: http://www.publicationshare.com/SFX7EED.pdf
 20:53:38  courosa ->  Hey George!
 20:53:39  charlie ->  @ Jen W.   i’d say more like 50%
 20:53:44  BigMouthDurff ->  courosa you’re the communisy
 20:53:46  BigMouthDurff ->  not us
 20:53:48  nancykeane ->  @plnaugle Have you used kickyoutube?
 20:54:01  George Veletsianos ->  Hey Alec 🙂
 20:54:03  cyndidannerkuhn ->  whoo hoo thanks for the YouTube article!!  thanks you so much
 20:54:03  kitchenerd ->  thanks davechamberlain!
 20:54:08  JenW ->  @courosa — one mug will be sufficient….I don’t wish to be greedy
 20:54:21  plnaugle ->  @nancykeane No I haven’t what does it do?
 20:54:26  ChrisJohnston ->  Many schools pay a subscription service for filtering and YouTube is on the list
 20:54:39  BigMouthDurff ->  mug? i want a free coffee mug
 20:54:56  cyndidannerkuhn ->  what with the mugs?
 20:55:01  courosa ->  I’ll bring a bunch to Educon
 20:55:02  plnaugle ->  @Durff I think you just want free coffee.
 20:55:03  plind ->  some are just worried about how much bandwidth having youtube available will eat up
 20:55:10  BigMouthDurff ->  @Chris and how do you think kids go around filters?
 20:55:24  JenW ->  @alec — I am bringing a black marker.  I want mine autographed
 20:55:32  ChrisJohnston ->  If you have bandwidth constraints YouTube will be a problem
 20:55:34  BigMouthDurff ->  coffee? did someone say coffee?
 20:55:48  sendkathy ->  yes Jeff
 20:55:52  nancykeane ->  @plnaugle When you find a youtube you want to download, simpy replace the "www." with "kick" and you can download as a mp4  (eg kickyoutube.)
 20:56:01  matt montagne ->  Chris Anderson’s Free was a great model of the freemium economy
 20:56:19  cyndidannerkuhn ->  that kick tip works!!
 20:56:26  jackiegerstein ->  Yes Matt – I agree – Free was free
 20:56:32  BigMouthDurff ->  Courosa mug giveaway at Educon – attend the conference and get a free autographed mug = advertise freely
 20:56:38  plnaugle ->  @nancykeane TY for that info I’ll check it out.
 20:56:42  PeggyG ->  you can also use download helper addon for Firefox and download any youtube video or other video
 20:56:51  ChrisJohnston ->  Ironic the supposedly ‘tech savvy’ Obama administration didn’t think about the bandwidth issues that having his speech just be online would cause
 20:56:55  cbeard ->  @Peggy, what is the addon?
 20:57:03  ChrisJohnston ->  sorry that was grammatically awful
 20:57:07  JenW ->  @alec — shoot, I should not have mentioned autographed.  I wanted that just for me
 20:57:16  matt montagne ->  the open economy doesn’t mean people don’t make money…there are all sorts of ways to make money off of "free"
 20:57:20  PeggyG ->  it’s actually called download helper
 20:57:27  cyndidannerkuhn ->  that sounds like a great idea Curtis
 20:57:27  sendkathy ->  @Curt – do you have a definition for teacher?
 20:57:31  cbeard ->  @Peggy, thanks.
 20:57:38  cyndidannerkuhn ->  books of stories would ne inspirational for sure
 20:57:55  ChrisJohnston ->  One of my online classes is using Chris Anderson’s [i]Free[/i] next month
 20:57:55  ransomtech ->  Anyone have a free/open new 17" MBP for me? Thanks.
 20:57:57  BigMouthDurff ->  Twitter it now = Courosa mug giveaway at Educon – attend the conference and get a free autographed mug = advertise freely
 20:58:01  plnaugle ->  @Peggy TY for that info.
 20:58:01  courosa ->  see Alan Levine’s Amazing Stories of Openness
 20:58:25  courosa ->  @durff 🙂
 20:58:26  BigMouthDurff ->  someone tell chrislehmann
 20:58:42  JenW ->  @courosa — ask Durff to fund this new giveaway
 20:58:44  matt montagne ->  some folks in this chat room have probably made a little $$ off of "free"
 20:58:47  PeggyG ->  I love download helper because it automatically activates if there is a video on the web page. It’s great!
 20:58:56  sendkathy ->  Does open mean honest?
 20:59:00  JenW ->  @matt — Free is never free anymore
 20:59:06  plnaugle ->  @Chris I downloaded Free but haven’t read it yet.
 20:59:13  monika ->  open keeps us honest
 20:59:19  monika ->  i’m thinking
 20:59:31  sendkathy ->  maybe or perpetuates a lie at times just by word of mouth
 20:59:31  JenW ->  Open keeps us OPEN to new ideas
 20:59:50  sendkathy ->  people tend to repeat what they hear without checking it out
 20:59:52  cyndidannerkuhn ->  Interesting idea for collectiing
 20:59:55  monika ->  i think there’s too many eyes for much damage to be done
 20:59:58  ChrisJohnston ->  I wanted the free audiobook of Free but I can’t find it
 21:00:04  monika ->  true
 21:00:22  matt montagne ->  @Chris…Andrerson’s free audio book/kindle version was offered for limited time only
 21:00:24  BigMouthDurff ->  open minds = dangerous thoughts = disrupting classrooms
 21:00:30  matt montagne ->  You can get "Free" as a PDF though
 21:00:31  BigMouthDurff ->  and that is me
 21:00:37  plnaugle ->  @chrisjohnson I’ll see if I can find the ling.
 21:00:40  JenM ->  Writing Tips: http://travelinedman.blogspot.com/2007/01/quick-20-academic-writing-tips.html
 21:00:55  JenW ->  @monika — it is very hard to be transparent for some of us.  (I will admit for me) — but it is also very helpful at times, and has helped me fine tune ideas
 21:00:57  courosa ->  I’m with Curt on that one.
 21:01:11  monika ->  @jenw i agree
 21:01:12  demacisaac ->  your writing style is very compelling. Great choice
 21:01:52  sendkathy ->  I look forward to reading the book
 21:01:55  JenW ->  @monika — but often, I wonder if it is worth the "hurt" to be transparent  becuase I can be thin skinned sometimes.   😉
 21:01:57  JL ->  http://php.indiana.edu/~cjbonk/Syllabus_R685_Fall_of_2009.htm
 21:02:08  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I look forward to reading and exploring Curtis’s stuff
 21:02:10  DaveChamberlain ->  http://php.indiana.edu/~cjbonk/Syllabus_R685_Fall_of_2009.htm
 21:02:16  monika ->  it’s worth the hurt to teach kids how to do it right
 21:02:20  monika ->  i think
 21:02:27  BigMouthDurff ->  as opposed to cold links
 21:02:28  JenW ->  I would encourage you to broaden your focus to more projects and more people in the next book
 21:02:56  BigMouthDurff ->  clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
 21:03:04  nancykeane ->  LOVE the book!
 21:03:04  sendkathy ->  Thank you!
 21:03:05  cyndidannerkuhn ->  wow thanks, enjoyed this, from Kansas State University
 21:03:07  demacisaac ->  😀 😀 😀 😀 🙂
 21:03:10  matt montagne ->  is an iPhone App on the horizon???
 21:03:20  pshaf ->  thank you
 21:03:24  plnaugle ->  @chris THe free thing is over.
 21:03:28  Audrey ->  😀  Thank you!
 21:03:30  courosa ->  you bet Curt … take care.
 21:03:31  ransomtech ->  Thanks!
 21:03:32  PeggyG ->  Jen M is famous-her story is in his section on ustreaming a ustream 🙂
 21:03:36  BigMouthDurff ->  i gtg hold a cute kid = bye!!
 21:03:41  matt montagne ->  having an iPhone App to go along with a book seems to be a new hook
 21:03:41  nancykeane ->  Thank you!
 21:03:42  plnaugle ->  TY Curt very interesting session.
 21:03:50  sendkathy ->  bye durf
 21:03:59  cbeard ->  Sorry to have arrived so late. Good night, all.
 21:04:13  kcaise ->  don’t forget to sign up for the webcastathon for this upcoming weekend! http://www.webcastacademy.net
 21:04:13  ChrisJohnston ->  @plnaugle I guess I’ll have to be happy reading the book for class next month
 21:04:19  monika ->  🙂
 21:04:44  sendkathy ->  night
 21:04:47  jackiegerstein ->  I saw her speak A NECC 09 – she is amazing
 21:05:01  jackiegerstein ->  A prodigy teacher at 11 yesr old
 21:05:31  JenM ->  @peggyg … 🙂
 21:05:48  PeggyG ->  it couldn’t go unmentioned Jen!
 21:06:04  George Veletsianos ->  that’s great advice for us starting academics Curt 😉
 21:06:18  cyndidannerkuhn ->  I get that, it is hard to do everything and tenure get in the way, so glad to be done with tenure!!
 21:06:31  JenM ->  helps when your prof. is the writer of the book 🙂
 21:07:22  courosa ->  @george sounds like i need a career change. 🙂
 21:07:53  George Veletsianos ->  @courosa we are in it for the long haul buddy 🙂
 21:08:18  cyndidannerkuhn ->  have a great week, thanks for the learning tonight
 21:08:22  PeggyG ->  awesome conversation!!! very stimulating and inspiring! Thanks Curt and ETW!
 21:08:27  matt montagne ->  applies to schools as well, no?? Shouldn’t we encourage young learners to follow their passions at an early age so it doesn’t take them as long to figure this out as it did curt??
 21:08:33  jackiegerstein ->  Great 2 hours – way fun!
 21:08:38  matt montagne ->  Cheers!
 21:08:40  ransomtech ->  Go write that grant!
 21:08:51  matt montagne ->  Thanks, Curt! On Wisconsin and Go Badgers!
 21:09:19  matt montagne ->  nice job moderating ETT crew!
 21:09:41  George Veletsianos ->  thanks 4 hosting this. It’s 2 am in Manchester, so i need to zzz. thnx!
 21:09:47  PeggyG ->  laughing hysterically!
 21:09:52  cyndidannerkuhn ->  You guys are great, thanks for your hard work!!
 21:09:54  plnaugle ->  Good night all. Thank you for hosting this.
 21:10:00  JenM ->  @matt … I was at the game this Saturday … "Varsity … Varsity … U-ra-ra- wis-con-sin …"
 21:10:26  DaveChamberlain ->  Wow, look at everyone running out of the room 🙂
 21:10:39  JenM ->  everyone is hungry 🙂
 21:10:57  DaveChamberlain ->  true, I think my wife ate while I was online.
 21:11:06  JenM ->  nite all!
 21:11:18  DaveChamberlain ->  nite everyone (who’s left)

Jeff Lebow, Jennifer Maddrell, curt bonk, dave chamberlain, john schinker, opencontent, worldisopen

Flat Classroom Discussion with Thomas Friedman

Some of the audio in the recording can be difficult to hear. It does get better at times… 

The audio recording starts with some introductory comments from Thomas Friedman regarding how things have changed since he wrote The World is Flat and then is followed by a discussion with conference members in Qatar.

Edtechtalk 82

EdTechTalk #82

August 17, 2008

Talk #2 about the Connectivism Course
with Stephen Downes, Alec Couros, George Siemens and Leigh Blackall

1400 people sign up for a very cool Connectivism Course… but how do you teach it?
We brought in 4 EdTech Luminaries to discuss it.

Alec Couros – Assistant Director SIDRU Faculty of Education University of Regina at the university of Regina
George Siemens – University of Manitoba – Assistant director Learning Technologies Centre
Stephen Downes – Senior Researcher at the NRC in Moncton and editor of OLDaily

Leigh Blackall – Works in Educational Development for the Otago Polytechnic

EdTechTalk#81 – The Mega-Connectivism Course (Part #1)

EdTechTalk #81

July 27, 2008

Talk #1 about the Connectivism Course
with Stephen Downes, Alec Couros, George Siemens and Leigh Blackall

1200 people sign up for a very cool Connectivism Course… but what is it?
We brought in 4 EdTech Luminaries to discuss it.

Alec Couros – Assistant Director SIDRU Faculty of Education University of Regina at the university of Regina
George Siemens – University of Manitoba – Assistant director Learning Technologies Centre
Stephen Downes – Senior Researcher at the NRC in Moncton and editor of OLDaily

Leigh Blackall – Works in Educational Development for the Otago Polytechnic

19:46:59  dave ->  http://ltc.umanitoba.ca:83/wiki/Connectivism_Planning_Page
19:47:30  courosa ->  a bit of a thunderstorm here, think the game was postponed
19:47:39  JenWagner ->  NO
19:47:45  JenWagner ->  Alec, George, and Stephen??
19:47:48  JenWagner ->  they are — right??
19:47:52  dave ->  yup.
19:47:54  JenWagner ->  yep
19:48:42  Downes ->  http://grsshopper.downes.ca
19:49:56  JenWagner ->  do they all live near each other — in Canada??
19:50:07  courosa ->  hail and lightning delay here in Regina, perfect timing for this show
19:50:08  JenWagner ->  so are they meeting F2F to plan this — or is it all via online tools
19:50:26  JenWagner ->  the planning
19:50:53  JenWagner ->  they met in Memphis — like Tennessee??
19:51:22  Downes ->  yes
19:51:25  Downes ->  tennessee
19:51:33  dougsymington ->  ETT A and B streams running for anyone not able to access ustream–of it comes up…
19:51:34  Downes ->  at the D2L Fusion 2008 conference
19:51:39  dougsymington ->  if
19:51:44  JenWagner ->  this is a GREAT story
19:52:29  JenWagner ->  how do you spell George’s last name???
19:52:37  dougsymington ->  Siemens
19:53:03  JenWagner ->  is there a George Siessums??
19:54:05  dougsymington ->  Chris Sessums? http://eduspaces.net/csessums/weblog
19:54:08  JenWagner ->  or turn the ustream off
19:54:13  JenWagner ->  Chris Sessums — yep
19:54:39  KarenJa ->  red sox/yankees on shortly
19:54:59  kmurray352 ->  what edtech talk # is this?
19:55:10  congerjan ->  iPhones rock!  I love mine
19:55:12  JL ->  81
19:55:20  Cathy E ->  Topsail North Carolina??
19:55:25  KarenJa ->  how is the ATT reception? do you lose many calls?
19:55:31  JenWagner ->  the new iPhones or the older ones??
19:55:43  congerjan ->  Old one…
congerjan ->  ATT is Ok best network for us because it is the only
carrier that hits my daughter’s college in nowhere PA
19:56:48  KarenJa ->  verizon is better here
19:57:12  JenWagner ->  is Lee in Canada too??
19:57:28  courosa ->  Lee is Australian, not?
19:57:40  JenWagner ->  okay
19:58:44  Downes ->  Leigh is Australian, he lives in New Zealand
19:58:47  JenWagner ->  this event has been twittered by MANY
19:58:58  Downes ->  sorry
20:00:31  JenWagner ->  clapping for LEE!!!!!
20:01:47  JenWagner ->  and explain WHY — what caused you to offer this
20:01:50  JenWagner ->  the backstory
20:02:46  courosa ->  haha
20:03:28  JenWagner ->  lee is better here — still soft but okay
20:04:18  sroseman ->  any visuals
dave ->  Alec Couros – Assistant Director SIDRU Faculty of Education
University of Regina at the university of Regina
20:05:07  dave ->  Alec
Couros – Assistant Director SIDRU Faculty of Education University of
Regina at the university of Regina
20:05:17  dave -> 
Stephen Downes – Senior Researcher at the NRC in Moncton, web news
master at http://downes.ca and blogger at
20:05:36  dave ->  George
Siemens – University of Manitoba – Assistant director Learning
Technologies Centre http://www.elearnspace.org/blog/
20:06:26  dave ->  i think he was being sarcastic 🙁
20:06:30  dave ->  😛
20:06:38  Downes ->  really?
20:07:05  JenWagner ->  canyou drop Lee’s info??    We see Alec’s twice  thank you
dave ->  Leigh Blackall – Leigh currently works in Educational
Development for the Otago Polytechnic blogs at
20:10:12  dave ->  there are 600,000 people in manitoba?
20:10:29  mrsdurff ->  really?
20:11:02  JL ->  1,196,291 (according to wikipedia)
20:11:34  dave ->  http://ltc.umanitoba.ca:83/wiki/Connectivism
20:11:37  JenWagner ->  Hi Ryan
20:11:40  gsiemens ->  http://ltc.umanitoba.ca/wiki/Connectivism
20:11:43  dougsymington ->  http://ltc.umanitoba.ca/wiki/Connectivism
20:11:47  ryanbretag ->  Hi Jen
20:11:47  gsiemens ->  thx doug
20:11:58  dougsymington ->  yw 🙂
20:16:16  mrsdurff ->  dave loves being sarcastic
20:16:19  JenWagner ->  is there a need to make it small — or is it okay to keep it large??
20:16:26  mrsdurff ->  it is his medium
20:18:51  mrsdurff ->  we assume dave already chose that option
20:19:07  dougsymington ->  his default setting 🙂 ?
20:19:11  mrsdurff ->  i would never have brought it into question
20:19:19  mrsdurff ->  it [email protected]!
20:19:56  mrsdurff ->  coffee is my default setting and it needs a refill…
20:20:26  Bronst ->  hi all
20:20:39  dougsymington ->  hello @Bronst, welcome
20:20:46  Bronst ->  thx
20:20:57  dougsymington ->  and SarahH 🙂
20:21:11  SarahH ->  Hi all!  I never make it live!
20:21:33  Bronst ->  is there audio?
20:21:40  dougsymington ->  glad you could make it, and welcome back Karen
20:21:42  dougsymington ->  yes,
20:21:56  dougsymington ->  click on the speaker icons on r-side of page for stream
20:22:05  dougsymington ->  or the player button in ustream window
20:22:07  dougsymington ->  for audio
20:22:36  dave ->  it’s george’s smile
20:22:45  Downes ->  yeah that’s it
20:22:50  dougsymington ->  may have to adjust volume slider in ustream
20:23:01  dougsymington ->  to hear it there–let us know if you need help
20:23:25  mrsdurff ->  we still have rooms here?
20:23:44  Bronst ->  OK got it – thx
20:23:47  dougsymington ->  yw
20:24:01  mrsdurff ->  why not break us into rooms during a webcast of this course
20:24:09  Bronst ->  who is speaking?
20:24:18  dave ->  leigh blackall
20:24:18  JL ->  Leigh
20:24:19  Bronst ->  permaculture?
20:24:21  mrsdurff ->  so we are essentially backchanneling with a smaller number
20:24:23  dougsymington ->  Leigh Blackall speaking now
20:24:26  Bronst ->  okey dokey
20:24:32  Sue Waters ->  Permaculture in NZealan
20:24:51  Sue Waters ->  and faciliating online course
20:25:15  dougsymington ->  loined by Stephen Downes, George Siemens and Alec Couros, with Dave Cormier as host in call
20:25:21  Bronst ->  yes I am in Leigh’s course!
20:25:27  dave ->  ah.
20:25:29  dave ->  nice one
20:25:31  dougsymington ->  excellent
20:25:39  mrsdurff ->  how many signed up?
20:25:50  Sue Waters ->  Leigh’s course http://www.wikieducator.org/Facilitating_online_communities
20:25:50  courosa ->  1200ish
20:26:06  mrsdurff ->  how many rooms can we have here?
20:26:16  mrsdurff ->  1200/100
20:26:22  Bronst ->  the model excites me greatly
20:26:22  mrsdurff ->  ?
20:26:32  mrsdurff ->  hi dean
20:26:40  Sue Waters ->  Participants list here http://www.wikieducator.org/Talk:Facilitating_online_communities
20:26:41  shareski ->  I have no sound
20:26:42  courosa ->  dean, is the game still postponed?
20:27:01  dougsymington ->  click on speaker icons, or play button in ustream for audio
20:27:14  mrsdurff ->  can we divide participants into 12 rooms capped at 100 each?
20:27:20  shareski ->  game is just starting
20:27:54  mrsdurff ->  we would form cohorts that go through the course together
20:28:01  mrsdurff ->  hi miguel
20:28:16  MGuhlin.net ->  Hi Durff. I’m a Downes groupie now. 8->
20:28:33  mrsdurff ->  then you’re in the right place
20:29:04  MGuhlin.net ->  So, what’s this about?
20:29:15  dave ->  http://ltc.umanitoba.ca:83/wiki/Connectivism
20:29:21  mrsdurff ->  the connectivism course
20:29:53  courosa ->  value is in relationships
20:30:21  mrsdurff ->  interaction within cohort groups within the course?
20:30:34  shareski ->  love to say but pizza and the Riders call…I’ll catch the archive since I know this is good stuff
20:30:56  mrsdurff ->  eat vegan!
20:32:11  Bronst ->  the course is an open lab on connectivism
20:32:21  mrsdurff ->  obviously known of you need to prove anything or this discussion would not be happening
courosa ->  i would certainly like to see those in the course
reference/use connectivist pedagogies in multiple subject areas … I
know it is possible outside of edtech, but it would be great to have
more, reference evidence and research, to support and better understand
this view of information and knowledge.
20:34:03  dave ->  i don’t knwo about that
20:34:11  dave ->  i feel a discussion coming
20:34:28  courosa ->  don’t know about … what dave?
gsiemens ->  @courosa – yes, the value of this course will at least
partly be in the ability to engage established academics – i.e. we know
networked approaches to learning work. Many in formal academia don’t
know it.
20:34:51  dave ->  that the teacher is the teacher because they know alot
20:34:54  Gardner ->  Clear and compelling exposition, Stephen. The history you’ve covered is crucial, in my view. Thanks.
MGuhlin.net ->  How can students organize their learning if they
lack a structure of their own? Doesn’t it come across as chaos? How do
you scaffold, support that kind of learning without throwing the
learner into the deep end of the pool?
20:35:18  courosa -> 
@gsiemens will be trying to get my neighbors in the Faculty of Ed.
involved, it may be a tough sell though … like moving a graveyard.
Gardner ->  Great stuff but I need to go do some exam marking
(ironies abound) for my Milton seminar. Some great stuff there too.
Ciao, all.
20:36:14  courosa ->  @leigh this is something i thought about as well.
20:36:58  dave ->  and if the articles exist, then isn’t the knowledge already out there?
20:37:00  courosa ->  I think this helps to bring focus to important topics within the network, and helps to bring in others.
20:37:08  MGuhlin.net ->  Won’t a course result in credentialing?
20:37:55  dougsymington ->  wonder how one reconciles assessment in the course, with student-centered approach?
20:37:56  mrsdurff ->  succinct information interactions
20:38:03  Bronst ->  Yes I think Leigh is right
20:38:21  Bronst ->  I am there in curiosity and seeking revitalisation
20:38:31  dougsymington ->  and the differences and similarities in credit and non-credit participants
20:38:42  fceblog ->  fragmentation is overwhelming.
20:38:49  mrsdurff ->  hi mrchase!
20:39:03  MrChase ->  Hey Durff. Who are we listening to?
20:39:40  dougsymington ->  George Siemens (now speaking), Stephen Downes, Alec Couros, Leigh Blackall
20:39:48  dougsymington ->  Dave Cormier as host
20:39:57  courosa ->  I will take much from this course, I can’t wait to see what emerges.
20:40:43  Bronst ->  me either
20:41:01  lottascales ->  link / info about course?
20:41:40  topsail_pirate ->  http://ltc.umanitoba.ca:83/wiki/Connectivism
20:41:55  dougsymington ->  thx @topsail
20:42:02  topsail_pirate ->  no prob
jeannine ->  do you see a role for those of us who are calling for
reform (school board types), but who are neither tech people nor
educators? or might it all go right over my head?:D
20:42:47  courosa ->  plan has way more syllables than necessary. 🙂
20:42:57  dave ->  😛
20:43:04  Downes ->  depends on what kind of reform you’rew calling for
20:43:17  lottascales ->  thand you!
20:43:23  lottascales ->  or, thank you.
20:44:09  jeannine ->  collaboration, parent voice, student voice, democratic learning, etc
20:44:49  Bronst ->  what percentage do you prdict will complete the course?
20:45:14  courosa ->  depends what you mean by completion, and not sure if that word is appropriate for this experience.
20:45:26  Bronst ->  vouluntary, self-managed = attrition
20:45:29  gsiemens ->  and it’s not just who completes now
gsiemens ->  we’ve found – from online conferences – that we have
more people access info after the conference than during
20:45:51  gradster1 ->  Saluton
20:46:33  courosa ->  nice question doug! 🙂
20:46:43  fceblog ->  @gsiemens Agree. My learing time does not always coincide with conference duration.
20:46:58  gradster1 ->  Extreme echoes, anyone?
20:47:11  Bronst ->  so the time delimitations are what – unnnecesary, fluffy, guidelines???
20:47:15  dougsymington ->  you may have stream and ustream running re echo
20:47:28  dougsymington ->  two ustream windows might also echo on your machine
20:48:09  gradster1 ->  Ah, good
20:48:41  dave ->  i was forced to do this three weeks ago 😐 http://edugrids.org/book/davecormier/community-grading-rubric
20:48:45  dave ->  awful
20:48:51  dave ->  tried to get the students to do it
20:49:01  Downes ->  ick
20:49:22  dave ->  yes
lottascales ->  also, RE: during vs after, if i’m attending to the
backchannel or chat, i find i have to go back to access the actual
preso — can’t process wide and deep at the same time.
20:52:47  mrsdurff ->  secret assignments?
20:53:01  gsiemens ->  we’re going to get a secret handshake, however, for conferences 🙂
20:53:05  mrsdurff ->  really  need more coffe now
20:53:10  dave ->  sweet
20:53:20  dougsymington ->  lol love it re handshake
20:53:57  dougsymington ->  what about licensing of curriculum–difference between "formal" and "nonformal" participants?
20:54:18  MrChase ->  Great phrasing of the question.
20:54:38  Bronst ->  don’t you have to meet some assessment requirements for the institution?
20:54:57  gsiemens ->  @bronst – yes, and we will, according to u of M faculty
20:56:27  Bronst ->  so how did you get it approved without assessment structures described up-front?
20:56:44  gsiemens ->  @Bronst – they will be assigned up front
20:57:19  gsiemens ->  for those who enroll, they’ll have a requirement that they will know in advance
20:57:37  gsiemens ->  we need this, obviously, according to U of M before the course gets approval for delivery
20:58:21  gsiemens ->  @couros – good point
20:58:30  gsiemens ->  peer and group assessment will be important
20:58:35  mrsdurff ->  adieu gentlemen….a restart calls……………
20:58:52  gradster1 ->  Adieu mis amis
courosa ->  For leigh’s concern, I would like to see something I
could share with my faculty and students as a starting point … to
bring these people in to a reasonable starting place, and then get them
immersed into the greater anarchy.
21:03:18  courosa ->  Some good principles of pedagogy here – http://educationaltechnology.ca/couros/876
21:06:18  gsiemens ->  @courosa, we’ll be providing a series of short papers/lectures, etc. to provide a bit of that base…
21:06:49  Bronst ->  Hold a course to scaffold people through the course
21:07:07  gsiemens ->  @bronst – we’ll have a short presentation on getting started
courosa ->  @gsiemens Great! Let me know if I can be of any help, I
have a research semester coming up so I can be very useful, especially
in providing/leading some research on the experience.
21:07:28  gsiemens ->  @courosa – we’ll be contacting you 🙂
21:07:38  Bronst ->  perhaps that scaffolding is the contribution of many more experienced members
21:07:42  gsiemens ->  would love to have you more involved…
21:07:44  dave ->  @courosa i need my office cleaned
21:07:56  dave ->  if you’ve got all this free time
21:08:05  courosa ->  @dave After I clean mine … it could be a while.
dougsymington ->  milestones, or check points regarding specific
competencies might be useful–for those taking tentative first steps
with tools
21:08:10  dave ->  🙂
21:09:02  gsiemens ->  @sdownes – good point about research…
21:09:18  courosa ->  Yes, looking forward to the rich data!
21:10:17  Wendy Drexler ->  Was a link posted earlier for us to follow progress?
21:10:30  dougsymington ->   http://ltc.umanitoba.ca:83/wiki/Connectivism
21:10:32  courosa ->  I didn’t do anything logistical until day 1 of my course. 🙂
21:10:46  Wendy Drexler ->  Thank you!  🙂
21:11:03  fceblog ->  Thank you all.
21:11:06  courosa ->  gnite all, go Riders!
21:11:06  topsail_pirate ->  Looking forward to this course
21:11:45  Bronst ->  so exciting – on so many levels – feel like I have to be there as a moment in history
21:12:08  Downes ->  Thanks, that was fun
21:12:32  dougsymington ->  ty Stephen, and all — great show
21:12:37  Cathy E ->  Great minds! 
21:12:38  Bronst ->  bravo Leigh – am on my first activites today for your course
21:13:04  JL ->  Thanks all – audio should be up in a few hours at https://edtechtalk.net/EdTechTalk81

connectivism, stephen downes

EdTechTalk #80 with Tom Wood, cyber safety advocate

EdTechTalk #80 with cyber safety advocate, Tom Wood
a 16 year old who helped change govt policy in Oz

December 13, 2007

20:52:51 dave -> hey folks
20:53:03 derrallgq -> hi everyone, need to get rid of that q
20:56:25 derrallg -> i hear the stream
20:58:27 SteveMadsenOz -> twitter: social linking not thinking
20:59:22 DS -> Hi Joyce
20:59:28 joycevalenza -> hey!
20:59:36 derrallg -> @SteveMadsenOz – I feel like it does make me concise thou
21:00:14 joycevalenza -> Tom, this native thing is divisive
21:02:08 dave -> hey dudes
21:02:25 derrallg -> hi dave
21:06:28 euphoniac -> hi room
21:06:34 jeff -> http://www.netalert.gov.au/
21:06:44 dave -> heyz
21:06:54 dave -> everyone have the audio?
21:07:09 euphoniac -> sounds good here
21:07:11 derrallg -> stream sounds good
21:07:20 SteveMadsenOz -> press one of listen links below chat area
21:07:48 dave -> 🙂
21:08:11 euphoniac -> how old is tom?
21:08:17 Tom Wood -> 16:)
21:08:35 euphoniac -> excellent… talk about interesting learning environment
21:09:51 derrallg -> http://thewoodverdict.blogspot.com/
21:10:55 joycevalenza -> Tom, would you have found some allies among your teachers and librarians before?
21:11:11 euphoniac -> cyberia…
21:11:54 dave -> I see you joyce 🙂
21:12:00 joycevalenza -> 🙂
21:12:01 derrallg -> @euphoniac yes I made interesting connection to it too
21:12:01 SteveMadsenOz -> Many parents can’t fly a video machine let alone a computer system
21:12:02 euphoniac -> Hi Cathy
21:12:19 Cathy E -> Hello All
21:12:24 dave -> yoyo
21:12:54 derrallg -> Hi Cathy
21:14:42 joycevalenza -> I just wish we could work on this in a non-adversarial manner
21:14:51 euphoniac -> Tom, how involved are your parents in your personaly internet life?
21:15:00 DS -> Hi Cathy
21:15:29 joycevalenza -> Are non-educators making many of these decisions?
21:16:01 DS -> HI Sarah
21:16:53 dave -> too often here
21:17:11 derrallg -> @joyce in my district I think they are/IT people oversee and we contact them to unblock
21:17:20 joycevalenza -> Tom, you are the poster boy for today’s intellectual freedom but we need to make your cause "cleaner"
21:17:54 SteveMadsenOz -> is there a device that is most effective in carrying out teenage cyber bullying?
21:18:06 euphoniac -> @tom: I wish you could talk to every parent in my school
21:18:19 joycevalenza -> No technology can do what communication can
21:18:25 Sarah S -> Hi. We have lots of filter issues, and have to go to the IT person to get things unblocked. Their big issue is that they have to unblock for the whole k-12 district at the same time.
21:18:54 euphoniac -> <— Bradley
21:18:55 joycevalenza -> We are like the little boy with a finger in the dike
21:18:58 euphoniac -> in NY
21:19:05 dave -> listen to this
21:20:02 Cathy E -> WOW
21:20:11 dave -> no kidding
21:20:25 derrallg -> we fall further and further behind in the US
21:20:29 euphoniac -> which presidential candidate here wants to take that on?
21:20:39 joycevalenza -> good question
21:21:01 SteveMadsenOz -> Oz Fed govt is collecting suggestions from all education sectors currently
21:21:30 euphoniac -> literacy… what a novel concept
21:22:15 SteveMadsenOz -> Oz schools will need wireless infrastructure to cope with the laptops (and technicians)
21:22:27 joycevalenza -> or make learning too compelling to leave
21:22:29 joycevalenza -> we do
21:23:50 SteveMadsenOz -> the State of Victoria has been giving computers to Victorian teachers for years. Has not happened in other Oz states.
21:26:55 euphoniac -> How can we justify giving laptops to kids without educating parents as well?
21:33:15 SteveMadsenOz -> emperors has no clothes?
21:33:34 euphoniac -> children’s story… "The Emperor’s new cloths"
21:34:34 jeff -> emporer would be blocked by the filter then
21:34:59 dave -> d
21:34:59 dave -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emperor’s_New_Clothes
21:34:59 dave -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emperor’s_New_Clothes
21:34:59 dave -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emperor’s_New_Clothes
21:34:59 dave -> figure of speach from the story
21:37:15 euphoniac -> people are the solution… AMEN
21:37:46 DS -> indeed
21:38:40 euphoniac -> tom, do you feel that teachers can have an adaquate understanding of the internet to effectively control the internet environment of their students, and if so, how do we educate them?
21:38:45 jeff -> http://thewoodverdict.blogspot.com/
21:40:23 joycevalenza -> good luck on the exams, Tom
21:41:19 joycevalenza -> what is safe?
21:43:16 joycevalenza -> looks like it
21:43:30 derrallg -> the needs seem immense
21:44:16 euphoniac -> where’s the parent’s internet primer?
21:44:28 Durff -> we write it
21:44:36 Durff -> we present it
21:44:54 derrallg -> i offered to help my parents with a presentation and 2 out of 60 responded
21:45:28 Durff -> why do parents need to understand?
21:45:51 Durff -> i had 2 as well
21:45:52 derrallg -> they don’t follow any guidelines like having the computer in a family area
21:46:06 Durff -> those kids are miles ahead of the others
21:47:06 Durff -> ah – the great joyce valenza is here
21:47:07 euphoniac -> Should Teachers and Students friend each other?
21:47:14 Durff -> i hear her
21:47:19 derrallg -> yes
21:47:37 Durff -> that woman is a great mind
21:48:16 Durff -> plus she teaches in Springfield District – where my dad and step-mom lived
21:49:14 SteveMadsenOz -> Will cyber safety concerns detract us from teaching pedagogies?
21:49:22 derrallg -> i hadn’t thought about the kids worrying about being disconnected
21:49:35 Durff -> no steve
21:50:02 Durff -> teach the tech skills thru the cybersafety content
21:50:09 derrallg -> I think of cyber safety beginning with how to use search engines
21:50:19 Durff -> yes
21:50:32 Durff -> and the faculty need to learn too
21:50:54 Durff -> i have had enough of searching spiders for today
21:51:11 Durff -> sci teacher told kids to google
21:51:25 euphoniac -> filtering assumes the internet is unidirectional
21:51:34 Durff -> i led them to identify keywords and use SIRs
21:52:03 Durff -> that is why filtering doesn’t work
21:52:07 Cathy E -> I am tied to the Internet and I am VERY old
21:52:14 euphoniac -> Digital Native Vs. Digital imigrant Vs. Digital Tourist…
21:52:27 Durff -> no Cathy – you are very young
21:52:49 Durff -> digital alien here – illegal alien
21:53:01 derrallg -> 🙂
21:53:05 SteveMadsenOz -> do digital natives know how to deal with cyber bullying?
21:53:06 euphoniac -> no paperwork durff?
21:53:12 joycevalenza -> It’s so not an age thing
21:53:16 Durff -> no they don’t
21:53:20 joycevalenza -> I want EVERYONE to love me
21:53:30 Durff -> i love you
21:53:35 joycevalenza -> thanks, lisa
21:53:38 euphoniac -> digital natives might know HOW to deal with it… but Digital Tourists don’t even have to deal with it
21:53:50 derrallg -> i avoid conflict after so many years of email misunderstandings
21:53:51 Durff -> paperwork?
21:53:52 joycevalenza -> but we are also natives
21:53:53 dave -> grr… digital natives!
21:53:56 dave -> grrrr…
21:54:24 derrallg -> yes dave there it is again popping up in your webcast
21:54:32 dave -> always.
21:57:11 euphoniac -> Tom in ’08
21:57:13 SteveMadsenOz -> hacking -> media exaggeration
21:57:23 derrallg -> @tom http://protecht.wikispaces.com/
21:58:02 Durff -> 5 days to vacation
21:58:15 derrallg -> i have another week 🙁
21:58:23 Durff -> i’m ssorry
21:58:25 euphoniac -> 6 school days here
21:58:49 fang -> darn, sounds like I missed the fun
21:59:05 Durff -> i second the motion
21:59:30 Durff -> educon2.0?
21:59:53 jeff -> raw recording will be available as soon as we wrap
21:59:56 derrallg -> is that in Phili?
22:00:33 Durff -> bye tom
22:00:45 Durff -> yes derrall
22:00:56 Durff -> educon is at SLA
22:01:04 Durff -> in Philly
22:01:11 derrallg -> thanks
22:01:24 derrallg -> i don’t enough cheese steaks
22:01:31 derrallg -> eat
22:01:33 jeff -> http://comingofage.blip.tv/
22:01:51 derrallg -> jeff are you setting up for NECC?
22:02:03 Durff -> who said i’m over 20?
22:02:13 Durff -> pooh
22:02:35 Cathy E -> careful
22:02:37 derrallg -> Steal this Book was a great book by AH
22:02:58 derrallg -> me
22:03:11 Durff -> me?
22:03:25 derrallg -> going to NECC to stream
22:03:26 Durff -> oh, i get it
22:03:33 Durff -> so i must be old
22:03:43 derrallg -> no i’m old
22:03:50 Durff -> i’m older
22:04:33 Durff -> thank you
22:04:39 Durff -> adios all
22:04:53 derrallg -> bye everyone thanks for a great show
22:04:54 Cathy E -> night all
22:05:07 jeff -> http://ustream.tv/channel/edtechtalk-video
22:05:12 jeff -> archive of the show there
22:05:34 fang -> that would be sweet – tks
22:05:52 fang -> sweet dreams
22:05:59 DS -> take care all
22:06:12 jeff -> exact link: http://ustream.tv/recorded/au1qZguZAp37pIaQsbxKS68pa3k2rY3j
22:06:26 jeff -> we’ll edit it and post on Edtechtalk.com soon
22:06:30 jeff -> thanks all
22:06:35 jeff -> Good night from Bow

Dave_Cormier, tom wood