Week#6 MOOCast – August 3, 2011

Participants: Maria Droujkova, Rob DarrowJoel Josephson, Rebecca Hogue, Alison Snieckus, Chahira Nouira, & Jeff Lebow

Topics discussed include PLN’s, MOOC wiki page, depth of social media.

Chat Log Below

11:12  jefflebow: http://aplanet-project.org/

11:18  jefflebow: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massive_open_online_course

11:20  jefflebow: http://mathfuture.wikispaces.com/events

11:22  Chahira Nouira: Hi everyone

11:22  Chahira Nouira: I can not join the hangout but try to follow here

11:23  jefflebow: Hello Chahira

11:23  Chahira Nouira: since you are talking about maths

11:23  Chahira Nouira: Hi Jeff πŸ™‚

11:23  jefflebow: try refreshing your G+ profile page (or mine)

11:24  jefflebow: hopefully you’ll see ‘join this hangout’ link

11:24  Chahira Nouira: (I meant I cannot not because of google but because I am working on smth else πŸ™‚ so just a lurker again this time, but hopefully will join next week )

11:25  Chahira Nouira: I wanted to share a link to http://planetmath.org/

11:26  RobDarrow: Thanks, Chahira

11:26  Chahira Nouira: You are welcome!

11:33  RobDarrow: Interesting discussion about continuum of structure in MOOCs.  Can a MOOC be too structured?

11:38  Rebecca: OK.. I’m trying aga.

11:38  Rebecca: My phonei rining ..jst a set

11:39  Joel: Got it

11:40  Rebecca: Hi Chahira

11:41  RobDarrow: Joel – the Google group for the EduMooc is: http://groups.google.com/group/edumooc

11:45  Joel: Thank you Rob

11:47  Joel: EU_Educators http://www.facebook.com/groups/EUEducators/

11:47  Rebecca: No..

11:47  Rebecca: what is it?

11:49  jefflebow: http://www.elearnspace.org/blog/2011/07/30/losing-interest-in-social-media-there-is-no-there-there/

11:49  Rebecca: A lack depth

11:53  RobDarrow: Certain online tools lend themselves to deeper academic discussions

11:53  RobDarrow: I like what Rebecca said…the deeper you to in a topic, the smaller your network becomes…is that what you said Rebecca?

11:53  Rebecca: Pretty much

11:54  Rebecca: The article on open education talked aboutdifferent types of people … some are shareers.

11:57  Rebecca: I wish I had the creativity to do game based stuff … I just don’t seem to have the mind forit.

jefflebow: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hbgcgahdbgbdenffckohanhobdcnkoip

Alison Snieckus, Chahira Nouira, Jeff Lebow, Joel Josephson, Maria Droujkova, PLN, Rebecca Hogue, Rob Darrow, edumooc, mooc

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