COOLCast Discussion about Digital Identities with Bonnie Stewart

 COOLCast Discussion about Digital Identities with Bonnie Stewart
May 22, 2012

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From Bonnie's Blog
Digital Identities: Six Key Selves of Networked Publics

#change11: fleshing out the digital selves in practice (complete with augmented identity crisis)

Bonnie Stewart, change11, digital identities

COOLCast – January 10, 2012

Participants: Ben Samuels, Carol Yeager, Vanessa Vaile, Stephen Downes, Karen Scarlett, & Jeff Lebow

Topics: Blackboard’s ‘Openness’ vs Moodle’s Cost Effectiveness, Reflections on CMC11, Cyberbullying, & Calgary Weather

Part 2

Part 1

Next Coolcast: January 18/19 0300GMT (global times:   details)

Ben Samuels, Jeff Lebow, Karen Scarlett, Vanessa Vaile, blackboard, carol yeager, cyberebullying, stephen downes

COOLCast Nov. 2, 2011 – Where is the Change?

November 2, 2011

, Jeff Lebow
 Getting to know TimWhere is the change in
?,  Interactivity in MOOC’s, The Magic of DS106,
Interactive Presentation options, How best to tune in to blog comments,
the Canvas
alternative, and plans for a Wowza date

carolyeager: Greetings Jeff
scottlo: okay if I patch the audio through to ds106radio?
scottlo: done
Stephen Downes: hola
scottlo: Hey Stephen
Downes: hi again
wayupnorth: Hello Stephen
carolyeager: Hello Stephen … hope you are fit and fiddle again
Markuos: Markuos: made it Jeff
Downes: yeah… but it turns out the much vaunted insurance doesn’t
cover the cost of my stolen cameras
carolyeager: Drat .. not even extended home insurance?
Downes: and.,.. actually, I still have the nasty cold I caught in NYC
Downes: Worst. Trip. Ever.
carolyeager: πŸ™
JL: Hangout at:
carolyeager: @Jim .. glad to see the fights were successful πŸ™‚
carolyeager: oops flights
wayupnorth: yes, I made it to Yellowknife – hope I have a better trip
than @Downes
wayupnorth: gotta run for a headset
carolyeager: And what a couch!
scottlo: UMW was recently mentioned in relation to campus wide WP
blogging, can Tim talk to that?
Stephen Downes: Looks like the sound problems my office computer has
with Google Hangout still persist
JL: Plan B computer availabie?  Very much hope you can join in.
carolyeager: Love the energy happening …
wayupnorth: I saw the recording of the session with Stephen &
George and it was great
Stephen Downes: bleah… Hangout doesn’t detect the iSight cameraon my
carolyeager: Variety of offerings is a good thing!
wayupnorth: exciting to see change in the making
carolyeager: Hmmm, Stephen .. maybe it jas caught your physical malady?
Stephen Downes: yeah
wayupnorth: I think we ought to fundraise and get Stephen a netbook πŸ™‚
Stephen Downes: well it’s ridiculous
Stephen Downes: my home computer does all this stuff just fine
scottlo: is video conference a practical communicaton model/mode for
such a large number of participants
carolyeager: Hoe is where the heart is … and a broader functioning
Stephen Downes: No backstory on my side..
Stephen Downes: “wants to own everything he’s doing??????”
Stephen Downes: b^%$^%&^
Stephen Downes: He *still* hasn’t recognized that Google Chat simply
doesn’t work on my office computer
carolyeager: Maybe a more gentle entry into broader and more varied
choices would be good
Stephen Downes: It’s not that I don’t *want* to use it, it’s that IT
wayupnorth: Is there a possibility of reconciliation? It was an
excellent  method for the friday session
Stephen Downes: so he should stop saying ‘oh he wants to own everything
and doesn’t want to use it…’
carolyeager: I se that Stephen neds voice!!!
carolyeager: Needs voice …
JL: Join hangout at:
Stephen Downes:
Stephen: trying again
Stephen Downes: got ‘call error’
wayupnorth: @stephen – we see you joining, then dissappearing – no
video, only a white window
scottlo: Yes, but Jeff isn’t there an upper limit to how many
participants can be involved in video conference?
Stephen Downes: it keeps saying “It seems you are already in the video
call” – which of course I’m not
JL: perhaps a browser restart?
scottlo: Carolyn makes an excellent point about different needs and
audiences and which type of tech to use!!
wayupnorth: @JL – did you say you could skype Stephen in – I know he’s
tried over and over to use G+
scottlo: just lost it on the EdTechTalk site – anyone else?
Markuos: yeah me too
wayupnorth: I still have chat, but am watching G+
Markuos: got things back again now
wayupnorth: But that planning discussion is a great view on how things
are developed
carolyeager: I think irt is great to open the tesgting to all which is
what I have b=seen so far in MOOCdom
carolyeager: the actual contiuous use may or may not work and that is
fine too
Tim Owens: I will say for the record I understand why people love
Elluminate and it has its place
carolyeager: sometimes, the variety is disconcerting to the
participants and it takes time i= to introduce new tech features to
keep the participants engaged … IMHO
carolyeager: Yes, the audio in Backboard is terrible!
carolyeager: Yes, Tim, it does, and so do additional options … all in
their time and place
carolyeager: And I am one person on a laptop running a MOOC with not as
large a group as Change .. and I do need some stability as I have
noplace else to turn.
carolyeager: It would be reay good to have abroad exchange of
perspectives and analysis among the variety of offerings and
Tim Owens: Everything is a balance of cost/effort/time. Which you have
more of determines what you might do.
carolyeager: Yes, Stephen, it is … the variety and individual
peculiarities are difficult to manuever around and still present a good
learing experience
carolyeager: So far, I am stilllearning .. even as the old dog in the
MOOCsphere …
Tim Owens: Sounds like a lot of this is still on the horizon, it will
be interesting to see Change develop
JL: hangout at:
wayupnorth: I think we need to enjoy Change11 from the position of
being part of something very interesting as it develops
Markuos: I sure am excepting of the process – It is messy – I’m having
problems myself #change11
Markuos: Problems help with my learning process
Markuos: #change11 sure is engaging for me
Tim Owens: Lack of absolutes is a great quality to have in an onine
course. Part of why I wrote the post. Elluminate sounded like an
absolute at that point, which was dissapointing to me.
Tim Owens: But I certainly understand that when things are on fire you
don’t need to learn how to develop a new method of putting out fires.
You need water!
wayupnorth: The process is a tremendoul learning tool – but if
participants expect content delivery (course) they will experience
scottlo: six listeners on ds106 radio – I’ll try to join hangout in a
few minutes
Tim Owens: ds106 has a problem with filtering as well, lots coming out
of the firehose. πŸ™‚
carolyeager: It takes an inordinate amount of time .. and I have no lfe!
carolyeager: beyond MOOCs right now
Giulia: Radio, livestream, google hangout I can’t decide where I should
Giulia: πŸ™‚
scottlo: The Forsythe is in the house
Giulia: hello LO
carolyeager: Yes, it was magical and it often depends upon the
carolyeager: a critical mass of creatove entities is more than helpful
carolyeager: I think the vaiety od weekly topics tends to limit a
caryover of commentary
wayupnorth: commenting is fragmented – some comments are on blogs and
some comments on blogs exist only in grsshopper
JL: Hangout at:
scottlo: Forsythe, you jump in the hangout and tell ’em what you think
Giulia: Yes, WordPress made a big difference
carolyeager: Exactly!  The grading factor does tend to push
Giulia: we were able to comment to each other, quote and link and it
made connections through pingbacks
carolyeager: Hello Giulia
wayupnorth: lost stephen’s last bit of audio
Tim Owens: I didn’t realize trackbacks were a WordPress feature?
scottlo: Is it possible to ignore the criticism – especially if it will
come no matter what you do?
Tim Owens: We have to dream right?
wayupnorth: I’ve thought of copying comments from grsshopper to my blog
manually, but it would appear as my comment, not the one who originally
wrote it.  Could include the info in a text intro.
wayupnorth: But I don’t see nearly all the grsshopper comment
wayupnorth: YES! Carol
Tim Owens: Cogdog’s 50 ways to tell a story
Giulia: tim, u mean trackbacks were ONLY a wp feature?
Tim Owens: I thought that’s what you were saying? That because of
wordpress you get those trackbacks. I had thought other blogging
platforms could ping back
Giulia: they don’t play together
wayupnorth: Change is more about ideas, while ds106 had a greater
emphasis on tools
Giulia: blogger tracks to blogger but not to wordpress (it seems to me
Tim Owens: gotcha
Giulia: and typepd and posterous and …
carolyeager: Good point Jim … ideas and tools would be a nice mix
scottlo: Good point on informal small discussion Jeff –
carolyeager: And the conversations byeond the presentatins in a
synchronous venue is also a wonderful learning opportunity
wayupnorth: PLENK10 gave me the start I needed to make sense of moocs –
a nice mix of tools and ideas – or perhaps that was just the
connections I made
carolyeager: Yes, that is the interactive presenttion I referred to
earlier (Nancy’s) with the integral interactivity
wayupnorth: I’ve got to run – this has been enlightening – look forward
to seeing the rest of the recording
Giulia: bye wayupnorth!
JL: belated bye Jim
carolyeager: ttfn Jim …
scottlo: Tim you can share some examples of Canvas being used at UMW at
some point on blog or twitter???
Tim Owens: Definitely, still early days so we’ll know more in the
Spring after a full semester I think.
Tim Owens: My wife is going to get jealous with all these dates
jefflebow: Thanks all

Giulia Forsythe, Jeff Lebow, Jim Stauffer, OER, Tim Owens, blackboard, canvas, carol yeager, change11, coolcast, edtech, mooc, stephen downes

COOLCast – October 5, 2011

Topics: platform options for course events, central cores and threads in MOOCs, designed around the loudest shouters, continuity in open learning topics, ‘distributed’ teacher goals vs. learner centralized desires, city tour bus vs. independent roaming, and lots more meandering…

Chat Log Below

Public Chat

Stephen Downes: Hola
jefflebow: Hey Stephen
Jeff: Hangin’ out w/ extras this evening
pgeorge: audio is great
Jeff: Hey Peggy
Helga: sound is fine
Jeff: wanna join in?  Haven’;t ‘hungout’ with you in quite a
Jeff: Hangout link is:  All welcome
pgeorge: good morning!
pgeorge: I have to be a listener today–still recovering from surgery
and can’t sit up yet.
Jeff: we hear you
Jeff: you’re hangout cursed
pgeorge: Hi Vance Steven, Kusa and Helga. Greetings from Phoenix AZ
Jeff: What OS Stephen?
pgeorge: my audio is great in Livestream
Jeff: yeah, I hungup on Skype
Jeff: I suggest – Windows7 audio mixer
Jeff: I mean, volume mixer
Stephen Downes: I am speaking in Skype
Stephen Downes: I have the volume mixer open, I always use it
Stephen Downes: You have me turned down
Vance: are you hearing the stream? because we don’t see you in the
pgeorge: yes
Vance: hi peggy
Vance: we have elluminate through if you need
one in a pinch
pgeorge: I love version 11
Lisa M Lane: aha! hi all
pgeorge: I can’t see the hangout chat
pgeorge: I’m only in ETT
Jeff: If anyone would like to join Hangout, URL is:
pgeorge: Joyce Valdez or Valenza?
pgeorge: πŸ™‚
Lisa M Lane: cleaning my desk while we chat –  I blame the web
for this
Vance: This is the edtech crew podcast with Joyce Valenza
pgeorge: thanks for link Vance
pgeorge: Publish is great but isn’t working well with version 11 yet
pgeorge: I have Publish
Vance: thanks Peggy
Lisa M Lane: I’m thinking we should download and convert old sessions
Vance: I want to podcast recent learning2gether episodes
Vance: you can see I’ve done a bunch already
Vance: but not the latest ones
pgeorge: I could help Vance if you’re using v 10–Publish isn’t working
with v 11
Vance: I’ll check that, and thanks
pgeorge: LearnCentral is going away
pgeorge: I record in v 11 Blackboard Collaborate then re-record with
SnapzProX to upload to
 Lisa M Lane: I’ll have to try that – I have Snapz
Lisa M Lane: I need to be able to record G+
Vance: my video froze in the coolcast
Lisa M Lane: Vance, mine does that if the connection tries anything else
Lisa M Lane: sounds like real world interaction to me
pgeorge: SnapsProworks great for recording G+
retsam: how did you check the tag? by Googling?
Jeff: used to be technorati
retsam: cool
 retsam: very smart.
pgeorge: can you use posterous to share?
Vance: sorry? Posterous to share?
Vance: sorry I was looking away from this window πŸ™‚
pgeorge: for Jeff
Vance: oh, yes, posterous as a means for community sharing?
pgeorge: yes
Vance: small to medium
pgeorge: yes-town hall meetings–great brainstorming re
giudelines/policies for the community
pgeorge: is Jenny posting comments in hangout?
Vance: yes
Vance: but they are reading them
Jeff: Jenny Ankenbauer: For example, my course is for women who are
working through issues of relocating to Turkey, seeking political
asylum. Pretty specific discussions as a vehicle to learn English. So ho
pgeorge: thanks Jeff
retsam: anyone thought about brainwashing in a MOOC?
retsam: I am here. Carol.
retsam: lol
retsam: the blocked list in China is very long – many good sites are
pgeorge: what a great tool to know about
retsam: lol
pgeorge: ipadio is great for audio bligging
pgeorge: bligging is a new term πŸ™‚ hard to type laying on my side by
my computer πŸ™‚
retsam: πŸ™‚
Lisa M Lane: eyejot
Lisa M Lane:
pgeorge: you can choose which notifications you want on G+
carolyeager: Hi Sam πŸ™‚
retsam: hi Carol
pgeorge: have you seen that site–Is it just me? πŸ™‚
retsam: which site?
pgeorge: let’s you check if the website is down for everyone or just
your πŸ™‚
retsam: lol.
 Jeff: Love that site Peggy. thx
pgeorge: πŸ™‚
pgeorge: I like the way you’re streaming Hangout with images on the
side, Jeff. The floating message doesn’t cover the images. πŸ™‚
pgeorge: hahahaha
pgeorge: there’s no such thing as getting caught up either!
pgeorge: great analogy about fishing
pgeorge: same is true about exploring new tools–you can’t possibly
“keep up” with them all and shouldn’t expect to
 Lisa M Lane: can we no longer affect other people’s microphones?
pgeorge: another great conversation! thanks everyone!
pgeorge: great summation Vance! πŸ™‚
pgeorge: so true Stephen
pgeorge: Phoenix AZ 8:51am
jefflebow: Thanks Peggy – sending you healing vibes from Busan
Stephen Downes: I’m getting a Google Ad popover
pgeorge: thanks!!!
pgeorge: only small popup ads I can close–not intrusive
pgeorge: an AZ colleague πŸ™‚
pgeorge: you don’t have to use slides inCollaborate πŸ™‚
pgeorge: bye all
Stephen Downes: right!


Stephen Downes: Hiya
Lisa M Lane: is livestream chat at
Stephen Downes joined group chat.
Lisa M Lane: ’cause I’m not seeing video there
Stephen Downes: Hiya again
Lisa M Lane: hey
Stephen Downes: one moment
I hear you fine
Jeff Lebow:
carol yeager: text chat is fine in the hangout
Jenny Ankenbauer: I am here. I am muted. My camera is off because I
didn’t know the dress code! Hello all. I am hanging out.
Jeff Lebow: no dress code  Chime in whenever you like
carol yeager: hi Jenny
Jenny Ankenbauer: What does that look in a diagram?
Kate Robbins: what about Google Circles
w/google groups
Jenny Ankenbauer: I’d resist…
carol yeager: and she has cross-pollinated with CMC11 in one topic area
it happened to dovetail into a discussion topic I had started …
worked so nicely
Jenny Ankenbauer: Push or pull? That is the question as i see it.
The push is the right of the members. The pull can be an intrusion or a
sharing…depending on the individual.
Jenny Ankenbauer: For example, my course is for women who are working
through issues of relocating to Turkey, seeking political asylum.
Pretty specific discussions as a vehicle to learn English. So how would
I allow others to enter in the community without that background
knowledge or community commitment and/or approval?
I have I don’t know why my mic is out.
Jenny Ankenbauer: It helps, but I want to be selfish with my students
comments, but want them to access Jeff’s stuff!
Who read the article on multitask or cognitive load?
You will all be fried too soon! Oh my!
Jenny Ankenbauer: The firewall thing” is in Turkey too. I never know
from week to week when bliptv or youtube or even Vimeo is out. Google
sites is a never, and once in a while Google docs goes away…we limp
by with proxy’s or asking for duplicate venues to post materials.
Kate Robbins: not yet
Jenny Ankenbauer: That is really not acceptable…not that I am a real
stickler but I could loose all my rights immediately. So I agree with
Stephen not to encourage anything.
I use NING. I have a website that I am using as a companion site. Ning
works with Google docs too. Why? I don’t know why feeding Google Docs
through NiNG works around Tr. Block.
What is the url for ping?
I need that.
Jeff Lebow:
Jenny Ankenbauer: OHHHHH
carol yeager: Lisa .. was that ijive?
Lisa M Lane: eyejot
carol yeager: thx, Lisa
Vance Stevens: I forgot I was muted
Jeff Lebow: we hear you Jenny
Kate Robbins: Introducing my partner/husband, David
and showhing him coolcast
I want him to join Change 11
Jenny Ankenbauer: I either have voice or ears…which should it be?
What is better for me? An online ditty.
carol yeager:  @ Jenny
Jeff Lebow: you can also listen to us at
Jenny Ankenbauer: Jeff, what are you streaming? TR has blocked you!
21/09/0201 tarih ve 2011/3177 This is your sentence. Here is the court
you were tried in.
Kate Robbins: spam and farming for sure
Jenny Ankenbauer: Jeff I have no idea why Edtalk was blocked as of
9/21. I’ll find out by asking my friends at the Embassy. I am sure it
is a mistake. What a bummer for me.I’ll send you a screen shot. via
Jeff Lebow: livestream. Bummer. How about the audio only
icecast below?
Jenny Ankenbauer: No sound or mic so I guess I’ll try next week. I did
hope to share with the group some ideas I have on how collaboration for
one is cooperation for another, and according to the readings this
week, w/o metacognition it is single loop learning as Senge would say.
Why would we talk about collective learning without metacognition. I’ve
more to read and learn…see you all collectively on Friday. Mereble.
Jenny Ankenbauer left group chat.
carol yeager: bye Jenny
look forward to hearing/reading your thoughts
Kate Robbins: educators trying to get an “A”
like doctors being terrible patients
Kate Robbins: But you’re dealing with people who have spent their lives
learning & teaching the guided method.
Kate Robbins: helpful, thank you

Jeff Lebow, Jenny Ankenbauer, Kate Robbins, Lisa Lane, Vance Stevens, carol yeager, change11, coolcast, mooc, stephen downes

COOLCast#1 – September 14, 2011


Collaborative Open Online

14, 2011

M Lane
, Jeff Lebow

Next Scheduled COOLCast – Sept. 21 1400GMT global times

  • Lisa M Lane  Good morning (or whatever)
  • Kate Robbins  Hi sll:)
  • ASTM Student Members  Hi guys, I don’t have a web
    cam but I’m
    listening in
  • ASTM Student Members  I only have earphones πŸ™‚
  • Kate Robbins  She broke up – didn’t hear the
  • Kate Robbins  but I friended in google circle –
    shall I go
    there to
    join ?
  • pgeorge  Hi all-just eavesdropping on your
    wonderful event!
    Saw it
    on the ETT calendar. Great to see you all
  • mrsdurff  oh working on video – must close this –
  • Kate Robbins  I just signed and friended about 30
  • Kate Robbins  I have Jeff up on my google page
  • Kate Robbins  yes
  • Kate Robbins  maybe under Trudy
  • Kate Robbins  yes;)
  • Kate Robbins  part of the evomlit
  • pgeorge  Vance, let me know if you ever need help
    Elluminate/Blackboard Collaborate events. I have a Publish license.
  • pgeorge  hearing everyone great πŸ™‚
  • pgeorge  go Mac!!
  • ASTM Student Members  I LUV Screencast-o-matic
  • pgeorge  that streaming banner across the bottom
    covers about
    of your faces πŸ™
  • pgeorge  MOOC Cast superstar–Lisa Lane πŸ™‚ Nice
  • ASTM Student Members  The audio is great, but the
    video is
  • Lisa M Lane  I think the audio depends on your
    connection and
    connections of the individuals on cam
  • ASTM Student Members  I hear a little echo but
    this is
  • pgeorge  both audio and video are coming through
    great for me
    but I
    have a direct ethernet connection with great bandwidth
  • pgeorge  wow! one talk/interview with Dan PInk
    about all 4 of
  • pgeorge
  • pgeorge  thanks for tweeting that link Vance
  • pgeorge  it’s really interesting to watch Jeff’s
    face change
    each of the words he was using to describe the course–frowns with the
    control words and smiles/big eyes with the open terms πŸ™‚
  • gsiemens  those are the best courses, Lisa πŸ™‚
  • pgeorge  HI George πŸ™‚
  • Lisa M Lane
  • pgeorge  thanks! always feel like I’m missing
    something when
    are 2 chat rooms (I am…)
  • Vance  ok, found it, Hi Peggy
  • pgeorge  HI Vance πŸ™‚
  • pgeorge  @Vance-did you see my earlier message
  • ASTM Student Members  Is this BuddyPress?
  • ASTM Student Members  WPTavern is a great forum
    for BuddyPress
  • pgeorge  I really like the title and sub-title for
    your site!
  • Vance  can anyone reach this blog post or is it
    truly down
  • pgeorge  I had no problem reaching that post Vance
  • Vance  I’ll use my vpn then
  • pgeorge  Easy classroom blogging with Posterous??
  • pgeorge  came through fine
  • Kate Robbins  no problem with that link, Vance,
    but it did
    my screen
  • Kate Robbins  This sounds like Vance’s strucutre
  • pgeorge  must just be a bit bandwidth intensive
    with this
    livestream/hangout running simultaneously
  • Kate Robbins  It’s interesting so many feel so
    via an LMS
  • pgeorge  I love that model–12 weeks/12 weeks
  • pgeorge  that is the classic struggle for
    almost everyone! structured learning vs open learning. Still looking
    for the prof to structure their learning
  • Kate Robbins  That’s the US School System –
    administration has
    have the oversight
  • pgeorge  ummmm–oversight = control πŸ™‚
  • Kate Robbins  or saving their jobs:)
  • Lisa M Lane  oddly, if your class is open, they
    can oversight
    they want
  • Lisa M Lane  but they want the stats maybe
  • pgeorge  probably right Lisa–stats…
  • pgeorge  I think Posterous provides a fantastic
    tool for this
  • Kate Robbins  Which is very difficult for the
    who grew up with structure
  • pgeorge  exactly Kate!
  • pgeorge  so true–Google has so many tools
    integrated for the
    entire experience
  • Kate Robbins  important for grants and funding
  • Kate Robbins  Where are you, Jeff?
  • Vanessa  but welcome to those of us who grew up
    resisting the
  • Kate Robbins  Is Arnold included? LOL
  • Vance  hi vanessa
  • Vanessa  hello all –
  • Vanessa  no sound just text
  • morteza barin  hello everybody
  • Lisa M Lane  you can join us in Google + hangout
    if you are
    to Jeff Lebow
  • Lisa M Lane  Vanessa, are you here via
  • Vanessa  I’m finding higher ed faculty is as
    resistant to
    as admin: they characterize open learning as content without learning
    (eg no active ‘teaching’)
  • Vance  what about active learning?
  • Vanessa  I got Lisa’s FB msg and am her via that
  • Lisa M Lane  ooooh, I must remember that – OER
    might be
    without teaching
  • Vanessa  Some find active learning threatening
  • Lisa M Lane  Vanessa, find Jeff LeBow through G+
  • pgeorge  hard to keep track of all of the MOOCs πŸ™‚
  • Vanessa  I replied by saying take one of these
    before passing
  • Jeff Lebow: would you like to join Vanessa?
  • Kate Robbins  yes – mentorship finds itself
  • Kate Robbins  just not appointed
  • Vanessa  Yes, George it is… comforting that even
    a moocuru
    find it so
  • Vanessa  I agree Kate – many is the time I have
    gone mentor
  • pgeorge  community means you have to take some
    responsibility for contributing to the community–not just completing
  • Vanessa  because what was offered did not suit
  • Jeff Lebow: hangout invite sent Vanessa
  • ralenefriend  Hello all
  • pgeorge  hi ralenefriend πŸ™‚ welcome
  • Lisa M Lane  Hi Ralene!
  • Vanessa  cooperative also means (to some)
    relinquishing control
  • Vanessa  hi Ralene
  • Lisa M Lane  or switching to a different kind of
  • Vance  that’s a really good point, Kate, I’ll
    formalizing the mentorship relationship in future courses
  • Kate Robbins  It might save your time, Vance!
  • Kate Robbins  guess it relplaces the old model of
    team /
  • pgeorge  the concept of aggregating using tags is
    important–not just tracking/monitoring but aggregating
  • pgeorge  hahaha–grasshoppers for dummies!
  • Vanessa  Having done both, I think voluntary (and
    works better than old team / partner model w/ those imposed top down
  • pgeorge can handle individual blog posts
    but haven’t
    tried a page with rss feeds
  • Kate Robbins  yes @Vanessa I agree
  • pgeorge  I agree @Vanessa–and don’t need to have
    just one
    mentor–community of mentors πŸ™‚
  • Kate Robbins  Hi, by the way:)
  • Lisa M Lane  As a mentor and a mentee, I felt more
    having the connection defined, even loosely.
  • Vanessa  @George – Tags – took me a long time to
    really get
    habit but they have made such a difference. I have Vance and EVO to
  • ASTM Student Members  Love too
  • pgeorge  Bill Zimmerman πŸ™‚ To help educators,, thefree online comic strip generator, has
    launched a Daily Comix Diary Pageoffering many ideas at
  • Vanessa  @Lisa – I agree, maybe it’s something we
    need to work
    on… loose enough to be flexible but clear enough to be useful
  • Vance  here”s the list of epcop mooc recordings
    and upcoming
    sessions, here
  • pgeorge  thanks for the link Vance–have it
    bookmarked from
    earlier email to webheads–very helpful!
  • Vance  coach Carol’s Make Belief change eportfolio
  • pgeorge  interesting distinction between
    collaboration and
    cooperation–not sure I agree
  • Kate Robbins  If  you’re sharing ideas,
    collaborating, no?
  • pgeorge  good explanation Lisa πŸ™‚ that makes sense
  • gjoyce  glenis joyce I’m in eportfolio mooc, great
    great support from Challenge Mentors.
  • ASTM Student Members  Google + question – Jeff how
    come you
    appear at the top, even when you’re speaking
  • ASTM Student Members  now I’m hungry…
  • ASTM Student Members  Jeff, now you’re on top πŸ™‚
  • Kate Robbins  Vance re: Dan Pink – here is the
    link to the TED
    re: motivation
  • Kate Robbins  Dan Pink on the surprising science
    of motivation
  • pgeorge  is it that the “streamer” doesn’t pop up
    to the top
    because of the audio source?
  • Vanessa  @G –  focused vs
    diffused  ~
    collaboration requires cooperation..
  • Vance  yes and this is the link to the interview I
  • Kate Robbins  ok – thanks
  • Vance  he says the intrinsic drivers are the ones
    we should be
    attending to
  • pgeorge  some people don’t trust their intrinsic
    they don’t know enough and want the guidance fromthe experts
  • Michael  I really apprecated folks recommendations
    during the
    eduMOOC regarding Canvas
  • Kate Robbins  drove me crazy in grad school -some
    prof use 1
  • pgeorge  and it’s usually a textbook written by
    that faculty
  • Vanessa  intrinsic / extrinsic – big difference in
    where a lot has been written about it
  • pgeorge  great first session!!! thank you all for
    your sharing
    transparency! πŸ™‚
  • Vanessa  G+ is still trying to load me to hangout
  • pgeorge  global sweetspot! love it! I’m on Pacific
    time at
    was definitely doable
  • pgeorge  80 viewers on Livestream πŸ™‚ awesome!
  • Vanessa  I’ll listen to the audio later
  • ASTM Student Members  I will spread the word on
    Twitter –
    sent out a few tweets
  • Vanessa  but glad to be here any way I can – great
    sifting of opinions
  • pgeorge  you can try as a more private
    twitter option
    for a
    reluctant group
  • ASTM Student Members  I lost sound and video…
  • pgeorge  me too but just came back
  • ASTM Student Members  back now πŸ™‚
  • Michael  Yes
  • pgeorge  no ads during–just at beginning for me
  • ASTM Student Members  Just a static ad under the
    chat box
  • pgeorge  and a little man in the lower right
    corner a few times
  • Kate Robbins  not in google
  • Kate Robbins  when?
  • ASTM Student Members  Also a slider at the top
  • pgeorge  the static ad is a banner created by Jeff
  • ASTM Student Members  All very non-intrusive
  • pgeorge  yes for me too ASTEM Student Members πŸ™‚
    worked well!
  • Vanessa  another hit for Wolfman Jeff
  • pgeorge  come on Jeff!!!!
  • pgeorge  I’ve been using ETT as the example for
    the powerful
    you can do with Google Hangout streaming for larger group! I love it!
  • Kate Robbins  THank you!
  • pgeorge  thanks everyone!
  • ASTM Student Members  Bye

Jeff Lebow, Kate Robbins, Lisa M Lane, Sanford Arbogast, Vance Stevens, change11, potcert11

EduMOOC 2011 Gradcast

The Final EduMOOC Webcast

August 17, 2011

Participants: Vance Stevens, Lisa M Lane, Alison Snieckus, Osvaldo Rodriguez, Rowan Fairgrove, & Jeff Lebow

Topic: The future of MOOC’s and online education … and acronym alternatives to MOOC, including

   SOOC – Scalable Open Online Course
   MILE – Massive Informal Learning Experience
   COOL – Collaborative Open Online Learning

Chat Log Below

Vance Stevens:

Jeff: Rowan, we are getting clicking noises from you

Lisa M Lane: cafeteria learning

Vance Stevens:

“The formal learning process is irrelevant for meaningful learning”

Lisa M Lane: thanks, Vance — good link

Vance Stevens: In this YouTube video, Siemens says at min 1:13?”Have you ever thought about how completely irrelevant structured learning is?”

Vance Stevens: I have to go, I’ll catch the rest in the podcast

Lisa M Lane: bye Vance

Lisa M Lane: oh, cool


Jeff: Osvaldo’s Survey

Osvaldo Rodriguez: send email to google list

Vance Stevens: The schedule for sundays is here

and my slides for my presentation are at

but I’ve got a new version to upload, so check in a few hours

ok, gotta run, wife will be angry

I’ll here in the podcast, bye

Vance Stevens left group chat.

Osvaldo Rodriguez: true

Lisa M Lane: exactly

Lisa M Lane: so we have MILE – Massive Informal Learning Experience

Lisa M Lane: is it scheduled?

Alison Snieckus: MILE – how fun.

I don’t think it’s scheduled

Alison Snieckus: but rather each person figures out what experiences to pursue

Lisa M Lane: oh, we’d better not get started on edupunk!

Osvaldo Rodriguez: I agree

Osvaldo Rodriguez: agree with lisa

Lisa M Lane: so it’s more inspirational

Osvaldo Rodriguez: i agree with alison.

Lisa M Lane: bye Osvaldo!

Rowan Fairgrove: farewell

Week#5 EduMOOCast – July 27, 2011

Hangout Chat
Rob Darrow: Seven research principles learning…what are they?

John Graves: 30-50% dropout rate in on-line courses.

John Graves: Informal learning different from forced learning.

Rob Darrow: Community College dropout study:

Vance Stevens: let’s do it

John Graves:

John Graves:×350&

Vance Stevens:

Rob Darrow: So wiki to speech could have students respond directly on the wiki with their voices?

John Graves:

John Graves:

Rob Darrow: eportfolio mooc

John Graves: WikiToSpeech.apk

Rob Darrow: Are you a mooc-head?

Rob Darrow: hi rebecca – good to see and hear you!

John Graves:

Hello Rebecca!

Rob Darrow: That is a good point about when the mooc panel talks. I wonder if that would change involvement if panel was on Monday vs. Thursday?

Rob Darrow: Hey Sanford…good to have you here

Sanford Arbogast: is it still raining?

Rebecca Hogue:Complexity theory is in this journal – Educational

Philosophy and Theory, Vol. 40, No. 1


John Graves: stigmergy

Rebecca Hogue: Can MOOCs be used to create “real” knew knowledge …


Vance Stevens:

John Graves:

Yes, new knowledge can be created.

scott lockman: speaking ofcreating new knowledge: may I attempt to pass this audio through to ds106radio?

Jeff Lebow: of course


John Graves: Yes!

Rebecca Hogue: sure

scott lockman: it’s now happening, thx

Sanford Arbogast: do you mean I have new knowledge or we have created a new idea?

knowledge for myself

John Graves: We (together) are discovering what is possible.

John Graves: Summarize, distill …

Rob Darrow: So, Rebecca, sounds like you’re saying the instructor in a f2f course focuses the learner in a direction?

I wonder if there is a connection between contructivism, connectivism and complexity theory?

John Graves: Downes lastweek said to put out a weekly newsletter.

Rebecca Hogue: Do you guys do the panels?

Yes, good question.

Rob Darrow: I have done most of the panels

Rob Darrow: But doing thepanel live with the Twitter back channel is more fun

Rebecca Hogue: Out of curiosity, where is everyone?

Rob Darrow: Hi Maizie

Rebecca Hogue: So cool!

Rob Darrow: Jeff says, use GMT for an international audience for time

Fewer clicks the better, for sure!

Maizie Avihayil: So what time is it GMT?

I got confused

scott lockman: I thought it was SL time – what ever happened to that


Rebecca Hogue: #lrnchat

Maizie Avihayil: I have a daughter in England and 2kids in New zealand

…and I’mtotally confused

John Graves:

Rob Darrow: @Scott … Yeah, SL time!

Sanford Arbogast: yeah i agree

Public Chat

11:10 PM monk51295 hey Jeff. can you say who the people are speaking..

11:11 PM Stafford Tweetdeck and GTalk

11:11 PM Stafford πŸ™‚

11:12 PM monk51295 thank you

11:16 PM jefflebow:

11:16 PM Stafford Yay! Auckland is my Hometown!

11:16 PM monk51295 nice

11:17 PM Stafford So how different is wiki to speech different from text to speech on mac?

11:19 PM Stafford So it is more like a Hypercard stack

11:19 PM Stafford (If you remember using hypercard)

11:19 PM maizie I have 2 kids in Hamilton

11:21 PM Stafford Today’s prsentation on WIKIs an collaborative witing was cancelled at ASIA TEFL Conference πŸ™

11:23 PM jefflebow:×350&

11:24 PM jefflebow:

11:24 PM Stafford can we have the QR code again pls

11:28 PM Stafford got it, now how do I make my phone speak…???

11:29 PM Stafford Yup

11:30 PM Stafford wiki-to-speeh did I ge the app nme right there?

11:31 PM Stafford a link to the .apk woldbe good

11:32 PM Stafford *would be

11:32 PM jefflebow:

11:33 PM Stafford nope – blocked i Korea

11:34 PM Stafford .apk

11:35 PM jefflebow:

11:36 PM jefflebow:

11:38 PM Stafford Got It!

11:40 PM jefflebow: Cool.!topic/edumooc/BgLg6dJK9Co/discussion

11:43 PM Stafford You should hit up google for some seed money

11:43 PM jefflebow: Complexity theory is in this journal – Educational Philosophy and Theory, Vol. 40, No. 1

11:44 PM Stafford They are hot for anything to do with speech to text and vice versa – I believe English Central received some help from Google

11:44 PM jefflebow: stigmergy

11:45 PM jefflebow: Stigmergy is a mechanism of indirect coordination between agents or actions. The principle is that the trace left in the environment by an action stimulates the performance of a next action, by the sa

11:49 PM monk51295 agreed – modeling what you’re wanting learners to do

11:50 PM osvaldo Osvaldo : In All Moocs or EduMOOC

11:52 PM Stafford About to turn into a pumpkin – Goodnight all from wet, rainy Seoul, will be sure to join in at a later date when I’m not in my pajamas πŸ™‚

11:53 PM jefflebow:

11:53 PM jefflebow: ‘night Stafford

11:54 PM osvaldo But Edumooc with No facilitors is nearly non existing

11:54 PM matt montagne hey y’all

11:54 PM jefflebow: Hey Matt

11:55 PM monk51295 maybe that’s what hangouts will allow

11:55 PM matt montagne How do you all bring the MOOC into your day job?? Or do you even try?

11:55 PM matt montagne Hey JL

12:02 AM jefflebow: #lrnchat

12:04 AM jefflebow:

12:07 AM jefflebow:

12:09 AM jefflebow:

12:14 AM clarkshahnelson diigo

complexity theory, edumooc, mooc, text-to-speech

MOOCast – Week#4

MOOCast – Week#4
July 20, 2011

 Participants: Jeff LebowJohn GravesRob DarrowStephen DownesMichael MarzioDr.Nellie Deutsch Muller

John’s Wiki-to-Speech Summary

 Part 1

 Part 2

Part 3

Complete Ustream Recording

 Chat Log Below

Rob Darrow: i noticed, Jeff and figured I was too noisy …
Jeff Lebow:
John Graves:
Rob Darrow: How does this compare with Inkling?
Rob Darrow: Moved from e-publishing to Google Plus circles
Would be nice to have “public” circles we could all join and didn’t
have to create our own circles in G+.
So we wouldn’t have to all make our own “Edumooc” circle
John Graves:
Rob Darrow: John – What is “procity”?
John Graves: prosody
John Graves:
Stephen Downes: Logger – RDF IRC Chat logger –
John Graves: Michael – what do you use to make your videos?
Michael Marzio: I’ve used a dozen cameras over the years beginninning
in 1970
Stephen Downes:
John Graves: I’ve shared a map with you called eduMOOCastweek4 :
Rob Darrow: Current EduMooc for Michael:
Michael Marzio: John – right now I use a cheap Kodak Zi8 True HD with pro microphone input
John Graves: So no screencasting?
Michael Marzio: Not really – just a big library of video online for ELLs
Rob Darrow: So, that’s how Stephen can so quickly find stuff. Always
wondered how he did that. Good ‘ol grasshopper…
John Graves: So what would you say is your production-to-playback
ratio? 10 minutes shooting for 10 minutes of playable video? Or 10
minutes shooting, 30 minutes of edits, …
Michael Marzio: John – without exaggeration is 100 to 1
John Graves: Yes. I’m seeing about 25:1 for this Wiki-to-Speech project.
Michael Marzio: John – I depend on spontaneity for “real English”, and
spontaneity is messy.
John Graves:
Jeff Lebow interviewed iasku interviewer earlier and he made same
Michael Marzio: brb
Stephen Downes:

Dr. Nellie Deutsch Muller, Jeff Lebow, John Graves, Michael Marzio, Rob Darrow, change mooc, edumooc, google, mobile learning, stephen downes, text-to-speech