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Conversations #125 – Blizzard Bags and Snow Days

With the impending snow heading our way,  Maria and Sheila talked about the possibility of a snow day! Snow days have to be made up at the end of the school year to meet the state's requirements. What if the students were able to do the school work at home and have the work count as a day of school. Some schools have implemented 'Blizzard Bags.'   

Lisa is still 'on leave' and we hope she will be able to return soon and add to the conversation!


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Conversations Episode 114 – Serendipity

This week, Maria was sick and the chat room was not hopping.  I guess everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays.  But Sheila and Lisa did have one guest, who we were thrilled to call into our skype call to have her join the chat.  Amanda Marrinan took time away from her beach vacation to talk with us about how technology is working in the classrooms.  Sheila, Amanda, and Lisa shared many very exciting for us, and getting to be commonplace for the kids, activities that occur daily in our classrooms.  Enjoy the conversation.

Amanda Marrinan, Lisa Parisi, Maria Knee, sheila adams