Parents as Partners Episode #8 May 12, 2008

Anne Reed Milwaukee Lawyer brings her experiences to the show as a blogging lawyer describing her entry into the blogosphere. Her interactions with Facebook, Twitter and blogging describes an approach counter culture to the fear mongering of the media. If your child is starting to use chat rooms, social networking tools, this is a great place to hear how to use these tools to benefit your and your children.


Chat Log



2008-05-12 20:44:17 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: We’ll be "live" in 15 minutes…


2008-05-12 20:47:11 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk:


2008-05-12 20:47:29 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: this is the presentation that Anne is using to guide our talk


2008-05-12 20:50:11 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk:


2008-05-12 20:51:35 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: that is the correct web address


2008-05-12 20:54:24 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: Hi everyone…thanks for joining us tonight


2008-05-12 20:54:31 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: we’ll get going in 6 minutes


2008-05-12 20:56:29 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: Hi Lorraine, Shaune, dang…


2008-05-12 20:56:50 [Message] Lorraine -> -EdTechTalk:Hello


2008-05-12 20:58:30 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: OK, 2 minutes…


2008-05-12 20:58:35 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: the stream just started


2008-05-12 20:59:04 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: click the little speaker icon in the edtechtalk-A channel box


2008-05-12 20:59:41 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: HI Sheila…


2008-05-12 20:59:45 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: thanks for joining us


2008-05-12 20:59:47 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: hithere!


2008-05-12 21:01:28 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: Anne Reed is our special guest tonite


2008-05-12 21:01:48 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: This is Anne’s slide presenatation that we’ll be using


2008-05-12 21:02:21 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: 8more than me!  🙂


2008-05-12 21:05:33 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: 30second delay


2008-05-12 21:08:40 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk:   here is the slideshre


2008-05-12 21:11:04 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: welcome back Shaun!!


2008-05-12 21:13:03 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: Anne’s blog, "Deliberations"


2008-05-12 21:14:56 [Message] czautcke -> -EdTechTalk:Worth thinking about how parents got/shared information with each other andwith schools since Web 2.0.  Howdid teachers share information? Waiting for Ed Leadership or Ed Week to publish your work?


2008-05-12 21:15:59 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: cindy…Anne’s story parrallels my professional story verymuch…I think her story probably rings true with others…


2008-05-12 21:17:23 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: Iknow the feeling Anne!


2008-05-12 21:18:45 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk: Anne- which do you do more? write blog or read other blogs?


2008-05-12 21:23:52 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk:


2008-05-12 21:24:29 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: this is an audio recording of Anne on a local Milwaukee radio showtalking about her specialty in the area of juries…


2008-05-12 21:24:41 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk:


2008-05-12 21:24:53 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: Hey derralll…we’re using this slide share in the link


2008-05-12 21:25:01 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: we’re on slide 15 or 16


2008-05-12 21:25:19 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk:thanks matt


2008-05-12 21:25:34 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: thanks for joining in 2nite derrall!!


2008-05-12 21:25:51 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: Anne is speaking and she is a parent from our school


2008-05-12 21:26:13 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: Hey Chris


2008-05-12 21:26:16 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: welcome


2008-05-12 21:26:23 [Message] ChrisLehmann ->-EdTechTalk: Heya…


2008-05-12 21:26:33 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk:  


2008-05-12 21:26:39 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: we’re using this slideshare


2008-05-12 21:27:03 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: oopps…sorry Chris about the pop out…we’re on slide 22 or so


2008-05-12 21:27:12 [Message] ChrisL -> -EdTechTalk: Noworries.


2008-05-12 21:27:38 [Message] Lorna -> -EdTechTalk: HiChris thanks for joining us


2008-05-12 21:27:50 [Message] ChrisL -> -EdTechTalk: Mypleasure… where can I find the slides?


2008-05-12 21:28:03 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk:   right there chris


2008-05-12 21:28:14 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: slide 23 or 24 right now…


2008-05-12 21:29:30 [Message] ChrisL -> -EdTechTalk:kewl. Gotta love SlideShare.


2008-05-12 21:29:49 [Message] ChrisL -> -EdTechTalk: IfFacebook is only taking a few mintues a day, she’s not playing Scrabble.


2008-05-12 21:32:08 [Message] sheila -> -EdTechTalk:Gotta go! Thank you! Will listen to the rest later!


2008-05-12 21:32:26 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: thanx for joining sheila!


2008-05-12 21:33:55 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk:ok, have both windows open to follow chat and slideshare, making me worktonight


2008-05-12 21:34:13 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: we’re keeping you on your toes, derrall!! 


2008-05-12 21:34:35 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk:this is a great idea though


2008-05-12 21:36:47 [Message] ChrisL -> -EdTechTalk: takecare… got to go, gang!


2008-05-12 21:37:57 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: the teacher’s blog she is talking about:


2008-05-12 21:38:35 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: hey jj…welcome to parents as partners


2008-05-12 21:38:51 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: we’re joined by anne reed to talk about the world of web2.0


2008-05-12 21:40:30 [Message] jj -> -EdTechTalk: Oh, hey,Matt, just dropping by because i wanted to be sure if transscripts from the floatingwindow are recorded


2008-05-12 21:40:50 [Message] jj -> -EdTechTalk: glad tosee you on air now. but sorry i am kind of busy today


2008-05-12 21:40:59 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: hey jj…no worries


2008-05-12 21:41:08 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: we’ll be recording and posting everything…


2008-05-12 21:41:45 [Message] jj -> -EdTechTalk: i amgoing to post into the JJ Show at webcastacademy very soon. then back to my tvshow 😉


2008-05-12 21:42:09 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: JJ…what show do you do?


2008-05-12 21:42:30 [Message] jj -> -EdTechTalk: but icouldnt see message from trsnsscripts recoreded last time. that is why i amchecking now


2008-05-12 21:42:38 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: ahh


2008-05-12 21:42:58 [Message] jj -> -EdTechTalk: go torun. very busy now. will talk to you more later, ok?


2008-05-12 21:43:08 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: chow jj


2008-05-12 21:43:14 [Message] jj -> -EdTechTalk: got torun indeed


2008-05-12 21:43:27 [Message] jj -> -EdTechTalk: have agood time. thanks


2008-05-12 21:59:10 [Message] czautcke -> -EdTechTalk:Bill Ferriter’s blog on self promotion is on


2008-05-12 22:01:18 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk:thanks for a great show


2008-05-12 22:01:25 [Message] matt montagne ->-EdTechTalk: bye ya’ll


2008-05-12 22:01:32 [Message] derrallg -> -EdTechTalk:nite



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