October 10 – 16, 2009

Welcome to the newsletter for the entire EdTechTalk community! We’ve completed another lively week of thought-provoking, stimulating, fun-filled conversations on our EdTechTalk webcasts. If you didn’t have the opportunity to participate in the live events, be sure to check out the recordings and chat logs to catch up on what you’ve been missing! It was so exciting to be able to join the Seedlings team live from the ACTEM conference held in Augusta, ME (Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine). In spite of some connection challenges initially, we were able to participate in the experience virtually and hear about some fantastic web 2.0 tools and see a room full of enthusiastic educators who were collaborating and sharing their great ideas–the next best thing to being there! We’re also excited for the return of Women of the Web this Sunday, Oct. 18, 8:30pm EDT following the EdTech Weekly webcast. Join us to kick off a new show as we share plans for the year with a new twist to themes, topics and guests as WOW 3.

Other upcoming reminders for the EdTechTalk community of learners:
Don’t forget the next K12 Online Conference LAN Party on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 from 6:00pm to 8pm EDT at https://edtechtalk.net/live. Presenters are Silvia Tolisano and Seedlings show co-hosts Alice Barr, Cheryl Oakes and Bob Sprankle.
Voting is now open for the ISTE 2010 Keynote Project and we have an opportunity to participate in the selection of topics and keynote speakers for the ISTE 2010 Conference to be held in Denver, CO.
Phase 1: Topic Suggestions (October 15-November 15)
Submit your ideas for topics and keynote focus. Share your thoughts, comment on suggestions from other ISTE members and educators, and vote on your favorites. And the individual who suggests the winning keynote presenter will get to have coffee with him or her at the conference! Suggestions for specific speakers can be made in Phase 2, beginning November 16.
Visit http://www.iste.org/iste2010-keynote for full rules and details.

The Week in Review


Seedlings presented at the State of Maine Conference their Geek of the Week, You can hear the entire podcast at bobsprankle.com/, here is some of the captured audio and video from ustream.tv http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/2363748

Teachers Teaching Teachers #168 – Mapping Main Street in Flushing, Salt Lake City, and Brevig Mission – 9.16.09

Listen to this podcast, recorded on September 16 to learn more about how we are working “Mapping Main Street into our curriculum. You will also to learn more about a wonderful youth development program, Radio Rookies and their Short Wave workshop, where producers Sanda Htyte is Radio Rookies Associate Producer. She has been with Radio Rookies since interning at the Elmhurst workshop in summer of 2005. She is also a freelance video producer, director, editor and a CUNY Professor. While interning at Radio Rookies, Sanda was completing her MFA in documentary producing. Having studied both video and radio production at her Alma Mata, Brooklyn College, CUNY, she was asked to teach introduction to radio production as Adjunct Professor in Fall of 2006 as well as Spring 2007.
Another guest on this podcast was a colleague of Woody’s from Alaska, Diane (Ginger) Crockett. Chris Sloan joined us as well from Salt Lake City Utah. (Check out his students’ work on the Mapping Main Street site.)

21st Century Learning #110: H1N1 and School Communication

September 29, 2009 —

H1N1 Preparedness

After a recenty NYSAIS Professional Development seminar, NYCIST held a meeting discussing H1N1 preparedness.

Alex and arvind discuss what schools are doing to be prepared for closures and high absence rates.

Resources to find information include Flu.gov, ISTE.

We also discussed the importance of connnectedness of the community. The importance of creating an online space for students and faculty to continue to keep the community intact. We asked if Facebook could be that space? Plus some edtech news from our schools…

train students the basics of reporting, interviewing, and script writing, and in 1.5 months they produce a final story for the Radio Rookies web site.” One of our guests for this podcast was Sanda Htyte.

21st Century Learning #109: Goals

September 22, 2009 —


Vinnie and Alex get back to it and spend some time reviewing their goals for the year!

It’s Elementary #39, Video in the Classroom; how to plan for success "Film in NOT the language of the 21st century. It is the language of the 20th century and schools are just now thinking about catching up." Mathew Needleman

Have a listen as the It’s Elementary Team discusses video in the elementary classroom with our guest Mathew Needleman. We talked about how far behind education is in re: film/video. Still most teachers just show kids films instead of having them make them. Mathew then shared how he started using film making in his classroom and how this met educational goals on writing, critical thinking, and they understand about how the are being persuaded propagandized by media. They need to know it. From experience, kids learn more and at a higher level by making videos. We described some uses and genres. There was a long discussion about organizing and planning and finally, resources were shared. Make sure to tune in the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month for another edition of It’s Elementary Webcast.


ETBS: Asian University for Women
Jeff Flynn returns to ETBS and introduces us to Paul Coleman, the Chief Information Officer of the Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Matt Montagne also joined us and was able to share his experiences migrating his school’s mail to Google.

EdTechWeekly #138
Without Jen, the boys do their best with this week’s edtech news and resources.



Conversations #51 October 11, 2009
Lisa, Sheila and Maria were joined this week by Peggy George and Paul Bogush to discuss teacher morale. Thank you Peggy and Paul for joining our conversation.

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