Newsletter for the week of June 6 – June 12, 2009


Week of June 6 – June 12, 2009

Welcome to this week’s edition of the EdTechTalk (ETT) Newsletter. Here in the western hemisphere, school is coming to a close.  Many of us are on vacation and those that aren’t are looking forward to the end of the year.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, teachers are getting ready for their winter break soon.  And all of us are looking forward to NECC 2009 starting in two weeks.  Whether you attend online or in person, this conference is sure to be packed full of great presentations.  Be sure to look for our very own EdTechTalkers: Lisa Parisi will be presenting

Leveling the Playing Field Through Project-Based Learning Technologies

, Sharon Peters will be part of a panel discussion called

1:1 Critical Debates: Laptops, PDAs, Cell Phones

, Vicki Davis will be part of a panel discussion entitled

Engaging the Digital Generation

, Maria Knee is participating in a panel discussion called

Global Connections in the Primary Classroom

, Lisa Parisi will be part of a panel discussion entitled

Teacher, Teach Thyself-Make Your Own PD PLaN

, Vicki Davis will help run a BYOL session called

Digital Citizenship: Tools, Resources, and Best Practices

, Cheri Toledo is running a BYOL session entitled

Power Boost Your Lessons with Wikis

, Vinnie Vrotny will be working in a BYOL called

Using Emerging Technologies to Create Collaborative Learning Environments

, and Vicki Davis will be running two open source labs called

Wonderful World of Wikis: Practical Classroom Wikis


Bookmarks and Beyond: Class Bookmarking Groups and Research 2.0

. It should prove to be an exciting place to learn.

The Week in Review

    Post-Show description:

    On this second of a two-part podcast, Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim were joined for a second time by five Writing Project teachers from around the country:

    • DeWayne Dickens, Oklahoma State Writing Project
    • Suzanne Linebarger, Northern California Writing Project
    • Irina McGrath, Louisville Writing Project
    • Lynette Herring-Harris, Thinking Partner for Rural Sites Network, Mississippi State University Writing/Thinking Project
    • Vanessa Brown, Thinking Partner for the Urban Sites Network, Philadelphia Writing Project

    Enjoy their conversation! It is laced with provocative questions, inspiring stories, detailed descriptions, and political urgency. In this second podcast, you will hear DeWayne, Suzanne, Irina, Lynette, and Vanessa discussing how resiliency:

    • helps them to understand and to demand the use of technology to give students voice, social comptency, and power
    • and provides a important context for the professional development work they do with their colleagues within their own schools in in their Writing Project sites.

    Post-Show description:

    We talked about various projects we are doing with our students. Some are in classes during the school day, and some are outside of school hours.

    Post-Show description:

    Join Alice, Bob and I as we speak to two different guests. We speak to Doug Taylor from Podcast People one of our favorite podcasting sites. Then we move to Arcademicskillbuilders with Dave  Scherrer. We were surprised and joined by many preservice teachers in the chat room.

    Post-Show description:

    This week’s conversation was started by a May 27th blog post by Lisa Thumann titled Coping with Distractions . As always, Lisa, Sheila and Maria found plenty to talk about and there was a bit of giggling as well.  The chat room was busy too.

    Post-Show description:

    Jeff, John, Dave, and Jen all together, but not for long as summer travel plans are calling. Catch the gang all together discussing the latest news and resources in educational technology.

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