New Edtechtalk Manager – voting commencing?

Hey folks,

As I’m soon going to be taking the role of president of educationbridges it’s occured to me that i should really relinquish my position as ‘manager of edtechtalk’ we’ll call it effective in two weeks. I realize that many of you probably didn’t realize i actually had that title 😛 but I’ve been lurking around…

In my mind, the edtechtalk manager must…

1. make sure that necessary upgrades are performed

2. coordinate community website support

3. chair the edtechtalk committee (or skype chat)

4. report to the educationbridges board

5. ensure the spam on ETT is dealt with (a big job, currently done sporadically by dave and jeff)

6. hopefully help bring in the necessary funding to support the community.

I’ll finish the current upgrades in the next two weeks and will be available, of course, for the transition of responsibilities.. and I encourage you in the belief that it is a certain amount of work. As things progress, and as money comes in, i would like to think that some kind of recompense would come to this person, but there is no real guarantee on this now.

Maybe we should add this to upcoming discussions on community topics.

cheers all


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