MOOCast – Week#4

MOOCast – Week#4
July 20, 2011

 Participants: Jeff LebowJohn GravesRob DarrowStephen DownesMichael MarzioDr.Nellie Deutsch Muller

John’s Wiki-to-Speech Summary

 Part 1

 Part 2

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Complete Ustream Recording

 Chat Log Below

Rob Darrow: i noticed, Jeff and figured I was too noisy …
Jeff Lebow:
John Graves:
Rob Darrow: How does this compare with Inkling?
Rob Darrow: Moved from e-publishing to Google Plus circles
Would be nice to have “public” circles we could all join and didn’t
have to create our own circles in G+.
So we wouldn’t have to all make our own “Edumooc” circle
John Graves:
Rob Darrow: John – What is “procity”?
John Graves: prosody
John Graves:
Stephen Downes: Logger – RDF IRC Chat logger –
John Graves: Michael – what do you use to make your videos?
Michael Marzio: I’ve used a dozen cameras over the years beginninning
in 1970
Stephen Downes:
John Graves: I’ve shared a map with you called eduMOOCastweek4 :
Rob Darrow: Current EduMooc for Michael:
Michael Marzio: John – right now I use a cheap Kodak Zi8 True HD with pro microphone input
John Graves: So no screencasting?
Michael Marzio: Not really – just a big library of video online for ELLs
Rob Darrow: So, that’s how Stephen can so quickly find stuff. Always
wondered how he did that. Good ‘ol grasshopper…
John Graves: So what would you say is your production-to-playback
ratio? 10 minutes shooting for 10 minutes of playable video? Or 10
minutes shooting, 30 minutes of edits, …
Michael Marzio: John – without exaggeration is 100 to 1
John Graves: Yes. I’m seeing about 25:1 for this Wiki-to-Speech project.
Michael Marzio: John – I depend on spontaneity for “real English”, and
spontaneity is messy.
John Graves:
Jeff Lebow interviewed iasku interviewer earlier and he made same
Michael Marzio: brb
Stephen Downes:

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