Making Connections #5 – 5/8/07

We jumped in with both feet to Diigo.  Using Yugma we set up the Diigo toolbar, created a group for Making Connections, and added sticky notes to those pages.  We all agreed this tool has great possibilities in a classroom setting.  We did encounter a few challenges when trying to add sticky notes to certain pages and we want to learn to highlight in different colors.  Next week we will report back on how the kids react to using this site and the secret to changing highlight colors. 


mizmercer Summer is starting here.
Anne Leftwich I’m actually managing my SUmmer Online Office Hours right now – so excuse me if I’m running back and forth
mizmercer Anne do you want to join us in Skype?
mizmercer Put your name in chat room
becky Ha!  My summer doesn’t start until June 8.  We had 5 snow days.
mizmercer Hey, my summer vacation isn’t until June 10
CathyE Becky would you like to join the Skype
CathyE MAria my I skype you
Maria sure
JL streaming issues?
CathyE It says I encoding
mizmercer Cathy thinks we’re streaming
Maria hi durff
mizmercer she’s hitting the button
mizmercer Hi Lisa
mizmercer Are we streaming now?
JL on now
Durff hi
Durff Music?
JL it plays the last audio that was streamed for the first 30 secs
JL now we’re not getting any sound
JL but stream is active
Durff and not evedn Classical
CathyE lisa may I skype you
Durff yes
JL getting some audio now
Maria i hear something
Maria yippee
CathyE Maria- I will skype you
Maria okay
Maria skype me – again
Maria it crashed
mizmercer Maria skype says you’re offline
Maria hmmm – I’m online
mizmercer We don’t see you, sorry
becky sorry… multi-tasking.  skype would be great!  my skype name is b.prichard
Maria can you see me now
mizmercer Yep, cathy will get you on
anneleftwich I’m not sure this is working for me – perhaps I’ll try again next week πŸ™‚
Maria is there a way to join the diigo group
randyn the Making_Connection group?
mizmercer okay it dumped me from skype
CathyE Becky we don’t hear you in Skype
becky ok… my mike is muted.. i’ll try to fix it
Maria yes – i don’t know how it get into the making connections group
randyn here is the link for the making connections group:
randyn there is a join now button on the left if you have a Diigo account
becky I lost you
Durff we’re here
Durff can you listen on the stream?
becky got ya!
CathyE Becky πŸ™‚
becky ok.. what’s the address again?
Maria I need to saying goodbye to you all
Maria have some other things to do for a while – sorry to miss all this- bye and hopeto be back on later
CathyE Thanks for joining us Maria
CathyE Jen M- May I skype ya
JenMad I think EdTechWeekly must give diigo a whirl to manage our bookmarks, huh?
CathyE I am really starting to like it
JenMad CathyE: Sorry my hubby is watching TV in our bitty apartment … sorry πŸ™
JenMad I can only banish him so many times a week πŸ™‚
CathyE Ok- Just did not want to leave ya out
JenMad I’m listening and yugma-ing – thank you!
JenMad I’m using the \on air status\" block on the to listen – sounds great!"
Durff Join the Dkype, Jen
Durff well you know what I meant
randyn I just lost Skype, can you invite me back in?
randyn Goodnight!
JenMad thank you CathyE – I’ve already set up a ETT diigo!
becky thanks cathy!  I never did get my mike to work…. never had trouble before

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