Late Breaking EdTech Community Forum

Dear EdTechTalker’s,

   We will be webcasting an EdTechTalk Community Forum on Sunday April 29 at 8pmEDT / 5pmPDT / midnight GMT .

There have been some heated Edublog postings recently (links below) concerning the virtues and pitfalls of different methods for facilitating community development and discussion within the Edublogosphere. We’d like to host a discussion that addresses some of the questions these exchanges have raised.
– How can the edublogging community best help educators keep up with the steady torrent of new educational tools, methods, and resources?

– What are the relative merits of blogging independently vs. being affiliated with a particular social network?

– How do we balance self-promotion and commercial interests with our participation in projects for the common good?  

– What, if any, expectations are there for ‘professional decorum’ in edublogging? 

  We’ll start the conversation with these questions and see where things take us. Everyone is welcome to join in. We’re not expecting to come up with any definitive answers, but hopefully some live, interactive audio will make a worthwhile contribution to the discussion. EdTechWeekly will be webcast at its regular time (7pmEDT/2300GMT) and we’ll begin sound checking for the ‘community forum’ by 7:45pmEDT. If all goes well, participants will be able to join in the discussion via skypecast, teleconference, or Talkshoe.  Detailed access info can be found at:

Thanks and we look forward to connecting soon,

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