K12 Online Fireside Chat: Rachel Boyd

 Fireside Chat with Diego Leal and Rachel Boyd

If you are watching the UStream, Rachel’s presentation starts at 51:03

Rachel Boyd shared her Week Two keynote: A Peek for a Week – Inside a Kiwi Junior Classroom. She fielded questions and elaborated on her presentation. We left with a deeper understanding of how her class runs, how technology is infused in what she does and how her students become such independent learners. 

Chat Log

2010-01-09 14:21:59 [Message] Peggy George  : We are so excited to welcome Rachel Boyd today!!! She is such a fantastic primary teacher!!

2010-01-09 14:22:00 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @Wfryer you are TOO kind!!

2010-01-09 14:22:01 [Message] Durff  : Pilar in english?

2010-01-09 14:22:08 [Message] matt montagne  : i’ve enjoyed wes’ reflections on the K12 online conferences, including Rachel’s presentation

2010-01-09 14:22:08 [Message] Pilar Soro  : in dotsub?

2010-01-09 14:22:18 [Message] Durff  : ah – momento

2010-01-09 14:22:20 [Message] Pilar Soro  : spanish

2010-01-09 14:22:25 [Message] Edgar  : I want to hold a k-12 conference from Puerto Rico

2010-01-09 14:22:28 [Message] kcaise  : absolutely wes!

2010-01-09 14:22:42 [Message] Durff  : @Pilar http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=488

2010-01-09 14:22:42 [Message] Diego Leal  : The presentatios is at http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=488

2010-01-09 14:23:06 [Message] wfryer  : @Edgar we would love to help you. It would be great to have presenters from Puerto Rico in k12online2010 too!

2010-01-09 14:23:28 [Message] Peggy George  : http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=553  Rachel’s presentation link is here

2010-01-09 14:23:33 [Message] Durff  : Rachel’s presentation is at http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=553

2010-01-09 14:23:48 [Message] Durff  : oh peggy beats me again

2010-01-09 14:23:55 [Message] Durff  : hi brudd

2010-01-09 14:24:07 [Message] brudd  : hello

2010-01-09 14:24:15 [Message] Denise  : Hi brudd

2010-01-09 14:24:19 [Message] Peggy George  : http://k12online.ning.com/profile/RachelBoyd This is Rachel’s page on the Ning with all of her resources and contact info

2010-01-09 14:24:43 [Message] RachelBoyd  : My teaser is available on the ning link above

2010-01-09 14:24:54 [Message] Durff  : rachel’s twitter is @rachelboyd

2010-01-09 14:25:01 [Message] Peggy George  : this is so awesome to have the Spanish translation along with the English speaking πŸ™‚

2010-01-09 14:25:08 [Message] RachelBoyd  : yes that is me @Durff

2010-01-09 14:25:14 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Twitter: @rachelboyd

2010-01-09 14:25:50 [Message] wfryer  : I thought this virtual intro was great

2010-01-09 14:25:51 [Message] kcaise  : looks like extranormal

2010-01-09 14:25:51 [Message] RachelBoyd  : That is xtranormal

2010-01-09 14:25:59 [Message] Peggy George  : oh thanks! love that!!!!

2010-01-09 14:26:08 [Message] wfryer  : @Rachel did you edit this all with iMovie 09?

2010-01-09 14:26:08 [Message] Durff  : i’m on the revolving door today

2010-01-09 14:26:19 [Message] RachelBoyd  : My kids had used it that week so I figured I should do the same

2010-01-09 14:26:23 [Message] Durff  : oop

2010-01-09 14:26:24 [Message] matt montagne  : what a fun intro!!!!

2010-01-09 14:26:30 [Message] Durff  : rachel’s link http://k12online.ning.com/video/teaser-a-peek-for-a-week-a

2010-01-09 14:26:32 [Message] clinds  : Rachel – I loved your presentation and am planning on showing it to the primary teachers at my school. I am amazed by how much writing your students are able to do at such a young age. I work a lot with K-2 teachers to integrate technology and almost all products are audio-based.  I am amazed that your students are blogging independently!

2010-01-09 14:26:36 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Yes, painfully edited with new version of imovie he he

2010-01-09 14:26:44 [Message] matt montagne  : I wanna live there!

2010-01-09 14:26:48 [Message] jackiegerstein  : prezi!

2010-01-09 14:26:50 [Message] Peggy George  : wouldn’t you love to be a student in Rachel’s class??!!

2010-01-09 14:27:07 [Message] MariaKnee  : Rachel you have always inspired me.

2010-01-09 14:27:10 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : I would love to be in her class

2010-01-09 14:27:11 [Message] Durff  : is it warm there?

2010-01-09 14:27:19 [Message] Denise  : Absolutely, I’d love to be a student in her room!

2010-01-09 14:27:46 [Message] Peggy George  : WALT-we are learning too πŸ™‚

2010-01-09 14:27:49 [Message] wfryer  : great job showing the spanish subtitles here, Jose

2010-01-09 14:27:55 [Message] Denise  : But, I’m about 40 years too old πŸ™

2010-01-09 14:27:58 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @clinds You can see on the writing blog what they can do at the start of the year

2010-01-09 14:28:06 [Message] Durff  : I’m 12

2010-01-09 14:28:07 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : We are learning to….

2010-01-09 14:28:08 [Message] RachelBoyd  : For some reason I can’t seem to put links in?

2010-01-09 14:28:19 [Message] Durff  : hi irene

2010-01-09 14:28:24 [Message] Durff  : hi jenna

2010-01-09 14:28:39 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @clinds I have them writing on that writing blog at the same time as other students are doing writing in books

2010-01-09 14:28:46 [Message] Peggy George  : did the students create that wordle?

2010-01-09 14:28:55 [Message] Irenarco  : Durff:  Hi.  If you was saying hi to me I am Irenarco (male)  πŸ˜‰

2010-01-09 14:28:59 [Message] dumacornellucian  : wfryer do you inspired me and I thanks a lot and on my twitter I will post all my links related to web 2.0 @DUMACORNELLUCIAN

2010-01-09 14:29:00 [Message] Diego Leal  : No dejen de reportar "bugs" en los subt√≠tulos en espa√±ol, para corregirlos.. πŸ˜‰

2010-01-09 14:29:11 [Message] Durff  : well i tried

2010-01-09 14:29:16 [Message] matt montagne  : I think it is important that administrators learn to evaluate virtual learning spaces when doing teacher evaluations (just like they evaluate the physical ones).

2010-01-09 14:29:19 [Message] Edgar  : voy a poner mis clases en ustream

2010-01-09 14:29:21 [Message] Durff  : hola irenarco

2010-01-09 14:29:27 [Message] Peggy George  : those visual links are soooo helpful!!

2010-01-09 14:29:33 [Message] MariaKnee  : @rachelboyd – if you can’t copy – have to drag the links in

2010-01-09 14:29:36 [Message] Peggy George  : doesn’t require a lot of reading

2010-01-09 14:29:43 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : I love the way the students are so autonomous

2010-01-09 14:30:13 [Message] matt montagne  : so, if I were an administrator who was evaluating rachel, I would examine her online instructional space as well as her physical space.

2010-01-09 14:30:14 [Message] lindseybp  : Excellent point, Matt. Are there resources available for admins to use as a model/rubric?

2010-01-09 14:30:24 [Message] matt montagne  : unfortunately, I don’t think ANY admins are doing this.

2010-01-09 14:30:25 [Message] MariaKnee  : checking hits on our blog and comparing them has opened my eyes as to the computations so children can do

2010-01-09 14:30:28 [Message] Peggy George  : such a "well oiled machine" πŸ™‚ students really know what to do and can do it independently!

2010-01-09 14:30:42 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @Peggy George – do you mean wordle on class blog? – we did it as a class using data projector – chn came up throughout morning (after me modelling) to type in their own name

2010-01-09 14:30:43 [Message] MariaKnee  : gives authetic purpose for others to try

2010-01-09 14:30:54 [Message] matt montagne  : @linsey…I think this is unchartered waters…I don

2010-01-09 14:31:00 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : And I like the fact the students make decisions

2010-01-09 14:31:01 [Message] dumacornellucian  : Also all of you can follow on twitter #edchat and you will find many useful things for teaching and learning

2010-01-09 14:31:01 [Message] Peggy George  : yes the one that showed in an early part of the video

2010-01-09 14:31:03 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Yes = just make it part of "what we do"

2010-01-09 14:31:06 [Message] Durff  : @matt I was told superintendent will return to observe me when i am "teaching". i guess he will be waiting a long time….

2010-01-09 14:31:13 [Message] Diego Leal  : I bet the notebooks of these kids are quite different from the ones I showed! πŸ™‚

2010-01-09 14:31:21 [Message] matt montagne  : *I don’t have any such rubric/links to rubrics…perhaps that is something we could develop

2010-01-09 14:31:27 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @Peggy that may have been prezi?

2010-01-09 14:31:49 [Message] Peggy George  : sounds like some education for the Supt. is in order Durff πŸ™ admins often don’t know how to observe technology in action

2010-01-09 14:31:53 [Message] MariaKnee  : @peggy – it looked like prezi

2010-01-09 14:32:08 [Message] Peggy George  : could be–went by fast but looked like a wordle

2010-01-09 14:32:14 [Message] Irenarco  : Thanks @qadmon (Diego) for sharing this talk in Twitter.

2010-01-09 14:32:23 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @Maria Knee – I buddy kids up for that hit counter job, they are good at choosing a buddy who is good at maths

2010-01-09 14:32:26 [Message] Peggy George  : fantastic that they get worldwide news too!

2010-01-09 14:32:27 [Message] Durff  : @peggy i am looking at other jobs – 5 years is too long to try and get nowhere

2010-01-09 14:32:27 [Message] lindseybp  : @matt montagne Maybe then that is something that EdTechTalk or ISTE or similar org could/should provide…

2010-01-09 14:32:47 [Message] Durff  : hi loreilly

2010-01-09 14:32:52 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : This was so well structured – scaffolding the discussion

2010-01-09 14:32:58 [Message] matt montagne  : @peggy…that is one reason I think the Google Teacher Academy for admins can be SO helpful. It is a chance for admins to get familiar with the toolset they will see their teachers using when doing evaluations.

2010-01-09 14:33:11 [Message] Peggy George  : that is so true Matt!!!

2010-01-09 14:33:14 [Message] clinds  : Watching Rachel’s presentation makes me think that I should try to push the teachers to try more challenging, risk-taking uses of technology with students.  Clearly they can do a lot more with technology than most of us try.

2010-01-09 14:33:21 [Message] wfryer  : @matt I am really interested in that topic of administrative walkthrough rubrics which appropriately address digital learning, collaboration among students, etc.

2010-01-09 14:33:47 [Message] wfryer  : @matt I know ISTE has a new rubric available for admins, CASTLE by Scott McLeod has one too. I haven’t reviewed them yet tho.

2010-01-09 14:33:48 [Message] RachelBoyd  : The minute I got a data projector in the classroom things became easier – could model a lot better

2010-01-09 14:33:58 [Message] RachelBoyd  : IWB makes it even more interactive

2010-01-09 14:33:58 [Message] Peggy George  : I’m so impressed with all of the tools these students are using daily to learn!!

2010-01-09 14:33:59 [Message] lindseybp  : @wfryer @matt yes! It would help admins and legitimize the learning environment


2010-01-09 14:33:59 [Message] matt montagne  : @wes…maybe this community could build one…keep if VERY simple for starters…put it out there in the creative commons for others to remix and build upon


2010-01-09 14:34:21 [Message] matt montagne  : I’ll check out ISTE and Scott’s work for certain, Wes…


2010-01-09 14:34:25 [Message] wfryer  : @clinds yes, willingness to take instructional risks is SO important


2010-01-09 14:34:28 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : Technology is just part of their landscape


2010-01-09 14:34:47 [Message] lindseybp  : @matt  love the idea of a cc license for an effective, easy-to-use rubric for admins


2010-01-09 14:34:49 [Message] wfryer  : @matt that is a GREAT idea – perhaps that is something we could work on as a professional development committee?


2010-01-09 14:34:51 [Message] Peggy George  : one of my AZ colleagues developed a walk-through tool for classroom observation focused on technology that is very good! Dysart School District


2010-01-09 14:34:55 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @Peggy – re world wide news – you can imagine the fun we had learning about "balloon boy" lol and the discussions after we found it was a fraud "why would people do that?"


2010-01-09 14:34:58 [Message] matt montagne  : I don’t like the idea of a simple check list for admins to use to evaluate virtual learning spaces, but I think you have to start somewhere.


2010-01-09 14:35:13 [Message] Durff  : if anyone has any questions for rachel, please type them here.


2010-01-09 14:35:18 [Message] Peggy George  : @Rachel–how fun!!!! I’ll bet that was an interesting discussion!


2010-01-09 14:35:25 [Message] Durff  : hi brooke


2010-01-09 14:35:27 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : That’s great Rachel – ethical discussion


2010-01-09 14:35:47 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : I like the help sheets


2010-01-09 14:35:48 [Message] wfryer  : I love this "writing spot blog" – place to safely write independently, without fear of lots of adult correction


2010-01-09 14:35:58 [Message] RachelBoyd  : I use LOTS of thos visual help sheets to promote independence


2010-01-09 14:36:03 [Message] matt montagne  : @wes, definitely…I think a virtual instructional evaluation guide for admins and teacher leaders would be a great focus for the PD committee


2010-01-09 14:36:09 [Message] wfryer  : @Rachel, what have you observed happening with this "writing spot blog" over time, in terms of lengths of posts, topics, quality, etc?


2010-01-09 14:36:18 [Message] Durff  : writer’s workshop!


2010-01-09 14:36:24 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @wfryer – I had to make intention quite clear to parents though. Class blog is more the "showcase"


2010-01-09 14:36:32 [Message] Diego Leal  : @Rachel Waht about privacy? Are parents or colleagues concerned about that?


2010-01-09 14:37:01 [Message] clinds  : @ Rachel – I go back and forth on the use of games, such as spelling or math fact games, as a use of technology for primary students. Have you found that there really is an impact from these activities?


2010-01-09 14:37:08 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @wfryer – is difficult to comment on length etc of posts etc as we have limited time on comps etc. Certainly have improved in speed and thinking about their ideas before they write


2010-01-09 14:37:27 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Writing spot blog is certainly not a reflection of what they can write in their books


2010-01-09 14:37:51 [Message] wfryer  : @Rachel what percent of your kids do you think seemed to enjoy and voluntarily write on the blog regularly


2010-01-09 14:37:52 [Message] Durff  : hi brudd


2010-01-09 14:37:56 [Message] wfryer  : Gotta love THE WIGGLES!


2010-01-09 14:37:58 [Message] Peggy George  : everything is so integrated! I love it!!


2010-01-09 14:37:59 [Message] Durff  : hi john


2010-01-09 14:38:02 [Message] jackiegerstein  : Great idea


2010-01-09 14:38:04 [Message] clinds  : I never thought of using technology to get kids moving – what a great idea!


2010-01-09 14:38:13 [Message] wfryer  : (or maybe not, if you hear them constantly, as we did a few years ago at hour house… πŸ˜‰


2010-01-09 14:38:15 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @Diego – privacy concerning writing spot?


2010-01-09 14:38:21 [Message] minervabueno  : idem wifi..


2010-01-09 14:38:35 [Message] Durff  : hi miner


2010-01-09 14:38:35 [Message] MariaKnee  : Thanks for this idea Racehl – use it now in the classroom


2010-01-09 14:38:40 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @clinds – great for when I don’t feel like running the fitness/aerobics – means they don’t miss out!


2010-01-09 14:38:43 [Message] MariaKnee  : My kids love to move!


2010-01-09 14:38:48 [Message] minervabueno  : hi durff


2010-01-09 14:39:04 [Message] Durff  : audio ok?

2010-01-09 14:39:08 [Message] Diego Leal  : @Rachel Yup, about that…  I’ve found every now and then huge concerns about the privacy/identity issue, so I was wondering if you’ve come across that…

2010-01-09 14:39:11 [Message] minervabueno  : yes sir

2010-01-09 14:39:18 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @wfryer – kids who’s parents comment more regularly def enjoy writing a lot more

2010-01-09 14:39:19 [Message] Durff  : excellent

2010-01-09 14:39:30 [Message] Durff  : btw durff is female

2010-01-09 14:39:50 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : @rachel Do you have to teach the parents how to comment?

2010-01-09 14:39:52 [Message] Diego Leal  : great point about involving parents in commenting their kids’ writing…


2010-01-09 14:39:55 [Message] MariaKnee  : I’ve been using our ipod touch for a reading station


2010-01-09 14:39:58 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @Diego – all our students have signed agreements where their parents have agreed (or not) to have image and work online


2010-01-09 14:39:58 [Message] Durff  : my kids love dancemat typing


2010-01-09 14:40:05 [Message] clinds  : It’s funny – all the schools I’m in always give the technology to older grades first but I find the technology is used so much more effectively by teachers of younger grades, especially since they’re doing lots of project-based learning which fits so well with the use of technology.


2010-01-09 14:40:08 [Message] matt montagne  : audio is great duff


2010-01-09 14:40:17 [Message] matt montagne  : audio = great durff


2010-01-09 14:40:22 [Message] Peggy George  : @MariaKnee-do you do your reading center with one ipod touch?


2010-01-09 14:40:22 [Message] Durff  : ty matt


2010-01-09 14:40:36 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @Diego – Had two with no permission in 07, one with no permission in 08, all with permission in 09


2010-01-09 14:40:40 [Message] Durff  : hi quill guy


2010-01-09 14:40:50 [Message] thequillguy  : Hi Durff, hi all


2010-01-09 14:41:10 [Message] wfryer  : @Rachel yes that makes sense. Feedback from significant others in our lives is a big motivation for communication!


2010-01-09 14:41:26 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Now that blogging etc is becoming part of what our school "just does" parents are VERY supportive to sign privacy/permission forms’


2010-01-09 14:41:27 [Message] lindseybp  : Have to sign out now. Thanks all for such great sessions and interactions.


2010-01-09 14:41:32 [Message] Durff  : my kids love spelling city too


2010-01-09 14:41:33 [Message] Diego Leal  : @Rachel Thanks! That’s very interesting.  Another one: when kids get to next year, is technology used the way you do?


2010-01-09 14:41:36 [Message] Durff  : hi saba


2010-01-09 14:41:40 [Message] dumacornellucian  : eTwinning projects from EUN are the easiest collaborations between schools from Europe


2010-01-09 14:41:41 [Message] loreilly  : Its interesting about younger students and technology. Many of our primary teachers feel they are not ready for much technology, but my observations are that they are more capable than most adults!


2010-01-09 14:41:44 [Message] sabasweb  : hi


2010-01-09 14:41:44 [Message] Peggy George  : it takes time to help the parents see the value and that it is being moderated/supervised completely by the teacher to agree–but the time is so important and worth it!


2010-01-09 14:41:50 [Message] Durff  : guess i got these from rachel!


2010-01-09 14:42:22 [Message] minervabueno  : por favor repetir site para encontrar los video de diego leal y rachel que han presentado hoy, gracias


2010-01-09 14:42:27 [Message] wfryer  : @Rachel that trend in parent permission mirrors what I’ve heard Tim Tyson describe at his middle school in Georgia, with their digital storytelling contests


2010-01-09 14:42:31 [Message] MariaKnee  : @peggy – only one iopd touch but I use a Belkin RockStar so several children can listen/watch http://www.belkin.com/pressroom/releases/uploads/01_07_08RockStar.html


2010-01-09 14:42:36 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @Diego – I’m the eLearning lead so have worked extensively with all teachers for past 3 years – so % of teachers using tech has increased A LOT – now a greater chance that this will continue in their next class


2010-01-09 14:42:57 [Message] Peggy George  : primary teachers are usually much more familiar with subject area integration which I think makes it easier for them to make the jump to integrating technology


2010-01-09 14:43:06 [Message] clinds  : @loreilly-I couldn’t agree more. Teachers ask me to introduce software/online tools to primary students and I tell them it isn’t necessary – within minutes they’ll show me something I didn’t know…


2010-01-09 14:43:17 [Message] sabasweb  :  true


2010-01-09 14:43:20 [Message] wfryer  : @minervabueno aqui esta la presentacion por Diego: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=488


2010-01-09 14:43:20 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @Peggy – yes good at integration because we teach it all!


2010-01-09 14:43:28 [Message] Peggy George  : thanks Maria! great to know about the Belkin RockStar!


2010-01-09 14:43:49 [Message] Diego Leal  : @Rachel Fantastic!  That’s so important to keep them going..


2010-01-09 14:43:54 [Message] wfryer  : @minervabueno y la presentacion por Rachel: http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=553


2010-01-09 14:44:14 [Message] Durff  : Rachel’s links Blog: http://rachelboyd.blogspot.com Blog or other Website: http://rachelboyd.wikispaces.comTwitter ID: @rachelboyd NZ EduBlabberings blogRoom 9 Nelson Central 2009 blogRoom 9 Nelson Central Wiki WARNING Clicking on these may log you out of this room, so save them for later


2010-01-09 14:44:18 [Message] Peggy George  : elementary teachers are also much more likely to involve music and movement in their environment


2010-01-09 14:44:33 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Emails is crucial to keeping motivation going, too often parents or others leave comments and the kids never find out about them!


2010-01-09 14:44:41 [Message] clinds  : @Rachel-Still wondering about spelling/math facts games. Do you find this is an effective use of technology for your kids?


2010-01-09 14:44:46 [Message] sabasweb  : it is necessary for kids rachel


2010-01-09 14:44:47 [Message] minervabueno  : @wfrayer…gracias por la informaci√≥n…


2010-01-09 14:44:48 [Message] wfryer  : @Rachel: Are eLearningLead teachers paid for those extra duties?


2010-01-09 14:44:58 [Message] wfryer  : @minervabueno de nada πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 14:44:59 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @clinds – great for independent practice


2010-01-09 14:45:14 [Message] Peggy George  : google airplane πŸ™‚ love it!!


2010-01-09 14:45:19 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @wfryer – I was, but not all will be


2010-01-09 14:45:29 [Message] Irenarco  : @Rachel: Have you also work with kids in virtual environments like Second Life or similar virtual worlds?


2010-01-09 14:45:46 [Message] wfryer  : @Rachel I find that too… parents as well as most teachers are VERY email-focused. Regular emails is the best ways to "drive" their attention back to a blog or wiki with student work


2010-01-09 14:46:02 [Message] Durff  : SL is for adults


2010-01-09 14:46:16 [Message] @DrThomasHo  : my 14-year old will be blogging this semester at http://ip8.weebly.com so you’d have to fight me to keep me from commenting! πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 14:46:22 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @irenarco – no virtual world stuff yet – 09 was the first year of decent speed internet for my school since we joined a "loop" so it was never an option before that


2010-01-09 14:46:30 [Message] Irenarco  : @Durf:  no. there are areas in SL for kids and youngs.


2010-01-09 14:46:30 [Message] wfryer  : @Rachel glad to hear you did get some compensation. I think that is VERY rare for us here in Oklahoma schools


2010-01-09 14:46:43 [Message] Peggy George  : bandwidth is a definite issue for virtual worlds!


2010-01-09 14:46:57 [Message] wfryer  : @DrThomasHo thanks for sharing that link to your child’s blog!


2010-01-09 14:46:58 [Message] clinds  : Can you set up wikispaces so an email is sent to parents when something is added?


2010-01-09 14:47:01 [Message] Durff  : @Irenarco there is TeenSL, but not on the main grid


2010-01-09 14:47:07 [Message] MariaKnee  : @RachelBoyd – We are using twitter with a classroom account. Parents and other classrooms follow us – Does your class twitter?


2010-01-09 14:47:19 [Message] Durff  : hi eua


2010-01-09 14:47:20 [Message] matt montagne  : is second life still going strong??


2010-01-09 14:47:32 [Message] Irenarco  : @Durff:  you¬¥re right.  I refered to TeenSL.


2010-01-09 14:47:41 [Message] Durff  : @matt yup


2010-01-09 14:48:09 [Message] Peggy George  : that is a great idea @clinds!


2010-01-09 14:48:09 [Message] wfryer  : @DrThomasHo you might add that blog address to the SupportBlogging wiki! http://supportblogging.com


2010-01-09 14:48:47 [Message] wfryer  : @DrThomasHo not much on that website yet, tho πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 14:49:01 [Message] sabasweb  : after going through this workshop i used many tools with my students


2010-01-09 14:49:12 [Message] minervabueno  : disfrute mucho este paseo…thank you rachell, beutifull work


2010-01-09 14:49:16 [Message] sabasweb  : they r already into glogging


2010-01-09 14:49:23 [Message] Peggy George  : love that response–no excuses, 6 year olds can do it πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 14:49:24 [Message] Durff  : if you have qts for rachel, type them here


2010-01-09 14:49:36 [Message] sabasweb  : the kiwi classroom was very good example


2010-01-09 14:49:40 [Message] Diego Leal  : Los subtitulos en DotSub ya tienen una actualizaci√≥n adicional, por si acaso..


2010-01-09 14:49:54 [Message] dumacornellucian  : I have a eTwinning project using web tools and applications web  2.0 but it is very hard to find a hardworker  teacher


2010-01-09 14:49:57 [Message] Cristina Arnau  : congrats for the programme…and great job JOSE!!! πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 14:50:07 [Message] Cristina Arnau  : See u soon


2010-01-09 14:50:07 [Message] minervabueno  : gracias Diego por la info…


2010-01-09 14:50:08 [Message] Peggy George  : her video makes it look so easy but there is so much planning and preparation to teach like this


2010-01-09 14:50:15 [Message] wfryer  : fue una presentacion muy linda – la cultura de su clase es clara


2010-01-09 14:50:47 [Message] Irenarco  : @dumacornellucian is it possible to know more details about that eTwinning project?


2010-01-09 14:50:49 [Message] wfryer  : (I wanted to say: that was a beautiful presentation – the culture of Rachel’s class is very clear)


2010-01-09 14:51:03 [Message] wfryer  : link to eTwinning project?


2010-01-09 14:51:05 [Message] jackiegerstein  : I just discovered eTwinning http://www.etwinning.net/en/pub/index.htm


2010-01-09 14:51:12 [Message] dumacornellucian  : How I can insert links ?


2010-01-09 14:51:17 [Message] Denise  : Yes there is a lot of planning, but you have to start somewhere!  The key word here is starting and give your kids a little credit for knowing and using technology.  I know they can do it!


2010-01-09 14:51:19 [Message] Peggy George  : modeling and scaffolding–such important points!


2010-01-09 14:51:23 [Message] minervabueno  : muy clara la dinamica del aula y el uso de los recursos en todo momento…quisiera ser una de sus estudiantes…


2010-01-09 14:51:30 [Message] wfryer  : @dumacornellucian you have to drag in links from another browser window I think


2010-01-09 14:51:38 [Message] MariaKnee  : If you communicate to students that you know they can do – they rise to the expectations – need some scaffolding but it all pays off.


2010-01-09 14:51:49 [Message] Diego Leal  : Congratulations, Rachel!  Great and inspiring work!


2010-01-09 14:51:55 [Message] Irenarco  : @dumacornellucian you can copy/paste as   well


2010-01-09 14:51:59 [Message] Peggy George  : management by the teacher becomes very important with this kind of integration-Rachel is an outstanding model!


2010-01-09 14:52:02 [Message] wfryer  : @minervabueno tienes mis sentimientos tambien!


2010-01-09 14:52:20 [Message] Durff  : room 9 blog http://room9nelsoncentral2009.blogspot.com/


2010-01-09 14:52:20 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : congrats to all a good job


2010-01-09 14:52:34 [Message] wfryer  : I think that idea of students benefiting from "being the teacher" is true at all grade levels, however


2010-01-09 14:52:40 [Message] Durff  : room 9 wiki http://room9nelsoncentral.wikispaces.com/


2010-01-09 14:52:42 [Message] dumacornellucian  : Contact me at [email protected]


2010-01-09 14:53:04 [Message] matt montagne  : putting students in the role of teachers makes sense for learning. We learn best when we are given a chance to teach.


2010-01-09 14:53:23 [Message] minervabueno  : @wfryer…todo se ve tan natural, no es algo forzado, sino espontaneo, no es usar las TIC por usar, sino que todo esta consustanciado con un proposito…


2010-01-09 14:53:25 [Message] wfryer  : very interesting how Rachel used paper-based keyboards to practice!


2010-01-09 14:53:25 [Message] Peggy George  : what a great testimony to the success of the writing process she is using! 3 pages of writing by the students!


2010-01-09 14:53:42 [Message] Durff  : hi phervasp


2010-01-09 14:53:49 [Message] sabasweb  : yaa they were good!


2010-01-09 14:53:55 [Message] clinds  : I helped a teacher get involved in Jen Wagner’s holiday card project (exchange holiday cards with lots of schools throughout the world) this year and it was an amazing way to get connections with other schools. We’re skyping with a partner school on Monday.  I would love to find other projects for primary students that last for the entire year.


2010-01-09 14:53:56 [Message] phervasp  : hello


2010-01-09 14:53:59 [Message] Irenarco  : @dumacornellucian thanks.  I will write you


2010-01-09 14:54:32 [Message] dumacornellucian  : Where are you from


2010-01-09 14:54:32 [Message] wfryer  : @minervabueno y la profesora esta invitando a los estudiantes a escribir … acceptar riesgo


2010-01-09 14:54:50 [Message] dumacornellucian  : Irenarco


2010-01-09 14:54:50 [Message] jackiegerstein  : That is a GREAT idea – to have a help sheet for parents


2010-01-09 14:55:08 [Message] Peggy George  : Jen Wagner’s global projects are so fantastic and a great way for teachers to get started!


2010-01-09 14:55:14 [Message] Durff  : @clinds 3rd grade did that project too!


2010-01-09 14:55:29 [Message] sabasweb  : i have 1 teacher in each group(students playing as 1) during conversations


2010-01-09 14:55:35 [Message] Irenarco  : @dumacornellucian:  Colombia, South America.


2010-01-09 14:55:37 [Message] dumacornellucian  : Irenarco give me your SKYPE


2010-01-09 14:55:40 [Message] sabasweb  : they r soo much more productive


2010-01-09 14:55:48 [Message] wfryer  : @Rachel – do you have that link about "good blog commenting" from the kids?


2010-01-09 14:55:55 [Message] Peggy George  : kids teaching parents-such a great point!


2010-01-09 14:56:13 [Message] minervabueno  : @wfrayer no entiendo planteamiento???


2010-01-09 14:56:21 [Message] clinds  : I think most schools don’t start keyboarding until 3rd grade – interesting that you’re starting with 6-year olds. Do some know the keys by the end of the year?


2010-01-09 14:56:23 [Message] Durff  : BTW you can double click on a name for a private chat


2010-01-09 14:56:27 [Message] jackiegerstein  : Cool – Spanish translation in a New Zealand accent


2010-01-09 14:56:29 [Message] Peggy George  : very hard to summarize this!! πŸ™‚ Jose is awesome!


2010-01-09 14:56:40 [Message] RachelBoyd  : I do email parents regularly to tell them we have new posts on our class blog – but the kids are better at telling their parents than that he he


2010-01-09 14:56:50 [Message] Durff  : i fail to hear the NZ accent


2010-01-09 14:56:55 [Message] wfryer  : The Skype in Schools wiki is a great resource for making classroom to classroom connections with video. Add your own class too! http://skypeinschools.pbworks.com/


2010-01-09 14:56:58 [Message] loreilly  : What a better way to get parents involved with their kids work than to have the kids teach them how! They then have no excuse!


2010-01-09 14:57:07 [Message] jackiegerstein  : @Rachel – do you ever has kids and parents write blogs together?


2010-01-09 14:57:09 [Message] Peggy George  : great job Jose!!


2010-01-09 14:57:19 [Message] wfryer  : @Durff πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 14:57:21 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @wfryer – it is not "good commenting but rather "How to"


2010-01-09 14:57:23 [Message] MariaKnee  : Rachel – thank you for sharing the work with your students. It inspires me and keeps me going during times when I get discouraged.


2010-01-09 14:57:32 [Message] wfryer  : @Rachel ah


2010-01-09 14:57:34 [Message] minervabueno  : I like it work de Rachel and Diego….


2010-01-09 14:57:35 [Message] Durff  : clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap for Rachel


2010-01-09 14:57:43 [Message] Peggy George  : it has been so exciting to chat with Rachel today!! I love her presentation and it’s so great to meet her virtually πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 14:57:52 [Message] clinds  : @MariaKnee – I love listening to your podcast and get great ideas from you too!


2010-01-09 14:57:53 [Message] wfryer  : If you have alrearly watched all the k12online09 presos at this point, I think we should give you a medal πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 14:57:58 [Message] Irenarco  : thanks Rachel for the talk.


2010-01-09 14:58:00 [Message] jackiegerstein  : LOL Wes


2010-01-09 14:58:01 [Message] Diego Leal  : Thank you all for being here and having us!


2010-01-09 14:58:03 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @wfryer – we have talked extensively about what makes up a good blog comment tho as a class


2010-01-09 14:58:05 [Message] Durff  : http://k12onlineconference.org/


2010-01-09 14:58:11 [Message] sabasweb  : @rachel i have also done the digiart wit my grade it went beautifully


2010-01-09 14:58:12 [Message] loreilly  : Great presentation! Thanks!


2010-01-09 14:58:13 [Message] Peggy George  : thank you everyone for joining us for this experience and conversation today!!


2010-01-09 14:58:13 [Message] wfryer  : woo hoo, yeah for Jose! And for Diego as well with all the translation work!!!!


2010-01-09 14:58:13 [Message] Durff  : the whole tamale


2010-01-09 14:58:14 [Message] rmiller  : πŸ˜€ Tks


2010-01-09 14:58:20 [Message] matt montagne  : agreed, cheers for Rachel.


2010-01-09 14:58:25 [Message] jackiegerstein  : Thanks all!


2010-01-09 14:58:30 [Message] MariaKnee  : @clinds thank you.


2010-01-09 14:58:34 [Message] sabasweb  : hope to upload some pics on glogster for u


2010-01-09 14:58:39 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @wfryer – works really well when we get "poor" comments like "nice work" and we talk about it not being meaningful and specific


2010-01-09 14:58:40 [Message] Peggy George  : The K12 Online Conference Co-Conveners have done an incredible job with this conference!!


2010-01-09 14:58:42 [Message] wfryer  : great work everyone! clap clap applause!!!


2010-01-09 14:58:42 [Message] matt montagne  : and a big round of applause for Jose and all of his work in language accessibility


2010-01-09 14:58:43 [Message] sheila  : So nice to have these opportunities to connect and learn!


2010-01-09 14:58:48 [Message] kcaise  : thank you to everyone who attended and joined in the conversation


2010-01-09 14:58:50 [Message] minervabueno  : Jos√© thank you very much for you invitation….


2010-01-09 14:59:03 [Message] Durff  : GMT hours


2010-01-09 14:59:04 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Awesome work @Jose on the translation!


2010-01-09 14:59:05 [Message] wfryer  : kudos to all the k12online organizers, including you Peggy, and Kim!


2010-01-09 14:59:07 [Message] clinds  : This was SO great!  Thank you to all the organizers πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 14:59:07 [Message] Peggy George  : good thing we have the time conversions on the Ning πŸ™‚ so hard to figure out!


2010-01-09 14:59:08 [Message] matt montagne  : and BIG KUDOS to Susan! I’m envious of your moderation skills, Susan!


2010-01-09 14:59:13 [Message] Durff  : wb jamin


2010-01-09 14:59:23 [Message] Durff  : Susan is awesome


2010-01-09 14:59:24 [Message] wfryer  : so looking forward to the echos!


2010-01-09 14:59:26 [Message] pgoetz  : Thank you!!


2010-01-09 14:59:28 [Message] kcaise  : great job everyone!


2010-01-09 14:59:38 [Message] Peggy George  : thank you Susan! You are a fantastic facilitator!


2010-01-09 14:59:42 [Message] matt montagne  : I’m creating a virtual learning admin evaluation Google Wave brainstorming space…let me know if you want to be included


2010-01-09 14:59:46 [Message] Jamin  : Hi Durff – oh bummer I have missed it all. :+/


2010-01-09 14:59:51 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Thank you! It has been wonderful (and I have learned a lot) presenting this year πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 14:59:54 [Message] Diego Leal  : And everyone is invited to help with the transcriptions/translations, by the way!


2010-01-09 14:59:55 [Message] wfryer  : and if you know people who can translate and want to help, they can jump right in via DotSub!


2010-01-09 14:59:56 [Message] kcaise  : i do matt


2010-01-09 14:59:59 [Message] Peggy George  : it’s recorded so you can view the recording later πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 14:59:59 [Message] Durff  : Jamin it will be archived


2010-01-09 15:00:04 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : Best Regards


2010-01-09 15:00:10 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Hi Jamin!


2010-01-09 15:00:21 [Message] minervabueno  : kissed to all…


2010-01-09 15:00:29 [Message] wfryer  : thanks Rachel and Diego!!!! You all have added so much to our learning with your ideas and perspectives.


2010-01-09 15:00:30 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : Thanks to Peggy for hosting the Skype call to Durff for managing the chat room


2010-01-09 15:00:34 [Message] Jamin  : Hi Rach! Sorry I was jst checkn my tweets + saw u were presntn but missed ya!! ahh


2010-01-09 15:00:38 [Message] Francisco Jos√©  : Enhorabuena a Diego y Rachel. Gracias a Jos√© por las traducciones. Buen A√±o a los y las planetarias


2010-01-09 15:00:44 [Message] Durff  : i didn’t manage anything


2010-01-09 15:00:45 [Message] Peggy George  : so glad my connection held up for the Skype call!!


2010-01-09 15:00:59 [Message] Diego Leal  : Gracias Francisco!


2010-01-09 15:01:01 [Message] Durff  : i may have to kick her out just for that


2010-01-09 15:01:33 [Message] Peggy George  : such inspiring presentations!!!


2010-01-09 15:01:33 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : Thanks so much all


2010-01-09 15:01:39 [Message] sabasweb  : rachel ur presentation has  helped me put things in practicality for my students. hope u add more and more to our knowledge banks


2010-01-09 15:01:45 [Message] Durff  : hah got her


2010-01-09 15:01:46 [Message] Peggy George  : bye Rachel! Thank you!!


2010-01-09 15:01:55 [Message] Jamin  : Durff – how do I find the archive?


2010-01-09 15:01:56 [Message] Durff  : gotcha susan


2010-01-09 15:01:59 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Thanks @sabasweb – do you have a class blog?


2010-01-09 15:02:05 [Message] Susan van Gelder  : Yes you did Lisa


2010-01-09 15:02:07 [Message] Durff  : Jamin give us a few days


2010-01-09 15:02:16 [Message] Durff  : it will be here


2010-01-09 15:02:16 [Message] Peggy George  : have a great weekend everyone! See you on Jan. 26 for the next Echo!


2010-01-09 15:02:20 [Message] Jamin  : Sweet – can u tweet it?


2010-01-09 15:02:25 [Message] Durff  : thanks everyone


2010-01-09 15:02:32 [Message] Durff  : Jamin yes


2010-01-09 15:02:40 [Message] Durff  : @Durff


2010-01-09 15:02:52 [Message] minervabueno  : excelente conferencia. Gracias Profe Jos√©, siempre haciendo las cosas a lo grande…


2010-01-09 15:02:53 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : felicitaciones Diego por la excelente presentaci√≥n


2010-01-09 15:02:57 [Message] Jamin  : πŸ™‚ Thanks Durff.


2010-01-09 15:03:05 [Message] Diego Leal  : Gracias William!


2010-01-09 15:03:05 [Message] Durff  : thanks everyone


2010-01-09 15:03:06 [Message] sabasweb  : @ rachel we are doing it on glogster we have just started


2010-01-09 15:03:21 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : Espero que pronto visite el Per√∫ Diego


2010-01-09 15:03:34 [Message] Diego Leal  : Yo tambi√©n lo espero!


2010-01-09 15:03:59 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : He visto su presentaci√≥n y tienes una realidad semjante a la peruana Diego


2010-01-09 15:03:59 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @sabasweb You’ll have to check out what my new class gets up to – year begins in Feb


2010-01-09 15:04:15 [Message] Peggy George  : are your students on break right now Rachel?


2010-01-09 15:04:16 [Message] minervabueno  : Diego, tambi√©n la sacastes de homerun…


2010-01-09 15:04:33 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @Peggy – yes long summer holidays Dec 16th – Feb 3


2010-01-09 15:04:42 [Message] Peggy George  : that’s great!


2010-01-09 15:04:51 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : Minerva Un saludo caluroso


2010-01-09 15:05:02 [Message] RachelBoyd  : I’m moving in 2 weeks to start my new job with my brand new class & staff


2010-01-09 15:05:11 [Message] sabasweb  : @rachel you have blog?


2010-01-09 15:05:29 [Message] sabasweb  : how to get in touch and have a look


2010-01-09 15:05:32 [Message] minervabueno  : william igual para ti, que bien lo de esta conferencia…


2010-01-09 15:05:49 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : hemos aprendido algunas cosas nuevas


2010-01-09 15:06:21 [Message] RachelBoyd  : http://room9nelsoncentral2009.blogspot.com/ Class blog @sabasweb from last year – finished now tho as school over for year


2010-01-09 15:06:59 [Message] minervabueno  : estaba viendo tu presentacon pero como la conexion por aqui no ha estado muy bien no he podido disfrutarla como debe ser, pero lo que vi esta bien completa…


2010-01-09 15:07:10 [Message] RachelBoyd  : http://rachelboyd.com/ @sabasweb everything else about me is here


2010-01-09 15:07:32 [Message] Diego Leal  : El video puedes descargarlo para verlo offline..


2010-01-09 15:07:48 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : Se agradece Minerva


2010-01-09 15:07:49 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @sabasweb – what country are you from?


2010-01-09 15:08:17 [Message] minervabueno  : mira que eso de tener un cybercolega conferencista no es de todos los dias…


2010-01-09 15:08:48 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : bueno eso se da 2 veces al a√±o πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 15:08:51 [Message] sabasweb  : thanks i will just peekaboo @ rachel


2010-01-09 15:09:03 [Message] sabasweb  : @ rachel i am from India


2010-01-09 15:09:13 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @sabasweb – ahh!


2010-01-09 15:09:26 [Message] sabasweb  : where r u frm?


2010-01-09 15:09:30 [Message] minervabueno  : presentar las experiencias de aula a una audencia tiene un trabajo inmenso…


2010-01-09 15:09:51 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @sabasweb – New Zealand – that was me you were listening to before (my class on presso)


2010-01-09 15:09:57 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : se da con paciencia y buen humor cuando la conexion lo permita


2010-01-09 15:10:26 [Message] minervabueno  : pero asi sea en diferido tambi√©n es cuesta arriba…


2010-01-09 15:10:42 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : Diego puedes darme tu twitter?


2010-01-09 15:10:43 [Message] sabasweb  : @ rachel i tried ur digiart it went grt


2010-01-09 15:10:57 [Message] sabasweb  : i will do it again with a new theme


2010-01-09 15:10:58 [Message] Diego Leal  : William, es qadmon


2010-01-09 15:11:10 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : tienes ID skype?


2010-01-09 15:11:18 [Message] Diego Leal  : el mismo.


2010-01-09 15:11:27 [Message] william Vegazo Muro  : thanks Diego


2010-01-09 15:11:37 [Message] Diego Leal  : Con gusto! πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 15:12:06 [Message] minervabueno  : diego tienes web site????


2010-01-09 15:12:18 [Message] minervabueno  : para seguirte…


2010-01-09 15:12:23 [Message] Diego Leal  : si, minerva: http://diegoleal.org


2010-01-09 15:12:33 [Message] Diego Leal  : mi blog est√° en http://diegoleal.org/blog


2010-01-09 15:13:10 [Message] minervabueno  : @vi tu conferencia en la conferencia de espiral del cuaderno virtual y me encanto…


2010-01-09 15:13:11 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Ahhh cool @sabasweb – that’s great! I do one every term with my class – great to teach students how to take photos and use them in a useful context


2010-01-09 15:13:24 [Message] minervabueno  : @Diego  vi tu conferencia en la conferencia de espiral del cuaderno virtual y me encanto…


2010-01-09 15:13:42 [Message] Diego Leal  : Esa fue la primera que hice en este formato…  Qu√© bueno que te haya gustado!


2010-01-09 15:13:48 [Message] sabasweb  : @ rachel there is a good lot there in your wikispace! will check them soon


2010-01-09 15:14:17 [Message] minervabueno  : @Diego, la podre volver a conseguir, yo la descargue pero mi PC exploto por virus y perdi esa data…


2010-01-09 15:14:49 [Message] RachelBoyd  : This year has been great, I am amazed by the range of countries and languages represented πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 15:15:11 [Message] Diego Leal  : Est√° publicada en blip tambi√©n..  De hecho, estoy a punto de terminar un post compilando mis presentaciones de 2009…


2010-01-09 15:15:18 [Message] RachelBoyd  : Great to see that education & teaching is universal and ideas can be applied whatever country you live in or language you speak!


2010-01-09 15:15:37 [Message] minervabueno  : en blip.tv, te busco como diego leal????


2010-01-09 15:16:11 [Message] sabasweb  : @ rachel the imagination power comes up well, some students tried climbing ladders some tried picking up fruits from trees


2010-01-09 15:16:29 [Message] sabasweb  : i also made 1 with a magical carpet with all my class aboard


2010-01-09 15:16:45 [Message] MariaKnee  : @sabasweb – what do you teach?


2010-01-09 15:16:58 [Message] sabasweb  : i teach grade 3


2010-01-09 15:17:05 [Message] minervabueno  : @ Diego y las presentaciones las vas a publicar en blip????


2010-01-09 15:17:06 [Message] sabasweb  : all subjects


2010-01-09 15:17:16 [Message] Diego Leal  : si, puedes buscar en blip diego leal y all√≠ salen todos los videos que he publicado..


2010-01-09 15:19:13 [Message] MariaKnee  : @sabasweb – thanks, I teach kindergarten.


2010-01-09 15:20:23 [Message] sabasweb  : @MariaKnee nice ! i tru helping my collegues in kindergarten with some reading/storytelling sites and all


2010-01-09 15:21:17 [Message] sabasweb  : its nice being  with them they have a diferent approach towards things, simple yet expressive


2010-01-09 15:22:45 [Message] RachelBoyd  : @MariaKnee – we should do some sort of an online project this year together – I would love that! I just have to check how reliable internet is at my new school to know what would be a possibility, it is a big school but kinda rural so I suspect it could be sluggish


2010-01-09 15:25:05 [Message] MariaKnee  : @ Rachel – I’m hoping we can too – at least we can commnet on our blogs – ours is http://mariaknee.com


2010-01-09 15:25:19 [Message] minervabueno  : @diego, un millon acabo de entrar a blip y si alli esta ese video y otros m√°s, entonces me voy a dar banquete, yupi…


2010-01-09 15:26:00 [Message] Diego Leal  : πŸ™‚


2010-01-09 15:26:52 [Message] Diego Leal  : Hasta pronto!


2010-01-09 15:28:03 [Message] sabasweb  : guess its goodbye time


2010-01-09 15:28:08 [Message] sabasweb  : all r leaving


2010-01-09 15:31:14 [Message] [email protected]  : thanks for a great session.


2010-01-09 15:31:22 [Message] sabasweb  : goodnight every body


2010-01-09 15:31:30 [Message] sabasweb  : nicee meeting!


2010-01-09 15:41:48 [Message] romira  : hi


2010-01-09 15:41:53 [Message] Durff  : romira it is over


2010-01-09 15:42:05 [Message] Durff  : i was just kicking people out


2010-01-09 15:42:17 [Message] romira  : ok


2010-01-09 15:42:27 [Message] romira  : bye


2010-01-09 15:42:37 [Message] Durff  : the archive will be available next week


2010-01-09 15:42:41 [Message] Durff  : bye


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