K12 Online Conference Prep Brainstorm

K12 Online Conference Prep


30, 2009

Preparations for K12
Online Conference 2009

Jose Rodriquez, Wesley Fryer, Elizabeth
Helfant, Jeff Lebow, Matt Montagne, Lisa Parisi, Cheryl Oakes,
& Maria Knee

Chat Log Below

20:48:51  matt montagne ->  chat is totally
borked on Firefox on my mac
20:49:03  matt montagne ->  no biggie
20:49:09  matt montagne ->  got Safari fired up
20:49:21  matt montagne ->  πŸ™‚ That isn’t a
bad thing!
20:50:01  lisa parisi ->  Hello Jeff
20:50:16  cheritoledo ->  Hello Jeff
20:50:18  cheritoledo ->  thanks
20:51:22  lisa parisi ->  It was great meeting
you in person!!!
20:51:33  lisa parisi ->  The highlight of my
20:52:57  lisa parisi ->  You can call me in.
20:53:20  cheritoledo ->  I haven’t been able
to use FF on my Mac for the past year
20:53:29  cheritoledo ->  i use Opera
20:53:44  matt montagne ->  any edublogger con
20:53:48  cheritoledo ->  hahahaha
20:53:52  matt montagne ->  @cheri…I LOVE
20:54:07  cheritoledo ->  it’s very cool and
much better with Java than FF in mac
20:54:17  matt montagne ->  I’m not sure why I
don’t use it more often (Might be due to it not working with gmail)
20:54:37  JL -> 
20:55:09  JoseRodriguez ->  Hi there..
20:55:10  cheritoledo ->  yes – that was very
20:55:32  matt montagne ->  Great photos!
20:57:47  melindamiller ->  hello will be in
and out the kids are “listening”:):)
20:58:45  melindamiller ->  can you put the
link for asking for volunteers in the chat room, please
20:59:19  ehelfant ->  I am in a hotel in
rural KY and will never keep the connection.. I’m going to listen as
best I can and maybe chat
20:59:56  matt montagne ->  hey Sheila!
21:00:21  matt montagne ->  Hey ms – sicence!
21:00:40  sheila ->  Hi all!
21:01:38  kcaise ->  hi everyone!
21:01:52  lisa parisi ->  Hi Kim
21:02:08  wfryer ->  howday!
21:02:10  msreneescience ->  hi everyone
21:02:15  wfryer ->  or how about howdy!
21:05:08  kcaise ->  someone’s doggie is
21:05:17  lisa parisi ->  I was just thinking
that, Kim
21:06:09  matt montagne ->  I like the winery
idea πŸ™‚
21:06:23  matt montagne ->  Hello
Darrenmurphy…welcome to the Edtech Brainstorm
21:06:31  darrenmurphy2 ->  hi
21:06:32  matt montagne ->  Hello
21:06:58  amckiel ->  hi there πŸ™‚
21:07:17  matt montagne ->  Getting an update
on the K12Online Conference from Jose Rodriguez, Elizabeth Helfant, and
Wes Fryer
21:07:36  matt montagne ->  I do like the idea
of pushing it back to first 2 weeks of December
21:07:37  wfryer ->  yes, I wish we had a
winery venue that would work for us!
21:08:04  cheritoledo ->  I like that idea
21:08:06  matt montagne ->  Hello
Deebee…welcome to the Edtech Brainstorm on K12Online
21:08:15  deebee ->  Hi…
21:08:38  matt montagne ->  Virtual Poster
Sessions would be cool
21:08:42  cheritoledo ->  the December date,
that is πŸ™‚
21:08:43  matt montagne ->  live virtual
poster sessions
21:08:52  matt montagne ->  15 mins or
something like that
21:08:56  wfryer ->  we have a “Will Rogers
Theater” that I’ve wondered if we could use for a LAN party. We’d need
to get sponsors to rent it out I think.
21:08:58  lisa parisi ->  Me, too. Dec is much
more doable than Sept.
21:09:17  melindamiller ->  whats a LAN party
21:09:28  Dianne M ->  it would be good to
record any live event so that those not in USA can participate / learn.
21:09:29  matt montagne ->  I would suggest
that you push back the due date for conference proposals
21:09:41  cheritoledo ->  Plus it gives
teachers the opportunity to show what their doing with their students
21:09:47  cheritoledo ->  at the moment
21:10:01  ehelfant ->  I agree with you
Matt… need to get call out to wider audience first
21:10:02  lisa parisi ->  Good point, Cheri.
21:10:03  cheritoledo ->  rather than what
they did last year or what they want to do in the future
21:10:16  sheila ->  It falls during our state
21:10:38  wfryer ->   here is a link
on LAN parties for k12online – http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=16
21:10:44  matt montagne ->  @ehelfant…and it
will spread organically, which I think is great
21:10:53  ehelfant ->  I want to try to get
the word out to the general masses more so we have more folks
21:10:55  kcaise ->  that is a great idea!
21:11:11  melindamiller ->  Okay we did host
“LAN” parties last year
21:11:19  melindamiller ->  I understand no
21:11:22  melindamiller ->  now
21:11:31  matt montagne ->  what about
encouraging presenters to “remix” previous presentations…an update of
presentations so to speak
21:11:47  JoseRodriguez ->  Hey Durff..
21:11:51  matt montagne ->  hey mrsdurff
21:11:55  mrsdurff ->  hey
21:12:00  JoseRodriguez ->  That’s a great
idea.. Matt
21:12:10  cheritoledo ->  @Matt – that’s
exactly what I was just thinking
21:12:55  matt montagne ->  and what about a
‘long tail’ approach…eg, accepting just about all presos that meet a
certain minimum requirement
21:13:11  lisa parisi ->  hello Durff
21:13:15  amckiel ->  K12Online has modelled
the use of so many cutting edge technologies and their benefits – I
agree that LAN parties could help to grow the conversation πŸ™‚
21:13:19  mrsdurff ->  hey parisi
21:14:04  kcaise ->  will 20 minutes be the
time limit this year as well?
21:14:07  mrsdurff ->  hi carol
21:14:14  amckiel ->  @wfryer – exactly…
appeal to the newbies
21:14:17  wfryer ->  melinda what were your
experiences last year with LAN parties. What made it successful?
21:14:20  JoseRodriguez ->  yes.. that’s the
idea.. kim
21:14:23  JoseRodriguez ->  20min.
21:14:28  kcaise ->  ok
21:14:50  wfryer ->  i was also thinking about
thematically similar presentations
21:15:43  carolteach4 ->  hi mrsdurff – how be
21:16:10  mrsdurff ->  just not/only remix but
build upon?
21:16:13  melindamiller ->  don’t hold them on
school campus…that is no fun…needs to be social experience
21:16:22  JoseRodriguez -> 
21:16:34  matt montagne ->  I know I’m a
little irritated about a rejection from a national conference that I
received today…I worked hard on the proposals and they were both
rejected…no real reason for the rejection either, with the exception
of, “We’ve had an incredible number of submissions…”
21:16:41  mrsdurff ->  hey sheika
21:17:15  carolteach4 ->  That is too bad,
Matt. You do such great stuff. They obviously haven’t tuned in.
21:17:20  melindamiller ->  matt I find that
sometimes who is “approving” isn’t sure what they want you would be
great presenter
21:17:58  matt montagne ->  @carol – I’m
pretty much done with doing proposals for traditional conferences
21:18:02  mrsdurff ->  hi drew
21:18:19  Drew ->  Hey there Durrff, Matt et
al πŸ™‚
21:18:25  Drew ->  oops
21:18:28  matt montagne ->  @carol and
@melinda…thanks for kind words too
21:18:29  Drew ->  I meant Durff
21:18:33  matt montagne ->  hello Drew!
21:18:36  matt montagne ->  Hey Patrick!
21:18:49  pwoessner ->  hey matt…long time
no see πŸ˜‰
21:18:55  mrsdurff ->  hello patrick
21:18:57  wfryer ->  @matt what would you like
to see as a submission deadline for k12online09?
21:19:00  lisa parisi ->  Matt, are you really
giving up on traditional conferences? Don’t you think that’s where the
audience needs to hear you?
21:19:01  matt montagne ->  @pwoe πŸ˜‰
21:19:18  pwoessner ->  Hello Durff
21:19:20  matt montagne ->  @lisa, I don’t
think  it is the best use of my time…
21:19:30  matt montagne ->  hello Cheryl!
21:19:32  mrsdurff ->  cheryl oakes has
entered the room – raise your skis
21:19:33  JoseRodriguez ->  Hey Cheryl..
21:19:34  Drew ->  Matt – just caught the tail
end of that conversation point there – maybe you in future coudl
contribute to a MirandaMod – which is Miranadnet’s own form of UN
21:19:46  lisa parisi ->  But maybe it’s where
you voice can be heard the loudest..not just speaking to the choir.
21:19:46  matt montagne ->  @lisa, and I think
the reach can be so much greater in something like K12online
21:19:50  melindamiller ->  you could probably
just have two weeks of “live conversations” on different topics that
would draw in new/more people because it is a live experience/ just
throwing ideas out there
21:19:56  cheryloakes~ ->  Hello Matt, Durff,
Jose, Lisa, Shelia and all.
21:20:05  cheryloakes~ ->  Hello Melindamiller
21:20:05  Drew ->  Hey Jose πŸ™‚
21:20:13  lisa parisi ->  Hi Cheryl
21:20:13  JoseRodriguez ->  Drew is in the
21:20:18  matt montagne ->  @Drew…that
format sounds quite intriguing…
21:20:21  Drew ->  Lisa – hey there
21:20:24  matt montagne ->  hello minh!
21:20:25  melindamiller ->  hello my friend
cheryloakes long time
21:20:26  mrsdurff ->  but less expensive
21:20:30  JoseRodriguez ->  And Ted.. is doing
international calls now..
21:20:32  Drew ->  This is Drew Buddie aka
digitalmaverick on Twitter
21:20:34  minh ->  G’day all
21:20:39  lisa parisi ->  Hi Drew!
21:20:51  melindamiller ->  yes i like the 20
min format
21:21:04  cheryloakes~ ->  I like the
20  min. format too!
21:21:09  Drew ->  What a great group of
luminairies I am in the virtual company of tonight πŸ™‚
21:21:11  matt montagne ->  @minh and others
just joining…we’re getting an update on the K12Online conference,
brainstorming new ideas, etc
21:21:34  Drew ->  Matt et al have you seen
the TEDx franchise? Are you motivated to set up your own?
21:21:35  carolteach4 ->  Twitter links have
made me aware of live streams that I’ve joined. Would never have known
they were going on otherwise.
21:21:37  matt montagne ->  @Drew…I agree
with your last statement, now that you are here of course!
21:21:51  matt montagne ->  @drew…I haven’t
seen Tedx…
21:21:52  Drew ->  Carol – absolutely –
Twitter is PRICELESS for that
21:21:55  mrsdurff ->  hi elizabeth
21:22:10  lisa parisi ->  I would love to set
up a TEDx
21:22:11  ehelfant ->  i keep losing
connection and re-entering
21:22:14  mrsdurff ->  hi sheila
21:22:26  cheryloakes~ ->  Hey Carol, evening
21:22:41  matt montagne ->  are previous
sessions licensed in Creative Commons???
21:22:43  Drew ->  Matt you REALLY (I mean
*REALLY*) should incvestigate TEDx as an event its a way that ANYONE
(any Tom Dick or Harry as we say in the UK) can set up their own
licensed TED event!
21:23:15  cheritoledo ->  What about Tech
& Learning announcement?
21:23:18  Drew ->  There’s criteria to be met
and a quite onerous online form to fill for TEDx
21:23:18  Sheila ->  Belated Hi MrsDurff.
21:23:27  matt montagne ->  @Drew…sounds
quite intriguing…I will investigate…would be cool to do a San
Francisco Bay Area TEDx Edu type of conference
21:23:37  cheryloakes~ ->  I can plug it on my
next time at Tech Learning Cheri!
21:23:47  melindamiller ->  Edu TED?
21:23:48  mrsdurff ->  participation
21:23:49  cheryloakes~ ->  That is next 2nd
Tuesday in August
21:23:51  carolteach4 ->  It is so important
that the recorded streams be available in an accessible format (with
good annotation) for folks to listen to later. I often have to listen a
couple of times to online conversations just to absorb all the info.
Being able to stop and take notes is also a real boon.
21:23:54  wfryer ->  we have discussed having
a k12online “echo” show that might take place monthly
21:24:01  mrsdurff ->  the ability to connect
21:24:18  Drew ->  Yeah Matt find info here:
21:24:20  Sheila ->  Sooo sllloooowwww
tonight. Can’t type . . . easily
21:24:28  cheryloakes~ ->  carolteach4, I
agree it is a good thing to have the sessions to play back
21:24:36  mrsdurff ->  there is a learning
curve with elluminate
21:24:55  Drew ->  We have archived video of
TEACHMEET events ona Blip.TV stream so as to INSPIRE others who could
not attend the events
21:25:04  cheryloakes~ ->  yes durff,
Eluminate is good for small crowds, abigger crowd is very busy for many.
21:25:06  mrsdurff ->  hi chriss
21:25:29  chriss ->  hi
21:25:53  cheryloakes~ ->  LisaP you were the
walmart greeter
21:25:59  carolteach4 ->  Hi, cheryloakes. I
really tried to stay away, but curiosity got the better of me. TTT was
so helpful last night – especially the Google part.
21:26:06  Drew ->  Here’s yur video archive of
all Teachmeet events in past year http://teachmeet.blip.tv/
21:26:08  Sheila ->  I think it’s useful to
have the chat broadcated. I could still follow along even though my
screen wouldn’t update.
21:26:20  mrsdurff ->  cheryl did she have
smiley stickers?
21:26:33  cheryloakes~ ->  she should have
21:26:39  mrsdurff ->  πŸ™‚
21:26:47  wfryer ->  has anyone here
participated in one of the connectivism conferences?
21:27:00  minh ->  I did cck08
21:27:05  Drew ->  Wes I haven’t what are
21:27:21  mrsdurff ->  minh are you looking at
21:27:44  minh ->  definitely signed up as
soon as I heard it was on
21:28:00  cheryloakes~ ->  you are talking
about smaller fireside chats
21:28:07  mrsdurff ->  me too for the daily
21:28:23  cheryloakes~ ->  The first year,
there were continued chats at 4-6 week intervals for a few sessions.
21:28:23  lisa parisi ->  Yes, Cheryl
21:28:27  matt montagne ->  web heads in
action online convergence was quite successful this past May…what
about using some of the things that really went well from that
21:28:54  matt montagne ->  don’t throw the
baby out with the bathwater either…K12Online has been a solid, solid
21:29:04  Drew ->  There are SO MANY education
conferences/unconferences Tweeted nowadays that its ashame that no ONE
body is aggregating/collecting/archiving ALL the output or reporting
back from each
21:29:07  matt montagne ->  24 Hour webcast
21:29:30  lisa parisi ->  And you would
moderate for all 24 hours. πŸ˜‰
21:29:42  cheryloakes~ ->  Especially given
that the conference is happening in December, it may be harder to
organize small chats until January.
21:29:46  matt montagne ->  I’ll take 3
hours… πŸ™‚
21:30:04  minh ->  Didn’t know about TEDx
until a moment ago & voila there is to be on ein my city next
year! πŸ™‚
21:30:08  mrsdurff ->  lost audio – may lose
21:30:19  matt montagne ->  I would encourage
K12ONline to take a look at a different vetting model for proposals…
21:30:20  mrsdurff ->  ah – i’m back for a
21:30:28  mrsdurff ->  sighs – teens
21:30:31  matt montagne ->  I think you’ll get
more proposals if people know they’ll be accepted
21:30:49  JL ->  if anyone would like to join
the conversation, skype ‘worldbridges’
21:30:54  Drew ->  Jose, how do I help
out/volunteer? and if I do will I still be able to submit preso
proposals? I submitted 4 last year but none got approved πŸ™ will need
to make next proposals stronger this time πŸ™‚
21:31:00  matt montagne ->  of course, a
minimum standard would be expected…then it becomes more of a
‘long-tail’ type of model
21:31:14  Sheila ->  I like the idea of Sept
so newbies can get their feet wet too.
21:31:24  mrsdurff ->  welcome back wes
21:31:34  matt montagne ->  wes, u must be on
21:31:56  Drew ->  I also think, to attract
NEW BLOOD a MENTORING approach is good, where experienced hands can
coax or support 1st time presenters
21:31:58  wfryer ->  and for northern
hemisphere teachers, school is just starting… we thought about
emphasizing teachers making connections with their classes for the term
21:32:09  wfryer ->  @matt yes I”m struggling
in safari – should I do the chat in firefox instead?
21:32:09  cheritoledo ->  gotta run – I like
the December date – the re-mix – Let me know where help is needed.
21:32:24  cheryloakes~ ->  yes Wes, try FF
21:32:33  wfryer ->  @Drew YES, I agree
mentoring is the approach which has been successful and is proven
21:32:34  cheritoledo ->  @Wes – try Opera
21:32:40  cheritoledo ->  bye
21:32:42  matt montagne ->  @wes…I’m
actually on Safari as well…this chat tool is less sluggish in Safari
than FF
21:32:46  wfryer ->  ok, I’m out for a sec and
will resurface in firefox!
21:32:47  Drew ->  erhaps in such
circumstances the mentor could be a sensible choice as moderaotor chair
of the mentee’s sesison, as would know what to expect
21:32:49  matt montagne ->  Opera rocks!
21:32:58  matt montagne ->  welcome back minh
21:33:00  mrsdurff ->  welcome back mkn
21:33:03  mrsdurff ->  min
21:33:05  lisa parisi ->  I’m a flock person
21:33:05  minh ->  πŸ™‚
21:33:15  Sheila ->  In NH, it will take place
during our state conference.
21:33:16  kcaise ->  same here @lisap
21:33:19  cheryloakes~ ->  Flock tanked on me
lately LisaP
21:33:21  wfryer ->  call for volunteers out
21:33:22  Drew ->  hey there minh πŸ™‚
21:33:37  wfryer -> 
21:33:38  minh ->  G’day Drew
21:33:42  lisa parisi ->  Haven’t had any
issues yet, Cheryl.  Fingers crossed.
21:34:14  cheryloakes~ ->  I should say LisaP
that I haven’t tried flock on ETT for 3 months, will try again
21:34:39  mrsdurff ->  Do we need to sign up
if we were signed up by that Los Angeles guy already?
21:34:46  JoseRodriguez ->  πŸ™‚
21:35:00  Drew ->  Didn’t Stephen Downes get a
bit narky a couple of years ago about not being included in K-12online?
I recall a REALLY narky post of his about it – an example of where not
EVERYONE is happy with an event like this, mores the pity πŸ™
21:35:03  matt montagne ->  It would be cool
to have an ‘administrator’ strand of some sort
21:35:08  cheryloakes~ ->  I would say that
SEEDLiNGS ning will help if there are people who are putting proposals
together and want feedback from a group of helpful educators! Join
SEedlings ning and I will make a place for the conversations.
21:35:30  wfryer ->  @matt we have the
“leading the change” strand to aim at administrative issues again
21:35:38  mrsdurff ->  subscripted – that’s
what we were
21:35:44  matt montagne ->  @wes…excellent
21:36:04  Drew ->  There’s been a thread of
discussion about Teachmeets doing more, in the UK, to atrtract new
speakers, instead of the same old same old, I think mentor/mentee, or
‘bring a friend’ chanelleges are good for doing this
21:36:06  matt montagne ->  @Drew…I would
think that the more sessions K12 has, the better
21:36:12  pwoessner ->  sounds like the PR
chair will have some work to do…
21:36:13  wfryer ->  @Drew yes we had some
interesting interactions with him in the past for sure
21:36:32  Drew ->  lol Wes – as I recall it
was ‘A listing’ he didn’t like
21:36:33  wfryer ->  the theme of “bridging
the divide” can be extended in so many ways
21:36:53  wfryer ->  @Drew yes, he definitely
doesn’t like elitism
21:36:54  matt montagne ->  I’ve been
thinking, perhaps, of trying to get the youth webcasters that I work
with involved
21:37:00  matt montagne ->  we would be happy
to do a live session
21:37:25  Drew ->  matt your students are
fantastic ambassdors
21:37:37  carolteach4 ->  Seedlings Ning has
really grown since Bob, Cheryl and Alice did their webcast on
developing PLNs during the summer. You’d reach lots of educators and
preeducators there.
21:37:40  lisa parisi ->  Have to head
out.  Thanks for the chat.  Will listen to the rest
in archive.  
21:37:44  ehelfant ->  phone dropped signal
and I’m quiet anyway tonight so I’m going to hang in chat as long as I
can keep connection
21:37:52  Drew ->  Perhaps k-12 needs a
LEARNER starnd or at least encourages LEARNERS to put forward proposals
21:37:55  mrsdurff ->  Leading the Change?
21:38:00  matt montagne ->  the format of
K12Online presos are transformationally different, but I would like to
see the committee look at altering the vetting process as well…
21:38:18  matt montagne ->  the vetting
process seems to be a bit “old school”
21:38:30  Drew ->  Ohhhhh there’s sound! Sorry
i only just erealised this
21:38:40  Drew ->  I am a moron sometimes πŸ™
21:38:49  JoseRodriguez ->  so…funny Drew..
21:39:16  Drew ->  I’ve realised I’ve been
relying on text-based stuff til now, stupid me
21:39:23  mrsdurff ->  matt the word, “vett”
is old school
21:39:36  Sheila ->  πŸ™‚
21:39:42  carolteach4 ->  @Drew – I would like
to see a Learner strand – a place where folks working with a new tool
could get together and help each other.
21:39:59  wfryer ->  @matt you certainly could
submit a proposal for a live event with students
21:40:20  kcaise ->  what is the difference
between a vetting process and an approval process for presentations?
21:40:29  ehelfant ->  I’m hearing that we
need to get the word out for the Sept LAN party and try to bring a
buddy and teach newbies how to interact in that meeting space
(elluminate)-that we should consider accepting all the proposals, and
that we need more opportunity to have live interactions around specific
sessions or with session presenters–and we need to extend the deadline
21:41:17  Sheila ->  @ehelfant – Good summary!
21:41:21  mireillem10 ->  yeah i’m in
21:41:25  ehelfant ->  and we have work to do
getting the word out to extend the attendence to a greater audience
21:42:52  minh ->  being a buddy/mentor to
likely participants is a good idea – too many people afraid to try
afraid to ask for help
21:43:16  Drew ->  minh – I think mentoring
has a great amount of potential for embracing others
21:43:31  cheryloakes~ ->  back
21:43:35  matt montagne ->  good point Jose
21:43:35  wfryer ->  so a good clarification
to know is we have never been overwhelmed by tons and tons of proposals
– in fact we’ve REALLY had to work and scramble in some strands to get
9 more presentations
21:43:36  Drew ->  and for persuading them to
take part
21:43:53  cheryloakes~ ->  excellent point Jose
21:44:19  Sheila ->  Yeah!
21:44:22  JL ->  Maria’s husband is just out
of surgery
21:44:26  mrsdurff ->  Maria the cab girl and
her english patient
21:44:35  carolteach4 ->  That mentoring
factor is very important. I don’t think I’d have become as involved in
these forums without the encouragement of Durff, Sheila, Cheryl,
SusanE, Matt, etc. Their welcome and encouragement (Jeff and Dave, too)
is priceless.
21:44:39  cheryloakes~ ->  absolutely durff
21:44:59  mrsdurff ->  πŸ™‚
21:44:59  Drew ->  Wes I appreciate you are
very busy but it would have been useful to know WHY unsuccessful
proposals were not approved as last yr I only found out my 4 had been
not approved πŸ™
21:45:04  Sheila ->  Same here Carolteach4
21:45:19  Drew ->  … so I didn’t know what
to avoid for submitting THIS year
21:45:43  matt montagne ->  I do want to say
that I appreciate the work of K12Online…I find your work to be
21:45:56  minh ->  mentor people to be mentors
& let the network work
21:45:59  Drew ->  100% concur with your last
comment Matt
21:46:00  matt montagne ->  again, don’t throw
baby out with the bathwater πŸ˜‰
21:46:12  cheryloakes~ ->  K12 has really
grown since the beginning and I’ve appreciated the work and level of
21:47:19  matt montagne ->  I love the
thinking Jeff
21:48:04  minh ->  support the novice
21:48:09  Drew ->  What’s the limiting factor
for the NUMBER of presentations?
21:48:37  Drew ->  Wes of course now you have
Twitter as a publicity drive
21:49:08  carolteach4 ->  How about having
something like the smackdown – small pieces of a larger session – get
newcomers involved even for three or four minute; they’d experience the
rush of being online and presenting-maybe for the first time-but
without the onus of having to speak for a long time. Of course, there
would have to be a moderator to keep it moving from one short
presentation to another.
21:49:27  wfryer ->  @drew one limiting factor
is volunteer convener time. No one is compensated for this, and doing
10 presos in a strand takes a lot of time to put together with high
21:49:34  matt montagne ->  @carol…I love
that idea
21:49:43  wfryer ->  the time to just format
10 posts per strand as we’ve done them in the past takes a LOT time
21:49:46  Drew ->  Carol – Tecahmeet in the UK
has the format of 7 minute presentations or 2 minute micropresentations
21:49:53  Drew ->  oops TEACHMEET
21:49:58  minh ->  I too like carols idea
21:50:21  minh ->  But Wes is right –
moderator time
21:50:26  matt montagne ->  I like the idea of
3-4 vetted presos for each of the 4 sessions, and then open it up to
anyone…but the other sessions could be posted to YouTube,
Voicethread, etc…or they could be even live
21:50:28  Drew ->  wes – thanks for that
information re. limiting factors
21:50:34  kcaise ->  ed tech talk koolkaid?
21:51:06  cheryloakes~ ->  Kim, flavor of the
21:51:14  JL ->  edtech edublogger web2.0
21:51:17  kcaise ->  sounds yummmy
21:51:21  Sheila ->  Last year was my first
experience with an unconference, k12 online. Did as night falls and
listened to archives later. Synchronous was more important to me.
21:51:44  ehelfant ->  synchronous makes it
deeper learning
21:51:51  cheryloakes~ ->  yes shelia, the
synchronous really is the icing on the cake
21:51:59  minh ->  Post the presos on youtube
& do a people’s choice selection process for realtime conf
21:52:00  ehelfant ->  better reflection and
synthesis of thought
21:52:06  cheryloakes~ ->  yes ehelfant, the
conversations and reflections are rich
21:52:08  matt montagne ->  1 Keynote for each
of the four sessions, 3 sub-keynotes, and then long tail
21:52:10  wfryer ->  @elefant: yes, one of our
big goals is to find ways to deepen synchronous learning opportunities
21:52:22  JoseRodriguez ->  sure.. but
synchronous with content.. to consume. is the idea with the Virtual LAN
21:52:26  wfryer ->  @matt so how would you
decide how to name “sub-keynotes?”
21:52:27  mrsdurff ->  How many people can you
personally invite to present? I invited two already – catch up!
21:52:44  kcaise ->  the 30 minute
neccunplugged sessions were great too
21:52:46  Sheila ->  especially for a newbie .
21:52:57  Drew -> 
<CLAPS> @ Durff well done you πŸ™‚
21:53:05  minh ->  nurture the newbies
21:53:34  wfryer ->  idea of live events with
plenary sessions
21:53:46  carolteach4 ->  @minh- you need the
newbies in order to grow and for the newbies to grow
21:54:07  JoseRodriguez ->  …… ok…….
plenary sessions.. what ever that means… sure
21:54:24  mrsdurff ->  what high speed?
21:54:28  mrsdurff ->  not here
21:54:30  ehelfant ->  should we ask each
presenter as part of the process if they would be willing to host their
own synchronous discussion session and what tool they would use
21:54:34  Drew ->  Carol and ‘Bring a Friend’
challenge would be cool for encouraging newbies
21:54:48  JL ->  plenaries are when everyone
at the conference gathers at the same time, right?  Hence the
live component
21:54:56  mrsdurff ->  did you know Japan’s
broadband is both faster and cheaper than ours?
21:55:05  JoseRodriguez ->  got it plenary ..
my fiend google friend clarified it for me.
21:55:36  Sheila ->  Good ideas Drew!
21:55:46  minh ->  @mrsdurf & Koreas
is faster again
21:55:47  Drew ->  JL – pleanry is usually
after the confernece has separated for different threads are brought
back together for a formal ending to the day/event
21:55:47  carolteach4 ->  I have at least
three folks at my school that have never participated in these sessions
but that I could convince to joing me.
21:56:10  minh ->  @carol & then get
them to bring a friend
21:56:15  kcaise ->  jeff!
21:56:20  Drew ->  BUT in UK schools plenary
just means the final part of the lesson in whatever shape/form it may
21:56:59  kcaise ->  mashable versions of
former sessions
21:57:30  minh ->  meanwhile back at
synchronous – tricky in a global sense
21:57:43  Drew ->  Also what about awarding a
‘certificate’ to those who present to recognise what they’ve done
albeit ‘unofficially’ would be nice
21:58:23  minh ->  yes Drew all that &
some publishing of the content will encourage
21:58:33  Drew ->  minh yes πŸ™‚
21:58:35  Sheila ->  For global cohesion – LAN
unslumber party all over
21:58:49  mireillem10 ->  and i have issues
21:58:54  Drew ->  I’ve enjoyed this and will
ensure I’ve a mike set up mext time
21:59:22  cheryloakes~ ->  Drew if you want to
get feed back , come and join Seedlings for proposal feedback.
21:59:37  JL ->  just realized we lost you
Elizabeth – would you like to come back in for a closing comment
21:59:40  cheryloakes~ -> 
22:00:00  carolteach4 ->  I am going to see if
I can get some teachers involved in the K-12 online and see if I can
get the powers that be at our school give them CEU’s for participating.
22:00:02  matt montagne ->  Great work
K12Online Team…
22:00:11  ehelfant ->  I’m good- I’m feeling
shy and without connection power tonight:)
22:00:13  cheryloakes~ ->  great idea
22:00:13  Drew ->  cheryl πŸ™‚ I’ll do that,
but just didn’t know what was wrong with my presos last yr so as to
avoid same deficiencies this  year πŸ™‚
22:00:16  JoseRodriguez ->  cool.. Thanks
22:00:31  ehelfant ->  I’m enjoying the chat
and taking notes on sentiments expressed
22:00:46  DaveC ->  Hi everyone!
22:00:49  cheryloakes~ ->  there may not have
been anything wrong Drew, just a tweak
22:00:56  matt montagne ->  hello DaveC!
22:01:08  DaveC ->  Hi Matt
22:01:12  matt montagne ->  also, I would try
to get all presenters to submit their presos with CC licenses
22:01:17  matt montagne ->  hello Jen!
22:01:23  Drew ->  cheryl, bless you πŸ™‚
22:01:37  Drew ->  good point Matt re CC
22:01:50  Jen ->  love it — he said CLOSING
22:01:59  Jen ->  sorry, I wandered in late
22:02:05  chriss ->  Nice to see what’s up
with k12online again this year. You all put on a fantastic show.
22:02:36  Drew ->  cheers Cheryl πŸ™‚
22:02:40  DaveC ->  Could people submit
requests for presentations?  ie, Beginners saying what they
are looking for?
22:02:51  kcaise ->  hi dave
22:02:56  mrsdurff ->  ok, just invited 52
people – and you?
22:03:10  Jen ->  will there be NOT K12
22:03:15  cheryloakes~ ->  Durff doesn’t it
count that I invited all the seedlings ning today?
22:03:32  mrsdurff ->  yes it counts
22:03:38  wfryer ->  sept 26th then as an
initial LAN party, for k12online echo?
22:04:03  mrsdurff ->  clap clap clap
22:04:09  kcaise ->  all right!
22:04:14  mireillem10 ->  me
22:04:23  mireillem10 ->  me-ray
22:04:27  JoseRodriguez ->  hi..
22:04:31  kcaise ->  congrats @mireille
22:04:35  cheryloakes~ ->  Hi Me-ray!! Cheryl
22:04:40  mireillem10 ->  i am
22:04:43  amckiel ->  thanks for the chat πŸ™‚
22:04:43  matt montagne ->  Hello Mireille!
22:04:47  kcaise ->  @jose, check your DM on
22:04:54  Drew ->  G’night all from
Rickmansworth where its 3am
22:04:54  Sheila ->  So  stay here
fore WCA?
22:04:54  minh ->  thanx all πŸ™‚
22:04:59  matt montagne ->  Thanks, everyone,
for contributing to the Brainstorm 2nite
22:05:06  matt montagne ->  bye Maria!
22:05:15  matt montagne ->  πŸ™‚ Don’t get
22:05:46  kcaise ->  night jose
22:05:57  mrsdurff ->  bye jose
22:06:09  mrsdurff ->  hit record mireille
22:06:11  kcaise ->  jeff is the expert!

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