K12 Online Conference Echo: Notice, Dream, Connect, Do with Monika Hardy and Jim Folkestad

In this edition of the K12Online Conference Echo, we are joined by Monika Harding and Jim Folkstad presenters for the student voices strand of the K12 Online Conference 2010. 

We believe that education is the vehicle to social change everyone
craves. We believe that personalization is now possible in public
school, because of the connections to people and info the web now
allows. We believe that the process of learning how to learn, amped by
the personalization digital equity allows is the new standard.

In the lab, we are experimenting with ways to facilitate personalized
learning and ownership. We believe learning and self-constructing is
natural, but most people need to break out of habits focused on
following rules. Experimentation means doing, and doing breeds mistakes.
Risk of failure blinds many to their potential. We believe playing it
safe today is a greater risk.


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