James Stanger Interview

Listen in to an interview I did with Dr. James Stanger, one of the experts from

VCampus Corporation (Chief Certification Architect) who is also interested in Linux, open source, and Web2.0. He also answered questions from Durff and Miz Mercer who virtually attended part of our meeting in the EdTechTalk Chat Room and a halfway successful webcast.

I did the interview when I attended a special focus group meeting in Richmond, VA, USA with several Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) subject matter experts from
Prosoft Learning, (a vCampus Corporation).  CIW and Department of
Education (Office of CTE)
wanted our input/experiences as teachers of
CIW related topics who may be testing students using one or more CIW
modular exams.  The Virginia Office of Career and Technical Education
has supported this specific credentialing program with thirteen
training academies and over 80 CTE teachers being certified as well as
the only implemented VCCS/DOE statewide articulation agreement (the CIW
Associate level certification has been mapped to the Design,
Multimedia, and Web Technologies program in the Business and
Information Technology area). The CIW certification program is the only
vendor neutral credential that has been implemented at the secondary
level in Virginia’s CTE program.

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