This was our Back to School Special. We discussed the following;

  1. We explored the differences between a traditional classroom and a Web 2.0 Classroom.
  2. We discussed the new NETS standards for technology. We looked at student profiles and what students are expected to do in the different grade levels.
  3. We talked about how we use Web 2.0 tools in our classrooms.
  4. We then opened up a round table discussion.

Other resources from the show:

  • Our show outline can be viewed here

Our next show will be on Monday September 10 at 4 p.m. PDT/6 p.m.
CDT/8 p.m. EDT, on the subject of the use of Moodle in the elementary
classroom with our guest, James Gates of Join us then, at!

Text Chat Log Below

LisaParisi: i’m listening
JoseR: thanks LisaP
LisaParisi: i hear everyone
JoseR: Ok We are starting soon
Durff: hi lisa
LisaParisi: ok…i’m uploading my show so i have other things to do
LisaParisi: hi durff
LisaParisi: how do you type and talk at the same time?
LisaParisi: i love to listen to you all.
JoseR: thanks
Maria: can’t add the slide share
JoseR: Durff is the Chat room director today, right?
Alice Mercer:
Durff: shhh
JoseR: cool
LisaParisi: hi lori
Durff: hi loria
loria: hi
Durff: hi loria
loria: is there audio too?
Durff: yes
Durff: ETT A
loria: what channel?
Durff: click on the black link underneath chat room
LisaParisi: hi all
Alice Mercer: Loria where are you from
Maria: welcome Loria
LisaParisi: posting it now
LisaParisi: Lor!
loria: I’m from IL
Durff: great
loria: I"m listening
Durff: got sound?
Durff: excellent!
LisaParisi: i see you’re listening lor
loria: I was in SL too
loria: multitasking
LisaParisi: i came in last night but missed everyone
LisaParisi: too late i guess
loria: everone got off somewhat early
JoseR: thanks for joining us
LisaParisi: BTW…Lor has been here before or in wow or something…she comes
to my shows too
LisaParisi: welcome back lor
loria: oops closed the wrong window
Durff: i do that all the time
Durff: no worries
Jason Hando: Hi Folks
LisaParisi: hi jason
Durff: hey jason
JoseR: Hy Jason
JoseR: hi
Hando: Hi Lisa’s and Jose
LisaParisi: project based instruction is key
LisaParisi: open ended projects
JoseR: What are your thoughts about Essentials in the web 2.0 classroom
LisaParisi: let kids decide
Jason Hando: Essential 1: the teacher is a learner just like the students when
it comes to edtech!
LisaParisi: good working computers, access to just about anything, and time
LisaParisi: yes jason
LisaParisi: let the kids lead the way
Jason Hando: Essentail 2: access needs to encourage involvement – no good if
computers don’t work
JoseR: Good points Jason.
loria: yes, need equity with hardware updated to handle new Web 2.0
LisaParisi: it’s all about timing and outcome needs
JoseR: You are looking at barriers?
loria: yes there are barriers
Jason Hando: I prefer the word "embed" rather than "integrate Lisa
JoseR: I am facing that with older emacs with OS 9.2
JoseR: ditto jason
Maria: embed – good word
loria: I have imacs – going on 8 years old – but we did update to osx
Jason Hando: eMacs can run OSX, is it a licence $ issues Jose?
JoseR: update on ours went funky.
JoseR: for us is being the new teacher. New computers are in the main building
LisaParisi: it’s all about what comes first…technology or content
LisaParisi: content first then how can technology help or enhance
LisaParisi: not – great tech, how can i use this in the classroom
JoseR: Content does go first
Jason Hando: oh, I just bought an eMac online auction for $120, running OSX
10.3, my wife loves her new comp and I get off being a cheapskate πŸ˜‰
loria: yes use tech to enhance the learning
Jason Hando: learning comes first, content second, tech third
Alice Mercer: miz mercer
loria: but need to think about what tech skills can be embedded
Durff: which ones do you think?
Alice Mercer: Skype Miz Mercer if you want to join conversation
loria: collaboration and creativity
Durff: cool
loria: can be embedded with problem based learning
Durff: skype in loria
Jason Hando: Ed/Tech Skills: research info, refine info, summarise, communicate
loria: can’t stay on long
JoseR: cool
Alice Mercer: that’s okay
Alice Mercer: skype me
loria: embed Big6 skills with learning and technology
LisaParisi: hi susan
JoseR: Hi susan
LisaParisi: saw your wiki work
Durff: hi susan
LisaParisi: cheryl is working on the site now
LisaParisi: i can if you want
LisaParisi: call me
JoseR: We are continuing with rountable discussion We’ll bring you into Skype
loria: thanks
loria: have to go now
Durff: expertly done outtro!
loria: Lisa –
LisaParisi: bye lor…sl later?
loria: I’ll be in SL a little later
loria: yep
loria: in about an hour or so
Durff: parisi
loria: durff come join us at DEN or TBC
Alice Mercer: Loria, call me
Durff: what is tbc
LisaParisi: The Blogger’s cafe
Alice Mercer: Jason, get on skype, and I’ll call you?
Durff: ah…i’m slow i’m getting
Durff: old
Durff: see
Durff: hi susan
Alice Mercer: Evil filtering software!
Durff: yes!
Jason Hando: on skype now
Alice Mercer: But a necessity in e-rate schools
JoseR: Jason want to come into our conversation
Jason Hando: sorry – multi-tasking LOL
Durff: join us
JoseR: OK
Jason Hando: sure Jose
Alice Mercer: Call me Jason, you aren’t in my directory
Alice Mercer: miz mercer
Jason Hando: jhando is my username
Alice Mercer: I’m not seeing you on skype as active in WCA chat
Alice Mercer: Call failed Jason
Jason Hando: try again, I think i accidently clicked block πŸ˜‰
Alice Mercer: That’s NOT nice
Alice Mercer: Okay, our diigo links are very anemic this week. Please feel free
to add with tag show_4:
Alice Mercer: PLEASE!!!:D πŸ˜€
Jason Hando:
Alice Mercer: Those sites keep getting BLOCKED.
Alice Mercer: And I can see why, some have folks doing soft core stuff on it.
JoseR: Thanks for the link Jason
Alice Mercer: Hi Cathy!
Cathy E: Hey
Durff: hi cathy
Alice Mercer: Guys, I’m leaving for just a sec to check with son
JoseR: sure
Durff: ok
Cathy E: Everyone surviving the beginning of year stuff
LisaParisi: i tried scratch…cute but i couldn’t really get it going
Durff: barely
LisaParisi: but kids would love it
Alice Mercer: back
Alice Mercer: Or even critical thinking?
Alice Mercer: Is Maria talking about Scratch?
Cathy E: I am not going to be able to host Making Connections tomorrow night
Alice Mercer: Okay Cathy
LisaParisi: yes, alice
Cathy E: My hubby just had knee surgery
Durff: !
Durff: oh daer
Cathy E: Maggie from Diigo has sent me some interesting possibilities
Cathy E: I’m going to be looking for some folks to do a test run with me
Maria: I’m there – Cathy – get me in!
Jason Hando: I’m going to have to run to class folks
Jason Hando: thanks for the great show
LisaParisi: bye jason
Cathy E: Have a good one- Jason
Jason Hando: really enjoyed hearing what others are doing in their classes
Durff: bye
Maria: Pixie
susanvg: Kidpix is not at all like scratch – scratch provides for much more
Durff: which is more like animation?
Cathy E: Maria- I have used Pixie- I really like it
JoseR: I agree I am referring to discovery of use of the tool
Maria: I love it – I will never go back to KidPix
JoseR: OK I’ll have the Rodriguez Girls give it a test run
Durff: & report back
Durff: we wait patiently
Cathy E: I already had Kid Pix when I discovered Pixie – I’ll have to wait at
least another year for something new
JoseR: I did catch wesley podcast. You’re right and his son is a third grader
Alice Mercer:,143072,353_143073&_dad=portal&_
Alice Mercer: Kid Pix
Alice Mercer: Can I get a spelling on pixie or pixy?
Cathy E: pixie by Tech4Learning
Cathy E: Anyone using School Pads by GTCO?
Cathy E: Like Smart Boards the teacher carries around
JoseR: Teacher Talk Webcasting on ETT stay tuned for details
JoseR: what time?
LisaParisi: i’ll let you do housekeeping alone
Durff: nite folks!
JoseR: goodnight