With our Guest Steve Hargadon. Steve shares his insights about tagging with us.

Our discussion included use of tagging in blogs, pictures, in social bookmarking, at conferences, and with our students.

Steve talked about the purpose and structure of tagging. We use
tags on content we produce so that it is useful to others on the net.
The use of tags in social bookmarking such as del.icio.us and diggo
are examples. We are able to see how others tag content on the web.
We can tag our own content using similar taxonomy or create our own.
Steve reminded us that there is tension between using standardized tags
versus a more independent free flowing tag system. We can use
technorati and or Blog search engines like google to make sense of all
the content.

At NECC 2007
session specific tags were proposed and adopted by the community. This
standardized form of tagging allowed for aggregation session specific
content. The same system is also used in classroom 2.0 to standardize the way blog posts and other content is tagged.

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