It’s Elementary #24 K12Online2008 Conference Preview

In It’s Elementary #24 we talked with Dean Shareski and Wesley Fryer,
two of the conveners for the k12Online2008 Conference. Dean is a
Digital Learning Consultant with a school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan,
Canada. Westley Fryer is the Director of the Olklahoma Heritage
Association. The K12Online2008 conference is totally online, including
both synchronous and asynchronous components. This year’s
pre-conference keynote will be given by Heppell Next week. (week of
October 13th) The conferece contains four strands 1. Getting Started 2.
Prove it. 3. Kicking it Up A Notch 4. Leading the Change Within each
strand, there are many presentations that fit that theme. Several of
the presenters prepared teasers, or short advertisements. of their
presenations. These are available at More information can be found at Join us for our next show on October 27th where we will discuss technology in the Early Childhood Classroom. To read Chat see attachment

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