It’s Elementary #23 Tech in School- A Principal’s Perspective

We were joined this week by Stephen Lewis, principal of Oak Ridge
Elementary. Stephen shared his experiences as principal of a Title One
school and how technology is present in the school. Alice Mercer is the
tech integrator at the school. Stephen and Alice discussed the issues,
joys and challenges of their work. We continued to stream for part of our post show.

Next show – October 6, 2008 where we will talk about the K12Online Conference with the conference conveners.
Chat Log

18:59:12 Durff: show time!
18:59:15 JoseRodriguez: Alice…. Make sure you share the link Friendship VT
18:59:25 Durff: hi clif!
18:59:29 PeggyG: yes-Phoenix AZ πŸ™‚
18:59:47 clifmims: Hey!
18:59:49 Durff: sound on ETT A
19:00:02 PeggyG: Hi clifmims-great to see you!
19:00:29 Durff: we are all so wiped out – can you tell?
19:00:34 clifmims: Hey, Durff and PeggyG…and everyone else, tool πŸ™‚
19:00:45 PeggyG: Yes-but you’re such troopers!
19:00:47 Durff: everyone twitter!
19:01:20 PeggyG: tech in schools from principal perspective-yeah!!
19:02:00 JoseRodriguez: Hi Cliff
19:02:12 JoseRodriguez: James is in the house…. Hi James
19:02:16 clifmims: Is the show streaming, yet?
19:02:18 Durff: hi James
19:02:20 alicemercer: Hi Cliff
19:02:23 Durff: yess
19:02:26 Durff: ETT A
19:02:27 James Sigler: Hey Jose
19:02:33 JoseRodriguez: yes no ustream today only… on ETTA
19:02:36 Durff: click the black icon
19:02:39 James Sigler: Hi Durff
19:02:44 Durff: hi!
19:02:51 Durff: got sound clif?
19:03:01 PeggyG: what a great perspective-don’t focus on the things you don’t have πŸ™‚
19:03:25 JoseRodriguez: We have the kids which is the most important
19:03:35 Durff: it is all about those bright eyes
19:03:39 clifmims: Yes, I have audio, now. Thanks for the note.
19:03:48 Durff: their excitement is contagious
19:03:54 Durff: $5
19:04:05 James Sigler: Who is the guest this tonight?
19:04:14 Durff: Stephen Lewis\
19:04:20 Durff: principal
19:04:20 JoseRodriguez: Alice’s Principal
19:04:30 James Sigler: cool
19:04:48 MariaK: hi derrall
19:04:50 Durff: hi derrall
19:04:50 JoseRodriguez: Hi derrall
19:04:57 derrallg: Hi Maria
19:05:02 Durff: sound on ETT A
19:05:05 derrallg: Hi Jose and Durff
19:05:09 MariaK: glad to see you here
19:05:16 PeggyG: I was a principal for over 30 years (pre-web 2.0) and I so wish I had these tools before I retired!
19:05:33 Durff: exactly
19:05:43 derrallg: @mariak glad I could make it, thanks
19:05:43 JoseRodriguez: It takes support from all levels.. When admin steps in it really helps out
19:05:58 PeggyG: excellent question Alice
19:06:05 clifmims: Hey, Derrall
19:06:16 Durff: and their socioeconomic status does not affect need
19:06:17 derrallg: Hey Cliff
19:06:31 James Sigler: I think principal buy-in will really step up teacher adoption of edtech
19:07:24 James Sigler: Tech is a great equalizer
19:07:40 Durff: indeed
19:07:56 MariaK: I want more than just words and pats on the back from my pricipal – I want to see him using the tools – school blog – online memo – nign group for our school
19:08:00 JoseRodriguez: Yep Student engagement is a the key
19:08:10 Durff: student engagement is important to ALL kids
19:08:14 Durff: hi nhill
19:08:19 Durff: sound on ETT A
19:08:31 Durff: hi sheila
19:08:33 nhill: Good evening!!
19:08:33 PeggyG: I would be really interested in hearing Stephen talk about how he encourages and supports tech integration in his school
19:08:35 derrallg: How do they explain the need for technology to parents with all the focus on test scores?
19:08:41 sheila A: Hi Durff!
19:08:44 JoseRodriguez: Welcome all Streaming on ETT A today
19:08:49 nhill: Hi Sheila!
19:08:49 derrallg: Hi Sheila
19:08:55 nhill: Hi Durff!
19:09:00 James Sigler: student engagement…do kids find technology engaging? πŸ˜‰
19:09:13 sheila A: Hi nhill and derrallg!
19:09:28 PeggyG: @James Sigler-this "kid" does πŸ™‚
19:09:44 sheila A: Hi all!
19:10:10 MariaK: Sheila – hello
19:10:12 James Sigler: Kids have taught themselves how to use tech for entertainment
19:10:18 Durff: thanks derrall
19:10:25 James Sigler: We need to teach them how to use it for learning
19:10:25 Durff: gr8 qt
19:10:43 Durff: exactly james
19:10:43 PeggyG: @MariaK-do you think it can work if the principal is supportive but is NOT modeling the use through blog, etc.?
19:10:49 JoseRodriguez: I know that schools have literacy and Math nights. Making a tech workshop would be cool on these days
19:11:35 James Sigler: A Technlogy night for parents and students? Good idea
19:11:40 JoseRodriguez: Or even basic tech class for parents if you have a parent center
19:11:52 sheila A: @MariaK – let’s chat sometime soooooon! I miss you!
19:12:08 James Sigler: A parent center?
19:12:10 PeggyG: I think there have been some fantastic conversations and sharing about getting parents involved through the use of technology in the Parents as Partners show.
19:12:13 Durff: i don’t use a palm pilot either
19:12:30 Durff: i won’t even have a principal after 10/1
19:12:40 Durff: clif left us
19:12:53 Durff: he is a university instructor
19:13:08 PeggyG: Palms are good πŸ™‚
19:13:09 Durff: hi clif
19:13:36 James Sigler: I agree about P as P has had some parent tech conversations
19:13:46 Durff: i can’t deal with cells or webcams or the stuff i have much less a palm pilot
19:13:58 clifmims: I’m back – perhaps 3rd try is the charm. πŸ˜€
19:14:07 PeggyG: everyone needs an "Alice" πŸ™‚
19:14:13 Durff: lol
19:14:24 Durff: i need a butler
19:14:30 Durff: a driver
19:14:33 Durff: a cook
19:14:45 PeggyG: good for you clifmims πŸ™‚
19:14:51 James Sigler: @Durff webcams and palm pilot will all become part of your cell phone, eventually
19:14:53 sheila A: The admin must be do PR for the staff even if they are not up to speed and ofcourse, trust.
19:14:55 JoseRodriguez: To get audio you have to click on Ed tech Talk – A speaker icon
19:15:10 PeggyG: yes, my question came from Maria’s comment
19:15:12 Durff: only if dirt cheap James
19:15:16 Durff: hi aaron
19:15:23 Durff: sound on ETT A
19:15:27 theartguy: Hiya!
19:15:33 JoseRodriguez: Hi
19:15:33 Durff: click the black icon
19:15:41 theartguy: (procrastinating coursework)
19:15:42 James Sigler: @Durff cheaper over time
19:15:50 Durff: i like free
19:15:54 derrallg: hi aaron
19:15:59 James Sigler: Me too πŸ™‚
19:16:05 MariaK: thanks peggy
19:16:25 Durff: huh? what did she do?
19:16:32 derrallg: I’m trying to grade while listening
19:16:38 Durff: slowly for the challenged durff
19:16:54 sheila A: Would love admins to do walk throughs more than me having to go to them telling them what I’ve already done.
19:17:40 sheila A: Feeling green now . . .
19:17:42 Durff: what is an alpha smart?
19:17:47 Durff: hi green
19:17:53 Durff: nice to meet you
19:17:53 sheila A: πŸ™‚
19:18:01 PeggyG: Everyone has to start somewhere and I think it’s important to appreciate beginners and small steps. Principals and teachers too often feel they’re too busy to learn to use the technology, but they will when it meets their needs.
19:18:37 derrallg: @durff a keyboard with a little memory that can be downloaded or printed from
19:19:05 James Sigler: Principals don’t have to be good a technology, the teachers just need to see them trying
19:19:09 PeggyG: One of my colleagues in AZ has developed a fantastic observation tool for technology walk-throughs. She is tech director and does the walk-throughs with her building principals. They collect the "data" and the teachers decide what to do with it.
19:19:31 James Sigler: The principal can then challenge to teachers to do the same
19:19:39 theartguy: The only effective way to get everyone onboard (IMHO) is to prove to them it’s better AND easier than what they’re doing NOW.
19:19:40 PeggyG: I agree James!
19:19:45 sheila A: Oh, tech walk-throughs tell me more . . .
19:19:57 Durff: yes aaron
19:20:01 Durff: good pt
19:20:02 clifmims: What kinds of strategies have you found useful in gaining buy-in from the teachers in your school? From the parents/community?
19:20:10 JoseRodriguez: There is a new generation of admins also coming in to schools with a more open mind
19:20:50 PeggyG: You can see/download the observation tool here and watch her presentation.
19:21:01 sheila A: Thanks PeggyG
19:21:13 JoseRodriguez: great quesiotn cliff. How do we get buy in?
19:21:19 theartguy: Personally, I just always try to show off the simple things – spinning the globe in Google Earth as I open up a lesson on maps, for example.
19:21:52 theartguy: (which is awesome with an interactive whiteboard)
19:21:56 James Sigler: Good idea, start small and simple and let them feel the small successes
19:22:24 JoseRodriguez: We got a smartboard but it didn’t make it to the classroom.
19:22:35 James Sigler: Google Earth is a great teacher attention-getter
19:22:40 PeggyG: using technology doesn’t always take less time and there may be a big learning curve before it becomes productive for people
19:23:06 Durff: i think using it one teacher by one teacher works
19:23:07 theartguy: It can be, Peggy – I try to introduce it in small steps first
19:23:14 Durff: i do that – one by one
19:23:25 James Sigler: True technology doesn’t save the teacher time, it just makes the teaching better and more engaging
19:23:26 Durff: of course i am totally overworked
19:23:29 JoseRodriguez: Our school was built in the 1920’s.. I am out in a bungalow
19:23:38 Durff: but the kids love it
19:23:46 PeggyG: I so agree! baby steps! use what works for you and matches your needs for your students or teachers
19:23:59 Durff: like that 7th grader earlier
19:24:17 theartguy: James, I think there’s no rule that says tech can’t both save time AND make teaching better. That is what I strive for
19:24:17 Durff: he will tell 15 of his friends – it is viral
19:24:23 Durff: hi nedra
19:24:29 Durff: sound on ETT A
19:24:31 James Sigler: True, My classroom last year had two power outlets
19:24:32 Nedra: hi durf
19:24:40 theartguy: Heya Nedra
19:24:53 PeggyG: saving time AND improving learning–that’s definitely the ideal!
19:24:56 Nedra: hey artguy
19:25:48 Durff: two james?
19:25:49 sheila A: I like Marc Prensky’s steps for learning – 1 Dabbling, 2, doing oldthings in old ways, 3 doing old things in new ways, 4 doing new things in new ways.
19:25:55 James Sigler: @theartguy I agree. Technlogy is not a magic bullet. It is only a tool that amplifies teaching strategies
19:26:01 Durff: hey at least you have a classroom
19:26:18 JoseRodriguez: @sheila do you have link to Mark’s ideas?
19:26:20 Durff: sheila that is good
19:26:29 PeggyG: I just learned about Tooble today. You can download YouTube videos to your computer and it will convert them into mp4 to play on iPod (or play in classroom without internet connection (if it’s blocked)
19:26:36 Durff: Tooblwe?
19:26:39 Durff: url?
19:26:49 PeggyG: no Tooble
19:26:54 Durff: url?
19:27:00 sheila A: Will look . . .
19:27:01 theartguy: <- haven’t had a classroom in 5 years. I usually depend on the tech in the classrooms I visit.
19:27:03 JoseRodriguez: I use zamzar to convert youtube videos
19:27:05 Durff: i have not heard of it
19:27:16 PeggyG:
19:27:23 Durff: i have used zamzar too jose
19:27:30 Durff: thanks peggy
19:27:34 PeggyG: 3 clicks and you’re done-very easy πŸ™‚
19:28:02 PeggyG: I have used zamzar but this is even easier and faster
19:28:10 Durff: wow
19:28:18 theartguy: Blogging with students is awesome. πŸ™‚
19:28:25 Durff: i’ll look at it this wkend
19:28:39 PeggyG: learned about it through Twitter πŸ™‚ love my PLN!
19:28:46 Durff: after the newsletter of course
19:29:19 James Sigler: I also found for converting media files
19:29:30 PeggyG: @MariaK-your classroom is an awesome example of the power of blogging for "basic skills"!!!
19:29:44 Durff: does that work for youtube to another format?
19:29:58 James Sigler: I hope to blog with my students 3rd graders this year
19:30:16 Nedra: tooble looks good, thanks for the link
19:30:28 JoseRodriguez: Will blog together James.
19:30:37 theartguy: I’m blogging with 3rd thru 6th graders this year.
19:30:38 PeggyG: I’ve used media-convert too and it’s very good. But Tooble doesn’t even have to send you the converted vid via email. it’s a straight download and conversion.
19:31:18 James Sigler: @Jose are you using Classblogmeister?
19:31:25 JoseRodriguez: yes
19:31:37 JoseRodriguez: just introducing to my students now
19:32:07 James Sigler: They’re wiring my class this week, so I hope to start soon
19:32:09 sheila A: Going to start classblogmeister this year.
19:32:17 PeggyG: @theartguy-tell us more-do you have a link we could see for your student blogs or are they protected?
19:32:19 JoseRodriguez: It works great for me and and I am having former students still blogging
19:32:36 clifmims: Gotta put kids in the bath. This was another good show. See y’all.
19:32:38 sheila A: @Jose – that’s great!
19:32:48 James Sigler: Links Jose and Sheila?
19:32:55 Durff: wow james
19:33:05 sheila A: I haven’t started yet.
19:33:10 Durff: wiring classroom! sounds exciting
19:33:10 alicemercer:
19:33:13 theartguy: Best question asked by a student blogger: "Will we still be able to use these when the school year ends?"
19:33:19 JoseRodriguez: sure let me look it up
19:33:32 PeggyG: Sheila-I think you’ll love classblogmeister.
19:34:02 sheila A: I was going to start last year, but . . . this is the year!
19:34:10 sheila A: baby steps
19:34:15 Durff: sheila you will love it
19:34:31 Durff: tell me when you want my kids in
19:34:37 James Sigler: I’ll have a 2:1 thin client:student in my classroom this year.
19:34:40 Durff: we will comment on your kids
19:34:41 sheila A: Didn’t know what to pick so I’m glad to get the feedback.
19:34:52 Durff: you too james
19:34:56 theartguy: I used to use classblogmeister and LOVED it – it’s even better now, too
19:35:03 sheila A: @Durff – will do!
19:35:14 PeggyG: I think Kathy Cassidy is using classblogmeister-check out her student blogs (first grade) πŸ™‚
19:35:24 derrallg: I love classblogmeister too
19:35:25 MariaK: yes she is
19:35:26 Durff: she is
19:35:35 James Sigler: I would love for my students to get comments
19:35:50 theartguy: Question for people with student bloggers: how much do you focus on spelling?
19:35:54 Durff: tell me when james
19:35:57 MariaK: Kathy’s blog
19:36:01 Durff: and send me the url
19:36:13 James Sigler: I hope to start having them read and comment on other blogs before they blog themselves
19:36:20 sheila A: @James – did you drop your link?
19:36:21 MariaK: spelling work depends on the age level
19:36:48 theartguy: @MariaK – in my case, 3rd thru 6th.
19:36:49 MariaK: I think the spelling guidelines should be jus the same as one has in the classroom
19:37:11 James Sigler: I will eventually link form our class blog
19:37:14 PeggyG: @James-that is a really great approach!
19:37:15 MariaK: published work – do your best – teacher may need to edit some
19:37:19 Durff: i always tell them no txt speak
19:37:25 Durff: on blogs
19:37:29 derrallg: @theartguy I don’t think some students see their errors as well if they are used to paper
19:37:40 Durff: at beginning of year that happens a lot
19:38:01 JoseRodriguez:
19:38:06 theartguy: Some of them are starting to notice the little red lines under their words.
19:38:08 PeggyG: they’ll hear about the spelling from peers, parents, etc. when they start blogging–doesn’t all come back to the teacher.
19:38:22 Durff: they are more careful when they realise EVERYONE can read their writing
19:38:26 Durff: hi adina
19:38:26 sheila A: @james – Like your title of blog!
19:38:29 PeggyG: that’s the power of an authentic audience–they want to make it good because so many people are reading it!
19:38:31 JoseRodriguez: @james that was class blog link
19:38:32 derrallg: Hi adina
19:38:33 Durff: sound on ETT A
19:38:42 James Sigler: I blogged about my plans for my classroom at
19:39:06 Durff: do you have a blogmeister james?
19:39:35 James Sigler: I thing I love about this community is all the connections I make πŸ™‚
19:39:47 Durff: πŸ™‚
19:40:03 Durff: connectivism at work
19:40:12 PeggyG: Excellent idea Stephen-some release time for teachers to observe other teachers!
19:40:32 James Sigler: @Durff our Blogmeister site is not ready yet, but I’ll add a like to our class web site
19:40:38 Durff: so i wish – i don’t get release time
19:41:52 Durff: literacy skills
19:42:00 James Sigler: Edtech Release time for teacher collaboration shows what the school really values
19:42:04 Durff: augmented by technology
19:43:12 JoseRodriguez: So when does tech stop being the mean and become an end by itself?
19:43:21 alicemercer: Hi adina!!
19:43:34 adinasullivan: Hi!
19:43:51 James Sigler: Should tech be the end or the means of learning?
19:44:03 alicemercer: Means!
19:44:19 adinasullivan: Means!
19:44:25 theartguy: I think we often use sight of the fact that even pointy sticks are a form of technology – a means to an end.
19:44:25 JoseRodriguez: yes means
19:44:30 PeggyG: I think sharing examples of things being done by other teachers at their same grade level help them to see it’s possible.
19:44:34 JoseRodriguez: sorry πŸ™‚
19:44:58 JoseRodriguez: What’s your opinion James?
19:45:14 adinasullivan: Not everyone sees it that way
19:45:46 PeggyG: It was wonderful to hear from Stephen! What a positive, supportive administrator!!
19:46:07 James Sigler: I think it is an should be moving from tech tools being end to the tools being the means of learning
19:46:32 James Sigler: Great conversation Stephen!
19:46:37 JoseRodriguez: That idea that Sheila put earlier where we do new things in new ways. That what I mean about means
19:47:10 PeggyG: Yes-that was a fantastic quote from Mark Prensky πŸ™‚
19:47:13 adinasullivan: There is a point to new things in new ways vs. old things with shiny new tools
19:47:33 JoseRodriguez: @adina I guess that’s my point
19:47:43 theartguy: <- LOVES "disruptive" technology
19:48:04 sheila A: YOu’ll have to take a cab!
19:48:12 JoseRodriguez: I like disruuptive…
19:48:24 adinasullivan: Oh come on Durff
19:48:28 derrallg: You get used to the earthquakes after awhile
19:48:36 PeggyG: you mean no principal???
19:48:36 JoseRodriguez: Anyone available to come in to skyype conference
19:48:45 JoseRodriguez: skype
19:48:47 James Sigler: @adina edtech should change school from the transmission model to the interactive model
19:49:00 James Sigler: I’ll come it
19:49:03 derrallg: next time
19:49:09 James Sigler: in
19:49:09 adinasullivan: Should, yes, but still a tough sell in many places
19:49:12 Durff: yes peggy i mean no principal
19:49:30 PeggyG: will someone be "covering" in some way?
19:49:42 derrallg: I would tolerate anything from Lisa for what I learn from her
19:50:08 sheila A: πŸ™‚
19:50:26 James Sigler: jsigler1
19:50:46 PeggyG: That’s an interesting challenge Alice. I’m glad to hear how you’re doing it to be able to spread/delegate the responsibilities.
19:50:47 adinasullivan: NO, not that!
19:51:19 alicemercer: James, I’ll skype you, turn off your stream
19:51:22 PeggyG: and they’re more likely to use it if they’re part of the decisionmaking process
19:51:39 adinasullivan: @peggyG I agree with you completely
19:52:21 alicemercer: Wanna join call?
19:52:27 alicemercer: we will be killing stream in a bit
19:52:38 alicemercer: Maybe I could try to get up Ustream?
19:52:39 Durff: anyone else want in?
19:52:50 JoseRodriguez: go for it alice
19:52:54 Durff: last chance city
19:52:58 adinasullivan: I’ll come in
19:53:15 derrallg: I’ll join – derrallg
19:53:18 JoseRodriguez: what’s you skype id adina
19:53:19 alicemercer: You need to be skype Adina
19:53:26 alicemercer: I have adina, she’s not on
19:53:44 JoseRodriguez: and derrall cool it’s a party
19:53:55 Durff: she might need to change skype settings
19:54:05 adinasullivan: its coming up…just a sec
19:54:21 derrallg: getting my headset
19:54:33 Durff: gr8
19:56:20 Durff: the url is important too
19:56:21 theartguy: too much background noise heere, or I’d try joining in too
19:56:31 JoseRodriguez: cool
19:56:47 Durff: it’s the thought that counts aaron
19:56:53 JoseRodriguez: Alice you got Adina Skype id?
19:56:59 PeggyG: I really like the idea of reading other blogs and commenting to get started!
19:57:06 alicemercer: Chek ustream feed?
19:57:45 alicemercer: Chk again
19:58:03 JoseRodriguez: Ustream is up now
19:58:06 alicemercer: Can someone chk ustream for me?
19:58:12 alicemercer: see what my sound is like
19:58:25 PeggyG: you could add those in a bloglines section of your class blog
19:58:56 JoseRodriguez: Derall in Elementary school, What’s Up?
19:59:02 alicemercer: Peggy want to join us, and see if we can crash skype
19:59:30 PeggyG: I don’t have my headset plugged in.
19:59:42 James Sigler: found address of classblogmeister
19:59:55 alicemercer: Peggy, how is Ustream?
20:00:19 PeggyG: what do you mean ustream? I’m listening on iTunes right now
20:00:31 PeggyG: the audio is coming through great
20:00:49 James Sigler: how did you add bloglines to the class blog?
20:00:53 JoseRodriguez: Ustream sounds good
20:01:02 alicemercer: Maria will be leaving soon, and we will need to move to Ustream for stream
20:01:09 adinasullivan1: Sorry, had to switch computers, etc.
20:01:26 Durff: i have two computers myself
20:02:33 alicemercer: Note, ETTA is going to drop stream, you can pick us up on Ustream
20:02:37 Durff: great conversation
20:02:43 Durff: any ques6tions?
20:03:05 MariaK: good bye everyone
20:03:18 PeggyG: You can see how Kathy Cassidy adds other class blogs to her site (see related links)
20:03:20 JoseRodriguez: Thanks Maria…
20:03:59 derrallg: @jose just saw your question yep middle school was too political
20:04:01 PeggyG: oh that’s what you meant about ustream-coming in fine πŸ™‚
20:04:29 JoseRodriguez: I did 6 weeks of middle school and called it quits.
20:04:56 Durff: quits? but ms is so cool
20:04:57 derrallg: and everything was based on percentages and letter grades so lots of traditional testing
20:05:19 JoseRodriguez: @derallg exactly
20:05:22 Durff: hi alec
20:05:27 courosa: hey lisa
20:05:32 JoseRodriguez: Hi Alec
20:05:33 Durff: on uwstream
20:06:48 courosa: what is the ustream link?
20:07:04 JoseRodriguez: audio from the show
20:07:14 Durff: look to your right
20:07:22 Durff: click on the big arrow
20:07:40 courosa: i see the embedded window, but want to go to the actual link to see if there is chat there as well
20:07:49 Durff: nope
20:07:53 Durff: wqe are here
20:07:59 sheila A: what’s this about middle school? was away on phone.
20:08:03 courosa: forget it
20:08:05 courosa: found it
20:08:13 sheila A: Not your cup of tea – Jose?
20:08:17 Durff: you;re an overachiever, aren’t you?
20:08:42 Durff: love middle school
20:09:24 JoseRodriguez: It just wasn’t the right time I guess… I is a great age to work with kids
20:09:52 sheila A: That was my birthday – talk like a pirate!
20:10:07 alicemercer: I’m posting my lesson plans up now:
20:10:40 alicemercer:
20:11:10 MariaK: @ sheila – so sorry to have missed your bday
20:11:31 MariaK: sorting out schol. book order trying to listen to ustream
20:11:33 alicemercer:
20:11:38 sheila A: I’m still celebrating . . . for the year? πŸ™‚
20:13:16 PeggyG: I didn’t know about your bday either! πŸ™ was it today?
20:13:18 sheila A: @MariaK – let’s get together, with or without FileMakerPro. πŸ™‚ Can you send me the file again. I’ll take a look at it. No guarantees . .
20:13:20 Durff: happy belated birthday greetings sheila
20:13:42 derrallg: yeah happy birthday Sheila
20:13:43 JoseRodriguez: Ok folks great meet-up today….. I gotta run….
20:13:47 sheila A: Thanks, all. it was last Friday!
20:14:02 derrallg: bye Jose, would love to catch up sometime
20:14:06 PeggyG: Well, Happy Birthday!! πŸ™‚
20:14:29 sheila A: No dinner yet. Should I eat cake at 8 pm?
20:14:43 PeggyG: cake at 8:00-great plan!!! πŸ™‚
20:15:02 JoseRodriguez: will do derall
20:20:10 Durff: we need more battery power
20:20:22 Durff: longer battery times
20:20:38 PeggyG: absolutely! the power cords and strips really came in handy!
20:21:19 Durff: can we buy longer lasting batteries anywhere?
20:24:04 sheila A: @derrallG What? not honest? πŸ™‚
20:24:19 derrallg: you know what I mean
20:24:38 sheila A: It was fun to make the faces with the voices!
20:24:43 derrallg: a directness
20:24:47 sheila A: *match
20:24:59 derrallg: yes who has no fashion sense
20:25:09 Durff: that’s me
20:25:18 Durff: today i wore my coffee
20:25:24 Durff: lovely color
20:25:33 derrallg: earth tones
20:25:47 sheila A: If you are going to do it, do it well!
20:27:10 Durff: i sure diud
20:27:21 Durff: we scared jose away
20:30:03 PeggyG: Liz Kolb-cellphones
20:30:31 PeggyG: her new book is coming out in October-I’m sure it will be fabulous. coming from ISTE.
20:31:55 alicemercer: I LOVED liz preso
20:32:46 PeggyG: fun conversation! thanks!
20:33:03 sheila A: This was fun! Thanks!
20:33:06 derrallg: thanks for the conversation
20:33:58 Durff: nite everyone – time for my dinner too
20:36:02 adinasullivan: Thanks all have a good night


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