It’s Elementary #2 Webquests, Analyze This!

We had a great show discussing Webquests in the elementary classroom.

First, we shared the wiki that we used to plan this show. Then we defined what a Webquest is and talked about Bernie Dodge, who is the "father" of Webquests.

Lisa shared a Webquest template and Jose Rodriguez, shared the Webquest he is using with his summer school class. We then went through some resources, which can be found on our Diigo list.

Here is a great slideshow on Webquests:
[slideshare id=73726&doc=webquest-template4036&w=425]

We were then joined by Lisa Parisi who discussed work she had done with her students using the internet for inquiry based research.

Chat Below



18:19:54 Durff: hi!
18:20:04 Durff: Can I call you?
18:20:20 Durff: oh, let me go wash my sticky hands brb
18:22:19 Durff: hi
18:22:26 Durff: there?
18:40:20 AliceMercer: We are in Yugma at:
18:43:25 JoseR: Cool I’m in I beat the firewall!
18:45:27 Durff: good!
18:57:13 AliceMercer:
18:57:19 AliceMercer:
18:57:26 AliceMercer:
19:00:28 AliceMercer: Hi Paul!
19:00:39 PaulH: Hi Alice
19:00:45 AliceMercer: We’re in Yugma:
19:00:47 PaulH: Durff called πŸ™‚
19:00:50 Durff: hi paul
19:00:57 Durff: thank goodness
19:00:57 AliceMercer: Yeah, she nags that way!
19:01:11 PaulH: I hear you Lisa πŸ™‚
19:01:36 PaulH: What’s the chat today ??
19:01:44 Durff: so i’ll br quiet
19:01:44 AliceMercer: Web Quests
19:02:01 PaulH: Me too – a bit out of my compass!!!
19:03:36 Durff: oh be nice
19:03:50 PaulH: and Paul Harrington a primary teacher from South Wales πŸ™‚
19:03:53 Durff: you do them all the time
19:03:56 Durff: hi david
19:04:04 Durff: listen on channel A
19:04:23 David Noble: Hi everyone.  David Noble – additional support needs teacher from Scotland
19:04:34 Durff: hear us?
19:05:03 AliceMercer:
19:05:20 David Noble: audio OK
19:05:30 PaulH: Hi David how is Scotland
19:05:33 Durff: hi terry!
19:05:40 PaulH: Hi Mr F
19:05:43 Durff: we are on channel A
19:05:47 TerryFreedman: hello!
19:05:54 Durff: i am honored
19:06:04 TerryFreedman: greetings Mr H. Thanks for yr comment, btw. I responded
19:06:06 David Noble: Hi Paul.  Just followed your link from last week.  Really looking forward to finding about webquests. 
19:06:20 PaulH: Cool so am I
19:06:23 TerryFreedman: wot’s this all about?
19:06:46 Durff: webquest
19:06:48 David Noble: I’m on the Isle of Barra – it’s just about half way to Nova Scotia πŸ˜‰
19:06:56 Durff: welcome
19:07:03 TerryFreedman: oh, I came across them 10 years ago. very cool
19:08:15 Durff:
19:08:58 Durff: hi again david
19:09:06 AliceMercer:
19:09:22 Durff:
19:09:26 AliceMercer: LIsa’s:
19:09:58 Durff: alice is so on top of things!
19:11:44 Durff: i so appreciate david, paul, and terry visiting us here tonight – thank you!!
19:12:20 PaulH: NP this sounds interesting πŸ™‚
19:13:10 Durff: i’m sure you do these too
19:13:26 Durff: just call them something different
19:17:27 TerryFreedman: yw
19:17:35 AliceMercer:
19:17:42 Durff:
19:17:59 PaulH: (Clap) Jose
19:18:46 Durff: I agree!
19:19:05 AliceMercer:
19:19:35 Durff: She is sooo fast!
19:19:43 Durff: it’s great!
19:19:56 Durff: I’m going to the Bahamas…
19:20:24 PaulH: lol
19:20:56 Durff: There is soo much food on a cruise…
19:21:56 PaulH: David is this a bit like Hot Potatoes do you think ??
19:22:27 Durff: at least it’s not like spin the bottle
19:22:49 Durff:
19:23:06 Durff: beat her!
19:23:23 PaulH: ThinkQuest works in school for us here:0
19:23:32 AliceMercer:
19:24:54 AliceMercer:
19:25:09 AliceMercer:
19:25:32 Durff: can’t win ’em all
19:27:10 Durff:
19:27:11 AliceMercer:
19:27:17 David Nobl: Hi Paul.  Not really on the face of it, but, yeah the tools are similar when you think about building tasks
19:27:22 Durff: it’s a race!!
19:27:35 Durff: they are David
19:27:40 Durff: exactly
19:27:58 Durff: I think the formal name webquest scares peopl away
19:28:04 AliceMercer:
19:28:44 PaulH: We nearly did the thinkquest this year – sadly too busy on other projects but may give it a go next year
19:29:05 Durff: i think you did
19:29:22 AliceMercer:
19:29:25 Durff: and the animal thing – kiwi? – that was a quest
19:29:42 Durff: maybe not formal, but the essence
19:29:43 PaulH: True Lisa πŸ™‚
19:29:54 Durff: i like the kiwi film
19:30:36 PaulH: thx
19:30:43 Durff: welcome
19:30:52 Durff: hi cathy
19:31:00 Durff: hear us?
19:31:12 CNelson: hey durff and es  can hear
19:31:16 PaulH: True Jose
19:31:17 CNelson: yes
19:31:53 CNelson: ther is a yugma?
19:32:03 Durff: or put in skype name to join the skype conference, right alice?
19:32:29 Durff: alice, i think, will call you
19:32:36 TerryFreedman: have webquests changed at all?
19:32:42 Durff: there was cathy
19:32:55 Durff: we shut it off before we crash
19:32:55 PaulH: It doesn’t sound like it Terry ??
19:33:26 CNelson: oh well
19:33:35 Jason Hando: Hi all
19:33:46 CNelson: hello Jason
19:33:46 Durff: hi
19:33:48 Jason Hando: My Internet is back on!!
19:33:55 Durff: yedah!
19:33:56 Jason Hando: Hi Cathy
19:34:01 PaulH: Hi Jason
19:34:02 Durff: was it the backhoe?
19:34:12 Jason Hando: Hi Paul
19:34:24 Jason Hando: Yes it was, happened 36 hrs ago πŸ™
19:34:43 TerryFreedman: not sure
19:35:10 Jason Hando: I agree – stayed the same
19:35:17 Durff: what are your thoughts terry?
19:35:26 Jason Hando: good instructional design lasts
19:35:29 PaulH: The only thing is we deliver it differently
19:35:47 PaulH: pooh lisa you beat me !!!
19:35:54 Durff: sorry
19:35:59 Durff: i’ll be quiet
19:36:16 AliceMercer: Anyone want to join us on skype?
19:36:23 Durff: where’ that mute button
19:36:23 CNelson: i can’t
19:36:30 CNelson: family will get one me
19:36:40 CNelson: no mic and headset to make it osible
19:36:46 CNelson: possible
19:36:52 Durff: ok
19:36:57 CNelson: 17 yo let a friend borrow it
19:37:06 CNelson: hi
19:37:08 Durff: for gaming
19:37:15 Durff: i’m sure
19:37:20 CNelson: yep
19:37:31 CNelson: priorities of a 17yo
19:37:36 David Nobl: Paul, how does Yugma compare to FlashMeeting? Would it be a different type of web conferencing experience?
19:37:47 AliceMercer:
19:37:58 Durff: flashmeeting!
19:38:08 Durff: that’s paid, isn’t it?
19:38:14 Jason Hando: I like how webquests differentiate for diff learners
19:38:31 PaulH: It is more like Elluminate – where you shre your desktop so that everyone can see your links and pages
19:38:32 Durff: me too?
19:38:49 PaulH: no flashmeein is free
19:38:55 AliceMercer: Miz Mercer on skype
19:39:11 Jason Hando: I will try flashmeeting now – haven’t heard of it til now
19:39:12 PaulH: silence
19:39:20 TerryFreedman: i hab=vent had a chance to look at them yet, sorry :-(. is there a way of saving this chat? will use copy/paste I spose
19:39:45 Durff: yes and links on diigo and delicious
19:39:46 David Nobl: free to educators
19:40:04 PaulH: Jason I can set one up for you to try out if youlike sometime –
19:40:13 Jason Hando: sounds gr8 Paul
19:40:23 Jason Hando: I just googled and there is a uk site – is that the right one?
19:40:29 PaulH: Allanah and Jane have tried it out and have booking rights
19:40:55 PaulH: Open University KMI reaserach department
19:40:56 Jason Hando: booking rights?
19:41:10 Jason Hando: I’ll skype or email u offlist Paul
19:41:12 AliceMercer:
19:41:19 PaulH: Clap to ALL πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
19:41:20 Durff: hi rendy!
19:41:33 PaulH: cool Jason
19:41:36 Jason Hando: thanks all, gr8 show!
19:41:39 rendy: Hi Durff!
19:41:45 PaulH: Thanks all fab
19:41:46 AliceMercer: Thank yoU!
19:41:51 AliceMercer: Great text chat audience
19:42:06 PaulH: Hi Lisa
19:42:11 AliceMercer: Hi LIsa P
19:42:15 PaulH: how are you Lisa
19:42:21 AliceMercer: LIsa would you like to join us on skype?
19:42:22 LisaParisi: hi all
19:42:30 LisaParisi: what’s the topic?
19:42:35 AliceMercer: Webquests
19:42:46 AliceMercer: You could talk about your social studies
19:43:01 AliceMercer: projects
19:43:07 PaulH: we are too shy
19:43:12 Jason Hando: lol
19:43:13 AliceMercer: Don’t be!
19:43:18 PaulH: ha ha ha
19:43:23 LisaParisi: i don’t have much of a voice today but can talk about any topic
19:43:24 Durff: tough paul
19:43:33 AliceMercer: call me Miz Mercer on skype
19:44:19 David Nobl: Cheers everyone.  Catch you all next time
19:44:33 AliceMercer: thank you
19:44:35 PaulH: Will speak soon David take care
19:44:56 Durff: thank you david
19:45:12 Durff: come again tomorrow?
19:45:24 AliceMercer: I think I have to call you LIsa
19:45:44 PaulH: Thanks to everyone – time for bed now – Terry it’s late!!!!!
19:45:53 Durff: thank you paul
19:46:05 PaulH: will speak soon Durff
19:46:10 Durff: πŸ™‚
19:46:21 Durff: anyone else like to talk?
19:46:47 Durff: don’t all say so at once
19:47:06 rendy: I’m going to listen….thanks!
19:47:09 Durff: Sir Freedman?
19:47:27 Durff: Ms. Nelson?
19:47:54 CNelson: cathy Nelson is multitasking away
19:49:02 Durff: Mr. Hando?
19:49:11 Durff: pooh
19:50:05 AliceMercer:
19:51:47 Durff: me too
19:52:56 CNelson: editing is okay…
19:53:04 CNelson: its a skill to develop
19:53:13 CNelson: but u need to learn it
19:53:26 Durff: i don’t do very well
19:53:35 Durff: the kids are better
19:53:47 CNelson: i know kids who wouldn’t release material due to the satisfaction with their editing
19:54:01 CNelson: they hold themselves to a higher standard
19:54:27 Durff: and that is great!
19:54:39 Durff: i call them the OAA club
19:54:53 Durff: Overachieversanonymous
19:55:00 CNelson: but the do overs get totally on my nerves!
19:55:12 CNelson: of course i know educators out ther would be amazed
19:55:20 CNelson: but they are not satisfied
19:55:49 Durff: but we are the same way
19:55:56 Durff: well, i am
19:55:57 CNelson: i have to log out.
19:56:04 CNelson: durff keep twitting the reminders
19:56:06 Durff: thank you soo much
19:56:12 Durff: come again
19:56:26 TerryFreedman: i know, sorry. better go. nite nite
19:56:37 Durff: thank you terry!
19:56:50 Durff: we are honored by your prescense
19:57:05 Durff: esp since i can’t tpye
19:57:13 TerryFreedman: lol, dont be silly. i never said much. sorry
19:57:14 Durff: see?
19:57:29 TerryFreedman: bye1
19:57:32 Durff: we’re doing podcasting next time
19:57:36 Durff: bye
19:57:44 Durff: and bye to elaine
19:59:47 Durff: hi again jose
20:00:02 Durff: you keep popping in and popping out
20:00:05 JoseR: I finally made it in
20:00:12 Durff: πŸ™‚
20:00:17 JoseR: so how is everybody.
20:00:28 JoseR: Any ideas for future show?
20:00:28 Durff: your audio kept going and coming too
20:01:13 AliceMercer:
20:05:23 AliceMercer: bye everyone
20:05:58 Durff: nite



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