It’s Elementary #16: What is Ed Tech Talk?

It was a great show (chat room was rocking) as
we shared what made Ed Tech Talk important to us, and where It’s
Elementary fits into the Edtechtalk Community.

Here was what we covered:

  • Questions to ask:
    • What is Ed Tech Talk? What can it do for you?
    • Why It’s Elementary? How does it help you?
  • Reasons to use this place…
  • Challenges — Is if really for me?
  • Examples – ETT show favorites from the It’s Elementary Team

Chat Log Below



tarelerulz ->: hello
tarelerulz ->: *bird*
roserajan21 -> Room 2: hello anyone there?
Polyhedras ->: Hi, JL.
JasonR ->: Hi
alicemercer ->: Hello Jason
alicemercer ->: Hi LInda
lindargeorge ->: Hi Alice
alicemercer ->: How’s the sound guys
alicemercer ->: Excellent
MariaK ->: hi linda!
lindargeorge ->: Hey Maria!!
alicemercer ->: Hi Linda
MariaK ->: finally a sunny day n NH
lindargeorge ->: Yes! It is finally! and a couple of warm days are coming up!
JoseR ->: Hi There!
lindargeorge ->: Will you be joining us this Sunday?
lindargeorge ->: Hi Jose!
MariaK ->: not sure
MariaK ->: how long will it go?
lindargeorge ->: I hear no sound πŸ™
JoseR ->: Welcome everyone
lindargeorge ->: Oh who knows…but my former student works there
lindargeorge ->: i cant be out late..I am old!
alicemercer ->: Linda, click on the circle arrow on Ustream
alicemercer ->: It’s audio only, but shoudl be good
MariaK ->: older than you – linda! and I can’t either
alicemercer ->:
lindargeorge ->: ah now i do!
lindargeorge ->: Hi Cheryl
lindargeorge ->: yes
cheryloakes ->: hello Lindageorge
JoseR ->: Hey Cheryl
JoseR ->: Hi Jason
JasonR ->: Hello
alicemercer ->:
cheryloakes ->: hi Jose!
alicemercer ->: Hi Cheryl\
alicemercer ->:
alicemercer ->: Hi Maureen, and hello to everyone else too!
JoseR ->: Participating live rocks
JasonR ->: so you are using ustream
JoseR ->: yes
JoseR ->: click on play button
JasonR ->: and that’s easier than the shoutcast
Maureen/bcdtech ->: Hi Alice and everyone
alicemercer ->: Look at how this has grown!
alicemercer ->: Hi Lorna
Maureen/bcdtech ->: is there sound?
Tonitones ->: Yay I made it work!
lorna ->: yes sound
cheryloakes ->: hi alice, great stuff, hey durff where are you
cheryloakes ->: oh, yeah
lorna ->: getting a stqtric
lorna ->: static
JasonR ->: getting hum and static
lorna ->: me 2
MariaK ->: streaming on usteam
MariaK ->: stream
Durff ->: sound on ustream
PeggyG ->: I love all of the live shows and the archived versions
when I miss them. Have gotten to used to adding to the chat that I try
to post in the archived version. πŸ™‚
Durff ->: all jose’s fault
alicemercer ->: Yeah Peggy!
Durff ->: hi lorn
PeggyG ->: I also love all of the new links to websites, blogs,
wikis and connections with new people that come from every show. It has
expanded my professional growth 100fold!
Durff ->: lorna
JoseR ->: I agree Maria. Pushing our own boundaries or edge.
alicemercer ->: Still static?
Durff ->: hi jennar
Jennar ->: hi!
alicemercer ->:
alicemercer ->: If you want to torture yourself, here was our initial show proposal:
alicemercer ->: Any more sound quality problems? Can you hear us talk?
MariaK ->: dragging up the history….way to go alice!
Maureen/bcdtech ->: I still can’t get sound,
PeggyG ->: @alicemercer very helpful to see the initial show proposal πŸ™‚
Durff ->: maureen
Durff ->: it’s on ustream
JoseR ->: Maureen ustreaming today. click on play button on ustream screen
Durff ->: click the big arrow
cheryloakes ->: good stuff folks, explain away and get more people joining! off to write my blog post.
Durff ->: hi tracy
PeggyG ->: Sound is coming through fine for me-using the usteam link today.
tracygordon ->: hi
alicemercer ->: I’ll try this color
Durff ->: maureen sound?
alicemercer ->: Thanks Peggy
Durff ->: alice is purple today
alicemercer ->: Now I’m fuschia
Durff ->: sounds like a book
MariaK ->: i’m purple
PeggyG ->: I really like being able to go to the ETT delicious
bookmarks to get all of the links mentioned in a show in one place.
Great feature!
Durff ->: ok you say fuchsia i saw purple
Durff ->: potato tomato …
Durff ->: hi james
JoseR ->: Hi there.
James.Sigler ->: Hi everybody
JoseR ->: Hi James.
PeggyG ->: OK-I’ll be teal πŸ™‚
Durff ->: hi again maureen
JasonR ->: still getting hum and static pops
JoseR ->: So why do you participate in EdtechTalk?
PeggyG ->: The team approach is great!
alicemercer ->:
Durff ->: jason are you on ustream?
JasonR ->: yes listening to ustream
PeggyG ->: Whenever the team is present and then a "guest" is added, that’s a real bonus πŸ™‚
Durff ->: we’re doing the best Jose can
Durff ->: good comment Peggy
alicemercer ->: Peggy so true
PeggyG ->: I think I tend to be linear but web 2.0 has helped me to stretch my boundaries. Getting better πŸ™‚
alicemercer ->: Yeah, i know that feeling
JoseR ->: I feel the same way. I seem to be the only one also participating inonline networks at my school
Durff ->: hi adina
JoseR ->: Hi folks.
James.Sigler ->: I’m with you Jose.
Durff ->: hi ssandreoli
JoseR ->: Welcome
adinasullivan ->: Hi!
alicemercer ->: Oh, I’m so on a different planet than peers, BUT it’s starting to change
Durff ->: me too
PeggyG ->: But the great thing is that you can choose how you
participate. You can just listen or you can listen/chat or you can
listen/chat/follow Twitter, etc.
JoseR ->: So, you what grade do you teach James?
Durff ->: can I come down
James.Sigler ->: @Jose I teach 3rd grade
JoseR ->: Great same Here!
James.Sigler ->: Cool
PeggyG ->: Lisa is awesome about reminder tweets so we don’t miss the live shows. πŸ™‚
Durff ->: shed is not
Durff ->: sshe can’t type either
Durff ->: see?
James.Sigler ->: Kathy E just put me in touch with a 3rd grade teacher in NC
Durff ->: so cool
Maureen/bcdtech ->: @Durff- what am I doing wrong tonight? I see the chat but can’t hear
James.Sigler ->: 3rd graders coast to coast:)
James.Sigler ->: πŸ™‚
Durff ->: i have 3rd only once per week
Durff ->: i had problems too maureen
PeggyG ->: Are you planning an ETT get-together at NECC? Would love to meet people F2F!
Durff ->: which browser?
Maureen/bcdtech ->: ff
James.Sigler ->: I have taught 3rd-8th and I love teaching 3rd
JasonR ->: All the hum and static jus tstopped
Durff ->: last night i switched
Durff ->: safari or IE
alicemercer ->: I think that Jose muted
adinasullivan ->: Saying "No" somtimes is important
Durff ->: that’s good Jason
Maureen/bcdtech ->: I’ll try IE
Durff ->: k
James.Sigler ->: The 8:00 CST works out well for me because that is when my kids go to sleep.
JasonR ->: hum and static is back
JasonR ->: I blame Jose
James.Sigler ->: warm fuzzies for Jose πŸ™‚
JoseR ->: Is the stream ok right now?
adinasullivan ->: Help along anyone who wants to "get it"
Durff ->: yup
James.Sigler ->: it seems fine
PeggyG ->: Yes stream is perfect right now
adinasullivan ->: It’s like language learners
Durff ->: it is adina
adinasullivan ->: They participate more as they are comfortable
JoseR ->: The Mac’s fan is working overtime. I have like 10 programs going on for streaming and back up etc…
Durff ->: exactly!
Jennar ->: adina- I so agree! it’s so like langauge acquisition
James.Sigler ->: I listened to ETT for a month and a half as podcasts and wasn’t really impressed
JoseR ->: I listened almost a year LOL
Durff ->: what changed your mind James?
alicemercer ->: James, I could understand that
James.Sigler ->: When I joined the live show and chat, I realized that the poses were for the chat
Durff ->: poses?
James.Sigler ->: The audio is only half the show
adinasullivan ->: You don’t want to feel "stupid" if you don’t feel as competant
Durff ->: possibilities?
James.Sigler ->: pauses lol
PeggyG ->: Just listening to podcasts–sometimes there’s a lot of
friendly chat at the beginning & end that may seem too unfocused.
But the "meat" in between is very helpful.
adinasullivan ->: It takes a while to understand that no one gets it completely. WE’re all learning
alicemercer ->:
PeggyG ->: You really need to see the chat and links to get the full value of the shows.
alicemercer ->: And there is something about hearing it live
Durff ->: so what does the chat contribute?
adinasullivan ->: @alice yes, when possible, absolutely
MariaK ->: chat adds depth and breadth
Durff ->: hi again maureen
MariaK ->: and some laughs as well
adinasullivan ->: Chat = allows me to make sure I am on track w/ idea
PeggyG ->: The chat contributes other connections to the topic–people sharing personal experiences, questions, etc.
Durff ->: good points all
James.Sigler ->: exactly, the allows me reflect and contribute immediately to the conversation
Maureen/bcdtech ->: Pretty much givin up here.. not gonna work for me tonight I guess
JoseR ->: all the other shows are good also.
Durff ->: did any of you hear dembo’s keynote at PETE-C
PeggyG ->: Sorry Maureen–some days are not good tech days πŸ™
PeggyG ->: WOW2 is how I got my start too. Love that show and schedule my week around it!
James.Sigler ->: The chat is like a micronetwork that helps me filter the important parts like twitter and my feed reader.
Durff ->: wow
Durff ->: loving this chat
JoseR ->: some of the ETT shows go on every week like TTT, 21st Century, WOW2.0, EdtechWeekly.
James.Sigler ->: I love the name Making Connections because I think that is what education and the network is all about.
JoseR ->: We try to be consistent about twice a month.
PeggyG ->: I really appreciate the calendar page that allows us to
quickly find each show and know when it’s coming on live. πŸ™‚
James.Sigler ->: brb
Durff ->: hi bmuench
bmuench ->: hi all!
JoseR ->: There is a nich for everybody. Elementary, Secondary and beyond.
JoseR ->: Is that a Buzz lightyear quote?
PeggyG ->: AND…I love the EdTechTalk group on Diigo to access all of the new bookmarks and discussions!
adinasullivan ->: @Jose LOL
PeggyG ->: @JoseR YES! There is something for everyone. πŸ™‚
alicemercer ->:
alicemercer ->:
JoseR ->: We ARE ALL worlbridginess at it’s best….
JoseR ->: hi aimee
aimeeg ->: Hello!
adinasullivan ->: Free PD :)!!!
James.Sigler ->: It was great chatting with you but the family just came home.
PeggyG ->: I haven’t participated in webcastacademy yet–can you do
it on your own time schedule or do you need to participate live?
Durff ->: opensourcekearning
James.Sigler ->: good night
adinasullivan ->: Good night James
JoseR ->: good night james. Thanks for commin
JL ->: very nice show ya’ll – enjoyed listening in
JoseR ->: Thank Jeff
PeggyG ->: Fun, interesting show! Thanks all!
JL ->: btw, Dave interviewing Jeff at:
MariaK ->: you beat me – I just found it!
MariaK ->: lol
PeggyG ->: The EarthDay castathon sounds very exciting! I hope lots of teachers participate πŸ™‚
JoseR ->: same here.
MariaK ->: I’ll be at the grand canyon – will I have wireless? hmmmm
adinasullivan ->: Thanks all! Have a good night
JoseR ->: cool
PeggyG ->: No single ETT moment–too many great ones πŸ™‚
alicemercer ->: Peggy Leave a voicethread
PeggyG ->: @MariaK what a perfect place to celebrate earthday
PeggyG ->: OK-I will πŸ™‚
MariaK ->: yes – I’ll be doing archeology -woohoo!
PeggyG ->: That is so exciting! I live in AZ
PeggyG ->: Bye all
MariaK ->: i’ll be in flagstaff for a few days
MariaK ->: where are you?
PeggyG ->: I’m in Phoenix–a ways away unfortunately. Would love to meet you!
JoseR ->: thank you Stopping Ustream now.
Durff ->: you’re going to AZ?
PeggyG ->: Grand Canyon is in AZ πŸ™‚
Durff ->: coolness
alicemercer ->: It’s all yours Lorna

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