It’s Elementary #14 – Conferences 2.0 Style!

Have a listen as we discuss Conferences and what makes them 2.0.
What makes a face-to-face conference 2.0? Is it the conversations, how
they are organized (what are the topics, and how decided), lecture vs.
hands on.

Listen as we give our experiences with recent conferences and our
expectations as teachers using Web 2.0 tools. We gave examples and how
the bar is moving up with Web 2.0 tools like wikis, Skype, twitter and
Ustream and the like. We also spoke about the unconference format as
seen at educon at NECC and recently at SLA.

What can the presenter do to make it more 2.0?
Have a wiki for the presentation. Tags set up. Allow for and encourage
backchannel conversation. Reach out to virtual attendees and others out
on the web live with tools like Skype and Ustream.

What can the participants do to make it 2.0?
Adding notes to wiki presenter page. Live Blogging.
Blog and use session tag. Record and post as podcasts like David Warlick, Bob Sprankle and Wes Fryer.

Join us the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month. 4pm pacific, 7pm
eastern at Our next show will be on Monday
March 10th, 2008. We will be discussing Video in the Classroom with our
guest Mathew Needleman.


Chat Log Below


19:13:56 AliceMercer : Hi all!
19:14:03 AliceMercer : Sorry for late start…
19:14:12 AliceMercer : Who has been to a conference lately?
19:14:15 AliceMercer : Or at all?
19:14:23 AliceMercer : Hi CathyE
19:14:25 mjantzi : Greetings I’m currently attending VSTE
19:14:35 AliceMercer : Can you drop a link to it?
19:14:47 Cathy E : Hello ll
19:15:48 mjantzi :
19:16:11 AliceMercer : So PLN
19:16:46 Sarah S : I went to Educon great experience.
19:17:00 mjantzi : VSTE NING
19:17:02 Sarah S : I also watched some of the Colorado Learning 2.0 ustreams last weekend
19:17:45 sine : is this being streamed?
19:18:00 AliceMercer : Yes, on ustream
19:18:02 Sarah S : Having the wikis and links and additional resources is really key
19:18:07 AliceMercer : To the right >
19:18:17 mjantzi : I wish but don’t know of any ustream at VSTE.
19:18:38 sine : thx…been having trouble getting connected for several of these.
19:19:05 AliceMercer : I understand
19:19:06 mjantzi : twitter input is very enriching at conferences.
19:19:14 AliceMercer : Sine: are you able to get UStream
19:19:17 Sarah S : The liveblogging and backchannel chats work really well for sharing but you do need to have someone on that backchannel to forward the questions to the presenter
19:19:41 sine : @alice no, keeps saying "disconnect..please wait…" and retrying
19:19:48 AliceMercer : Ugh, sorry Sine
19:20:23 mjantzi : Margo here Twitter
19:20:28 sine : @alice I’ve had the problem with several EdTT sessions
19:21:04 Sarah S : Twitter does let you know if there is something going on better than the session you are in . . .
19:21:30 AliceMercer : I don’t know what to tell you πŸ™
19:21:32 Sarah S : Tagging things like photos in Flickr was great fun for sharing
19:21:38 mjantzi : @Sarah S good point
19:21:40 sine : @alice np
19:21:49 AliceMercer : Sarah, that is great about what’s good with large conf
19:24:09 Sarah S : I have really appreciated those presenters who put together a wiki ahead of time to both share their ideas and also to get feedback from those planning to attend their session.
19:28:37 AliceMercer : Educon 2.0 PETEC CUE Classroom 2.0 Live Building Learning Communities HitchHkr
19:28:50 AliceMercer : Sorry, came in as text
19:29:11 AliceMercer :
19:29:21 AliceMercer :
19:29:29 mjantzi : Yes, Margo here at VSTE currently.
19:29:41 AliceMercer :
19:29:50 AliceMercer : Are you on skype?
19:30:10 AliceMercer :
19:30:13 AliceMercer : wrong
19:30:15 AliceMercer : link
19:30:25 AliceMercer : Margo, call Jose?
19:30:38 AliceMercer :
19:30:57 AliceMercer :
19:31:26 AliceMercer :
19:31:33 mjantzi : Jose, I’m sorry that I’m not able to Skype
19:31:57 mjantzi : The NING has been enriching.
19:32:20 mjantzi : I wish that there was more interaction during the presentations.
19:32:43 AliceMercer : Good point!
19:32:47 AliceMercer : I’ll bring that up
19:32:52 Sarah S : @mjantzi Are they ustreaming or otherwise broadcasting sessions?
19:33:08 mjantzi :
19:33:24 mjantzi : I have not seen or heard any ustreaming.
19:33:44 mjantzi : Educon 2.0 was great with the ustreaming.
19:34:03 Sarah S : Hm. One of the comments about the UStream factor is that the sessions that are less interactive with the live audience are better for ustreaming
19:34:04 AliceMercer : Were you there too Margo?
19:34:15 AliceMercer : Yes Sarah!
19:34:23 AliceMercer : Hard to follow if they are moving around
19:34:27 Sarah S : The sessions with small group work is more fun for those actually at the presentation
19:34:30 mjantzi : Yes, it still inspires me on a daily basis (Educon 2.0)
19:35:07 Sarah S : Interactivity was high.
19:35:09 mjantzi : Live blogging much twitter
19:35:21 AliceMercer : How about for people who were there?
19:35:22 Sarah S : Lots of small group discussions, plus twitter and live blogging
19:35:28 AliceMercer : good
19:35:30 mjantzi : very interactive
19:35:37 AliceMercer : Sarah, wanna join on skype?
19:35:47 mjantzi : Students were so involved in the discussions TOO!
19:35:52 Sarah S : Sorry I’m multitasking . .
19:35:54 AliceMercer : wow!
19:36:02 Sarah S : The SLA students were amazint
19:36:06 Sarah S : amazing
19:36:36 Sarah S : Their willingness to just jump in and make comments added to the overall discussion.
19:37:07 Sarah S : Yeah, I’ve got to just listen tonight
19:37:30 mjantzi : I’m shy without my mic/brain dead from so many workshop presentations.
19:38:44 mjantzi : wiki in advance and after the fact is so useful for continued learning and applications.
19:39:26 Sarah S : That tagging of blog entries is key to continue the conversation
19:40:00 Sarah S : If the conference organizers set a standard tag it works great.
19:40:07 AliceMercer : YES!
19:40:44 AliceMercer : the place to follow it:
19:41:16 Sarah S : Great show wonderful topic.
19:41:30 AliceMercer : Thank you for showing up!
19:41:38 AliceMercer : I’m so sorry I was late
19:41:43 mjantzi : Thanks Jose and Alice! Is Durff drinking her coffee?
19:42:39 AliceMercer : at a basketball game
19:43:13 mjantzi : Take care
19:43:17 Sarah S : twittered it
19:43:33 mjantzi : You are welcome
19:43:39 Sarah S : πŸ˜€
19:43:49 mjantzi : I appreciate your leadership.

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