Instructional-Design-Live#1 2010-01-15

This week we spoke with Mary Engstrom, Associate Director of Extended Learning Services, about plans for a revised program for supporting faculty developing online courses at The University of Montana. The proposed plan is available at: Please feel free to comment.

Due to a few technical difficulties, we didn’t get too far into the Bridget Arend article, However, Mary gives a nice overview of the key points, and we have tabled the ‘discussion on discussions’ for an upcoming session. Some good notes included in the chat transcript a little later on.

11:50:25 Robert -> Hi all. We’ll be starting in 10 minutes. Please introduce yourselves…You can access the tiered review process at this site:
11:51:15 Diz -> Hi,
11:51:24 Diz -> I’m here with no micro
11:52:15 Diz -> and having difficulty – when I click on the edutech talk Ustream I can’t get the chat window
11:53:47 jonidunlap -> Hello everyone!
11:53:54 JenM -> hello!
11:54:32 Diz -> I’m Elizabeth Anne, here from the Evo multiliteracies group
11:55:20 Robert -> great!
11:56:15 Diz -> EFL teacher in the Physiucs Dept at the University in grenoble
11:56:17 Diz -> france
11:57:21 Diz -> English is essential to physics
11:57:39 Diz -> I studied Physics, speak English so had a ready made job
11:57:56 mary engstrom -> Can you hear me, Robert?
11:58:00 Robert ->
11:59:13 Robert -> Hi Ochsnermr
11:59:44 Diz -> I see 6 people in the chat, and 11 viewers on Ustream ?
11:59:51 jonidunlap -> Diz, at the Colorado School of Mines, I worked on an online version of a studio-based calculus-based physics course. Challenging to take a great studio experience and create an equally great online experience.
12:00:14 ochsnermr -> Hello! I am looking forward to the chat.
12:01:27 Diz -> @jonidunlap – studio-based ? I don’t get it ?
12:01:28 Ron H -> Can’t hear thier audio
12:01:46 Robert ->
12:02:00 ochsnermr -> Mary is very hard to hear but I can hear Robert loud and clear.
12:02:05 Diz -> Mary very faint
12:02:20 JenM -> Ron … are you at If so, you should see a ustream embed to the right of the chat and then click the play button
12:02:23 Ron H -> No audio from yoru guests
12:02:29 Ron H -> Yes I am
12:02:43 mrsdurff -> there IS audio
12:02:45 JenM -> ok … thank you … can you hear mary now?
12:02:50 mrsdurff -> ustream
12:02:55 jane krauss -> looking for the instr design meeting
12:02:58 Diz -> sorry – really can’t hear mary
12:03:01 mrsdurff -> just turn her up qa tad
12:03:48 JenM -> any better the audio from mary?
12:03:51 Diz -> no
12:03:54 Ron H -> No
12:03:57 ochsnermr -> not at all sorry.
12:04:23 ochsnermr -> The other gal is just as faint as Mary
12:04:34 mrsdurff -> robert is louder
12:04:40 mrsdurff -> check Skype
12:04:45 Diz -> robert loud and clear
12:04:49 JenM -> thank you chat room!
12:04:53 mrsdurff -> $5
12:05:03 ochsnermr -> No change
12:05:05 Ron H -> Nope
12:05:09 mrsdurff -> nope
12:05:17 mrsdurff -> hi nina
12:05:24 Diz -> hi nina
12:05:28 NinaLiakos -> Hi, Lisa! Nice to see you
12:05:39 jonidunlap -> At the Colorado School of Mines, physics is taught in a large studio space where students — working in teams — apply calculus to the hands-on experimentation with physics concepts. All students at the university have to pass this course, regardless of major. They refer to it as "studio" because of the hands on focus. So all the tools and equipment are available to students in the studio. (Sorry, long answer)
12:05:44 NinaLiakos -> Is that you, Elizabeth?
12:05:57 NinaLiakos -> Does anybody have sound?
12:06:05 mrsdurff -> ustream
12:06:13 Ron H -> We are only hearing Robert
12:06:25 Diz -> Yes – diz is eannegreoble is Elizabeth
12:06:33 mrsdurff -> check the VAC
12:07:07 mrsdurff -> Simplecast?
12:07:13 mrsdurff -> Soundflower?
12:07:16 Diz -> I wonder what the recording will give
12:07:27 NinaLiakos -> Okay I found it
12:07:37 Diz -> because you seem to be able to hear them @Robert
12:07:44 Ron H -> I’m thinking it’s a mixer issue (for whoever is outputting the stream to ustream)
12:08:06 NinaLiakos -> is trying to skim the article….
12:08:12 NinaLiakos -> np Robert (hi!)
12:08:26 JenM -> @diz … I think the recording will be ok as we are recording the call from Skype and getting all folks on the call πŸ™
12:08:39 ochsnermr -> It is the same on Ustream
12:08:51 Ron H -> I’m on ustream on a second computer – same thing – audio only from RObert
12:09:08 mrsdurff -> i’ll send you the bill
12:09:20 JenM -> Thanks to all! If all else fails, we will have the audio recording posted this afternoon … πŸ™
12:09:36 mrsdurff -> no
12:09:37 Diz -> could Mary and guest keep on talking
12:09:44 Robert -> Thanks
12:10:05 mrsdurff -> everyone spk
12:10:15 Robert -> Mary is speaking now
12:10:28 JenM -> we are plugging forward and will post the audio this afternoon  … sorry πŸ™
12:10:43 NinaLiakos -> very difficult to make out… I can only just hear her
12:10:53 mrsdurff -> try ETT A
12:11:05 mrsdurff -> all are louder
12:11:05 jane krauss -> I’m naive but why are they using skype?
12:11:19 mrsdurff -> to get everyone on the stream
12:11:26 NinaLiakos -> Better, thanks Lisa
12:11:27 ochsnermr -> getting better πŸ™‚
12:11:30 Robert -> Here’s the link
12:11:53 JenM -> @jane … we are located in montana, florida and colorado and allows us to call each other and stream out the audio
12:12:39 jenverschoor -> Hello everybody from a warm Buenos Aires
12:12:42 Robert -> How is audio?
12:12:50 Mounia -> Hello
12:12:57 jenverschoor -> ok for me
12:13:00 Diz -> I’m thinking of leaving – too difficult to hear
12:13:02 NinaLiakos -> Hi Mounia
12:13:10 Mounia -> did I miss anything?
12:13:25 ochsnermr -> @diz – I agree.  I think I will wait for the posting of the audio later this afternoon.
12:13:26 NinaLiakos -> No, Mary has just begun speaking but we are having sound issues for her
12:13:33 Diz -> we can hear – but only faintly – I look in for the recording.
12:13:36 Robert -> We will post the audio later Diz, sorry about the technical difficulties
12:13:41 Diz -> Bye everyone
12:13:46 Mounia -> Hi nina, I have been using SL just now
12:13:47 NinaLiakos -> Bye Elizabeth
12:13:54 NinaLiakos -> Great, Mounia!
12:14:14 ochsnermr -> Understandable – Thanks for these discussions!
12:14:56 Mounia -> Thanks for your encouragement
12:15:01 NinaLiakos -> πŸ™‚
12:15:06 mrsdurff -> sorry hadd to step away
12:15:14 JenM -> @guest478 … what are you getting from ustream / etta?
12:15:17 mrsdurff -> the fun never stops in school
12:15:34 mrsdurff -> ah all is well the guest is here
12:15:47 NinaLiakos -> Who is typing?
12:16:33 mrsdurff -> wb beth
12:16:49 Beth -> thanks
12:18:57 Mounia -> I missed some course yesterday because I was working
12:19:44 Robert -> good
12:19:57 mrsdurff -> i would love to be independently wealthy and not have to work
12:20:07 NinaLiakos -> haha me too!
12:20:10 Mounia -> how?
12:20:17 Mounia -> hahaha
12:21:34 NinaLiakos -> Hi Beatriz
12:21:44 beatriz -> Hi Nina and all
12:22:31 Mounia -> was there any online talk at 2:00 GMT?
12:22:49 mrsdurff -> at ETT?
12:23:07 mrsdurff -> I don’t think there is anything on the calendar
12:23:23 Mounia -> exactly
12:23:45 Mounia -> but…. receiced it on my email
12:23:57 mrsdurff -> then i am probably wrong
12:24:04 mrsdurff -> won’t be the first time
12:24:14 mrsdurff -> and certainly not the last
12:24:32 Robert -> What do you think about stipends for developin online programs?
12:24:39 Mounia -> Ii hope so
12:24:55 mrsdurff -> money? i’m all for it
12:25:16 Mounia -> πŸ˜€
12:25:53 NinaLiakos -> Yes, that is terrible (reduction in pay for online teaching)
12:26:46 NinaLiakos -> It seems to me that if professors are not given extra money to develop f2f courses they should not get extra money to develop online courses–but they need to be paid more for teaching them, and they need solid support
12:26:56 jonidunlap -> At University of Colorado Denver, schools and colleges can propose full programs and if our online unit — CU Online — approves the proposal, then faculty are paid $3000 for each course. The stipend is split in three: for course development, when the course is offered, and at the end of the first teaching of the course.
12:27:32 Robert -> THat’s an interesting model. We are currently priortizing the de with the stipend. sign
12:27:39 jonidunlap -> Money may be running out though πŸ™‚
12:27:48 Robert -> The three tiered process will hopefully address this more…
12:29:14 jonidunlap -> We also have a model for single courses. Faculty can participate in a week-long web camp where we help them on their new online course. They receive $1000 for successful completion of web camp and course up and running.
12:29:31 NinaLiakos -> Sorry, it’s getting too difficult to hear.  Thanks all! Logging out.
12:29:51 mrsdurff -> 200? wow!
12:29:57 Robert -> Will post beautiful audio soon (hopefully!)
12:30:05 mrsdurff -> πŸ™‚
12:30:17 beatriz -> πŸ™‚
12:31:34 jonidunlap -> We have weekly sessions with faculty via Adobe Connect. It is called the FLC (Faculty Learning COmmunity), and we just talk about teaching and learning online. Fun sessions, open to anyone.
12:31:57 Robert -> That’s a nice idea, Joni.
12:32:12 jonidunlap -> I use Ning for student community building. Ning is great! Plus professionals in the community and alumni participate too.
12:32:59 Robert ->
12:35:27 JenM -> @joni … yes … ning is great for the 2 second set up … and won’t get "blooped" by the university at the end of the semeseter … however, always worried about the long term "issues" associated with 3rd part hosts (here today / gone tomorrow, etc.)
12:36:17 jonidunlap -> @JenM YOu’re right, that is a concern.
12:37:33 Robert -> Less but more quality posts were teh way to go.
12:38:09 jonidunlap -> In my mind, setting expectations for discussions is very important. In addition, students don’t always know how to participate. So, modeling and practice is important. I write about asynchronous discussion strategies a lot in my blog.
12:38:34 mrsdurff -> but why concern? we should create anew everytime we lead a course
12:38:34 jonidunlap -> It’s a big deal to me because discussion is often the bread-and-butter of an online course.
12:39:22 mrsdurff -> oh, you mean during the course
12:39:30 mrsdurff -> yes, i see
12:39:32 jonidunlap -> @mrsdurff we are talking about long-term — beyond the course — student community, while they are in the program and after they graduate.
12:39:54 beatriz -> thank you for the chat
12:39:56 mrsdurff -> we don’t recall conversations we have
12:40:11 mrsdurff -> i’ll send you the bill robert
12:40:33 JenM -> @joni … yes … modeling and practice is key … too often "talk among yourself"
12:40:53 mrsdurff -> thank you all
12:40:55 JenM -> thank you, all!
12:41:05 JenM -> This one will be a "fun" one for robert to edit πŸ™‚
12:41:11 beatriz -> Thanks
12:41:15 Robert -> πŸ™‚
12:41:24 jonidunlap -> Have a great weekend!
12:41:35 Robert -> You too.

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