Instructional Design Live #0 2010-01-08

Show 0 of Instructional Design Live. The co-presenters introduce themsleves and discuss their non-prescriptive ideas about what Instructional Design means. Further commentary available at:

Further discussion at 

Chat Log

11:43:50 jonidunlap -> I’m here!
11:47:03 JenM -> ok … yay! we are all here!
11:47:13 marlene.zentz -> This is good!
11:47:31 Cammy Bean -> Hello world!
11:48:02 Kelly_Smith01 -> πŸ™‚
11:48:27 mary engstrom -> Hi all!
11:48:30 JenM -> @Kelly … you are the first official listener!
11:48:56 Kelly_Smith01 -> Cool
11:50:09 Cammy Bean -> If you’d like to join the conversation, please share your skype address here.
11:50:47 Robert -> Hi all
11:51:39 Brian -> Hi
11:52:06 mary engstrom -> Hi Brian and Mrs. Durff.  Thanks for joining us.
11:52:17 mrsdurff -> hi brian, mary
11:52:37 Robert -> We are also on
11:53:19 mary engstrom -> Hi Manon.  We’ll be getting started in just a few minutes.
11:53:32 mrsdurff -> ETT A?
11:53:55 Manon -> Thank you
11:54:40 mrsdurff -> Everyone twitter now
11:55:59 jonidunlap -> Hi J_Schultz
11:56:06 Cammy Bean -> Hi John!
11:56:15 @J_Schulz -> Hi Joni, Cammy!
11:56:37 @J_Schulz -> Thanks for posting this on Twitter
12:03:22 Kelly_Smith01 -> [i]whats happening?
12:03:23 PeggyG -> Hi everyone! So excited for your new webcast!!!
12:03:37 Cate -> Is there audio?
12:03:39 JenM -> @kelly … are you able to hear the audio?
12:03:48 @J_Schulz -> No audio here
12:04:13 @J_Schulz -> UStream box says ‘Off Air’
12:04:17 Cammy Bean -> There’s a ustream of hte audio somewhere…
12:04:28 JenM -> you should be able to click on the audio in the ustream window (you may need to refresh)
12:04:44 PeggyG -> click on the icon below EdTechTalk A. First icon opens iTunes
12:05:05 Robert ->
12:05:16 JenM -> yes … two audio options 1) ustream or 2) Edtechtalk A (has a slight delay)
12:08:57 mrsdurff -> ustream player to the right is not streaming, but ETT is loud and clear
12:09:14 PeggyG -> what is the online environment you’re using at Univ. of MT? maybe I missed that
12:09:32 mary engstrom -> We’re using Blackboard 7.3 currently…..
12:09:33 Robert -> Ahh, yes the Ustream on the right is a slightly different channel…
12:10:12 PeggyG -> so it is a fairly closed environment for students/faculty at your university?
12:10:50 jonidunlap -> I don’t know if it helps to know, but at the University of Colorado Denver we use eCollege, Blackboard and Adobe Connect for our online courses.
12:11:13 mary engstrom -> Peggy, you might characterize it as a fairly closed environment, but many faculty members use other tools, too (Web 2.0).
12:11:18 JenM -> @joni … we (Old Dominion University) also use BB and Adobe Connect
12:11:40 PeggyG -> @Mary-Thanks! I’d love to hear more about how you integrate BB with other tools. πŸ™‚
12:12:10 mary engstrom -> We’re going through a RFI process now and plan to have a new or upgraded LMS in place within the next couple of semesters.
12:13:08 mary engstrom -> Peggy,  I think you just provided us with a focus for a feature show!  
12:13:10 PeggyG -> are any of your faculty outside of Instructional Design using technology in their teaching?
12:13:15 PeggyG -> πŸ™‚
12:14:14 mary engstrom -> Peggy,  Yes; we have the full spectrum represented.
12:14:32 PeggyG -> in AZ a few of my colleagues are using wiki links within the BB environment to add that piece. some very nice results and helping students to learn about web 2.0 tools
12:14:48 mrsdurff -> AZ sounds so warm
12:14:57 mrsdurff -> I am so cold
12:15:15 PeggyG -> great questions about live/synchronous learning!
12:15:32 mary engstrom -> Nice, Peggy.  We also have iTunesU here, which some faculty use quite extensively.
12:15:39 PeggyG -> AZ is very nice right now–71 degree days/45 degree nights πŸ™‚
12:16:04 PeggyG -> yes, iTunesU is a great tool/resource and we are using that too
12:16:34 mrsdurff -> 16.2" snow
12:17:24 PeggyG -> is your student population fairly traditional college age students? our population ranges in ages from 18-60 and that provides additional challenges because many are working full time and raising families
12:17:43 PeggyG -> @mrsdurff come to AZ!! πŸ™‚
12:18:02 mrsdurff -> anyone hiring?
12:18:33 PeggyG -> not much hiring right now unfortunately–huge budget cuts!
12:18:42 JenM -> @peggy … at both Old Dominion and Indiana University we also have a wide range of ages (I hate the term, but "non-traditional" learner populations 24 – ?; working; families; school part-time)
12:18:44 mrsdurff -> Wonder the temp in Korea right now?
12:19:11 PeggyG -> @JenM-sounds very similar! do you find it challenging?
12:19:43 JenM -> @peggy … I’m currently a student, so I’m coming at it from the student’s perspective vs faculty
12:19:47 Robert -> Alternative student isn’t the best term either..
12:20:08 mrsdurff -> i’m a nontraditional teacher
12:20:30 JenM -> @lisa … πŸ™‚
12:20:57 PeggyG -> how do you motivate your students to become independent, self-starters with technology integration and not just do what is required for the course?
12:21:36 PeggyG -> @JenM-the student perspective is really valuable!! so glad you’re here!
12:21:41 mrsdurff -> show them the magid
12:21:44 mrsdurff -> magid
12:21:48 mrsdurff -> oi veh
12:22:43 PeggyG -> MAGIC πŸ™‚ tell your fingers πŸ™‚
12:23:56 PeggyG -> good way to describe that–many professional and personal distractions πŸ™‚
12:24:24 PeggyG -> great points about motivating students
12:25:36 JenM -> @joni … yes … I have been through many starts / stops trying to get student "cohort" groups together, but other commitments tend to derail most efforts
12:25:51 PeggyG -> in a future session I’d love to hear more about some of the fun, engaging activities you do to keep students feeling part of the community
12:26:12 PeggyG -> @JenM-excellent point!
12:27:20 mrsdurff -> jenM does that
12:27:36 PeggyG -> you could do a whole show on what people think Instructional Design means πŸ™‚
12:27:52 JenM -> @peggy … I think I will pass on that show πŸ™‚
12:28:10 mrsdurff -> mmm – how the playground is designed?
12:28:23 PeggyG -> I know what you mean! but there are so many different perceptions about ID πŸ™‚
12:28:38 mrsdurff -> where the teacher lounge is located?
12:29:11 PeggyG -> some faculty think they are doing online teaching when they give assignments to do online in lieu of a face-to-face class meeting
12:29:25 jonidunlap -> I think ID types like myself can learn a lot from the other design professions. Including playground designers. πŸ™‚ I love allowing myself to be inspired by the creative processes of other design professions.
12:29:36 mrsdurff -> πŸ™‚
12:29:50 mrsdurff -> eating lunch
12:30:05 PeggyG -> stick to this format–typing in chat works fine for me
12:30:13 Robert -> ok
12:30:14 JenM -> @lisa … likes to stay in the weeds πŸ™‚
12:30:17 mrsdurff -> Skype in Peggy
12:30:18 PeggyG -> very excited to hear from all of you!
12:30:23 PeggyG -> yes can hear fine
12:30:38 PeggyG -> listening on iTunes πŸ™‚
12:30:51 mrsdurff -> great audio on ETT A
12:30:51 JenM -> @everyone … were you able to hear the audio today?
12:30:54 PeggyG -> remember the delay in the chat and audio
12:31:25 PeggyG -> this is going to be a great new webcast for EdTechTalk! I’ll definitely plan to return!
12:31:44 mrsdurff -> do a show on UbD
12:31:56 JenM -> @lisa … ?
12:32:05 PeggyG -> do you have a wiki or blog to supplement the show where people can leave comments, suggest guests, etc?
12:32:23 PeggyG -> a show on UBD would be great!
12:32:25 mrsdurff -> Universal Design for Learning
12:32:36 JenM -> @peggy … we will be posting audio here (edtechtalk) as a recorded podcast, too
12:32:40 Robert ->
12:32:56 PeggyG -> is that link right?
12:33:10 mrsdurff -> make sure you put that link in when you post the audio
12:33:19 Robert -> oops
12:33:23 mrsdurff -> for the newsletter
12:33:29 PeggyG -> thank you all! great start!
12:33:37 mrsdurff -> ciao
12:33:50 jonidunlap -> Have a great weekend everyone!
12:34:03 PeggyG -> yes! that link works! thanks!
12:34:04 @J_Schulz -> Anyone have audio issues with UStream feed?
12:34:10 JenM -> Thank you, everyone!
12:34:12 mrsdurff -> @J_Shulz – it’s over
12:34:20 @J_Schulz -> Yeah I know
12:34:21 PeggyG -> bye everyone
12:34:23 mrsdurff -> you were great
12:34:25 @J_Schulz -> I tried a reboot
12:34:34 @J_Schulz -> I could only hear the male voice
12:34:35 PeggyG -> I couldn’t get audio on ustream today
12:34:57 PeggyG -> but I heard everyone on iTunes
12:34:58 Robert -> I need to figure that out Peggy
12:35:14 @J_Schulz -> Till next week
12:35:25 PeggyG -> there are new challenges every week even when you have it all figured out πŸ™‚
12:36:13 PeggyG -> length of show for a weekday time is perfect!
12:36:41 mrsdurff -> @jackie it’s over
12:36:57 PeggyG -> Hi Jackie-you just missed the show. Come back next week-same time
12:37:00 jackiegerstein -> I was wondering why I couldn’t get sound
12:37:07 jackiegerstein -> Is it only 1/2 hour?
12:37:08 mrsdurff -> that’s why
12:37:12 mrsdurff -> yu[
12:37:14 PeggyG -> yes a half hour
12:37:15 mrsdurff -> yup
12:37:21 mrsdurff -> shoow 0
12:37:34 mrsdurff -> and now for my tangelo = bye all
12:37:34 PeggyG -> have a great day everyone



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