IHAQ#16 – More questions about set up of a course or project website


I Have A Question#16
September 14, 2014 

Featured Question:
Jen has more questions surrounding the set up of a course or project website. While there is likely no “perfect” platform or solution, we contemplate important needs and key decisions.


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hello ETT world






Hi all!






No, just hanging out today while I correct. Listening is good!



Hi everyone!



Hi Peggy



Hey Peggy!
Hi, Peggy!
Maria Colussa



Hello all!
Maria Colussa



Greetings from Argentina



Hello Maria
Maria Colussa



thatΒ΄s the idea, to make our lives easier
Vanessa Vaile



I don’t have a video or sound



anyone else have audio/video issues?
Maria Colussa



Nop everything is fine in the Southern hemisphere
Vanessa Vaile



I can watch and listen on you tube but not here, https://edtechtalk.net/live/ihaq



everything is fine for me πŸ™‚
Maria Colussa



Hi Peggy!



Vanessa, have you tried refreshing https://edtechtalk.net/live/ihaq ?



I got the error message, refreshed and all is fine now.



Hello all … been so long I forgot how to get here



Maria Colussa



Hello Carol!



ah, finally accepted me πŸ™‚



hooray Carol!!



Hi and thanks Peggy … for the url



can you track assignments/tasks on Schoology?
Vanessa Vaile



Jeff, refreshed several times



yes, Peggy. Sorry for the tech issues Vanessa.



still not seeing the chat window, Vanessa? I had the same problem with in a podcast last hour. but when I logged into this one it came up fine. Which browser are you using? I’m using Firefox which just had an update.



hahaha! solving problems is so easy here!!!



Hooray! Dave has sound connection



I think using Weebly for that is a great idea! simple, free, easy to use
Vanessa Vaile



Peggy, is fine. It’s the video. I opened YouTube to get it because it is not running here



the clients don’t need access to the entire course do they?



This was our first iteration … https://sites.google.com/site/oerforccr/
Maria Colussa



hahaha! Archaeaologistis! I am imagining them trying to figure out my things!!



I recognize the Drupal face πŸ™‚



I agree with Dave…. use Moodle πŸ™‚
Maria Colussa



Once I tried to use Moodle and I found it very difficult, should I try it again?



Yes, I a=gree about Moodle






I agree with Maria



I learned to use Moodle so that’s saying something… πŸ™‚ I like it!



not pretty, but simple
You guys (ladies) are awesome! I feel like this is a therapy session πŸ™‚



Not really that simple anymore, either. Enrollment methods alone confuse most of my teachers. And it’s really hard on the servers.



keep it simple Jen πŸ™‚ Moodle will do what you want πŸ™‚



πŸ™‚ therapy for all



great point about ability to track with Moodle!



You can make Moodle as complicated or simple as you want
Vanessa Vaile



I have a serious LMS allergy — prefer open indie arrangements like Lisa Lane’s for POTcert and Laura Gibbs’ http://anatomy.lauragibbs.net/
Me, too, Vanessa!!!



Me three.
Vanessa Vaile



but then I am de-institutionalized and running something less formal than courses



Lisa’s site is lovely
Vanessa Vaile



yes, and she’s been tweaking it for several years



I prefer indie, and not able to use Moodle anymore … but it is one way to go



I think that’s a compelling argument re need for funding in the future.
Vanessa Vaile



Carol and Jeff, take a look at Laura Gibbs’ too



Thanks, Vanessa … will do
Maria Colussa



Thanks Vanessa, IΒ΄ll check it out later
Maria Colussa



I have been using Blogger to blog, not to teach, and still I find trouble embedding badges for eg
Vanessa Vaile



Take a look at her http://oudigitools.blogspot.com/ too
Vanessa Vaile



Who else here is in Connected Courses?



is that Lisa’s site that you posted earlier? livingarchives?



Dave’s site circa 2007
Maria Colussa



I am doing a Coursera course on Online Teaching https://www.coursera.org/course/ltto



Maria, any consensus there about what to use?
Maria Colussa



nop, it really is up to the teachers what platform to choose, not many new things out there
Vanessa Vaile



Connected Courses, http://connectedcourses.net/



great summary Dave πŸ™‚ can’t wait to hear what she decides πŸ™‚
Vanessa Vaile



just not the same without Dave though



my vote is for Moodle πŸ™‚



Mine too, for now, anyway



report back Jen πŸ™‚



thanks Vanessa



Well, this was fun … as always πŸ™‚ thanks



yes EdTechBrainstorm!!!! bring it back!



Thanks very much all
Maria Colussa



thank you!
Thank you EVERYONE!! Seems the old issues / problems / needs never go away πŸ™‚



Thanks all!



do you have a question for next week?






Good night/morning!

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  1. WordPress export options

    point of clarification…

    While still not as easy as duplicating a course for a new cohort in Moodle, it does appear that WordPress provides some flexibility in backup and reinstall options….

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