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    For the past year, SEEDLINGS has shown up as Alice Barr’s webcast academy project. We are ready to move forward to a more consistent time slot. We have talked to Lisa Paresi about webcasting alternate Thurs. when she is not producing her Thur. show. The time slot we are requesting is Thurs. 7:30-8:30 EST, just before Doug’s show!! Here is our information.


    1. What is your show concept?   The show is
      SEEDLINGS,which is a show by teachers for teachers. The premise of the
      show is to provide online conversations with purpose. We have a focus
      for each show, share our GEEK of the week, sometimes chat with a guest,
      and fun while learning! We have been involved with this show for the
      past  ….. months. We have had periodic shows with Alice Barr
      streaming as part of webcastacademy, but would like for formalize this
      with Alice and Cheryl sharing the streaming. If you would like to listen to a sample, go to Bob Sprankle’s page. There are other samples here as well.

    2.  Who is the producer of the show? Who else will be a host? Tell us
    about the people involved in producing the show. Bob Sprankle, Alice
    Barr and Cheryl Oakes will produce and host the show. Alice and Cheryl
    have both been through webcast academy.

        3.  How often do you plan to broadcast? We plan to broadcast weekly throughout the school year, North American school year.

    4. Why do you want your show to be an EdTechTalk show, rather than
    hosting it on your own or using a different network? We want to remain
    with this community because this community has given so much to us, and
    we want to give back to this community. We do like the interactive chat room that EdTechTalk has available.

    5. How does your show fit in to the EdTechTalk community? What
    will it contribute? What do you hope to gain from participation in the
    community? This show is a non profit show, and would complement the
    offerings in the edtechtalk channel. We plan to produce shows of
    interest to K-12 educators about 21st Century Literacy tools with many
    ideas that will fit in a classroom around content and literacy

    6.  What kind of support would you need to get started? We would need a
    time to stream the show, up to date passwords and such.


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