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    After hearing two podcasts in a row from the archives where the show’s Windows slant was very apparent, I just wanted to drop a line.  I tried the "Contact" link on this site but it doesn’t work (might want to fix that.)

    I would suggest that you might gain/keep more listeners if you didn’t snub the Mac platform, which is actually still fairly important in the education world.  There’s no need to poke fun at the Mac platform, such as in the podcast I just listened to about Apple’s Mac OS X needing to issue security updates.  The information you presented was factual, but the tone was snotty and unprofessional and will be a huge turnoff to any Mac users who might happen upon your podcast.  

    I think your podcast is valuable and has good information in it, but suggest that Mac users are quick to offend, and that insulting those who are easily insulted is a good way to turn them off and away.  I thought it was important enough to actually create a forum account so I could post this.  In the future, if you can refrain from making fun of the Mac, you might keep those Mac listeners.  You’ve already lost me, but as others discover your podcast, you might want to think about it.  

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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