ETT21 #150: Barbara Brueggemann, Head of School at the GWU Online High School

ETT21 #150: Barbara Brueggemann, Head of School at the GWU Online High School.   

March 9, 2011

Barbara Brueggemann is the Head of School at GWUOHS, a Partnership between George Washington University and in Herndon, VA.  A full 9th to 12th grade online program that addresses the social and emotional learning as part of the program.  

<Chat Trans>

12:29:50  william stites ->  Still having trouble hearing the guest

 12:32:04  william stites ->  MUCH better

 12:36:09  PeggyG ->  did you share a link for GWU’s Online High School?

 12:37:41  PeggyG ->  that certainly DOES sound like a “dream school” πŸ™‚

 12:39:55  matt montagne ->  hey y’all

 12:40:08  PeggyG ->  Hi Matt

 12:40:27  matt montagne ->  seems to fit in with the Alan November TEDx talk from last weekend

 12:40:32  matt montagne ->  Hi Peggy!

 12:40:55  matt montagne ->  I like the concept of ‘leaving legacy’

 12:41:47  matt montagne ->  what is the topic??

 12:42:05  PeggyG ->  George Washing Univ. online high school

 12:42:18  matt montagne ->  ahh…nice

 12:42:21  PeggyG ->

 12:42:36  matt montagne ->  Is the school affiliated with a brick and mortar school??

 12:42:43  matt montagne ->  thanks peggy

 12:43:23  PeggyG ->  learning as I go πŸ™‚ This is Barb Brueggemann I think

 12:43:24  matt montagne ->  I hope they make some of their courseware available to the public for free

 12:43:37  matt montagne ->  it would fit in with pat bassett’s charge to the private school world

 12:43:43  Vinnie Vrotny ->  It is Barb Brueggemann

 12:44:10  PeggyG ->

 12:44:15  PeggyG ->  thanks Vinnie πŸ™‚

 12:44:49  PeggyG ->  and Barb is Head of School πŸ™‚

 12:46:17  PeggyG ->  absolutely!! selective memory about high school πŸ™‚

 12:46:22  matt montagne ->  f2f isn’t always that great…we need to acknowledge that. I think barb is right on

 12:47:19  PeggyG ->  I agree! my social life online is far better than my f2f social life πŸ™‚

 12:47:24  Susan Carter Morgan ->  It’s authentic socializing for them-agree. Many opportunities to reach and relate on line.

 12:47:40  Susan Carter Morgan ->  Peggy, mine, too:)

 12:48:28  matt montagne ->  I like the project, but I wish they’d share some of their coursework as OERs in much the same way that MIT, Stanford, et al do.

 12:48:30  PeggyG ->  is this HS being modeled after any other virtual HS programs?

 12:49:05  PeggyG ->  that is a great question Matt. Maybe that’s coming after they complete their pilot with the first 16 students?

 12:49:07  Susan Carter Morgan ->  Might that be a possibility in the future, Matt?

 12:49:45  Susan Carter Morgan ->  I’m late to the game here, but have they decided to go w/ 16 for the first year?

 12:49:48  matt montagne ->  I hope so, Peggy and Susan…IMHO, private schools need to step up to pat bassett’s ‘public purpose’ challenge. Sharing is one way to participate in Pat’s call

 12:50:23  Susan Carter Morgan ->  Agree, Matt. So important. May mean our survival, too

 12:50:43  PeggyG ->  does the student online work remain available to them after they graduate?

 12:50:56  matt montagne ->  good question, Peggy.

 12:52:37  PeggyG ->  interesting they are thinking of adding “integrity” to their rubric/assessment. Is process also part of the rubric?

 12:52:52  PeggyG ->  maybe that is what integrity implies?

 12:53:49  Susan Carter Morgan ->  Will there be any f2f opportunities? Once a year? Or not at all…

 12:54:43  PeggyG ->  intentional is a very key word!

 12:55:15  Susan Carter Morgan ->  SLA has been successful b/c of their intentional focus. All are tuned into and buy into the mission (from the start)

 12:55:40  PeggyG ->  SLA is a great example of intentional focus πŸ™‚

 12:56:35  matt montagne ->  we need to be doing way more action research in our schools…

 12:57:16  PeggyG ->

 12:57:33  PeggyG ->  I agree about action research Matt!! for teaachers and students

 13:00:33  PeggyG ->  motivated, hardworking, honest, creative souls wanted… πŸ™‚

 13:00:47  matt montagne ->  is there an admissions exam that you use??

 13:01:06  matt montagne ->  I hope an exam isn’t used, particularly if you are looking at more effective ways for students to exhibit mastery

 13:01:35  PeggyG ->  thank you Barb for sharing your vision and stories!

 13:01:40  Susan Carter Morgan ->  Thanks, enjoyed this

 13:01:42  PeggyG ->  bye all

 13:01:45  matt montagne ->  yet another great 21CL webcast!!!

 13:01:50  arvind ->  thanks for being here, everyone!

 13:02:04  PeggyG ->  thanks all!

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