Equinox Webcastathon and other ETT Developments

A few udpdates for the ETT Community

This coming weekend (Sept. 21~23) is the Worldbridges Equinox Webcastathon. There will be a lot of EdTech related content being streamed along with a variety of other types of programs. The schedule is at: http://worldbridges.net/node/3565 and as usual during Webcastathons, there will probably be a lot of late-breaking schedule changes and additions. You can tune in by going to the Listen or Chat page of any Worldbridges site (including edtechtalk.com). We are also hoping to provide streaming support for those not yet able to webcast on their own. If you’re interested in hosting a disucssion or interview during the webcastathon, but need a webcaster to handle the streaming, please post your desires as a comment on the schedule page and we’ll do our best to arrange it.

For those who have not checked out EdTechTalk.com in a while, there may be a few new shows you’re unaware of. Our current slate of show includes:
* 21st Century Leearning,
* EdTech Brainstorm
* EdTechTalk K-12
* EdTechWeekly
* It’s Elementary
* Making Connections
* Teachers Teaching Teachers
* Women of Web 2.0
You can read more about the differnent shows at: https://edtechtalk.net/About_EdTechTalk and find the latest scheduling information at: https://edtechtalk.net/event With the latest crop of interns at the Webcast Academy streaming away on the Sandbox channels, we look forward to adding several new shows to the ETT line-up soon.

Speaking of the Webcast Academy, we will be starting our next session the week of Oct. 14. More information about becoming an intern and learning to webcast can be found at: http://www.webcastacademy.net/application There will also be a Webcast Academy Open House during the Webcastathon on Sunday, Sept. 23 at 1700GMT

Finally, the EdTechTalk Forums ( https://edtechtalk.net/forum ) have started to heat up. Thanks to all those who’ve already posted and we encourage everyone else to stop by and post any EdTech questions or answers you may have.

As always, thanks for staying tuned to EdTechTalk and a very Happy Equinox to all,

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