Edublog Awards, Town Hall, & Show Schedule

This weekend – Worldbridges Town Hall & The Edublog Awards

along with a growing schedule of regular shows…

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Edublog Awards (EdTechTalk#75) 

Sunday, 9amEST/1400GMT
(global times)

EdTechTalk will once again be webcasting the Annual Edublog Awards Ceremony. Josie Frasier will be guiding us through the ceremony and Dave will be  presenting his ‘Top 10 News Events of the Edublog Year’ again.   We’ll be using a Skypecast to speak with nominees during the ceremony and simulcasting on TalkShoe for those who would rather ‘phone it in’.  More info about the Edublog Awards at

Last year’s Awards Ceremony and Top 10 list

   Webcast Academy 1.3.9

Sundays, 17:00pmGMT (global times)

The Class of 1.3’s weekly session for troubleshooting the latest webcasting challenges, building Academy resources, and making plans for the New Year’s Webcastathon.

Worldbridges Town Hall

Sunday, December 17, 19:00GMT
(global Times)

Our first regular town hall meeting to discuss issues related to building Worldbridges & EducationBridges.  All are welcome.

The agenda includes the latest answer to ‘What is Worldbridges?’,  2007 budget discussions, the latest development forecast,  EducationBridges Non-profit update & community forum


Sunday, December 17 4pmPST / 7pmEST / midnightGMT
(global times)

Weekly fast paced roundup of edtech news

CMS Academy Drupal

Monday, December 18,  6pmPDT / 9pm EDT / 1am GMT
(global times)

Weekly workshop for those interested in developing their Drupal skills

21st Century Learning

Tuesday, December 19 10:30amPST / 1:30pmEST / 17:30GMT
(global times)

A wiki show with Demetri Orlando about the use of wikis in K-12 education.

Women of Web2.0.8

Tuesday, December 19,  6pmPDT / 9pm EDT / 1am GMT
(global times)

Join Jennifer, Cheryl, Vicki and Sharon as we invite gadget guru, Leslie Fisher. Come and find out the new “TOYS of technology” and last minute stocking stuffers you have to have! We always have fun, talk about web 2.0, and 21st Century Literacy skills. Join in and have fun too.


Wednesday, December 20,  6pmPDT / 9pm EDT / 1am GMT (global times)

Together we are searching for the most effective practices in technology, studying research, and improving our knowledge of new media by using it ourselves.


Thursday, December 21, 6pmPDT / 9pm EDT / 1am GMT (global times)

Our weekly cyber faculty lounge hosted by Doug Symington

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